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Whats with psytrance as of late?


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Posted : Aug 23, 2005 23:53
For 2 or 3 years, I loved psytrance, it was like crack for me and I couldnt get enough of it. I'd fall asleep listening to it, wake up listening to it, have it playing on my MP3 player going to/from work, while working and as background music to just about anything and everything.

Then, last year, I started to drift away from psytrance and get more into techno, minimal techno, electro and house music, for for a long while my obsession with psy all but vanished.

Then, as the summer months rolled by, my interest in Psy increased again, and went hunting out some new sounds, but alot of it just sounded the same to me - nothing new, innovative or interesting (with a few exceptions here and there).

Then, I decided to try going to a few psytrance parties, living in Toronto, most of these are limited to club-settings and not in the wild.

The first party I went to, I had a /horrible/ time, the music was too fast, too squelchy and felt like I was being attacked by the music. I decided to attribute this to set, setting and the substances I chose to indulge in (note to self: never again do crystal + mushrooms, I have 100% removed crystal from my list of substances to indulge in as of the last few months anyways, so please dont give me grief about meth).

Then, the past weekend, I went to a 3-day out door festival in northern ontario, beautiful location and was out with a number of good friends.

At the start of the night, the psy wasnt /too/ bad, not quite what i used to like, and too heavy on the full-on. This night, I decided to soley take mushrooms, and danced for a bit. The mushrooms started to make me sleepy, so I made my way to my tent and tried to sleep.

The entire night, all I could hear was the drilling basslines from the psytrance area, and they drove me nuts - it was too fast, too aggressive, and too intense. It simply felt like I was being attacked by the music.

Every bassline in every song was /exactly/ the same - where is the trippy pyschadelic creativity that I once knew and loved in psytrance?

It drove me nuts to the point of almost wanting to go home, but I waited it out untill the music ended.

The next day, at around 9pm, the psytrance stage started up again - starting off with some trippy/spacey breaks-psy which I rather enjoyed. Also, this night I decided to try LSD for the first time (which I rather enjoyed), as the LSD set in, the music at the stage started to get deep, dirty with a nice techy side to it which I rather enjoyed for the first few hours.

Later on, I ventured down to the techno stage as two DJs were on that I wanted to see, when I went to return to the Psytrance stage, I dont know how I could possibly describe the music except for

- dark, fast, angry, evil and it actually scared me, the BPMs would randomly shoot upto insane speeds, the squelches and squirts and squeaky sounds were over the top. No longer was it trippy pyschadelic music, but fast, angry and aggressive - what, when and why did psytrance go this way?

It simply felt like the music was attacking me and drilling into my head (Even when I was sober) - I dont recall Psy being like this the two years taht I went to parties frequently.

Thankfully, earlier in the morning, the music slowed down a bit and started to get into some sounds that I liked, and I danced for a few hours after the sun rose, but the night-dark trance.. oh my!

Even my friends who were with me left that area as they just didnt quite know what to make of it.

It just seemed like in every set, the bassline to /EVERY/ song was EXACTLY the same , I guess with BPMs that fast, there isnt the room to be 'playfull' in the basslines, I dont quite know.

I spent some time the past week looking around on various websites for new/interesting releases and very few things seem to stand out - it just all sounds the same.

ahhwell, used to love the stuff - now it just has me lost thinking "whats happened?" - has the music just changed that much? or have my tastes just changed too much? right now, things like older plastikman/richie hawtin, sender records, and minimal techno is what gets me moving.


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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 00:08
thank you very much. i dont feel alone anymore.

about your questions:
i realy have no solid answer. i got many theories but none is realy satisfying.
but i know for sure: music is creativity and when music looses creativity its the death of music itself, because it cant exist without innovating streams.
to think that music will stay alive without constructive ideas is a paradoxum.

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Posted: Aug 24, 2005
Another one of these topics? Don't you people get tired of this?? Moderators... please do something about this.           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 00:18
no, acidhive i could discuss ages about it.
what i see is that many people feel like this, but the market goes into the oppisite direction. (my sentence above about "feeling alone" was just kinda dramatic write-style) and i found no real answer till now.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 00:41
i don't wanna piss anybody but imho we're more than off topic here, is this or or maybe i missed the drugs section.......

is this post related to music or drugs?!?!??!!!
was it necessary to share with us all the details?

think ppl are in this forum because of their interest in MUSIC NOT DRUGS (even if some people do like drugs this is not the place to post about it), imho anyone should be free to do what he likes but...: go check what happens if the wrong people have the wrong idea that our music is involved with drugs more than other scenes do
and the real shit is that are always the wrong ones who have to pay the bill......

