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The Mother of all BASSLINES thread


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Posted : Feb 19, 2005 13:49
Ok ppl, you wanted, you got it.
All your answers and all your questions on the infamous bassline dilemma will go here.
Let's start with the obvious. What do you use for bassline?
My answer is: VB-1
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Posted : Feb 19, 2005 13:57
I like to use: V-Station, Z3ta+ and the Albino

But i am always open to try another synth, to vary my basslines.
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  97
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Posted : Feb 19, 2005 14:21
lately I like the Audiorealism Bassline 1.5 a has a pretty cool sound....

but vanguard, es-m & es-1 are also very nice... 

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Posted : Feb 19, 2005 14:39
Muon Tao
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  11
Posts :  982
Posted : Feb 19, 2005 15:13
I use my good old juno-60... with the sawtooth wave selected and the filter in auto-oscillation (with a very low cutoff, so you get a subbass-sinewave). Like this i have so much sub that i have to cut a lot of amplitude under 100Hz...
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  11
Posts :  982
Posted : Feb 19, 2005 15:31
and here you can find the links to i think almost all bassline threads:

10th post
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  104
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Posted : Feb 19, 2005 15:40
VB-1 for "regular full on" basslines
Junglist for "tiny high tech" basslines
Vanguard for "fat analog" basslines
Cronox for "fat round" basslines

Play with velocity when the synth allows u to. Also play with the quantize of the note(I usually use 1/32).

Nowadays I tend to do the less eq I can.

That´s SMS basslines.           LOADING...

Started Topics :  33
Posts :  1560
Posted : Feb 19, 2005 15:41
Creamware Pulsar Modular II with flexor modules.
Best envelopes ever.

Also used the Orbitone Real03 (also Pulsar) quite a bit before I had flexor.           (``·.¸(``·.¸(``·.¸¸.·`´)¸.·`´)¸.·`´)
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High Pulse

Started Topics :  57
Posts :  1187
Posted : Feb 19, 2005 19:46
sculpture rocks VERY HARDLYYY ehheheeh this make all kind of bass i whant to make , some kind of bass are hard to tweek but with pacience u made them all ES1 rulez too ,
and muon tau pro is good too
Colin OOOD

Started Topics :  95
Posts :  5379
Posted : Feb 19, 2005 21:59
VB1 (once, just so I could say I'd done it)
Audiorealism Bassline (as a layer with one of the above)
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Started Topics :  6
Posts :  157
Posted : Feb 19, 2005 22:20
My answer is: VB-1 .
Yes i agree with you Pavel Just because the VB-1 is sounds somehow mAaagic for those basslines.
Yes ,and there a bunch of good soft bass plugins(Tao,Scorpion,junglist,audiorealism)which will give you uniqe bass flavours and cRunchy Punchy sound,
but you never will know how much Pavel(for example)like the VB ,that he even write his name with both big letters :not vb-1 ,but VB-1(that mean that he is in TRUE love with VB-1 )(its not crime(i love VB-1 too)and more than that chek Mr.Cedric and crew newly web site
There in the section REMIX IT ,you will find a Bass samples from "Awaiking"track ,4patterns at all(yes,its highly produced and engenered bass sound that has been mastered)+all kind of material from that track,and you will fastly recognise a VB-1 sound
(bass patterns for shure)that they will show you that the Mr.Cedric and Nomad in love with VB-1 too.
This not the secret that novadays allkinds of pros has been fall in love to VB-1 sound and more than that itsnot a crime:)(yes,this one was very stupid)
So,enjoy with your VB-1 and dont forget there is still to dig.
S.D6 (Yakir .B.)
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  66
Posts :  575
Posted : Feb 20, 2005 00:32
for the dark trance artist's i recommended the VB1 + Waves REQ6 EQ + Waves Rcomp.
And for those ppl's who creat's fullon i recommend the Tau Pro vst
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  67
Posts :  294
Posted : Feb 20, 2005 12:12
reFX Claw (free)           ===>

Started Topics :  10
Posts :  95
Posted : Feb 20, 2005 15:00
jiehaa ! another wicked bassline topic, lately i use the vb1, with loads of eq, notes quite low, sidechained of course and if necessary compression... also heard yesterday that the Voxengo compression is supposed to be better then the Waves Comp, any comments on that pls
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Started Topics :  0
Posts :  14
Posted : Feb 20, 2005 16:46
Sequential Circuits Pro 1

She's a beauty!
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