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The Mother Of All Studio Monitor Threads

Alien Zed

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Posted : Nov 14, 2006 22:47
So there's Adam, Behringer, KRK, Event, DynAudio, M-Audio, Genelec, etc...

What would be best for a home psytrance studio.
I am trying to choose between the M-Audio BX8a, the KRK RP8 and the Event TR8 with a budget hoping to stay below 1000$, 500$ would be perfect but I'll pay more for better quality if I have to.

          Peace Love Unity:

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Posted : Nov 14, 2006 23:09
The size of the speakers should match your room. If it's decent sized, you can go for 8 inch woofers, if it's small i would go for 6".

Stay away from m-audio and behringer! Go to your local dealer and listen to what they got. you also have Alesis, Blue sky, Mackie, Hafler...

You cant really go wrong with the established companies, but the important thing is to find some YOU are comfortable with.
Alex Roudos
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 14, 2006 23:50
Stay definately away from the BX8a, you'll keep wondering "where is the bass?"

Personally i own the Mackie HR-624, they have 6.7" woofer but the bass they have is unbeleivable. It was and is absolutely impossible for anyone who came to my studio and listened to them to beleive that all this volume and undistorted sound was coming from this tiny in proportion boxes.

Not to mention that all my mixes translate very very well to all systems even if my room is not treated acoustically.

And the best part is that you can find them for the money you're willing to pay. They can be found on offer on many dealers worldwide. I got them for 795 euros which is $1018US with today's currency exchange rates.

Just remember that the most important thing in a home studio is the monitors imho. We all use the same soft/hardware more or less and the output sound quality has not many essential differences from system to system. But most of the times the final result(the track(s) on a cd) sound better or worse than others using the same equipment(more or less again). So it all comes down to what you hear when you produce/mix down and how well and detailed you hear it. And for this, responsible can only be the monitors everyone uses.

Hope it helped.
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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 00:43
The Dynaudio BM5A's are an amazing choice. Buy once and forget about your monitors for a long time! Even if you have to stretch the budget a little...

Wanka Tanka

Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 01:50
hello all

can someone tell something about the Phonic's P6A monitors please ? someone to review this brand is it good or bad ?

peace           Deixa o Ilú gemę Jurema deixa gemę
Adrenal Mode
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 02:45
psydraulix - "The Mother Of All Studio Monitor Threads" - MAN, thats was a smart move

anyway, Wanka Tanka - my friend have the P8A and its a VERY FAT monitor, you cant hear the mid range good, all you can hear is BASS and thas a bumer unless your a drumer

you want to hear somthing wired, he got this monitor from drumer with one arme.
anyway, if you want to deal with low & lowmid ranges the Dynaudio BM6 are great
and if you want to control the mid & high ranges the Yamaha MSP5 are great

thats what i'm useing @ moment, amazing sound from those 2 babys!!


Started Topics :  147
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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 03:53
My $0.02:

I've bought and sold 3 different monitors until i was satisfied with my final choice (Dynaudio BM6A)..So i would really suggest that you save up & maybe be a little more patient as this is a decision to buy one of the most important part of your studio..

With monitors you do get what you pay for and the decent one's start at around the $1000 mark..If you can stretch your budget to $1000 (which is really worth it, your mixes will thank you for it) i would suggest Dynaudio BM5A or ADAM A7..

Both monitors are flat and translate very well..I wouldnt blame you if you were impatient like me & end up buying mid-range monitors right away..Though i'm willing to bet at one point or the other you'll want to sell them & get a better pair, so might as well save up now!

Wanka Tanka

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  156
Posted : Nov 15, 2006 07:33
yeah it's fat..loud...too loud yes ! I have notice the lack at the mid ranges and the higs dont sound so good sharp.. but I have thought that was a matter of getting used to it

anyway it's my first pair I now I will pass it on when its the right time

as s-cube says..just start saving money for the upgrade

but for now I'm more then happy cuz I use it most for rec dj's sets and the job fine
of course others opinions about this monitors are welcome..

peace           Deixa o Ilú gemę Jurema deixa gemę
Fat Data

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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 11:44

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 13:31

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  26
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Posted : Nov 15, 2006 14:17
ADAM P11A... Not the only way to fly... but they beat alot of Mons out there in this price range. If u can get to hear them ... try them.

Alien Zed

Started Topics :  23
Posts :  52
Posted : Nov 16, 2006 06:40
I totally love all of you. Thank you so much.

I believe I will save for the DynAudio or the Adam.

Anyone hear anything specific about the Tapco S-8? They are Mackie i believe.           Peace Love Unity:
IsraTrance Team

Started Topics :  101
Posts :  3239
Posted : Nov 16, 2006 09:05
Haven't heard these...
probably sound good though:

and another ones for the list:

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Fat Data

Started Topics :  154
Posts :  3918
Posted : Nov 16, 2006 17:53
damn i forgot genelec and klein-humel!

thankz trip


Started Topics :  -1
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Posted : Nov 16, 2006 21:03
Genelec is best !!!
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