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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Various Artists - Rewired (Jester Records, April 2006)
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Various Artists - Rewired (Jester Records, April 2006)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 7, 2006 14:50
Thanks for the reviews guys Very much appreciated.

Seems to be out of stock already @ ; but it can still be bought at wirikuta, & untill psyshop restocks.;jsessionid=MBLEMLLBMOFN?showDetail=115289 (search "rewired")

Btw - My favs on the release are

Spirallianz "BP Talk"
Tao "Pacific Intervention"

Best Wishes

          Label DJ>
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 10, 2006 22:05
Thanks alot to everyone for your great reviews and its good to see what the people want, expect and enjoy ! Many of the people who gave us feedback from this compilation didn't like the "old sound", but i think that is where the magic comes from in this compilation. I wanted to revive the older techtrance sound and i wanted to keep it as "real" as possible without going towards, lets say, electro or house or stuff too tribally. I am also surprised nobody really mentionned Authentic's track, because for me its total dancefloor madness.

I would once again like to thank everyone who believed in the label and who has helped it grow. Sure, it was not perfect but i have learned from my mistakes and we truly hope to have a second release lined up in the "near" future.

Keep the tech vibe alive everyone !!

on a side note, our website will be up shortly @ !           "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel

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Posted : May 12, 2006 15:39
Hello to all techo prisoners!

I must admit this CD was more then I expected it to be. mainly because of the strong older tech trance roots.

So worth to mention are:

DJ Preach and his excellent groove, I like this tune, only the melody at the breakouts some way sounds cheesy to me. Nuclear Rumjet is an excellent brain fuser. 3.Turn is one of my favoruties, some serious drill! Triac got the gentle noise arrangement. Authentik is massive, I have to mention that after this CD I had to play the Authentik "Preamplified" album. Spirallianz got the funky bass, one of the favourites as well. I like Axiomata track for the different sound. Rest of the tracks are nice as well.

Thanks for waking my tech soul again.

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Minimal Monster
Minimal Monster

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Posted : May 12, 2006 16:46
Spirallianz is a brilliant man!!! what an outstanding fantastic track he produced! thanx Jester for this one 
Splinter / Kode Six

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Posted : May 15, 2006 01:34
Good stuff Vinny,Keep it up.
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 17, 2006 00:59
VA - Rewired compiled by DJ Clown ( Jester Records, Apr. 2006)

This is the debut release of a Jester Records, a new Canadian label runned by DJ Clown , who also is the compiler of this Tech-Trance release. The tech-trance is a subgenre of psytrance that's getting each day more underground. For example, here in Brazil I never heard a Techtrance tune at a party, but unfortunately Brazil is conquered by either too commercial music or too scary music (if it is not the same).

I liked the comments inside the booklet like:

"Together we will grow!" and "Super HUGE thanks to you for supporting our cause. Techtrance or DIE!"

Another thing I liked is the flags near the artist's names, so that I can id from which country each artist are.

The mastering was made by DJ Drenkrom.
The cover design and the label logo was made by Lunatixx shows a drawing of a DJ near some nature elements. Check for yourself:;

There are no references to track's bpms or times.

Original's Track List:
01. Dj Preach - Oxygen Enhanced - 8:26
02. Nuclear Ramjet - Down the Wall - 06:44
03. Three Point Turn - Klush Kingdom - 05:08
04. Kali-Frogz - Dismembered - 05:41
05. Triac - Versa - 06:05
06. Tao vs Metalogic - Irrational Impulse (4x4 mix) - 06:58
07. Authentik - Les 3 Machines - 05:58
08. Spirallianz - Bp Talk - 05:59
09. Tao - Pacific Intervention - 07:30
10. Hidra - Fixed - 05:32
11. Toltech - Codigo Rojo - 07:44
12. Axiomata - New Normal rmx - 05:51

Obs: in fact tracks 11 and 12 are swapped in the original record.

