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VIBE TRIBE - MELODRAMA (Utopia Records 2004)


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Posted : Nov 29, 2004 08:47
First of all i would like to say that i could not post this review in one post because it said the length was forbidden so i have posted both parts of my review!! Well this is my very first review so i hope you all like it. I love this album and i hope you all do too!

1) Vinyla Sky - The first track on this wonderful album. It starts with a nice atmosphere growing all around you, and then the bass comes in quietly and finally grows. Then a Dreamy Melody is finally established and then the track breaks lose and changes once again. It is at that moment you know this is a Vibe Tribe track, the track progress’ and then there is a short break around 2:11, and then the atmosphere comes back This track gives me a floating feeling. Then out of nowhere this beautiful melody fades in and goes on an all out strike, adding a few other hidden melody’s and psychedelic sounds revealing themselves. Then again around 4:14 theres another break, and the melody is all alone echoing, then it hides itself and the bass takes over with the atmosphere again. Theres lots of breaks and stops in this track which is fresh. Then around 5:42 the track totally changes and a new epic melody is introduced, and this is my fav. Part in the track. Then the track slowly fades its way out as it once started. This is truly a masterpiece. A very perfect song for introducing this album.

2) Spun - This track starts out spacey and sci-fi like, with a distorted voice sample and with a barely heard voice of a women in the background. Then the bass kicks in. This track starts very serious, stopping for a few seconds and then a melody comes in and makes its presence well known. The echoing sample of the women in it is a trip. Then there’s a funny sample, something about “freaking out and crashing and feeling SPUN” then the track gets all funky and different noises are added and another melody comes out of nowhere. After a small pause the track goes funky again, and then stops once again, and a serious atmosphere is added which is very mysterious. The melody returns again until the end of the track. This track reminds me a lot of Albert Balbert in a way.

3) Funky - This track starts all distorted and sounds very fresh from anything I have heard in awhile. It starts out very trippy, and then some funky noises comes in and a skipped out melody grows with another layer of a melody behind it. Then the track gets all scratchy, then a break and the bass is released! Then there are a lot of weird knocking noises and a sample of a guy saying something I could not make out but something like “Give it to me now” and “Sitting Down” Then the trailing melody comes in and the hidden layer melody in the background takes over the track, which is very euphoric. Then there’s a break around 1:58. The melody and sounds still linger around then come back all static sounding and finally returning normal at around 2:30. Everyhing progress’ until around 3:30 where the track gets intense and sounds like its just going to blow up. This is my fav. Part of the track because then another melody is unleashed. Then the track tricks you around 4:58 making you think that its over with…but suddenly! The track changes again and goes strong and hard and the same sample in the beginning comes back before the track goes on an all out assault mixing both the early melody and later melody together. Then the track quiets down and slowly disappears. This is one of the best tracks on this album.

4) Albert Balbert(Album Version) - I’m sure all of you big Vibe Tribe fans have heard the Old version released on va-timeless earlier this year. This track starts out like the original but the sample sounds very warped. Then the melody goes on like the older version with some added effects and stuff here and there, which might I add were a great addition. It sounds like there are other small changes added to the track too. I’m not going to spend too much time on this track because the original was a killer and this version just takes it to another level, so there’s nothing else more that needs to be said, but it’s different enough to tell that its been worked on and extended.

5) Melodrama - The title track of the album and theres no question to as why the album was named this, this is by far the best track on the album!! The track starts out fast and distorted and skippy, with weird effects and the bass runs in. Then in the background theres almost a haunting noise that makes itself known. Then at 1:15 a breaking leg beat starts and its as if the track has just grown up in seconds, until that haunting effect comes in again for a small break at 1:30. Then the melody comes back in and takes control there’s one word samples “Stop” & “Dance” This song is made to move the floors. Through the next portion of the track are little stops and new added noises then something happens and the bass doubles up or something before the break around 2:56, which I found very refreshing. Then a new melody takes power and everything gets serious and a haunting atmosphere wraps itself around the track. I’d have to say 3:48 is my fav. Part of the track it becomes very epic and then funky at the same time, (in a way) it reminds me of really old infected mushroom, but BETTER! VIBE TRIBE STYLE! After the part at 4:00 my jaw just dropped, this track is too good! This act has truly developed their own style & sound. This track exceeded my expectations, and blew me away. The rest of the track goes strong and ends with a unique outro and echoes out.

