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Various Artists - Rewired (Jester Records, April 2006)


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Posted : Apr 18, 2006 15:14
Artist: Various
Title: Rewired - compiled by DJ Clown
Label: Jester Records
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: April, 2006


The techtrance scene has always (with a few exceptions) been somewhat in the background of the full on, progressive and minimal scenes, and with only a few labels left, new releases are quite rare. A new label has just been launched though - based in Montreal, Canada and started by DJ Clown, Jester Records will try to bring back the hard, relentless techtrance sound to the listeners and more importantly - the dance floors.

The first release from the new label is "Rewired", a compilation with no less than 12 tracks - 6 of them from Canadian artists like Nuclear Ramjet, DJ Preach and Axiomata, and 6 tracks by international well-known acts like Spirallianz, Triac and Three Point Turn/Authentik.

01. DJ Preach - Oxygen Enhanced [135 BPM]
First out is Canadian DJ Preach - perhaps not a household name in psytrance circuits, but a well-known name on the techno scene. "Oxygen Enhanced" is an interesting tune, crossing solid techno beats with a more house-oriented groove and bright, positive melodies. A great track - not exactly what I was expecting to find on a techtrance release, but an interesting way to open the compilation.

02. Nuclear Ramjet - Down The Wall [134 BPM]
Nuclear Ramjet is one of the most well-known Canadian names on the psytrance scene, having 3 full-length albums (one of them, "Mission To Sedna" released just recently) since 1998. "Down The Wall" is typical techtrance production - the atmosphere is cold and dark, with spooky orchestral pads, hard and precise percussion, and a few french voice-samples thrown in for good measure. Good track, although not among the best from Nuclear Ramjet.

03. Three Point Turn - Klush Kingdom [136 BPM]
The French duo Three Point Turn was almost long forgotten - after their 2 albums released around the millennium they haven't really released anything, but Jester has brought back the once popular act. "Klush Kingdom" is quite a disappointment to me though - hard, dark and with serious attitude, but also a bit too much in my opinion. It really got on my nerves.

04. Kali-Frogz - Dismembered [135 BPM]
Kali-Frogz is a duo from France, known for some appearances in both chillout and techtrance circuits on compilations from Horns & Hoofs, Peak and Agitato. "Dismembered" has a more upbeat, bouncy groove than the distinct drive in the previous 2 tracks, and combine it with some haunting, industrial sounds, you end up with a pretty nice track overall.

05. Triac - Versa [138 BPM]
"Versa" is by the Israeli duo Triac, who have a full-length debut album set for release any day now - one of the members is also known for his progressive soloproject Morax. "Versa" has distinct influences from the German X-Dream/The Delta/Midimiliz/Spirallianz posse, and even though it only runs for little over 6 minutes, it is very hypnotic and likeable. Nothing new, but a good track overall.

06. Tao Vs. Metalogic - Irrational Impulse (4x4 Mix) [138 BPM]
Tao and Metalogic, both from Canada, are up next with a collaboration remix. "Irrational Impulse" was originally on Metalogics "Magnetic Influence" album, released last year on Boshke, and this is a 4x4 mix. That name is a bit misleading though, as this is more in the break beat territory - very pounding and hard-hitting break beat that is. Cool and interesting track.

07. Authentik - Les 3 Machines [139 BPM]
Authentik is the sideproject of the old Three Point Turn act, and like their first contribution to this compilation, this also got on my nerves. The orchestral pads are pretty nice, but generally the track is way, way too aggressive and high-pitched for my delicate ears. Didn't like it.

08. Spirallianz - Bp Talk [142 BPM]
The German act Spirallianz/Midimiliz is undoubtedly one of the biggest techtrance acts around, and "Bp Talk" doesn't disappoint. It starts with some troubling voice-samples of kids, which gives associations to The Deltas techtrance classic "Pop", and develops into a full on techtrance monster of a track, with an abundance of delicate soundtricks. Definitely one of the biggest highlights on the compilation.

09. Tao - Pacific Intervention [138 BPM]
Up next is the first solo-release by Tao Nguyen from Canada, and what a debut. "Pacific Intervention" has the tough task to follow Spirallianz, but does a very good job - pounding big-room techtrance with spooky organs and a relentless drive that'll cause some serious dancefloor carnage. Definitely one of my personal highlights on the CD.