Let's hear it:

01. Dj Preach - Oxygen Enhanced --> The album begins with its longer track, more than 8 minutes long. This also happens to be a very diverse track, with two main bass lines and a always present chanting. At first I didn't liked it, but now it seems more involving and I imagine this must work on the dance floors, but I not sure to which style this track belongs. Good starter.

02. Nuclear Ramjet - Down the Wall --> With this second track we're officially on the realms of Tech-Trance. An obscure kick with a tenebrous bass and a lot of metalic noises... There is sample somewhere in the middle, maybe in French... This night track is not too fast, but too raw for my taste, I need at least two ice cubes to swallow this one.

03. Three Point Turn - Klush Kingdom --> Ohh my God! The bass at the start is loud, these french guys are trying to blow the sound system or what? Another tech tune, metallic noises and powerful bass, but not my style.

04. Kali-Frogz - Dismembered --> Dismembered makes me glad to have my legs, so that I can dance to this dance floor cracker. This track is more danceable than the two previous and present us the diet side of techtrance. Good Job, I liked this one!

05. Triac - Versa --> It has a pounding bass. A good work on the snares and a pounding bass. Evolve slowly, like some other Triac's tracks I've heard before, but not a copy specially because of the pounding bass. A classic tech-trance build up and the elements are arriving together at the right time. Good effect on the floor! Did I mention it has a pounding bass?

06. Tao vs Metalogic - Irrational Impulse (4x4 mix) --> Are you ready for a loud kick/bass? Why the name is 4x4 mix if the kick is only "one, two, three, one, two, three..." Must be a joke, after all it's a Jester release! Jokes apart what attracted me in this track were the background noises (when I can hear them) and some games this music has in it.

07. Authentik - Les 3 Machines --> This is the music I was waiting from the Jester Court. Not only it will set the dance floor to another dimension, but also it sounds endless in spite of having less than 6 minutes. And when finally it is over, BANG, it is not over. Exceptional track! I'm 100% sure I'm going to open my next night set with this one!

08. Spirallianz - Bp Talk --> Another exceptional track! Good "melodies" in the breaks and clean sounds makes this one of the best tracks around here. Also it's the faster track here with 142 bpm. The samples add an special touch to this winning tune. Another favorite.

09. Tao - Pacific Intervention --> This is a more tech track, the imported a lot of elements from other style, I liked this blend! There is sort of a melody that really sounds "pacific" in the middle of all the noises+kick+bass. I getting addicited to this track, its so good to dance to and also to enjoy with some coffee, after all it makes me feel good things!

10. Hidra - Fixed --> A more straight forward tech-trance, the bass has a huge role here and I'd say this is an average tech tune. Works nice, but could have a bit more diversity. Not like the three previous tracks.

11. Axiomata - New Normal rmx --> This is a perfect follow up for the previous track, this fact happens between many tracks here and makes this compilation much more joyful to listen. What we have here is another strong tech-trance tune, very characteristic and effective on the floor, it's so diverse that's almost on the threshold of randomness.

12. Toltech - Codigo Rojo --> After a long intro we finally hear the beats of the track in which our nice listening experience ends. Being slower than the previous tracks is no problem, since it has an involving atmosphere to compensate. This last track is very well executed, it is easy to see the concept behind it, and it has a story behind it that is only found in the Authentik and the Spirallianz on this release. Nice atmosphere to close this first chapter of the Jester Records history.

So what we have here? I think this is a solid debut release. Congratulation DJ Clown, you just gave a huge first step in the right direction.

Verdict: 7.5/10. This release is a good ride into the usually unexplored realms of psytechtrance. Very positive points are the way the tracks melt into each other, the wide bpm range (from 134 to 142), the order of the tracks and the 78 minutes of music in nothing less 12 previously unreleased tracks. Yes, twelve dance floor directed tracks, this is very unusual in psytrance releases and I respect that very much.
What I miss here is the track bpms and, why not, a DJ sleeve.