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Posted : Nov 29, 2004 08:47
6) Rearranged - This track starts out epic and mystical and magical with a deep feeling, almost spiritual. Then the bass kicks in pounds you as it moves along. At 1:12 a melody comes out to say hello and goes along with another melody growing behind only to stop for a break at 1:35. Then one of the best samples I have ever heard comes in… this is all I could make out… “They all do sort of the same thing, and that is rearrange what you thought was real and um, they remind you of the beauty of very simple things” This sample goes along very slow and everything in this track along with this sample, so much emotion. Tears filled up in my eyes at this part. This is my fav. Part of the whole entire album. Then the track changes again and the atmosphere grows with the beat and another sample comes in, this is all I could make out… “3000 years ago the greeks held an annual_________ in which they drank a sacred liquid called Kykium it induced hallucinogenic visions those who took it were said to have changed after seeing the world differently. The golden age seemed was psychedelic as well, was popular interest in LSD a modern day ancient mystery…” Then a funky wailing melody shows up which is very nice and it goes on through the track nicely. Then theres another break around 4:44, and the atmosphere comes in and the original melody returns. This is another emotional part of the track, and the track goes strong again until the end where the beginning sample is once again introduced. Hands down THE BEST TRACK on this album!
7) Stringadelic - This track starts out very mysterious like the previous track but it has a couple groovy sounds in the beginning of the track too. There’s also a sound that almost reminds me of an electric guitar in a way and this sound stretches and fades in and out of the track. Then at 1:00 a melody kicks in and goes for short time and then stops. Then at 1:42 the only thing that is left is that guitar sound or string or whatever it is. Then the melody forms around it. Then another small quick break and then the guitar sound changes for a second and adds a couple more little parts to the original part that’s repeated through the track. I don’t have too much to say about this track it was a little different from the rest and good in its own way but not one of the stronger tracks on the album.
8) Frog N’ Roll - This track starts out kind of like Albert Balbert, with and introduction with a good sample, I couldn’t even make out anything that was said except for the following… “enters new world, spiritual imagery” & “bursting with life, bursting with color” After the sample the bass enters and a groovy melody begins, it sounds different from the other tracks. This melody is a lot more easy going, soft & warm and just overall happy sounding, not as epic as the others. Then comes that Vibe Tribe touch, and the track goes all out and takes off around 1:45. Things progress along until the break at 2:55. I like this short pause it introduces a calming atmosphere. This track is definitely one of those feel good morning tracks. After a couple other tiny stops the dreamy atmosphere appears again hidden in the track until the incredible break at 5:05 when the track just becomes pure magic, and a uplifting melody makes its way in and explodes. At this moment I couldn’t stop nodding my head as I heard this part of the track. This makes this my 3rd favorite track on the album. The melody then plays around and sneaks into the background of the track, nice effects here! It makes me feel like I’m in a cave, sadly the track ends, I wish this one could have been longer. I would like to see this killer Remixed in the near future. Nice work guys!
9) Bass Ratz - This track sounds like its going to be funny from the introduction, but don’t let that little melody fool you, this track is a monster. It will break your legs! 0:26 my jaw dropped again, this melody is so hypnotic, and then it just kind of comes in little pieces as the haunting melody drifts into the track. This is a killer track all around. Very original stuff right here, I would like to see more tracks like this in the near future as well. At 2:20 the track comes out of hiding and attacks you with more melodies. Then around 3:00 takes a short break and the sounds whish around and the bass returns once again by its lonesome. Then at 3:43 a new melody comes in and the atmosphere surrounds it as well. The track moves along with another rest at 4:24 and builds itself back up from there only to crush you again. Then the track just runs its course until the end where it ends with some acidic effects until it’s gone.
10) Adish - Nice calming beginning to this track, and then a piano makes its way in and the bass comes in. This track is a lot slower and more of a night time piece it changes and the drumming goes alone around 1:20 until 1:54, and the piano sneeks its way back in with other little effects panning around you. This is truly different from Vibe Tribe, but you guessed it, just like every other track on this album it’s gold. Through the rest of the track it builds up until 3:43 and a skipping melody and atmosphere come back into play along with some nice drum work. The melody carries on into the piano and they become one at 5:08. After that the track carries on as an ending theme to the wonderful album of vibe tribe melodies we call “Melodrama” The piano is left by itself saying its last farewell. Nice closing track.

The album was just as good as I thought it would be, and more. I had no doubts for a minute that it wouldn’t be incredible. This album has a handful of soul touching tracks. Thank you Vibe Tribe for creating music that comes from your hearts. You both are genius and I wish you good luck in the near future. This album will go down as a classic for me and I am sure the same as with others. Take Care, Peace & Light.

