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Trance Forum » » Forum  North America - GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL 2008 - June 19th to June 22nd, 2008, Four Quarters, Central PA, USA
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GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL 2008 - June 19th to June 22nd, 2008, Four Quarters, Central PA, USA


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Posted : Jun 26, 2008 15:19
i got sick too.

i did not drink the water while i was there brought bottled water.

i did not use their cups brought my own.

i did not go the the coffee/chai place not even once.

i DID eat a couple of the meals

i shared smoke only with one person and i only took one hit

i did use the showers and i did swim in the river           My Mind Is Going!!!

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Posted : Jun 26, 2008 18:10

On 2008-06-26 05:49, .RAGON:. wrote:
Despite the pandemic, we didn't get sick and had an amazing time ! I felt that the coordination and planning by the Gaian Mind staff and crew was top notch ! From all the smiling faces to all the perfect sets and music, to the increadible deco ; GM08 freakin rocked our asses off !
It was sooooo good to catch up with all our friends and to make so many new ones ... This party was the largest for us thus far, so kudos to the GM staff for the logistics and planning !
The stage was a dream to set up on and play for such a large trance-hungry crowd ! What a great weekend ... !


Baba.. i loved your set..
awesomeeeee music..!

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Posted : Jun 26, 2008 20:57
I still can't leave my bed and now a fever - any free clinics in nyc? - gwyn (415) 515-8989

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Posted : Jun 26, 2008 23:46
WOW! I have been to all 7 Gaian Mind festivals, volunteered at 6 and I feel this was by far the best one! The deco was beautiful from Julien's brilliant & gorgeous, strikingly turquoise and purple designs and cleverly framed stage deco, to Steve-O's always magnificent stretch fabric everywhere you look. More visuals than you even have time to feast your eyes on. The wonderful dragon and flowers from the Waking Dream guys, thank you! and for the "ufo" The chillout was spectacular! Thank you so much Dave and Marria, you guys really outdid yourself this year. Adolphe your light box rocked, it was really cool to have an interactive piece for people to play with. I saw quite a few people amazed by it!

The chai tents were really nice and colorful this year,. the hookah lounge was a great addititon,. so was the beautifully decorated healing area. I loved how the walkway was lit up going into the chillout by Shane's always stellar art. The green laser were a really touch up in the trees. I can't say enough of the deco, it goes up and up a notch or two every year!

The vending area was great this year too, so many of our creative crew getting out there and sharing their special designs. I added a few new pieces to my wardrobe  Also so many workshops!! It was so great, you could never get bored, between the yoga, dancing, drumming, bellydancing, hooping, juggling, and craft workshops, as well as all of the talks. Thank you to everyone that offered your time to run a workshop, every one of you is what makes the whole experience that much more special. ArcheDream was fantastic as always!!

The music was my favorite this year too, and I missed much more then I would have liked too. Sorry Ultimae, and wahhhh, I only caught a little bit of you guys, I went upstairs and never made my way back down.. I was on my way to see Solar Fields which I wanted to so badly and got sidetracked, sometimes duty calls…

What I did hear, Deet, perfect opening set for Friday, after a night in the chillout with Alex’s phenomenal minimal techno set and Pedro’s super fun electro, progressive dancy fun set, we were ready to start off Friday with exactly what Deet gave us. Thursday was perfect, it was really wonderful to have the chillout area used as the main stage for a night. I had never seen so many people in the chillout at once! Freedom was really good too but I only caught part of his set, I think I went to sleep after that… I really liked Psylab, my first time hearing them, Super Galactic Expansive and of course Kilowatts were super fantastic incredible!! People were rushing the stage for free cds. You won’t hear anything quite like them at the festival and they blow my mind, if you like fresh intelligent lyrical styles mixed with fly ass beats you should check out their myspace page - !

I really enjoyed Tony Unorthodox’s opening set on Saturday and well Rastaliens, E.V.P., Reality Grid, and Braincell stole this show for me. Ekoplex and Onnomon totally rocked it too. I loved the first 2 techy songs Onnomon did, sweet!!! I couldn’t stop dancing, made it back up in the there in the morning after the really scary thunderstorm and the loudest thunder clap and whitest brightest light I have ever seen. I have to say it was quite energizing although really frightening to almost have the main dance area hit by a bolt of lightning….. The full moon, the strange sickness… There was something odd going on this year, but it was still a great year, the best year, a oddly magical year?… leaves you wondering., and definitely not forgetting…

So sorry so many people got ill, the volunteers kicked ass this year, staying strong through all of it, helping each other out where needed. Thank you to everyone! This was a challenging year, not sure where to go from here. The parties will only get better, but some things need to change. I definitely did not appreciate getting a fair warning that this could even happen, and I don’t like how people were charged for staying an extra day when they were too ill to drive. The security issue will need to be looked into as well. But hey, there were definitely very amazing moments this year! I hope they don’t get overshadowed by a strange virus that we had no control over. Things like this happen all the time on cruise ships, etc and we will make very precaution we can so that it won’t happen again. Much love to all of you, I hope you feel better soon (It usually lasts at least 48 hours, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more, so hang in there). I got it too, but a much milder version of it didn’t start until Tuesday…

Here are a bunch of great moments to remember! Enjoy!