Recommendation: I recommend this release for anyone who likes Tech-Trance or who are interested in discovering its realms. This release is also a good start for those who are on other electronic music styles and want to explore psytrance, but find dark psy too scary and most full on releases too cheesy. The music here is strong and different.

Favorites: 1, 7(!!), 8(!), 9(!).

Buy it here:
Respect!           .
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 17, 2006 16:18
What a FANTASTIC release!!!!! Keep em coming DJ Clown!!! My favorites are: 1(!), 2, 3(!), 4(!), 6, 7(!), 8, 10, 11 & 12(!). 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 26, 2006 21:29
WOW.. Thanks alot everyone for your great and positive comments. Some of the reviews in this thread are just AWSOME and i am really thankful to have such critics in regards to the first release on Jester Records.

For me, this was a long and hard dream come true and i have no regrets what-so-ever in putting this together. Obviously, if this would have been a full-on release, it would have sold alot more copies but life isn't only about the money. For this one, i followed my heart and put this together with my own personal tastes. For me, it was techtrance that drove me towards psytrance and it kept the music interesting and diverse. I truly hope others can appreciate this minority music subgenre as much as i do.

There are so many people to thank, people who have helped make this possible, people that have inspired me in the past and present. THANK YOU ALL !!!

I know im not supose to review my own compilation, but since i have already written a little overview of the compilation, why not share it right? Call me pretentious or call me an inflated ego, but when you love music as much as i do, well, fuck the rules.

Tracklisting :

1. Dj Preach - Oxygen Enhanced
2. Nuclear Ramjet - Down the Wall
3. Three Point Turn - Klush Kingdom
4. Kali-Frogz - Dismembered
5. Triac - Versa
6. Tao Vs Metalogic - Irrational Impulse (4x4 mix)
7. Authentik - Les 3 Machines
8. Spirallianz - Bp Talk
9. Tao - Pacific Intervention
10. Hidra - Fixed
11. Toltech - Codigo Rojo
12. Axiomata - New Normal (remix)

Jester Records was founded by Vincenzo, Dj Clown from Montreal Canada. The label's goal is to bring deep, dark techtrance / techno sounds back to the people after the big techtrance boom in late 2001 - 2002. This release contains 12 previously unreleased tracks by some international artists and some local talent.

Let me take you through the tracks...

The first track is produced by Philippe Babin from Montreal, Quebec well known under the name Dj Preach. Preach has played all over the world, as he now lives in Prague, expanding his European popularity. His track on this album can be best described as progressive trance, with very soft and soothing melodies somewhat close to Tiesto's style.

Our Second track was done by Max and Felix, Nuclear Ramjet, as they release yet another track. With over 3 full lenght albums already released, experiance is not what they lack. Its a little darker than there usual stuff and not as melodic as the previous track, but it gets your mind ready for the rest of the album as this one starts off the more techtrance vibe to this compilation.

Three Point Turn are Joss + Stephane from France and are well known here in montreal after there many appearences at parties such as Elevation and Hybrid. They have released music under there alter ego called "Authentik" and in total have over 3 full lenght albums on the market along with a single's CD and a hand full of vinyle releases on Hadshot records. This track has the same vibe as Nuclear Ramjet only less melodic and a little harder.

Kali-Frogz are also two guys from France who haven't been too active in our scene as of yet. With only a few track releases on compilations, they are still trying to establish there name. They offer a more bouncy techno track that has a little more colour than the previous 2.

Triac is Michael + Ilan from Israel. They are currently working on there debut album that will be soon released on Ear Peak records. They have been making music for over 5 years now and they are definatly one's to look out for in the near future. There sound is very dry and techy, with a very techno oriented bassline.

Tao Nhan from montreal collaborates on this next track with Toronto's "Metalogic", whom has just released his first lenght album on Boshke Beat's records. They team up to remix one of the tracks on the debut album. They have taken a more electro track and transformed it into one of the hardest songs on the comilation, although its not for everyone, it is surly something a little different than what we are use to.