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Nov 29, 2004 10:45
well im glad to hear that their album has turned out the way i thought it would. these guys are just amazing. wat emotion... just too much. am waiting VERY eagerly waiting to get my hands on this album!
Memory Loss
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 29, 2004 22:27
Clovesmoke ..I Remmber That You Write In Promotioanl Section That You Wanna Hear
Eye Cue (Remix)..Good New Bro..This Track Is Number 6.Rearranged
They Just Change The Name..Enjoy           Skate 0R Die
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 29, 2004 22:39
Vibe Tribe is one of my favourites trance projects at momment they put something special in the music they make...

nº6- Rearranged is my favourite track in "Melodrama"

i want wish best of luck for world promotion of Melodrama i´m sure vibe tribe gonna rocks a lot of dance floors around the world...

Stas and Elmar congratulations ...

i´m auxious to enjoy your live act here in Portugal..."Holographic reality fusion"           KORPORA(HOMmega/Crystal Matrix)

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Posted : Nov 30, 2004 00:10
oops just realized i said melodrama was my fav. & Rearranged, well if i have to choose 1 it's rearranged. Also Adam i already knew about the name change from some thread that i asked about it but thanks bro! I'm glad you 2 agree with me that "Rearranged" is the best track on there.
dj nadav
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 30, 2004 00:30
that album has been released already?

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Posted : Nov 30, 2004 20:51
I don't like this album at all... I was actually expecting something better, perhaps for Vibe Tribe to be the first Israeli full on project in which I might find something I like... because there were a few tracks with good elements released previously. But this really is, for me, nothing special...+           How am I supposed to hallucinate with all these swirling colors distracting me!
Silent Scream
Silent Scream

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Posted : Dec 1, 2004 00:53
the sampple of Rearranged: "They all do sort of the same thing, and that is rearrange what you thought was real and um, they remind you of the beauty of very simple things”"

is taken from an old infected very known name i can remember his name right now. ][/b]

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Posted : Dec 1, 2004 11:04
like always Vibe Tribe had an idea how to make this album to sounds great.think that all tunes is amazing,but sill I must separate Vinyla sky, Rearranged & Albert balbert ....all goog guys,buy           LIFE Is Just The Choice Between FEAR and LOVE.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2004 12:38

On 2004-12-01 00:53, Silent Scream wrote:
the sampple of Rearranged: "They all do sort of the same thing, and that is rearrange what you thought was real and um, they remind you of the beauty of very simple things”"

is taken from an old infected very known name i can remember his name right now.

Yeah, and i havent heard the album, but isn't the “bursting with life, bursting with color” sample is from Alien Project's track on the 13 crystal skulls compilation?
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 1, 2004 13:53

On 2004-12-01 00:53, Silent Scream wrote:
the sampple of Rearranged: "They all do sort of the same thing, and that is rearrange what you thought was real and um, they remind you of the beauty of very simple things”"

is taken from an old infected very known name i can remember his name right now.

This sample is from Infected Mushroom - Drop It.

Why the link on psyshop isn't working anymore?

This album is amazing!
For sure one the best releases in this end of year. This is a must buy, Vibe Tribe did it again!

These guys have style and know how to shake dancefloors!
Full respect!           .
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2004 14:32
Good album for sure!
Best tracks are Melodrama & Rearranged because they some how are looking to somewhere diferent from the rest of the tracks.
Its a very good album but not a great one!
Looking forward for their first live act here in Portugal for the new years eve!!!


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Posted : Dec 1, 2004 19:41

what a plessure BOOMMMMMMMMMMMM
first of all - i must say a special thanks for vibe tribe for an amazing disc that helped me deal with a hard time of my life.
also - thanks for killing my car speaker - hehehehe
vibe tribe is my favorite project for a long time - and they keep that status for sure.
all tracks are like a drop of lsd to my brain. amazing melody only the way this dudes know how to make.
i did not like track no.10 adish cuse ambient is not really my style.
the most killing ones for me were tracks no.2 spun and no.6 rearranged which i need to stop listen to them time after time.
with a lot of respect and love - keep on making people happy guys.
          PsYcHeDeLiC music!!!! -==-=--==
HaVe FuN - PeAcE!!

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Vibe Tribe
Vibe Tribe

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Posted : Dec 2, 2004 00:30
hi tnx for the good words! glade that some ppl liked it.

any way, about the samples, they are from some old ducomentry movie about lsd etc..etc..

and yes infected used this sample also. 
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