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Son Kite – Colours Remixes (Digital Structures, 2004)


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Posted : Dec 6, 2004 23:04
Artist: Son Kite
Title: Colours Remixes
Label: MPDQX/Digital Structures
Format: CD
Released: December 2004


After several months delay, “Colours Remixes” is finally here. It is the second remix-single connected to one of the most talked about albums of the year, Son Kite’s 3rd album, “Colours”, which received rave reviews from both the progressive and psychedelic scene. Like the first single “On Air Remixes”, it contains 6 tracks with a great variety of remixers, from both progressive, psychedelic and ambient circles, but this time the remixers weren’t limited to one track; In total 4 different tracks where remixed, and without further ado, I bring you my humble review:

1. Colours (Luke Chable Remix)
Opening the show is the Australian progressive house-producer Luke Chable. I’ve heard much praise of him in the last couple of years, but this is one of my first encounters with his music – and it’s a nice one. Chable did a great job maintaining a slight hint of the beautiful melody from the original, but adding a deep groove, and some breaks-elements as well. Very well produced remix.

2. Let Us Be (Vibrasphere Remix)
Next up is the track I was really expecting a lot from beforehand – the Swedish guru of lush atmosphere and soothing soundscapes, Vibrasphere, remixing my favourite from the album, the beautiful “Let Us Be”. And yes, this remix is absolute mindblowing; Huge sound, a beautiful dreamy atmosphere and with the same epic melodies as the original. Simply a stunning track – this is what I call trance.

3. Focus (NOS Remix)
Third track is a chilled version of “Focus”, coming from the Swedish NOS. Some will probably recognise the name, as he’s one of the scenes most well-known creators of deco, and I’ve personally seen his creations at tons of Danish parties plus festivals like VooV in Germany. This is the first track I’ve heard from him, and I was expecting a chillout version of Focus, but it’s a much more energetic version. A different remix with a few teasing melodies, a quite distinct bass and retro synths - but very nice nevertheless.

4. The Stars Within Us (Dino Psaras Remix)
The psychedelic remix is by one of the old legends, Dino Psaras of Cydonia, Tortured Brain, Phreaky and many more. His remix is of “The Stars Within Us”, probably the hardest track on the album, and the result is as expected; Even harder than the original, dancefloor pleasing breaks and simply a bit more on the twisted side. A good remix no doubt, but not as good as the original, which was powerful enough for me.

5. Let Us Be (Aztech Remix)
The chillout-track of this release is this time from Aztech, who also appeared on all 3 “Chillosophy” compilations on Digital Structures. His interpretation of “Let Us Be” is big and grandiose – and with a very deep bass. The track is running almost the same pattern throughout, but the beautiful vocals from the original are, of course, used again, and they lift the track to a quite high level – good, but not amazing.

6. Focus (Shiloh Remix)
Final remix is by the Canadian brothers Shiloh, who in the last couple of years have established themselves in progressive and break-circles with tons of releases. My own experience with them is limited to a few tracks though, but this remix of “Focus” is really an eye-opener. All the rough edges from the original are gone, and the result is a silky-smooth progressive tune, with a lovely groove. Absolutely beautiful – one of the best remixes I’ve heard this year.

Bottom line:

This last release in the Colours series is on the same amazing levelas the first 2, and it’s just oozing of quality. If you like delightful progressive house, you’ll like it, if you’re looking for progressive psytrance, you’ll like it, and if you like ambient, you’ll probably like it as well. Like on the “On Air” single it’s refreshing to see such a diverse mix of artists remixing, and hopefully other labels will follow in the future. The “On Air” single get a slightly higher note on the ambient-side in my book though, but bottom line is that this is another marvellous CD. Only downside is that “Colours Remixes” marks the end of the “Colours” series...


1, 2 (!), 6 (!!!)




Son Kite:
Digital Structures:          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 00:10
yaaa 6 rulez !!!

great cd also 1 is very good.           ..."Be yourself, let your conscience guide you...
Follow your heart, not the people around you"

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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 00:25
indeed , track 6 is absolutely wonderful !
the luke chable rmx also rocks , fat dancefloor music with nice atmospheres!
the vibrasphere rmx is a great powerful tune until the last melody, wich i think ruin a bit the atmosphere of the track with a bit-too-cheezy melody that reminds me of some eurodance tunes... but the rest of the track is still great so ...
fav: 1.2.6
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 17:15
Really nice release from DS. All tracks take you on a wonderful journey but of course my favourite one is track no. 6 -the Shiloh Rmx-, what a gem! Played it more than 20 times in a row!
          Don't hope 2 much 4 something cause u may end up getting it...

Started Topics :  49
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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 18:17
the dino remix is da bomb!!!!! goddamit!!!!

IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  375
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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 19:22
Luke Chable and SHILOH is 2 remixes you will not forget after short period, fun-tastik maxi !           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  76
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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 23:17
Great stuff, as usual. You wouldn't expect any less from Son Kite Anyway, best mixes here are the Luke Chable and Shiloh ones. And keep an eye out for more of Luke Chable's music. If you like it progressive, dreamy and breakbeat like, he's the one to go to           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Dec 8, 2004 19:43
It's very good, but WHY only 6 tracks..           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  10
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Posted : Dec 8, 2004 20:57
I think releasing another full album would be a bit too much.
they released the single first then the album then the remixes then another remixes album. i think it's too much.
Son Kite

Started Topics :  47
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Posted : Dec 8, 2004 21:54

You have to remember that it's only a cd single that cost between 5 - 6 EUR and to get 6 remixes like these for that price is extremly well worth the money.

Seb           Smile!

Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Dec 8, 2004 23:04
The Shiloh remix is freaking awesome, and the the Luke Chable and vibrasphere remixes are also very kewl.
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IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  234
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Posted : Dec 9, 2004 00:22

On 2004-12-08 21:54, Seb wrote:

You have to remember that it's only a cd single that cost between 5 - 6 EUR and to get 6 remixes like these for that price is extremly well worth the money.


Didn't think of it that way.           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 9, 2004 06:36

Son kite is always worth the money if you ask me.
This last year they are besting themselves as no one is even in their league in the style that they have re-created. I want to simply thank Son Kite for the time and energy they have put into Colours. It has brought much joy into my life at a dark time for me. For that I thank you from the deepest place in my heart.

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  45
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Posted : Dec 9, 2004 07:37
Hear hear, Brian. What's more, you are far from being the only on whom Son Kite has had such an effect. Thank you very much.           Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 13, 2004 08:41
Yay.. i Finally got the CD.. After a first listen.. Im Blown away.. Right from the very start, you are taken into another world with the uplifting sounds this remixes album contains.

It starts off with a "Colours" remixed by Luke Chable (a name which I had never heard anything from before), grooving teky start, with soft melodies, you right reminded of the original track, with great remix of the main lead used in the original. I really have to mention that the bassline and kick work really well together, giving the listeners a proggressive tek-house (more of this delightful psyhouse style maybe? ). As the song progresses, it turns into a really deep uplifting psy-trance beat. Everything evolves so well and the song keeps getting deeper and deeper. Every once in a while, we get honord with an even heavier bassline (you can really sence the son kite influence here), adding even more intensity to this track. If you love deep progressive music, this will surley be a track for you.. I will be playing this tune definatly in my smoother sets. It was a great choice to open the album with. Even better that it kinda sounds like the opening tune from the Green colours album for a moment. I can't wait to discouver more tunes from Luke.

"Let us Be" was great before, well now it has a touch of Vibrasphere's attitude. In this track also, you get the impression that son kite themselves have remixed the track.. until that vibrasphere bassline hits the melody, transforming this beautiful track into a pounding dancefloor track. As the kick finally starts, my jaw dropped down in amazment. All of the original sounds seemed to be perfectly remixed, while still keeping a simular sound ot the original. I really love the groovy high hat sounds used in this remix. During the breakdowns, sounds from the original comeforth, making this track one of the greatest remixes i've ever heard.. After hearing this tune, i only wish to hear more remixes done by vibrasphere.

"Focus" was my favorite track from the Son Kite album, so i had very high expectations. It starts off with a a remixed version done by NOS using the into from the original track, then a great tek bassline, progressing real chunky, with a heavy tek influence. As it builds up, your woundering what to expect next as the melodies start to evolve. Great percussive sounds used in the begining. We are honord with lots of great sound manipulations.. The buildups resemble the original track both sound wise and structure wise and are very well done if you ask me.

Dino Psaras is one of my favorite full-on artists, and i couldn't wait to hear this tune. As soon as it starts grooving, you get both a dino and son kite blend. Some might say this is electro full-on, because of the great use of the dark synth sound used. With a skipping version of the sample found in the original, we get an extreamly dancefloor friendly track, and the hardest one off this album. Dino did a great job Twisting and turning the sounds used in "Within Us". If your a Dino fan, you will fall inlove with this remix. There is alot of power found in this one folks. Grab ahold of something before listeing to this one..

Next up is a dark remix of "Let us Be", but this time, mixed by Aztech. This is a dubbish track that makes me think of Downhill (the X-dream side project). If your a fan of the Downhill project, you will adore this gem. It might be dub, buts it has very high intensity levels, put together with a lovely progression. The meldoies from the original sound very much like the original, while being totally transformed at the same time. I really love the story this song has to tell.

To end this wounderful tale, Shiloh adaptes the feel of "Focus" to a more trancier groove. Its a great choice to end this album, due to heavy morning influences found in this beauty. This track is another great example of a great remix. So simular to one another, but yet, such a different flavour. Its like a more smoother verision of Focus. Its amazing what the use of great sounds can create.

I am completly satisfied with all the tracks on this album because of the divercity found between each track. Its great to see so many different artists on one Single CD. I love the concept of remix singles because you are reminded of the great music found in the original masterpieces. A great album!

I can't wait to watch the DVD live in Tokyo..           "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel
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