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Son Kite – Colours Remixes (Digital Structures, 2004)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 14, 2004 13:29

On 2004-12-08 21:54, Seb wrote:

You have to remember that it's only a cd single that cost between 5 - 6 EUR and to get 6 remixes like these for that price is extremly well worth the money.


he he.. in your face !

anyway, track one have a little 'chable & bonnici - ride' feeling to it.. wich is great.. but still i like the original better!
the whole album is awesome ! lets not forget! the track 'other side' wich starts the album remind me of a track by the doors called 'ghost song', with its vocals and slow beat -believe its that one..
and i have to agree with those people who like the shiloh (who are they ? and are some of their own releases like this remix?) remix best.. that track is breathtaking and is my favourite progressive tune for 2004 & 5 moody tune.. its like being in love..
10/10 for the entire serie maxi/album/dvd/maxi -check out the dvd too!

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 14, 2004 13:39
Son Kite – Colours Remixes EP


Artist: Various
Title: Colours Remixes
Format: CD5"
Label: Digital Structures (Sweden)
Cat. #: DIGCDS 004
Distribution: Cosmophilia
Date: November 2004

Track listing:

01. 09’45” Son Kite – Colours (Luke Chable Remix)
02. 08’26” Son Kite – Let Us Be (Vibrasphere Remix)
03. 07’41” Son Kite – Focus (NOS Remix)
04. 07’10” Son Kite – The Stars Within Us (Dino Psaras Remix)
05. 06’44” Son Kite – Let Us Be (Aztech Remix)
06. 09’29” Son Kite – Focus (Shiloh Remix)


Step four in a four-stage rocket…

With this, the Colours Remixes EP, Son Kite’s ambitious Colours quadrilogy comes to an end. Following the critically acclaimed On Air EP, the Colours album and the Live in Tokyo DVD this is the final step in the ambitious project. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time, and after an unfortunate delay, it’s finally here…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Son Kite – Colours (Luke Chable Remix)
Auzzie producer Luke Chable is a big star in proggy-world and he did a remix on YSE records earlier this year. On this remix he adds a big phat wall of reverb-bass that strikes a notable contrast to the light-as-a-feather melodies that are kept from the original tune… Well-polished – yet deep crude in the deepest way… Very tasty!

#02: Son Kite – Let Us Be (Vibrasphere Remix)
Ahh Vibrasphere! Berglöf & Elster are responsible for some of the smoothest, grooviest progressive trance ever to come out of Sweden. And now they are remixing Son Kite – oh happy day! The vocals from the original are still here, and so are the melodies – though they’ve been cleaned up a little… Vibrasphere has rebuilt this track into a rich, groovy progressive gem of Balearic descent… Fits right into the crossover theme of this EP… Very nice track!

#03: Son Kite – Focus (NOS Remix)
Well this is interesting… Frederik Holm a.k.a. NOS is a very sought-after deco artist in most of northern Europe, and I never knew he also made music… I knew his backdrops were very impressive, but that his music was this good, I had no idea… Great surprise! I really dig the techy bassline here – it keeps growing on me. Focus was one of my fav’e tracks from Colours, and with this brilliant Son-Kite-electro-meets-tech-meets-melodies-meets-prog-meets-NOS remix this track is immortalized… NOS stays true to the original, but puts his own distinct touch on it – that’s the way to do it! Nice work!

#04: Son Kite – The Stars Within Us (Dino Psaras Remix)
Another personal fav’e from Colours mixed by none other than the tortured brain himself: Mr. Psaras… The old school kitschy computer sounds and classic robot voice box from the original is still here – combined with massive progressive rhythm patterns – creating a voluminous groove. Psaras also adds psychedelic FX into the mix for a harder, tougher tune with cross-over psy appeal… And it works… Great track!

#05: Son Kite – Let Us Be (Aztech Remix)
Second remix of Let Us Be is the downtempo remix by chill-artist Ron Allen. Distinct elements from the original – like the phat, lazy groovy - are kept, but besides that, Aztech has given this a big old downtempo, dubby, crispy chill-overhaul… Very nice indeed, though the soft nature of this track BPM-wise kinda breaks the flow. This should have been bumped down as the last track of the EP… But stellar track nevertheless!