P.S.: if this arguments are not enough for you to stop posting such things just know that any mediocre hacker is able to know who each one of the users of isratrance are (i mean name, adress, age, and so on), so why should you make such a public announcement about your tastes about drugs??!!.......maybe tired of freedom...?!!?

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 00:55
I just want to point out that psychedelia is subjective.
You say "No longer was it trippy pyschadelic music, but fast, angry and aggressive". I don't like to call it angry myself, but it is aggressive and energetic, and that is exactly what I like about it. For me that is psychedelic music, music that gives me energy. Energy that I get positive vibes from.
So .... it's subjective.           ________________________

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 01:15
Back when I first got into psytrance, I went to parties 100% sober and really enjoyed the music, and then later discovered Mushrooms, and found that it greatly enhanced the expierence. I am much more into the music then the drugs, and very rarely chose to indulge anymore these days - I did a year of heavy expirmentation, and no longer doing that. However, a setting like a beautiful mountianside-farm in an amazing location seemed like an ideal setting to do mushrooms and expierence LSD for the first time.

Even having gone to a psy event 100% sober this year, I still felt the same way about the music - far to fast, aggressive, and the sensation of being attacked by the music.

I love music that works with me, and not against me - the subtle changes, the rippling basslines that gets my body moving, songs that can evoke emotions from me.

As of late, the psy I've found has either been

- Derivitive and boring, and sounds /exactly/ the same that I listented to 2 or 3 years ago : has there been no progress?

- Abusive, aggressive, and giving the sensation of being 'attacked' by it.

When I first got into psytrance, the thing that appealed to me the most was the creativity in it, the complex melodies, the interesting sounds, the lack of cookie-cutter break downs/buildups. Each song seemed to be unique and to tell a story

and this weekend, an entire set would go by where I'd swear 98% of it was the /same/ damn song.

The same bass-line
The same "sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearch" (short pause), then back to the exact-same sound/thing it was doing before
The same vocal samples that have been used a zillion times before
The same quelchy-farts

Its like psytrance progressed upto a point, then hit a sound that got it 'big', and then simply got stuck there and hasnt progressed at all.

Or, shall I rephrase my question : Can someone suggest some good, non-full on psytrance that is still creative, pushing boundries and offers something new?

The only release I've found as of late that has caught my attention and made me think "Wow, this is actually pretty good" was - Chronika Chapter 2. Tony Rohr - my mind is going dub is an amazing song.

Seems like the only label offering anything of interest to me as of late is Boshke Beats, which is a shame.

Used to seem like psytrance used to offer such a wide range of sounds that were interesting,exciting and could take me on a journey, and now - it just doesnt seem to be the case.

then again - maybe i've just moved past this genre. When I liked it, it was great, but now it just leaves me feeling a bit lost.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 01:15
different strokes for different folks.

i know a lot of people who would probably hate the stuff you describe as 'goodly psychedelic music', curse it, and call it house.

and vice versa, of course.
's just another party..
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 01:19
and progress is a relative thing. there was a visible change/jump in the music around 2002-3, when a lot of the music we listen to now was first getting invented.

before that, there was a progressive wave (i almost quit psy then) for like 2-3 years.

before that, something else, the early huxflux/logic bomb, x-dream, other good stuff..

before that, something else..

and yes, everybody always bitches during the periods of change - i think it probably helps the music to evolve, but damn it gets on my nerves. hehe.

so maybe it's evolving again.. it's alive!!!
's just another party..
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 03:39
i feel the same way you do kaniz. imho it's all about EvIl capitalism. this kind of you music that annoys you and me and some other people seems to be closer to what market will accept (buy), and i think that producers (these producers) are putting money before music. again, mho...           Bhavatu sabba mangalam
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 07:19
ppl say psytrance is one of the most elite, innovative and creative music where the artist could experiment as much as he can ...but u know what, over some time i reliased its all balls electronic and ambient scene is much more experimental and fresh stuff keeps pouring, the range from which u could choose is so wide and non restrictive.....i find soooo much of new material and new sounds almost everyday ....

many of my freinds say ive evolved backwards (wtf) ...but i dont give a fuck .....i even keep listening to ppl say i shld do more acid that ways i would like the new sounds (wtf!!), i prefer liking music even when iam sober rather that liking it only when my brains are fried

but yes i do somehow miss those days when i could listen to psytrance 24/7 .... i used to love to sleep, wake up, travel and do almost eveything listening to psy ....but somethings wrong now i usually cant stand more than 1 hr of psy anymore