10. Hidra - Fixed [140 BPM]
Hidra is another Canadian newcomer, appearing with the track "Fixed". It does start out pretty promising with a catchy groove, but unfortunately it seems too stuck in the same loop, and in the long run (even though it doesn't even run for 6 minutes) it gets too annoying and nerve-racking for me. More variety, and this could have been quite good.

11. Axiomata - New Normal (Remix) [140 BPM]
Axiomata is one of the more well-known Canadian acts, who has made his mark on the techtrance scene with a couple of releases on Maniac I.Q and his own label Cold Groove. "New World (Remix)" is a bit of a disappointment though - nice production, but I found the track too fast and with way too messy and stressful percussion.

12. Toltech - Codigo Rojo [138 BPM]
Last but not least the compilation is closed by yet another track by a Canadian newcomer, Toltech. "Codigo Rojo" is quite a promising debut from Toltech - despite running at 138 BPM, it has a quite lazy feel, and the atmosphere is deep and synthetic, with pads ranging from bright to raw and dirty. A great tune overall.

Bottom line:

"Rewired" is a fine debut from Jester Records. It has a quite diverse selection of tunes ranging from techtrance to techno and even a slight hint of house - I personally didn't like all of it, but some of the tunes did leave a really big impact, and although I don't play a lot of techtrance, this CD will certainly be in my case for a while. It's not the best compilation to come out this year, but if you're a die-hard techtrance fan, this release is pretty much essential, as there is so little new techtrance on the market at the moment.


1 (!!), 2, 5, 6, 8 (!!), 9 (!!), 12




Jester Records:
          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 18, 2006 18:33
vincent, please clear this up for us, which track is which, the 11th and 12th.

very solid techtrance release

no's 7 and 9 are highlights for me.

indeed, i would agree with profane that this is pretty essential for a techtrance fan, but not a must-have edm compilation though           Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 18, 2006 21:23
Great review Profane..

i would just like to clear up that the two last tracks on the compilation are inversed.. meaning, the titles and artist names got reversed..

track 11 = Toltech
track 12 = Axiomata..

Things got messy at the printshop.. sorry..           "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel

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Posted : Apr 20, 2006 07:15
this is a good CD .. i like the tracks .. i am begining to dig this ..

I dig tracks 1,2,3,6,7,8,9

Mat N
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2006 16:17
it's a nice compilation, imo the flow is not so good, but some tracks here are gems- Three Point Turn - Klush Kingdom, Triac - Versa and Spirallianz - Bp Talk.
about the first track by DJ Preach, Oxygen Enhanced- i've never heard of this guy, but this is one of the best tracks i've heard recently! full with emotions, great melody, nice build - it's such an addictive track. it's not exactly tech-trance, but it is AMAZING! i know i'm going to play this one a lot.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2006 16:50
Mat N: actually DJ Preach is quite a big name on club techno scene - and I agree, this track is really amazing!

Besides Preach, I really like the Spirallianz track - in fact its maybe the best one I heard from them in a really long time. Good job Vincent...and loads of luck with the label!           Out now:
*V.A. - Vanguard vol. 3 compiled by Duca & DJ Slater
Mat N
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2006 21:31

On 2006-04-24 16:50, Slater wrote:
Mat N: actually DJ Preach is quite a big name on club techno scene - and I agree, this track is really amazing!

thanks for the info maybe i should check some of his work...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 25, 2006 16:27
Good compilation, with great standouts such as the Spirallianz and the Tao track!           Row row row your boats gently down the stream; merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 22:10
This looks very tasty!!!! I LOVE tekky psytrance!!!!! 

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Posted : Apr 27, 2006 16:29
Happy to be part of it!
My favs are the 3.Turn "Klush Kingdom", the Preach's one, the Spirallianz's...I like a lot what Tao and Metalogic did with this "irrational impulse 4x4"

What I like in this comp is the a-temporal flavour crossing all theses tracks...I guess you can listen to it in 10 years it will still smell the good rooty techno shit

          Corrosive peace from da ::Kali-Frogz:: brothers
The Journey Man Project
Inactive User

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Posted : Apr 27, 2006 16:56
Really nice compilation, but I'd expect nothing less of DJ Clown... having loved his mixes from online I had big hopes and was ot disspointed... top tracks and nicely put together... if you like it deep and techy this is it for you...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 1, 2006 12:57
V/A - Rewired