Up next is once again the duo from France as they show there other side. This one is almost pure techno as its funky and loopy and hard as hell. I call this "rave" music.

This german duo needs no introduction as they have performed over the world many times before and have had multiple appearances in montreal as well. They have over 5 full lenght albums released and tons of tracks on some of the biggest labels around. Spirallianz is Arne and Wayen from Germany whom are also know as Midi Miliz. They have played at Arrival a few years back, Eclipse festival in 2005 and a few other times.

Finally Tao Nhan takes to himself to offer his first worldwide release. Tao is one of montreal's most succesful Dj's, known for his more techno oriented mixes. This one offers a very tastefull techtrance track with lots of melodic emotions.

Hidra is from Montreal and this is his fifthed release to his name. His first release was on SLP productions's CD released a few years back. His sound has changed since then as is now more techno oriented. Expect to see more from Hidra in the near future.

Axiomata one of the Toronto's Black Light Activist members whom throw top quality parties in TO. He is also the founder of COld Groove Records, whom also releases progressive and technoid music. This is a remix done to one of his previously released tracks. Its very minimal and offers some interesting atmospheres.

(due to a printing error, the last two tracks have been switched, meaning that Toltech's track is not last on the list, but 11th. Note that the tracklist i have listed at the top of this page is the correct one but differs to that on the CD itself.)

Toltech is no newcomers to the scene in montreal, as he is well know for his specific techno sets. He also released his first track on SLP's CD alongside Hidra, making this also his second worldwide release. It is very technoish and pumps out alot of juice, typic of toltech durring his dj sets.

In conclusion, if you like techno music, this is for you, if you like techtrance music this is for you, if you like progressive music, this is for you but it might be a litte hard, if you like hard, dark beats, this is for you, if you like psytrance you might just like this one.

to hear some samples of this release, please follow this link :

for questions or inquieries regarding this CD, or to purchase your copy, please write to !!
          "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel

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Posted : May 27, 2006 08:01
Wow! The CD is sold out at Saikosounds.

You can still get your copt at

At Wirkuta directly;jsessionid=FNHPNMMAHLNC?showDetail=115289

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 27, 2006 19:46
From the moment i received this cd i had this strong feeling that it was going to be something special,although i am not a great tech trance fan once i gave a good look at the cover i knew that this is really serious stuff,the colours,the AMAZING artwork,the tracklist,everything seemed so professional and well placed,even the copying kills your music logo,a tiny and for some unimportant detail,was where it should be giving me a good idea for my own label's future releases.

I dont know who the hell DJ PREACH is but Oxygen Enhanced is an AWESOME and MASSIVE track of very high standards that i never expected to hear in a compilation released in the small community and market of psy trance.This is one of the finest tracks i have heard for long time now and is equal to tracks released on worldwide known labels such as Global Underground for example.This is a masterpiece indeed,exactly the kind of music i like,serious and pumping with a high production quality,atmospheric vocals and a hunting melody that never get cheesy.The best beggining this compilation could ever have.

NUCLEAR RAMJET are a well known name in the tech trance scene and Down The Wall is a typical good tech trance track with great deep atmosphere throughout and some clever placed french samples.Not as good as some of their older works but still really nice.

I never much liked THREE POINT TURN,their live perfomance in a festival in Greece some years ago really ruined the whole party and since then i had a bad opinion about them.Klush Kingdom is a very average track,the kick and bass combination reminded me some of Dado's Synthetic project older work,which is a good point,but apart from that nothing really interesting in this tune.Very average as i mentioned already.

Dismembered by the french duet KALI FROGZ is also really average,its not bad but i guess its a track that most people will skip without paying much notice to it.

TRIAC are a well known Israeli group following the footsteps of X Dream,Spirallianz and Midimilliz.Although their track is quite short and ends up in an unexpected way it is quite good and for sure better than the french tunes above.I am preety sure that the tech trance freaks will appreciate this one a lot.

