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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL 2008 - June 19th to June 22nd, 2008, Four Quarters, Central PA, USA
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GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL 2008 - June 19th to June 22nd, 2008, Four Quarters, Central PA, USA


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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 15:16
hey thank u for the explanation pat!! Makes a lot of sense...I have heard this virus floating around in other parts of the country as well. I am feeling fine now (was sick yesterday morning) and it's probably because I didn't take any medicine which usually weakens the immune system making you sick for longer. It's strange I think with all of this chaotic weather and disease spreading and bugs disappearing and food shortages... interesting times we are living in.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 15:29
Yeah The Noro does look like the most likely culprit. I'm taking the advice and taking today off work too.. I made sure my co-workers well understand how glad they should be that Im making efforts to spare them this malady.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 15:34
Man what a festival! I was so sad to leave that vibe behind. Music was amazing, killer sets by digitalist, solar-fields, braincell! Fri-night/sat morning was perfect. But this festival was so much more than just the music. Great people, great vibes. (And a lot of neat activities like the sweat-lodge) It was such an honor to party with some original pranksters out in the woods. Moreover everyone respected each other's path and sincerity, whatever your thing people respected and that was a really beautiful thing. Got the plague on sat night but hey, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? I'm never going to forget this weekend.

Only one suggestion for the future:
I salute the leave no trace policy, but after having spent several days stuffing cigarette butts in my pocket, I wouldn't have minded (and I don't think others would mind either) to pay a few extra dollars on admission if it allows for the placement of a few strategic garbage bins around the festival. I wonder how many people were less motivated to leave no trace because of the absence of garbage disposals. Additionally I'm not sure how many people knew about buying a garbage bag on the way home and I really sympathize with anyone who drove hundreds of miles with hot smelly garbage in their cars. Not sure if there was a correlation between the garbage and the virus, but it might be worth consideration.

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 16:25
Thank to all of you for making this beautiful event take place ONE
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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 16:49
just one think

was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for 4Q and GM crew for the great job and great festival


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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 16:51 the reviews..
i drank bottled water but din't eat anything at the venue..cooked my own was perfect..!
the art work on the main stage behind the console was maaaaaaaaaaaagggnniifficeeent...!!!
Killer energy from 4 am sunday till whenever i was there..missed EVP but caught all the acts after him..
COral's set on sat took me places..pure energy and killer vibe from her... be continued..
Bob Lob Law
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 17:27
Thank you gaian mind for an amazing gathering it was perfect,top notch organization,my only complaint is to the 4Quarters people who were being really nasty to us when we were leaving on monday morning.We had to leave on monday because our friend(the driver) got sick and couldn't drive on sunday night,so we had no choice and had to spend another night at 4q.In the morning when my friend felt better we packed all our staff and headed home,except the 4q people @ the gate didn't want to let us through unless we paid them 10$ for each person that stayed,we explained the situation and why we had to stay the extra night but they didn't care and didn't let us through "shake'em down patrick"the guy yelled ,took our pictures and wrote down our wristbadnt numbers my friends License Plates numbers and telling us we are not allowed to come back to 4q. You know what after that kind of behavior we don't want to come back to 4q. The guy got sick from something in your camping ground and you wanna charge him money for staying an extra night because he wasnt in the condition to drive? that is just absurd.
Anyway thank you gaian mind crew for an awesome party,lets hope maybe in the future you will find a better place for your amazing festival.
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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 17:36
This was the fourth and the best GMSF for me. thank you thank you thank you all!

Sorry to hear about whatever negative experiences some people had... let's just admit that the world is not perfect... and appreciate the beauty that the festival brings to so many people.

Also if anyone has found a brown pendant please let me know.
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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 17:52
it was gooood


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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 17:53
Sounds like an amazing any truly transformative experience, wrought with duality....maybe next year will finally be my year to go!           "Any act, if in accordance with the Will, is an act of Magick."

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 18:48
Thank you GM!!! was such an amazing festival, I havent heard such beautiful and "moving" music in such a long time!! thank you!! Solar Fields AM set at the main stage was well as anyone who played on Saturday night into the morning!! yumminess...

as far as the virus is concerned:
I did not drink the water there
I only ate food on Saturday Brunch.
I did not swim.
I dont smoke
I didnt make out with any infected beings :-P

the common denominator with most is we ALL had Tea and Coffee, I can just say that at one stage in the night the three sinks were pretty disgusting, black water...yuuuk, prime breeding ground for bacterial growth, espeically if cups were not cleaned properly.