Artist: Various
Title: Rewired (compiled by DJ Clown)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Jester Records (Canada)
Cat. #: JR001
Distribution: Wakyo/Statik/Wirikuta
Date: 13 April 2006

Track listing:

01. 08’26” DJ Preach – Oxygen Enhanced
02. 06’44” Nuclear Ramjet – Down The Wall
03. 05’08” Three Point Turn – Klush Kingdom
04. 05’41” Kali-Frogz - Dismembered
05. 06’05” Triac - Versa
06. 06’58” Tao vs. Metalogic – Irrational Impulse (4x4 Mix)
07. 05’58” Authentik – Les 3 Machines
08. 05’59” Spirallianz – BP Talk
09. 07’31” Tao – Pacific Intervention
10. 05’31” Hidra – Fixed
11. 05’51” Axiomata – New Normal (Remix)
12. 07’44” Toltech – Codigo Rojo


Water cooler trance…

Do you remember the scene around the turn of the millennium? Back then the uplifting melodies of the nineties were long forgotten and minimal tech-trance ruled the scene… Pretty much all labels turned their focus to those grim, stripped down techno-beats – and even the frontrunners of full-on, Tip.World, turned minimal. A few years passed and eventually the melodies returned along with the rise of progressive trance…

Not much tech-trance prevailed though and today pure tech-trance labels are somewhat scarce within psy-circuits… Well, the newly established label, Jester Records from Canada, is on a trance-mission to change that… Compiled by label founder DJ Clown, the first release is a compilation of technoid music destined to raise some eyebrows… The tracklist reveals the return of a couple of old-timers + a bunch of emerging talents… Almost a year after it was first announced, Rewired has finally arrived…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: DJ Preach – Oxygen Enhanced [135 BPM]
DJ Preach (Philippe Babin) from Canada is a well-known techno-producer with a very long roster of releases under his belt… And if his other work is anything like this, I’m already a new fan coz this is daaaaaamn smooth! This is not exactly techno, nor tech-trance… It’s a weird hybrid of both tied up in a bundle of progressive trance… Huge melodic pads fused with deep, pounding rhythms… Very well executed! This would be the perfect transition track going from progressive trance to tech-trance… It’s real fucking sweet!

#02: Nuclear Ramjet – Down The Wall [134 BPM]
Nuclear Ramjet (Felix-Antoine Richer & Max Chapados) is a long-running Canadian project which was started in 1997 with a blend of goa-trance and progressive trance – and that’s basically still what they are doing now in 2006 which also saw the release of their third album Mission To Sedna (Spaceport Records). This track is a mixture of raging tech-trance and electro + industrial elements… It has a somewhat melancholy feel to it – hidden behind the grim, urban rhythm section… Not bad at all, but parts of it seem a little too random for my taste…

#03: Three Point Turn – Klush Kingdom [136 BPM]
3.Turn (Jocelyn Jaigirdar & Stéphane Hoareau) from France were among the frontrunners of psyTeKk during its heyday with the release of two albums and a bunch of wax + compilation tracks… And this is their first new track in close to three years! Wow! But these guys surely haven’t lost their touch – this is their usual minimal tech-trance with razor-sharp edges… Seemingly monotonous, but given some playtime, this track is actually pretty nice… It will most likely not go down well for home-listening, but as a DJ tool it has a couple of really nice moments… I just wish it was longer and the end seems very odd…

#04: Kali-Frogz – Dismembered [135 BPM]
Kali-Frogz (Eric Brandy & Christophe Fabulet) are also from France. Everything I’ve heard from them has been downbeat, so I’m not familiar with their dancefloor work… This track is lighter and much more versatile than the previous one – it’s actually pretty uplifting despite the gritty elements used here… Something like psychedelic space techno I guess… Minimal at times, maximal at others… Nice!