Track number 6 is a collaboration between TAO AND METALOGIC named Irrational Impulse.Although there are some nice atmospheres on the backround of this track this kind of music is not my cup of tea.Its not bad but its for sure not my style.

Although Les 3 Machines is quite repetitive in some parts i really enjoyed it and think that is one of the best works i have heard from AUTHENTIK/Three Point Turn.Powerfull and well crafted this one is really nice and even has more potential in case the guys decide to remix it and make it a little longer.

Bp Talk by SPIRALLIANZ is a very good track with some full on elements i dare to say.I really love those sounds in the backround which give a mystic and space touch to the whole tune.Very nice job here,highly recommendable.

Next we got the second appearence of TAO in this compilation this time on his own though with the track Pacific Intervention.This is a very good track especially for the summer time,little repetitive in the middle but overall a very nice tune with some dreamy ambience in the backround.Nice one Tao.

Fixed by HIDRA is just a good combination of kick and bass with some tiny work in the backround.Clearly a newcomer's track,some future potential here but nothing more than that.Lack of creativity so below average rating.

Next tune by TOLTECH is preety noisy for my taste.It was the only tune from the whole cd that i didnt have the patience to listen till the end so i skipped it really fast.Too hardcore for me.

Last but not least we got New Normal (Remix) by AXIOMATA,this is a very nice track to close the compilation with,slower than the majority of tunes featured here but of good production quality and deep atmospheres.Yes this is good music indeed and ideal for home listening.Thumbs up!

Overall this is a great debut release from DJ Clown and Jester Records,i mean if someone like me who is not much into tech trance really enjoyed this release then i guess that the people who are seriously into this kind of music will be very pleased.The package is great,the tracklist tempting (although i would choose ten tunes instead of twelve especially since at least two of the tunes featured here are fillers and nothing more to say the least) the music is good with well crafted tracks by Nuclear Ramjet,Spirallianz and Triac,two nice suprises by Tao and Axiomata and ofcourse the massive hit Oxygen Enhanced by DJ Preach.The future looks really bright for Jester Records and i can only wish him good luck with his efforts to establish a new label in this chaotic market today,you got my full support mate,you really deserve it.

My favorites are 1(!!!),2,5,7,8(!),9,12.

Overall Rating 8/10

P.S Pay attention that tracks 11 and 12 are reversed.          Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
Fat Data

Started Topics :  37
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Posted : Jul 5, 2006 22:19
Great compilation from track 1 to 12 all is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for the dance floors
Favs dj preach (simply amazing)/ 3.turn/ authentik and kali-frogz tracks
cheers!            Peace, Love, Death metal
Redax Mental
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 31, 2006 19:05
Received CD 3 days ago..nice from Clown..

i like tracks 1,2,6,7,8,10

regards           REDAX MENTAL InFo page:

[ Plutonic Rec., ]

( Plutonic Records - PLUCD001 ) V
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 15, 2006 17:54
woah.. cool !!

BTW, here are the winners for the FREE CD contest :

Congrats to the following, and to all for your participation :


for those who did not win, and would still like a copy for cheap, please e-mail me.. i can ship for 12$CAN everything included to anywhere in the world !!!

e-mail me if interested : !!

Thanxs          "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Aug 16, 2006 20:28
Excellent compilation for that kind of music like tech-trance...

it`s time to give people new ways to get in touch with that music and this compilation is a big step forward!

bravo dj clown
looking forward for new realeses...

favourite tracks :: 1 ( ), 8 ( ), 9 ( )
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((( MOKKSHH )))
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 17, 2006 09:56
its a good album           IT T@KES TIME N DEEPER SELF-RE@L!Z@T!ON TO FEEL IT ..... N WHN IT H@PPENS , U KNW TH@T U H@V FIN@LLY ST@RTED!!!!!!!!!!
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