Purell dispensers would be an idea to have inside the portopotties... most infections like this spread by not washing your hands...something simple as putting a dispenser might have helped a lot of people from not gettng sick.

I thought I was fine too until about 2:30 yesterday afternoon... and didnt feel well until about 3am or so...

Overall music was fantastic!! lightning was amazing! the rain at the end of the festival was a refreshing ending to a beautiful weekend!
Thanks to Gaian Mind, hopefully more sanitary hand washing & facilities will be present for the next festival, although, the potties were cleaned regularly and there was always paper inside... just think the washing hands part would have saved a few hundred from getting sick!!

thank you thank you thank you....

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 19:18
decided to go last minute on friday
thanks to elnadiv, eli and ron for driving me to and from the fest- wouldnt have made it without u guys..thanks a bunch!

got there saturday morning - dropped bags off and started dancing ASAP not losing anytime
danced away till the music stopped at i think it was noon.tried to sleep but the heat was crazy saturday afternoon- so walked around the chill area and the space in general which is gorgeous

9pm- went and saw the blacklight(dont remembver the name) show which was spectacular and after that it was dancing till sunday afternoon non stop
got drenched in the rain saturday night and stepped into shelter for a bit but otherwise it was non stop balagaan!! amazing music...
rastaliens,braincell, EVP, Reality Grid, Carol...wooeweeeee woeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
just non stop amazing tunes from saturday to sunday night.

THANK YOU to everyone for makign this festivall soo all my friends u know who u r - you all rock love u so much. see you in a couple of weeks
to my amazing bf- thanks for being U- total sweetheart.

to all the new fabulous ppl i have met- hope to see u very very soon

this def wont be the last GM for me.....
the dancefloor is magical and i have never experienced anything so pure and powerful in a while.

i did get sick unfortunately but it was totally worth it.
thank you once again ALL.

muchos besos

"We cant solve the problems that we created with the same thinking that created them"

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 20:10
POWER P OWER POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to get on here and vent it..cant shout it out at work..!lol

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 20:12
just got home from the epic 18 hour car ride home. wow was it worth it.

sunday morning for me was one of those transformative experiences that most of us know about but can hardly begin to explain. Lets just say I surrendered to the gaian mind and integrated fully.

the whole festival was amazing, musically, visually, and especially the quality of the people. It was great seeing so many new faces and meeting people from all over the world. I truly felt like I was in a european trance festival on numerious occasions.

all the music I heard was top notch. I'm going to take a minute to let it fully sink in and decompress before posting the full review.

As for the sickness on site, it seems a large chunk of the party (myself and my companions included) fell victim to the virus. I was particularly put off by the 4corners people who were almost abrasive when any suggestion that something on thier end of things could be the cause. I later came to find out that an outbreak occured at thier last event, so I think they owe us an appology for not warning us about the possibility in advance. I dont believe the gaian mind crew had any knowledge of this in advance and many of them got sick too.

I think overall it was still the most amazing american trance festival I've ever experienced, the amount of energy and dedication put into creating the space and filling it with out of this world tunes is just stunning. thank you to all the organizers and crew that came together to make this happen, you all outdid yourselves, and from what I hear, its not the first time!

I loved the venue, but if the people in charge of it arent going to work with us, you should really look into your other options. (we stayed to clean up and they tried to charge us 10 bucks a piece as well, though we protested arguing that we cleaned their venue for them and we got away with ten for the three of us.)

next year I'm definately bringing bleach, simple green, and a big ole tube of hand sanitizer. that stated, I'm definately coming back!

Being a morning fanatic myself, I was absolutely stoked to see such a full floor trancing away in the morning! you guys definately know how to keep it goan!

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Posted : Jun 24, 2008 20:17
The GMfest. was magic once again. It was great to reunite with so many old friends. The people of the fest. are truely the best part. Thanks to gian mind for letting us be a part. Big thanks to all the parents for bringing their beutiful children. My son had a great time. Our children at the festivals really creates another level of high spirited magic.
Thanks to all for your efforts to make this gathering what it is. Hope to see you all again next year.
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL 2008 - June 19th to June 22nd, 2008, Four Quarters, Central PA, USA
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