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*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 21, 2006 23:45
Got in Line @ 12:30. Got inside @ 1:15.

Younger Brother:
Just in time for them to start, and excellent set indeed. Cud notice most of the crowd didnt know what the fcuk hit them. Very nice breaks, sometimes too often, but it was Live so its ok . Ended off with Monkey Juice and The Finger. That got the peeps moving.

Geat start, maybe Oscar or Golden Triangle. Liked the initial part of the set, and was very smooth. Played some tracks like Deedrah 2005, which suprised me coz i thought he'd have enuf of his own stuff to play.

Start to finish i loved it. Freaked out when he played Shamanix, and that 'pum pum' track. Grimmer set, but not dark dark per se, i just cant get the shamanix melody outta my mind.

Good!! start by sx?. Recognized a couple like Hujaboy - in my dreams, Ejekt - A2D2. Very powerful set. Good selection.

Crowd - Triad in the majority. Psytrancers in the minority. Saw the freaks finally in the end.

Decor - So-So.


The glasses man

@ Dj greennun

NIce meetin u and Illyse

@ Mukti

Full power, no shower           ~*** You can tell By the way i use my walk, Im a woman's man, No time to Talk***~
The Tree Tribe
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 00:07
The line was a huge shock! Missed conspirator because of it...

SPIRIT had alot of normal clubgoers so the vibe inside was rather clubby, I felt...

The music was just ultra-smashing!!! Younger Brother live, and Hallucinogen live - what lovely versions of familiar tracks with different loops thrown in (especially from the track The Feeenger and Gamma Gobleeeeeens).... I loved Simon's expressions to different sounds and how he kept saying "LSD" everytime it was in a track!!! Ahh, the sound in the club was rather loud no?? I felt a certain emptiness in my ears in the cab on the way back...



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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 01:21
@ robomarket
oooooooh! Was that you!? I should have "officially" introduced myself... Sorry about that. I'll see you next week!

@ zorom
I was dancing on the left to the stage. I was behind the speakers most of the time becasue those strobe lights were way too much for me.

@ SkyBluGoa
Thanks for the pics. Very nice...

@ Surrender
Now, you know who I am! hehehe

Btw, I always like how Simon "moves" or dances... Very very psychedelic for me. hehehe

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Posts :  139
Posted : Jan 22, 2006 01:42
damn, the sound was really good... but the crew over there... it was ridiculous .... i left at 4am because of thatassholes... I was ready to fight with some guy there, but I just left, fights sux...
I was in some wall talking in my phone and then this asshole dressed like a thug come to me and try to get my phone from me.... i just said get out of here with a bad face... and then this guy went to 4 more frined and they started to tell him to punch me...
It was like 3:15... i was waiting until 4 to go with some friends home... at least that little shit didnt come back to piss me off...he would get punch
thats how my night ended... some under 18 asshole bsing me ...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 02:38
Heres my synopsis -

As mentioned and expected the party was really really crowded - it was like chinese (no pun intended) torture. Its like the promoters said - "heres all this mind blowing music - Now don't dance!!". Thank god no body farted in that space. I was lucky enough to miss all the fights that took place on the floor cause i was upstairs by then. All in all though the music was very very good. Younger brothers set was pretty much the last albumn - but yet very enjoyable (too much reverb on the speakers though). Benji was on next - his set was mind blowing. Started with Peek or should I call it Kraft and the rest is history. I think he set was pure psy pure twisted. Since i was too scared to do any energy enhancing substances I was a bit tired by the end of prometheus and thought i would sit si's set out - ofcourse hallucinogen had others plans for me. His set - no matter how many times i hear the same tracks are special every single time - its almost like his music takes you back to to days when psy/goa trance was not bastardized. Gadi's set started off with a clear signal that he was not here to make us rest and it proved so. Anyways all in all i have to admit i had a lot of fun albiet the crowd. Thanks all of you trancers that were there .... ichi - i guess i couldnt really meet you afterall but i was lucky enugh to meet fabs and arryya - nice seeing you brothers.