#06: Son Kite – Focus (Shiloh Remix)
Shiloh is a proggy-breakz project by Canadian brothers Colin & Justin Moreh, and they’ve enjoyed widespread commercial throughout the scene both as DJ’s and remixers. So it’s yet another cross-over potential remix we’re dealing with here, and I’m almost certain this will hit it big. As with the NOS remix, Shiloh stays true to vital elements from the original track – it’s just different elements. This is much softer, more uplifting and with thick Balearic appeal like the Vibrasphere rmx – and extremely well-polished as the Luke Chable rmx. Huge cross-over dancefloor fodder here… Brilliant remix.

As with the On Air Remixes EP, I would’ve changed the order of the tracks her into: 01, 02, 06, 03, 04 and finally 05 to get an ever smoother flow… But that’s nitpicking – this EP is no less than outstanding and all tracks are very well put together…

The cross-over potential is omnipresent in all tracks, and this should appeal to most fans of high quality electronic music… Digital Structures has done a remarkable effort in their quest to distance themselves from the vast majority of trance labels… The Son Kite project is the spearhead for that, and as the Colours project draws to a close, I for one am looking very much forward to future releases from these visionary sound magicians. They’ve passed the exam with distinction. Highly recommended - enjoy!


External links:
Son Kite:
Digital Structures:
Chaos Unlimited:
Saiko Sounds:
For info on the 2x12” Colours Remixes vinyl single check out the Digital Structures site…

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 23:04
My review - kind of long for a CD single, but what else can ya do when you are on a train for several hours.


Artist: Son Kite
Album: Colours Remixes CD Single
Label: Digital Structures
Genre: Various
Year: 2004

01. Son Kite – Colours (Luke Chable Remix)
02. Son Kite – Let Us Be (Vibrasphere Remix)
03. Son Kite – Focus (NOS Remix)
04. Son Kite – The Stars Within Us (Dino Psaras Remix)
05. Son Kite – Let Us Be (Aztec Remix)
06. Son Kite – Focus (Shiloh Remix)

With the 2nd remix CD single, Son Kite presents the final chapter (or color?) in the groundbreaking Colours series. The first three parts have seen an excellent succession of remixes for “On Air”, the fantastic full length, and a wonderful live DVD showing Seb & Marcus doing what they do best. For the final part, a truly diverse lineup of remixers has been gathered to give their personal takes on 4 tracks from the album – “Colours”, “Let Us Be”, “The Stars Within Us” and “Focus”.

Recent golden-boy in the progressive house scene Luke Chable starts off with an epic remix of the mellowest track from the album, “Colours”. Luke’s trademark style of ethereal synth-work, epic atmospheres and massive overdriven basslines shines through to create a feel much more suited for moving massive dancefloors than the original, without losing its original feel and emotion. This is one of those rare cases where the remixing artist is so perfectly suited to the track they are remixing that it sounds as though it’s a fully original work. The combining of what both Son Kite and Luke Chable bring to the table works so well here that a full studio collaboration would be phenomenal, IMO.

Digital Structures mainstay Vibrasphere is up next with his remix of “Let Us Be”. The remix starts off well – a wonderfully drawn-out intro leads into a typical Vibrasphere groove which expertly utilizes the melodic elements & vocal samples of the original version. Disappointingly, the track over-does the main melody starting around 6 minutes in and falls into too much of a cheesy euro-trancey feel for my tastes. Oh well…

NOS follows with a grumbling bass-heavy re-working of Focus. A lot of the main elements from the album version are sprinkled amongst the main groove along with a variety of other sounds, effects, and melodies. It isn’t exactly a dancefloor track, it definitely isn’t chill – but it’s still pretty cool for home listening.

Dino Psaras gives the full-on crowd a reason to bounce with his version of “The Stars Within Us”. Already the toughest dancefloor track off the album, Dino takes it one step further with a heavy bassline and a nicely-executed breakdown sure to get the crowd screaming. It’s a pretty typical full-on track, but does retain enough sounds from the original to be pretty decent. The original is still more original and effective, IMO.

Aztec follows with a super-spacey downtempo remix of “Let Us Be”. The voices, main atmosphere and melody are recognizable, but beyond that, this is a total re-formation of the original to a brooding, tension-filled hypnotic ambient creation. This is definitely one of the better tracks in this style I’ve heard in quite awhile.

