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Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes (Tribal Vision 2006) CD

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 02:31
Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes


Artist: Tegma (Sweden)
Title: Around The World In 80 Minutes
Format: CD (jewel case w/10 page color booklet + DJ slip)
Label: Tribal Vision Records (Czech Republic)
Cat. #: TVRCD008
Date: 27 March 2006

Track listing:

01. 09’41” Our World
02. 08’08” Desert Tale
03. 09’08” El Mariachi
04. 09’26” Tribal Dancer
05. 02’09” Intermezzo
06. 09’11” Drums Of Africa
07. 09’38” A Night In Cairo
08. 10’13” I Wanna Be A Robostar
09. 11’06” Spooked


Multiple audio orgasms…

Omar Chelly and Jason Orfanidis from Malmø, Sweden have their third album out… The first one, Encoded/Decoded, was released in 2002 by Digital Structures – and despite repeated attempts I never really got into it… The second one though, 002: Avant.Garde, (released by Candyflip in 2005) was an absolute blast, and with its rich, versatile style of hybrid trance it was one of the best albums of 2005… So yeah, I’ve been looking VERY much forward to this, their third album, which is released by one of my fav’e proggy/crossover labels: Tribal Vision from the Czech Republic… This can *only* be good…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Our World [133 BPM]
“The world is changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the air, I smell it in the air!” The opening track was originally supposed to be an ambient intro but turned into a dance tune… What we get here is a typical Tegma hybrid of epic trance with female singing combined with sharp, metallic electro-hisses - rounded up by a very groovy rhythm section… The Galadriel samples from LOTR have been used before, but it doesn’t matter – they fit this gorgeous track perfectly… An amazing track!

#02: Desert Tale [134 BPM]
On a trip to Egypt the guys met a certain Paul El-Younani who introduced them to classic Arabic music and recorded some samples for them… They are used in this track, which is destined to kick up some dancefloor desert dust… Cruising at a comfortable speed, this is ethno-flavoured progressive trance not unlike recent Juno Reactor material… The melodic leads are simply gorgeous and the native chanting sends shivers down my spine… Brilliant!

#03: El Mariachi [134 BPM]
Continuing the trip around the world, the guys turn their focus to Mexico from where inspiration for this tune was found… This track is slightly deeper than its predecessors and the Mexican link isn’t as evident as the African was… In fact, this sounds more Middle Eastern… But who cares, this is more brilliant trance that fuses deep, hypnotic electro-ridden trance with lush world beats + strings and a couple of uplifting, Sasha-like melodic pads… Another distinct Tegma hybrid of VERY high quality… I’m amazed!

#04: Tribal Dancer [135 BPM]
This track is made from a loop which was originally made for a gig in Germany. It proved so nice that it was developed into a full track – and as the title suggest, this starts out as a tribal stomp-fest – and in keeping with the Tegma-dogma it eventually turns into a hard-hitting, fast-paced hybrid of different genres… Electro-soaked world beats with a technoid twist – or something like that! The bassline is maybe a little predictable at times, but generally this is another extremely well-produced piece of audio bliss… There’s never a dull moment and I’m so impressed by the sheer level of progression here. I mean those lyrics and the melancholy strings… Simply amazing! Versatility if there ever was versatility!

#05: Intermezzo
This short transition track was actually the intro to Desert Tale, but the guys decided it was time for a short break… Basically it’s lush tribal vibes and plush ethno world sounds… Very nice and deeply atmospheric… It’s a shame it’s so short though…

#06: Drums Of Africa [136 BPM]
“African music. Try to capture the spirit of African music. African music comes from a much deeper understanding of what music is!” This is a tribute to the ancient drummers of Africa and their impact on music worldwide… Not surprisingly this track has a very impressive array of percussion – it’s packed with drums! Etnoscope meets Safri Duo meets Juno Reactor meets Wizzy Noise meets The Chemical Brothers… The electro influences are still very evident and basically this is a tranced-up stomp-fest of gargantuan dimensions… I cannot even begin to count the layers here…Wow! Un-fucking-believable!

#07: A Night In Cairo [132 BPM]
This is another track that was conceived from a live loop. This one was made for a gig in Russia and eventually turned into this track… After a lengthy intro we’re exposed to a subtle, yet totally kicking bassline that’s accompanied by tribal percussion + more ethnic chanting and acoustic guitars… This sounds like the lost track from Juno Reactor’s Shango album – and that’s meant as a compliment rather than an accusation of plagiarism… Another VERY lush track that sounds more like ‘music’ than ‘electronic music’… Sweet!