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 13:28
Another endless conversation! Its totally subjective!
For example listen to Grapes of Wrath-All your base are belong to us, i love it! its psy! it has energy! But for you its non-psy and makes you want to run away from it! (I dunno about the party you go if they were playin such music or fullon, if it was fullon i would run away too ). You just dont like that kind of music as a lot of others. And a lot of ppl like this kind of music and finds the music you like 'chessey' and boring (including my self). In every music there is the 'softcore' and the 'hardcore', the chill and the agressive. You just like the softcore! Dont whine and listen/go to music/parties that you like.
As about the drug thing zafer said... come on man! Free of speech... he feels like talkin 'bout drugs? then let him! He didnt force anyone to do it! (and beside that lsd and mushrooms are not drugs they dont 'drug' you, they are awaken you! -kiddin- ). And the police or whichever agency you mean anyway (i dont care about a hacker knowing that i smoke ) already knows if you smoke or if you do acid or if this evening you fucked your girlfriend. They dont wait to find it out from a forum!
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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 14:32
Kaniz, I also don’t have a solid answer either but fully understand what you’re talking about… I personally have had kind of a similar process with house/progressive Trance, and believe me, nothing is wrong with today’s music…

For me and lots of ppl I know, the path was kind of similar:
You 1st discover the music, partying etc… go to gigs in a party mood… In parallel you start discovering this entire atmosphere and the substances… Doors open a whole new world in your head (and spirit)… Experimenting continues for a while and you reach an amazing peak… Then it becomes a habit…Excitation stars vanishing…. Finally, subconsciously you start going to gigs for the substances mainly (i.e. neither for the music nor for partying), which, after a while, won’t be able to satisfy you the way you expect (both physically and spiritually)… And more, it becomes somehow painful, and you start doubting everything consequently: “the music is soooo sh**, the scene is deteriorating, lots of kids in parties, etc etc”, which is a normal “defense” (excuse me, it’s a French expression) and a way to escape your reality that tells you: it’s in your head in fact bro, don’t look farther…

IMHO, there is nothing wrong with today’s music, it’s only that the first days’ discovery period is over… and lots of us need something new to give us back strong sensations (this is how i got into psy actually )... It takes time to just learn again how to enjoy things in a simple way.


 | Raving beyond borders

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 16:31
Yeah - I've had plenty of experiences like you describe.. but have come to the conclusion thatt 95% of it is in your head and is due to a combination of your mood and the chemicals you may or may not have taken.

When you are in a good mode on a good trip then even average music sounds great. Conversly - if you don't get your head into this space then the music can sound like its attacking you! It can go either way depending on your mood. Its because your tripping! when your tripping your mood and feelings can be hugely affected even by small things.

I find that even if the music sounds agressive from a distance - if you actually get on the dancefloor and get a bit of space to yourself then it suddenly 'clicks' into place and sounds amazing. Tripping is like this!

I agree that a lot of trance is pretty fullon these but most people seem to like this - maybe this type of music is catering to the pill/speed head ravers? (lowest common denominator?)

There is is still tons of really great original trance being released - you just have to explore! Go to psyshop and start listening to samples then when you find record labels or artists you like use this to keep searching thorough the web - you will find more related labels etc..
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 18:03
I went through a similar phase and left psy trance completly. I played techno for three years and discarded trance as a lost cause. Then, in preparation for burning man I started to listen to it again.

Psy trance has gone through a renaissance and has gone back in to its roots to redefine itself (three clear directions: More industrial, more progressive and more hard trancey). It might have been a reactionary move by a whole complete new generation of trancers, who did not want to go into the hippy/trippy/uplifting/melodic path of goa.

I personally have always loved hard agressive night itme music. Even with techno I would play very hard music. I sometimes go on to the deep side and more melodic... but I am a nut for night time big, hard, uplifting, night, tweaky, twisty music. I some tracks from Dejan, Atriohm, Claw, Iron Madness, Para halu, Terminator, Dominator, Furious, Grapes of Wrath.... and a ton of more artists. But, this is absolutly banging psy trance and if you are not ready or have not aquired an ear for it... it might become a sound shock for you. I would not have played music like this 4 years ago... but now it is all different.

For the progressive try Iboga. I think and IMHO they are releasing some good music. Pick and choose and get your own sound. That is the beauty of the present time of this music... there is always something for everyone. I even liked the Mr peculiar album, Jaia, Orion (except that "everybody dance now track", which I would personally would shoot into the forgotten realm)...

If you are looking for Goa, I think they are getting closer to develop a time machine.
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