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Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes (Tribal Vision 2006) CD


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Posted : Apr 30, 2006 11:05
That's an amazing album.

Honestly, the previous album haven't touched me, but the tacks on compilations were always good. I think this is the best thing came out from Tegma guys. Keep the good work guys, I think that's the right way.


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Posted : May 2, 2006 01:48
Amazing!!! it's so deep!
fantastic ambince! lovely atmospheric sounds!
nice percussions in right timing!

the sound is very unique! it's connecting to feelings and mixing good vibes in body&mind!

Tripy Tripy Tripy...and so lovley!

I feel somehow kind of magic there, somthing that wasn't before...somthing special!
a new creature of sound!
All quality waves built togeher an uncommon piece of art !

somthing that gonna rock asses very well!

my favorites in this piece of magic art are :
Track 4 : Tribal Dancer
Track 8 : I wanna be a robostar

respect guys! keep on!

I beleive this piece will be in many quality dancefloors!

I love it!


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 2, 2006 07:44
this is a really nice surprise - i'm not a big prog head, but this album has some NICE tracks. very groovy stuff.

's just another party..

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Posted : May 2, 2006 14:43
i'm also not really that much in progressive, but i do enjoy good progressive and this album definitely is one of the best progressive releases in my opinion. I really enjoyed it, well done!

peace love unity respect
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 4, 2006 06:02
Tegma mean a lot to me in my musical evolution- their first album encoded/decoded was one of the cds that first established progressive as my preferred style of listening… I’m going to be honest and say I was a bit scared when I heard their last release- I thought the days of deep, tribal Tegma where over… but no! Their latest album on Tribal Vision- Around the World in 80 Minutes is a fantastic return to the source for the Swedish duo, reestablishing themselves as one of the premier acts in the progressive world with a fantastic matured sound.

I think the boys have really outdone themselves on this release- themed around a journey into global grooves, the album explores many facets of the progressive sound with lots of tribal, ethnic and world music samples thrown in. Showing their years of experience in the studio, the album is very mature with a high degree of production work- the sound they have presented is very unique and fresh- a sound that could only be Tegma. To me this work represents a positive direction for the progressive trance scene- this is very much TRANCE music- its psychedelic, groovy and pleasing on many levels. I think people winging about the lack of decent prog trance should take a listen to this album (along with Tetrameth’s newie as well!) Its one of the “complete package” cds, you can sit down and listen to it start to finish without skipping a track… that’s a rare thing these days (in my books at least!).

The album opens up with the fantastic “Our World”. I read in the cover that this was originally intended to be an ambient introduction track- I’m sure glad it turned out the way it did. Chunky tribal grooves underpin a spiritually charged melodic top end- a perfect balance of deep elements with epic overtones…A great introduction to the new Tegma sound, I think this is one that can work on many levels- outdoors, in clubs- kind of music I wouldn’t be afraid to play to my mother either, haha!

Desert Tale continues in similar fashion- picking up the pace a little with its pushing bass-groove, tribal percussions and slightly more melancholy flavour. A real Arabic feel to this one, the epic string section and Arabic vocals give it a very broad, desert like feel. One for the open-air- probably equal best track on the album… Tidy, mature progressive trance.

El Mariachi brings the central American vibe to the piece, moving slightly more into electro-ish terrirory- not so much it isn’t trance music though- think along the lines of some Ticon’s stuff from their new album- with some Mexican guitars and vocals thrown in. Crunchy distorted bass and leads mixed with some nice melodic overtones- I think its great how Tegma have really managed to capture the feel of each place it has chosen on its journey- I really get the feel of central America in the track.

For those who favour Tegma’s heavier stuff, a bit more flatbeat, pounding style- then Tribal Dancer is the track for you. Reminiscent of some of their older material on Encoded/Decoded- Tribal Dancer is grunty, grindy progressive with plenty of balls. A deep thumping bassline and some nice epic leads fuse together nice with some African elements to create the strait-up toughest track on the album. Tidy.

Intermezzo- well it kinda says it all doesn’t it…. Haha!

Picking back up is Drums of Africa- a pumpy groovy number with a bit of a different flavour from the last couple of tracks. Groovy and uplifting sound, loads of funk in this one… very fresh bassline too, really windy and quirky. Killer voice sample about the roots of dance music in Africa too- some nice slinky leads kick in mid-way that just put the icing on a wicked track. One of the standouts of the album for me- definitely a fresh sound in trance music.