#08: I Wanna Be A Robostar [134 BPM]
This track is described as a tribute to the robots, and with Kraftwerk-inspired synth-exploration this is easily the most electric track off the album… Obviously we get a lot of technoid sequencing and electro bits here, but also a lot of organic sounding FX… Organic tech-trance? I think that’s the first time I’ve ever described a track like that, but then again, Tegma is very unique… Totally deep and totally pounding… Hell yeah – rocking out with the robots is a trippy adventure…Oh, and I wanna be a robostar too!

#09: Spooked [130 BPM]
The final tune is another piece that started out as a loop and eventually turned into a full track with the inclusion of 80es style drums… And yeah, this is retro-trance which will instantly teleport you 20 years back in time… Analogue Tegmafied synthpop! Edgy, daring and totally funky… Maybe not the best track here, but what it lacks in dance ability it makes up for in uniqueness… Audio wizardry! And before you know it, the journey is over – ending in exactly like it started… The album come full circle much like Son Kite’s Colours album… Lovely!

Holy fucking shanti on a pogo stick! The world is changed! Indeed it is! This magnificent, majestic, grandiose album is definitely going to stir up the trance world… Trust me on this one – this is going to be huuuuuuge!

This is easily the best progressive album I’ve heard in 2006! Every single track rocks my socks off and there are literally hundreds of goosebump-moments here… A magnificent journey of epic proportions! Musically it’s a VERY diverse and VERY mature album which proved to be the perfect platform for showcasing the endless talent of Omar and Jason. The production is among the best I’ve heard in years and both the cover art + the informative booklet will serve as benchmarks for future releases… Labels take notice – this is how it’s done! Once again Tribal Vision Records distance themselves from most other labels – this is quality all the way! Eat your hearts out mp3 pirates – this package is miles above the sastisfaction a downloaded version can ever bring… It’s simply amazing!

With the reduced BPMs and the added focus on non-trance elements, this album is a radical departure from 002: Avant.Garde and as such it’s more similar to Encoded/Decoded… I absolutely loved 002: Avant.Garde but this is even better… Wow! A very, very strong contender for album of the year! An instant classic and an essential purchase for any serious trance head… Get this, or get left out… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!!), 2(!), 3(!), 4(!), 6(!!), 7, 8(!)


External links:
Tribal Vision:
Saiko Sounds:
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 03:34
Very nice review. Really enjoyed to read it.
I think also it's best progressive album I’ve heard in 2006. More great Tegma tracks and remixes coming on Tribal Vision and Moonflower Prod very soon.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 15:19
thats alot of info. man,
but to cut a long story short, from the side of a regular party stomper, I can only say :

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 16:55
what to say, an absolutely journey, never use to like and listen progress trance since i was a full on guy

i listened to tegma's new album and im in love with it, deeply hypnotic. GOOD WORK BRODAS...

PEACE....           ~~Hereos are never born ~~They are the outcome of tough conditions ~~
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 19:05
Wow looking forward to this one.. Love the first Tegma album!!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 19:10
It's pretty good yeah.. but only time will tell how good. Gotta see how this one ages..           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 21:43
Excellent album with very nice diverse elements.

Great work guys!           Don't hope 2 much 4 something cause u may end up getting it...

Started Topics :  7
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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 23:29
Thanx for the nice review DeathPosture, liked it alot.
And for the album, WOW, it kicks some serious ass. It is a masterpiece filled with emotions. Good luck with this one Tegma.

sam i am
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 4, 2006 03:20
liked the last album from Tegma

it was a bit too trancey for me though

will have to check this one out           new Hadal Drop album on the way

if you don't have the last one get in touch
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  12
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Posted : Apr 4, 2006 07:43
FRESH, DEEP,UNIQUE,Music, that comes from
2 unique personas ,,
Jason and Omar you can use the albom as a passport, multipaas,,haha

I love all the traks ,, but i wanna bee a robot
is a cream the la cream for me
Tnx malakas and good luck

          Seek ever to expand the mind. Never stagnate, for knowledge is a gift from the Gods.

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  224
Posted : Apr 4, 2006 11:55
Fanastic release.

The album doesnt have a weak track but my fav's are def 1 and 7 at the moment. The bassline in track 7 is to die for.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 4, 2006 14:30
yep agree
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 5, 2006 20:16
I have just recieved it, its rocking, amazing work.
All the album it´s just great.

Started Topics :  0
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Posted : Apr 6, 2006 22:32
I agree totally.
Great stuff, imho the last track (Spooked)rocks too. It might not fit the album's worldly touch but it still is a decent piece of work with some great addictive elements.           Imagination is more important than knowledge...

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  224
Posted : Apr 7, 2006 09:16
Fantastic album, have already played it more in a week than the previous album in ages.

The breakdown in "A Night In Cairo" I'm pretty sure is one of the finest moments in electronic music. Utterly outstanding track.

This album has soul and is certainly worthy of all the praise as above.
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