- - - - -
Long Long Arms with beatiful feathers.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 05:18
"This kid gets kicked in the nuts and hes on the floor barely even able to get up when security grabs him and shoves/throws him out of the club, doing nothing to the other. "

Come on man. Did you read my lenghty post? The barechested kid attacked me and the other kid. Forget him.

@ichi: i was surprised because you recognized me from a TDC party, and back than i just nodded to you and you smiled back. I respect people who remember people next time official introducing hehe

@Karma Cola: I agree with you. Surrender's set should have been longer. I don't thing Yoni was in the line at all?!

@Droozi: i like your signature. it's missing the word "beautiful" before feathers
I was telling somebody how this track really rocks. Was that you?

I really liked the Deco behind the stage. It was really twisted and a bit perverted(maybe too harsh a word) won't you say? That cyber-girl tangled in some electronicky spiderweb was painted very nicely. And did you notise the dendroid "organism" to the right of her?

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Posts :  20
Posted : Jan 22, 2006 07:47
Having been to a number of Tsunami events at Spirit, some of them excellent, and some not so great, i debated on whether or not to attend this one. Since i wasn't "feeling it", and didn't feel like shelling out the $40 + trainfare + water money, i decided to pass, and after reading these reviews, i'm glad i did.
I've no doubt that those of us who didn't attend missed some mind-melting music, but c'mon: eminem wannabees? thugs starting fights? Asshole security?- i guess this means that Spirit is turning into the new Avalon.
Not to mention the most important fact of all: room to dance. Nothing worse than going out to an event, hearing some amazing music, and feeling like you're on a subway car during rush hour if you try and dance. Not to mention having to worry about idiots shoving people and starting fights.
Our scene is all about PLUR, and i guarantee at least half the people there last night wouldn't even know what that is, much less be acting accordingly.
I think i am only going to the samller events from now on- thank you to everyone who posted reviews on this event, your honesty is appreciated.

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 07:56

On 2006-01-22 07:47, pyramidion wrote:

Not to mention the most important fact of all: room to dance. Nothing worse than going out to an event, hearing some amazing music, and feeling like you're on a subway car during rush hour if you try and dance. Not to mention having to worry about idiots shoving people and starting fights.

Yeah... that's soooooo true! But, for me, it was pretty fun to spot some familiar real trance heads among those creepy people... It was like a treasure hunting! hehe
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 08:36
I'm in love with Michele
She's so beautiful and adorable!!!!           I don't know, but I've been told, if you keep on dancing you won't grow old.

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  57
Posted : Jan 22, 2006 08:43
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had a great time! Even the line turned me off, I had trekked all the way from JC, so I wasn’t about to turn around. Let me tell you, it was worth it! True,on the main dance floor there was no room to move (kinda a given)...ended up finding a spot in the corner by the speakers.
I just recently started to come to this site and check on posts and really have gotten to know a lot of you guys! Now I am on here religiously (not posting enough though). Thanks to everyone, I get to find out so many new events/info without going crazy! + I get to party and dance with the best of em…cheers guys!

Ichirock I think I saw you walk by twice..:S but I couldn’t make you out clearly!! Can't wait till next week!! See you there..! Anyone going from Jersey City next week? CHEERS!!
*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  113
Posts :  2314
Posted : Jan 22, 2006 10:32

On 2006-01-22 08:36, SkyBluGoa wrote:
I'm in love with Michele
She's so beautiful and adorable!!!!

Aha!!! I was rocking next to her. Very pleasant indeed. Left speakers all !!!!!!!           ~*** You can tell By the way i use my walk, Im a woman's man, No time to Talk***~
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 18:35
nice to see everyone meeting you guys is always the best part of any party... what is trance if not about seeing the good smiling faces of our friends. the place was indeed packed to the brim.... never seen it like that. sound was diffrent at diffrent areas of the club. probably best around the center (where most people were), the corners were subby indeed. thanks for the nice comments about the music, means alot! regarding playing a short set... well sometimes time schedules get a bit wacky in parties and these things happen... one has to have to keep in mind that the main attractions are top priority in events like these
          "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 19:56
Great music !! I REALLY wanted to hear conspirator but was not expecting the line at all... We waited in the line for over an hour !@! but that was ok -- i was just dying to see the twisted crew so...