A Night In Cairo picks up where Tribal Dancer left off- more deeper, driving trance (those who liked the remix Tegma did of Meller will like this one I think). Pulsing bass frequency with some nice punchy percussions and leads… some of the wicked Arabic strings and elements again making a showing… Introduces a few electroish elements toward the end, but still keeps its nice and tough… Nice driving morning progressive.

The electro-influence is evident in the last few tracks- but its distinctly trance flavoured electro- very much the sound of 2006 methinks. Its not cheesy or commercial- its dirty and groovy, with a very futuristic feel. I Want To Be A Robostar is a big groovy number, perfect for a big pool party or something- huuuuuge dirty bassline and some funky breaks sections puts pushes the appeal to both clubs and outdoors I think.

Spooked has a similar kind of “future-electro” buzz- nice deep tribal percussions overlay a grindy distorted electrobass- has the same kind of feel as some of Sonic Cube or Andre Absolut’s new stuff. Basically if you’re a fan of Tribal Visions releases like Street Art or Lime Light, I think this is the track you’ll get a lot out of. Heaps of appeal for a club audience methinks- this is very much the club sound of now, a good finish to what has been an epic listen.

Overall, I’m quite taken back by this release- it’s the best album I got my hands on since the release of Antix – Twin Coast Discovery. To me, Around the World in 80 Minutes is a mature representation of the sound of progressive trance in 2006- it’s a true psychedelic journey in every sense of the world… taking the listener through many highs and lows and emotions throughout the release. Every facet of modern progressive is touched on, all with their own distinct flavour that sets them apart from the crowd… The coverart I think is the best on Tribal Vision so far- its pretty crazy and its got some cool notes on each track too. Its great to see the collaboration around the world these guys had from some live musicians.

I’ve been a fan for a while- my favourite track was always “Tribe of Akbar”- its like with this album they have made a whole cd along this line, and I’m stoked. Thank you very much Omar, Jason and Tribal Vision for delivering a cd that hasn’t left my player since I got it. Respect- there aren’t many CDs like this these days, get it now.

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 5, 2006 01:51
Tegma - around the World in 80 minutes (Tribal Vision Records)

Format : CD
Cover :
Label : Tribal Vision

1. Our World
2. Desert Tale
3. El Maroachi
4. Tribal Dancer
5. Intermezzo
6. Drums of Africa
7. A Night in Cairo
8. I Wanna Be a Robostar
9. Spooked

The world has changed, as does tegma's musical direction, OUR WORLD takes control of our minds from the start. This first track, takes us into a trancy tribal progressive vibe, with strong melodies and tons of emotion. I would certainly play this song alot in the near future !! Its one of those that just keeps on going, running at 9 minutes and fourty
seconds... BPM 132 !

Desert Tale picks up the pace a little with an arabian groove. its a fun, bouncy track thats very psychedelic. its a litte dark as well at some points with low tones. its very interesting, but comming right "after Our World", it doesnt stand out despite is very strong intro. BPM 134

This next one takes a while to lift off, but when it hits you, it was well worth the wait. The atomic electroish bassline is completly nuts. It sounds familiar to some of my favorite tracks at the moment, and this track is a big step in the right direction. Definatly one of my favorites on this album. BPM 134

Tribal Dancer is the return of there more arabian side again as the pace slightly picks up again. it has a cool raggah sample and desert oriented melodies. a good track. its a little long in my opinion. BPM 135

Intermezzo is there half time intermission, placing us into the desert's wind. An interesting little piece of work and a great way to give our ears and minds a little break between tracks.