#05: Triac – Versa [138 BPM]
Michael Reznik (Morax) & Ilan Lanz from Israel have appeared on a lot of progressive compilations recently and their debut album is out soon… This track also draws on their roots in progressive trance, but in keeping with the theme of this compilation, the old tech-trance meter has been cranked up a notch or five… It’s still pretty slick though – despite the raw, gritty nature of the music…

#06: Tao vs. Metalogic – Irrational Impulse (4x4 Mix) [138 BPM]
New-comer Tao Nguyen teams up with fellow Canadian Frederik Hatsav who released his excellent techno album Magnetic Influence on Boshke Beats in 2005…The original version of this track was featured on both that album and on the Chronika Chapter Two compilation also released by Boshke. And much like Metalogic’s previous work, this is one hard-hitting track of teKkno!d proportions… The basis is a pounding bassline galloping away accompanied by some cut-up, irregular beats and rhythms… Banging indeed! Sadly I loose interest about halfway thru…

#07: Authentik – Les 3 Machines [139 BPM]
Authentik is another alias for Three Point Turn (Jocelyn Jaigirdar & Stéphane Hoareau). And I’m happy to say that this is much better than their previous track – this is fast-paced, nitty-gritty tech-trance complete with oil-drums, industrial percussion and a progressive construction… And most importantly – a healthy dose of groove! Awesome!

#08: Spirallianz – BP Talk [142 BPM]
Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe from Germany are among the top acts within tech-trance/minimal with their successful projects Spirallianz and Midi Miliz. Blast Food released on Spirit Zone in 2000 is still a milestone album and these guys have continued to create awesome music in recent years… The unconventional intro is trademark Spirallianz and tension is building right from the get go… The track itself is a mix of Kraftwerk-like electro-madness and full-blown techno-trance… And what a successful mix it is… This is HUGE track – instantly rewarding!

#09: Tao – Pacific Intervention [138 BPM]
Tao Nguyen is back with a solo track…And this is much more uplifting than his collaboration with Metalogic… This is somewhat clubby (though not cheesy) tech-trance with a very distinct drive and a subtle groove… Bouncy and bubbling – danceable and head-bob friendly… Pretty nice for a debut release, though it seems to become a tad too cluttered during the second half of the track…

#10: Hidra – Fixed [140 BPM]
AFAIK Hidra (Grabriel Petrin) is a debuting artist from Canada… What we get here is pure tech-trance complete with a deep groove and a touch of tribal drums… Not unlike the Authentik track really… It’s pretty groovy and I like most of it – I just wish it was a little longer, and that the variety was a little bigger… Not bad, but not an instant highlight either…

#11: Toltech – Codigo Rojo [140 BPM]
Due to a mix-up at the print shop, tracks #11 and #12 are reverse on the artwork. So this is in fact Toltech and not Axiomata…. Anyway, Toltech is Carlos Godinez and supposedly, this is his debut release… It’s very different from the previous tracks with its broad experimentation level – and despite its 140 BPM, it seems much faster… It’s very hectic and I have a hard time keeping up with this intense, stressful music…

#12: Axiomata – New Normal (Remix) [138 BPM]
From Toronto comes a track by Cold Groove Records label manager Jeremy Reid (DJ Yeb) who has released a couple of tracks already… And his experience doesn’t pass unnoticed, as this is a very mature track… The opening melodies are indeed lovely and they carry the track to higher levels… The blunt, analogue beats may be old school, but they fit the techy mood perfectly… Though slightly minimal, this track has a certain laidback aura that I really like… It’s very slick! A nice way to finish the compilation…

Well colour me tech-tranced pink, if this isn’t a damn impressive debut release from Jester Records… Sure there are a couple of tracks that didn’t really do much for me, but luckily there are also a bunch of really awesome, non-conformist tracks here that I really enjoyed… For me this is a welcomed return of the tech-trance sound that seems to have been somewhat neglected in recent years… Sure there are still labels that push this sound, but unlike other psy sub-genres they are scarce…

The artwork (which reminds me of the Atmos’ 2nd Brigade) is very cool and generally I have a good feeling about the future of this label – it’s destined for something big! I’ll recommend this compilation to both tech-trancers, but also prog-heads into technoid/crossover stuff… Fans of Boshke Beats/Cold Groove/G+ and similar should also take notice… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!), 4, 5, 7(!), 8(!), 12


External links:
Jester Records: (redirects…)
Saiko Sounds:
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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 1, 2006 15:18
Congratulations for the first release of Jester. This is a very good album.
Good luck!
          -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 1, 2006 16:17
I just ordered this on psyshop yesterday. I will let you all know what I think of it once I give it a listen. Just from hearing the 45 sec. sound samples on psyshop though, all the tracks sound very SWEET!!! 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 1, 2006 18:13
I got it today too. Cannot wait to make a mixset out of this.           LABEL-DJ @ 3D VISION RECORDINGS | |
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