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VA: Schizm (Gi'iwa - July 2004)


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Posted : Sep 23, 2004 20:21
good idea kobi 

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Posted : Sep 24, 2004 11:13
boom to you reece and your team for this blistering cd.Im a dj with avatar records israel and played few tracks from this cd in europe and all i can say is that it not only devastated the dancefloors ,it also raised the level of the party's.So keep up the good work and keep releasing music of such high quality and intensity.Reading your posts about not covering your costs for this cd,my friend im this freak for buying original cds and always support the concept.Not that i dont keep rec cds but firmly believe copying kills music!!!Just in my stride to do my bit for the art and hoping everyone supports this concept,i wud like to buy 10 copies of this cd. So if you cld send me thru your sources i can always charge it to my credit card and hence get these cds.
May the shiva power be with you my friend!!!           BHOLENATH!!!!! SAB KE SAATH!!!!!
IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Oct 26, 2004 15:44
Gi’iwa Productions (Australia)

Blimey. Right, so Gi’iwa is a new label set up by some very nice folk from Oz, and from the moment I first heard about what they were doing I was convinced it was going to be a belter. The idea is to get the humour and the madness back into psytrance in one fell swoop, and on the strength of this compilation it looks like mission accomplished. Pimperknkle’s Size 8 kicks off, and there’s tons of ideas all over the place here -- clean vocal stabs lead the first section before total jazzophony takes over, before settling into a funky-ass riff that picks up acid, housey stabs and madsax mentalisms. Sattel Battle’s Dotman is utter mentalism -- more changes than a 1970’s Elton John vs Liza Manelli Broadway campfest, and Tamlin’s Fjaqek is a 4-D bounceathon which drops to a joyous and staggering final run. Patrask’s Captain Insano is an utter belter. Utter. Great lines, great progression… the messiness almost acts like a reverse-riff… as in, the sounds that *aren’t* there create the thing you dance to. Alrune’s Monkey Combat is mentalistic pogo with hilarious samples, and Izilop Pop from psyreviews’ current favourite Neuron Compost (word) chugs tastily, a great balance between tuneful and messy. Derango’s Secret Surroundings is hard, mental, utterly fresh and genuinely exciting, while The Vicious Spiral’s Noize In Da Hoodtakes less than two minutes to build into an utter f*ing frenzy… and it’s jaw-droppingly neat stuff folks, tons of ideas and energy and the melodies stretch over a warping, it’s-alive analogue bottomend. Weird Alchemy’s last ever track Fucking System is next, and once again it’s a wonderful bit of escalating melodic mayhem with craziness seeping out of every pore… and there’s a bonus track and all, no idea who it’s by but maybe that’s for the best… it’s fucking rinsing as well, as you’d expect. Really f*ing superlative then, basically -- I don’t think I’ve been blown away by anything like this quite as much as Vibraspirit 23 waaay back. This deserves much success, much worldwide outdoor play, and much more of the same from as crew whose hearts, minds and musical fetishisms are all firmly in the right place.

psychedelic pineapples
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 12, 2005 00:46
I see this album being the land mark..the future of psychedelic sounds..simply amazing
Tamlin>>you are the bomb,Vicious spiral$Nuron
compost you tracks are amazing and i guess all those who contributed to the album
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 12, 2005 12:08
i just got it yesterday.......
best compilation of 2004 for me

we want more of this.....and the dancing crowd too
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 12, 2005 15:58
HOLY SHIT!!!!!! I didn't have time to listen through the whole album but I heard the first two songs. Oh my god I really don't know what to say. tsabeat (Sattle Battle), your song is AMAZING. This is what our scene needs! I heard your track with headphones on and I didn't know how to react when that c-r-a-z-y melody started (you know the "tivoli"-melody in the end)... Honestly, I didn't know if I should smile, cry or juststart moving like crazy to the song. It's very seldom a track punches me like this I have to say. It was a special moment for me. I'm DEFINATELY getting the CD, even if the other tracks are only half as good as your are, it's still worth it! Keep on doing it this unique way!!!!!
Tsabeat/Sattel Battle

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Posted : Jan 19, 2005 07:28

thnx m8

soon more to come


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Posted : Sep 1, 2005 11:09
I woke up and put this in my stereo this morning.. It was quite a long time since the last time I listened to it, but gosh..! I just remembered how superb this piece really is!

Thanks Gi'wa!
IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Sep 1, 2005 18:38
it's great that this is still getting attention and play -- and still being a talking point

i last played it about a week ago... might give it an airing tonight

- - - - - -

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Posted : Sep 1, 2005 19:23
After seeing this topic I had to put this CD on too and oh yes, this is a fucking great one
Hopefully there will be an second part to this one
sam i am
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 2, 2005 03:58
there is & the compiling stage is well underway

but knowing the Gi'iwa crew, don't hold your breath           new Hadal Drop album on the way

if you don't have the last one get in touch
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 2, 2005 20:30
good to see this back at page 1 , love giwa first release.....original, SQUARE IN A CIRCLE WORLD
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