Drums of Africa is a groovyer track with a funky bassline and some more uptempo'd happy vibes. With a cool african sample. I have to admit that i get bored with the track fast, but its still nice to hear a few times.Not the highlight of this cd. BPM 136

A Night in cairo has a longer than normal intro that really sets the mood for this next track. Once again featuring there more african / arabic sound, only this time its with some harder beats. Its a pretty kicking track as a whole and will surly be fun on the dancefloor. Its slightly brings back memories from tegma's last album, but nothing enough to say it sounds the same. A more interesting piece of work, though i find that some of the sounds don't fit in, although other times, they are too perfect.. BPM 132

Now that the games are over, Tegma unvails there new look. I wanna be a robostar perfectly demonstrates how music should sound. the progression of the song is simply perfect to my ears, with its tribalist percussions and a very very very groovy bassline. Though its still a rather hypnotic track, it manages keep you grooving with there bassline, as it evolves along with the song only getting deeper and deeper.
At some times i think of daftpunk, reminding me of there best work. This is certainly one of the best
songs i've heard since Beckers's Switch !!! Very melodic and sensual at times with a bassline that
keeps surprising you. BPM 134

Spooked is the best way to close this album, with my favorite track of the album. The bassline is simular to the one in the previous track, but that added electro feel makes this one hard to beat. When that electro riff hits you near the end of the song, wow, it takes the song to the next level. BPM 130

All in all, this is a great album and by far the best album release on tribal vision. I am very pleased with Tegma's sound and this complete album feels like an album from start to end. It does a nice job creating a general theme and they stick with it throught out the whole album. I am very impressed and will be listening to this one alot.

Personal favorites : 1!!, 3!!, 8!!, !!9!! for more information on the label's releases.           "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 6, 2006 07:36
OMG~osh… Tribal Vision has done it again!
My heart has been opened to the addictive Progressive sound!
(this coming from a Full On freak!)

Tegma have taken the scene by storm with this release!

My favorite tracks from this beautifully structured, brilliantly mastered, extremely well put together album! “Audio Art” as I call it!!

*Desert Tale
*El Mariachi
*Tribal Dancer
*Drums Of Africa
*A Night In Cairo
*I Wanna Be A Robostar

This album went beyond any of my expectations! Mind blowing waves of numbing euphoria is what I experience when listening to each track… over and over!
I can’t get enough!

The monstrous success of this album happened as soon as the idea for it was conceived!
“Around The World In 80 Minutes” is a true masterpiece, and I sense it will be best Progressive album of 2006!

Thank you Omar, Jason, Michal and the rest of the Tribal Vision crew!!
An absolutely fantastic job!

Inactive User

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Posted : May 6, 2006 17:23
Perfect CD from a label that constant push the boundaries.

So who bought the CD?
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 7, 2006 16:30

sexual favours to omar and jason are a reward in itself

finally heard the album in its entirety for the first time a couple of days ago

this is very deep music

also, when will other artists realize that it takes a concept album to truly satisfy home listeners.

this, however, is not merely a concept album, it is a great one.

so far, i love the whole cd except for robostar, that became old quite fast, and to be honest i am getting a bit tired of that sound

another distinctive feature is that this really is progressive psytrance, noone can complain that progressive is not psychedelic anymore. loads of psychedelic atmospheres created, all within the proggy medium

anyways, this needs at least another 10 listens before one can start truly appreciating it           Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 7, 2006 16:48
In 2 Words ...

Wonderful Journey !!!!!!!!!

Cheers           "The external world became changed as in a dream and colors became more glowing.When the eyes were closed,colored pictures flashed past in a quickly changing kaleidoscope.what had caused this condition?"
Albert Hofmann Laboratory Notes (1943)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 7, 2006 20:31
Omar and Jason, this album is beyond words, beyond explanations. it's all feelings and emotions! I'm speechless. I'm listening to it right now and can't find the right words to describe what I'm feeling. It's just simply fantastic.
And when I was sure that psychedelic progressive sound is dead you showed me that it's back and kicking! I'm in love with the album! Thank you so much for the cd!
I love you, Mr.. President

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 10, 2006 22:36
The album is great!Good work guys!
greats spirits from all over the world!
Keep going!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 10, 2006 22:44
this act ideas r very original and unique, i like it.

great production.

amazing cd.

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Posted : May 11, 2006 00:07
This new tegma mastepiece is one of the best albums this year ! each track gives u a special different feeling , specially the tracks that combine music from all over the world ! like asher said " been to morocco, been to africa, go up to Turkey and flight over to south america.. " i liked almost all the tracks specially 3 ,4 , 8 , 9 !

good luck to Tegma guys and to mr. slater
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 18, 2006 18:11
Nice one Tegma... awesome album!

You guys went for something innovative and made it work!! Well done!!

An excellent progressive house/progressive trance/world music fusion of an album!

Will go down a treat in my progressive trance sets as I do like to play on the tribal side!!!

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