Axis Mundi
Axis Mundi

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 00:09

On 2008-06-24 06:23, Mister Black wrote:

jeeez chuck, sounds like an episode of NBC's dateline to catch a predator...part2 LOL.

lol, you really like that episode, don't you?
Mister Black
Mister Black

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 03:57

On 2008-06-27 00:09, Axis Mundi wrote:

lol, you really like that episode, don't you?

bwhaha. NO doubt. LOL makes for a helluva track

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 04:12
I a great and blissful journey with my campmates, friends, new friends, and fellow trance dancers. Thursday nite grooves down at the North Crook stage was so ill and smooth. I
dig it a lot! The Deco I feel was better than last years but loved last year's just as well.

This year I brought my own food and was glad because I was able to eat whenever I wanted to but I sure did have a great time last year eating with new and familiar faces.

I missed most of Killowatts because I went to a workshop on subversive forces in our globalist world that last for 3 hrs but was worth it. The Opening was great, especially with the poem by that beautiful poet. Friday night at the stone circle was simple insane, maybe because of Psyops generous liquid offering, but I was left have spasms by 4am cause the beats were so brutal! I need some rest for the next night. Digitalist was off the hook. Freedom played the most tracks that I've own and I enjoyed Dragon's own tracks as well.

Aes Dana's Sat. set was amazingly surreal. Sat/Sun. at the stone circle started off with bam, literally, after Tony Unorthodox's groovy set. I actually need that delay so I could rest and last longer thru the morning and afternoon which happened to my delight. Brain Cell, Reality Grid, Ekoplex, and Onnomon were my high lights. I just love the vibe every Sunday morning. I never want to leave!

I really appreciated all the long hrs and hard work the GM crew put into this festival. Friends with many of them, I know they sacrifice a good amount of play time in order for this festival to be as wonderfull as it is.
Here are a little bunch photos with a good amount of videos. Enjoy!

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 04:19
I had the most amazing time at GM this year! Thank you for all the positive energy!! I danced my ass off!

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 06:02
Well, this was my 3rd Gaian Mind Festival. I volunteered to work at the shop, and a few shifts at the stage this year - so I felt adequately involved.

Thursday night's techno in the North Crook was a brilliant way to start off the festival and I hope it can happen again. Seeing the area lit up for the first time that night was nothing short of pure eye candy. It was stunning all the way from the vertical string art reaching to the skies to the laser bugs dancing in the trees. What a perfect way to shake some midtempo ass before vibrating at more uptempo frequencies.

The Stone Circle was a sci-fi cyberpunk bionic starship beaming aural prophetic transcriptions from distant galaxies into our earloberary faculties. I didn't know tapestries could glow that bright. Totally badass!

So, alot of really wonderful music. I especially enjoyed Solar Fields, Mahiane, and Aes Dana. Gift Culture's music was a perfect addition as well. As for the Stone Circle, I really dug Ekoplex and Onnomon. Freedom, PsyOps, and Dragon hit the spot. But only after Deet set it up perfectly.

Friday, Anand and I debuted the Super Galactic Expansive sound we've been hammering away at o'er the last year. This festival and its many sounds/experiences/people are a prime inspiration. I also had a great time playing some of my older tracks during my set, and meeting friends from long ago.

I did get sick, but not until Monday. Then I got sick this morning again, but that might've been the seitan I had last night.

Part of the festival did have an ominous vibe. I felt the Reality Sandwich speakers were more grim than usual. The lightning strike was downright threatening. And the virus was sinister. And... I loved every minute of it. Sunday morning revealed a perfectly organized entanglement of dancing bodies that seemed to be telling a monolithic story of dire importance. Thanks to all who were there and all who are paying attention. It was fuckin' awesome.

Thanks everyone! Can't wait for next year...


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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 06:33

On 2008-06-26 20:57, djSF wrote:
I still can't leave my bed and now a fever - any free clinics in nyc? - gwyn (415) 515-8989

Are you still in NYC. I am trying to finding my way of giving/sending you some pure Colloidal Silver (500ppm). PM me if interested. I try to call you tomorrow noon.
founder http://www.blacksheephybrid
mono mono

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 06:49

Orbicles wrote:

I love the funny faces!!!!

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 15:11
Anyone get a test done to confirm the bug?

I'm on day four of brutal gastrointestinal mayhem and I'm starting to get a bit concerned. I've eaten less this week than I normally eat in a single day as I have *no* appetite. At least I can stomach Ensures for lots of vitamins and whatnot.

Just curious if anyone had an official diagnosis.

Killer party tho.

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 18:28
I cant imagine this is an ordinary bug, and I'm so worried for the next gathering heading out there. I'm just hoping I can make it out for the 4th - gwyn
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 18:48

On 2008-06-27 18:28, djSF wrote:
I cant imagine this is an ordinary bug, and I'm so worried for the next gathering heading out there. I'm just hoping I can make it out for the 4th - gwyn

Next time I'm chugging a gallon of orange juice on friday and hoping for the best  - Midwest based psytrance group

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Posted : Jun 27, 2008 21:45
Thanks for the kind words of support !

here's a vid during my set , and I'll be uploading an Onomon vid this weekend !

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