younger brother -- CRAZY -- i walked in and the cosma meets guitarminator tune 'some wish they were here' was playin - that drove me crazy -- and brought back some memories of cosma playing that track in kasol some years back. that made my night.

benji -- fuck you killed it! loved the set -- benji's music is so intelligent -- he puts these sound progressions in his track that really fuck with you. i enjoyed the set tremendously.

simon -- the MAIN man -- amazing set. the gamma goblins came out -- i waited long to hear this guy and he did not disappoint @! twisted twisted tracks and impecable flow. Munna, my hallucinogen freak friend, told me that one of the tracks was over 9 years old! still sounded crazy.

surrender -- i heard half your set -- banging selection and it was nice to meet you in the line with aarya. you really got the crowd jumpin after simons intense set.

the deco was just awesome!! loved the fish and some of the backdrops were just stunning... the blacklights were not bright enough though so i think maybe the colors didnt come out enough -- but crazy artwork!

What was up with the sound? my ears really hurt at times -- i have heard that spirit has a great sound system -- was it not set up right?? anywhere other that the center all you could hear was blurred bassline. what happened to the mids and highs?? simon seemed to fix that in his set.

For me this was not a party -- it was a concert or a nightclub night. i felt NO positive vibe inside -- i got stepped on, pushed, shoved, beer split on.... but it seems that some of yall had it even worse so ill stop complaining. I found the gotti crew hilarious -- surveying the dancefloor... haha -- had some laughs at sleezy dudes trying to pick up girls. also this one girl next to me asked about 5 people around us who the dj was -- no1 knew!!

i think this was good exposure for the twisted crew and psytrance in NY. although it gave me a taste of what commercialisation of the scene could lead to one day -- and that was sad.

great concert -- with great music -- thanks tsunami -- i understand that you have no say of how the party is run so you are not to blame for the assholes there. thanks for bringing down a TWISTEEEEED night.
          ToO mUcH pReSsUrE oN tHe BrAiN
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 23, 2006 04:26
I have to say I had a lot of fun at the party...after 4am! It was a unanimous vote with the regular trance people that it was thier last visit to Spirit for good! It wasn't even this bad when Tsunami threw parties at ARC. I expected you usual club scene but that night was unbearable. It was my 1st time seing Simon, YB and surrender and I had no room to dance!!!! I was so sad!!! As me and my boyfriend are standing there, some thuggy punk prick grabs me ass and my boyfriend was just trying to protect me and winds up getting into a fight! It was very frightning, he never fights. Luckily one security guard saw the whole thing and threw him and his "posse" out. My friends Erika almost got her beautiful oufit ripped off by some other guys. I just kept reminding everyone that the people who don't belong can only take so much trance..then they eventually leave. It would be un-wise to ingest mind expanding medicine at a place so hostile... You couldn't protect yourself. After a while, I was surrounded by new and old warm, glowing faces and could truly enjoy myself.

As for the was great. My friend told me about the tapestry behind the DJ booth from a Tsunami party YEARS AGO. I was happy to finally see it and couldn't stop staring and I LOVE fishies!

The sound, I am a bass nympho as well, so it was pleasing to me. Then again I don't know sound technicalities so...who knows.

Hopefully I'll get some courage to meet some of you one day but until then...happy trancing!

Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Jan 23, 2006 17:22
I'll tell you why there were so many punks with sweatpants and football jerseys. This club has been promoting itself as "New York's largest Hip Hop club."

I didn't attend this party but the last time I was there, I saw a group of girls running into the place expecting hiphop and rap but were quickly disappointed when they heard what they know as "techno." I heard them shout wtf is this? This is not hiphop!! So they ran out the room and I saw them 30 min. later on the dancefloor trying to freek with eachother hiphop style but it was simply not working for them. It gave me a good chuckle though.           If you ever find yourself being ripped apart by a pack of wolves, try not to scream. Everbody knows wolves can smell fear.
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