Closing the CD is the remix I was most anticipating – the Canadian duo Shiloh taking on “Focus”. These guys have exploded in the progressive scene in 2003 & 2004 with their unique, breaks-infused, often deceitfully warped style of progressive grooves. This remix starts off gentle enough, but quickly gets the Shiloh touch with dissonant chords, strange sounds an a general distorted flavor. I must admit that I didn’t initially warm up to this track and found it rather awkward for the first few listens – then I fortunately heard it LOUD this past weekend (thanks Christian ) and finally “got it”. These guys are a pair of sick motherfuckers. The mixture of bizarre, playful, and seemingly atonal dissonance with warm relaxed grooves has the effect of simultaneously drawing the listener in and throwing them off at the same time. I’ve heard them do it before in their recent track “Run to the Light” and (to a lesser extent) in their remix of Abakus’ “Indu” – it ain’t no accident. Shiloh has a rare touch in their music that I’ve heard from few others. I don’t consider it an “easy” sound (with 2 particular songs, it’s taken me being in a large, encompassing sound system to appreciate it), but displays an amazing talent I’ve heard from few others which creates an incredibly unique listening experience.

This is an excellent finale to Son Kite’s Colours series. The styles here are diverse, but the quality is high. I am sure I will find myself playing at least 3 (maybe 4) of the tracks on this CD for awhile in various sets. The Aztec, Shiloh and Chable remixes are all wonderful re-workings of their respective tracks in a style which is nothing like the original – this is what I always want to hear in a remix. This also makes a very nice listening CD due to its wide range in sounds. My only disappointment with the series is that neither of the 2 remix singles included a Minilogue remix, but I think I’ll live anyways.

Favorites: 1, 5, 6

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 23, 2004 00:46
i can't stop listening to the luke Chable track.. its just too awsome.. i hope more releases sound like this guy's stuff... or better yet, i hope there are more releases from this guy.. hehehe           "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 23, 2004 02:52

First and foremost the Shiloh remix is phenominal. Best prog tune i've heard in ages. The Chable remix is really good but his tunes are starting to sound a bit too similar IMO. In saying that it is the best Chable tune i've heard for a while. The Dino remix rocks, can't wait to hear that one on a full-on dancefloor; full-on-electro-trance. The Vibrasphere is really nice up to the cheesy 6min mark melody.

Thank u Marcus & Seb.
The Green Channel
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 23, 2004 12:07
A good CD, 8/10. I mostly enjoyed the Shilóh remix and the vibrasphere remix (and whooh Although vibrasphere is only one guy now, it still sounds amazing, a really epic track).           "Love is a way of life"

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Alex Boshke
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 3, 2005 19:36
Well the above reviews says it all!

Another excellent single with different views on SonKite's Colours album.

Must for every open minded dj!
favorite Chables remix!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 8, 2005 22:39
My story begins with what was nearly a car accident:
Friday morning. It's been a few months since I listened to fresh music, and I thought Son Kite would be the perfect choice to break that routine.
I was driving from Haifa to Tel Aviv, banging my head to my newly purchased CD (heard for the first time), and then... ONE BANG TOO MUCH and I was off the road at 105 kilometers per hour. All that was needed to take me for good was maybe half a second more at this direction. It was frightening, especially because a week ago my cousin got run over by a car and still is in a comma.
But yet, it was awesome. I usually don't loose my grip that easily, but this time I was so literally INTO IT.

Luke Cable is has a very interesting remixing technique: I can safely say that he kept the basic structure of the track as it is, and simply manipulated the various layers of the music, and added some of his own. Maybe I shouldn't even call it a remix but... a cover.
I think it's a really nice hear, innovative, multidirectional and perfect for progressive dance floors (I almost can't think of anything better to dance to).

Vibrasphere is felt trough this entire track. The atmospheric, tight percussion, the epic breaks and the HUGE bass. Damn, I even knew it even before I looked at the track list afterwards. It reminds me of those crazy people in parties who make all kinds of weird shapes with their hands.
Moreover, I can't say they followed the original track, but you know it's Let Us Be.

Nos is different from the rest. It's the kind of different that I didn't connect to. It sounds like an experiment that went wrong somehow (with good intentions, I'm sure). Talking about experiment, there was one that I really liked: it was the future/past rermix on On Air CDS. I'm still listening to it from time to time.

Dino Psaras is sooo good, that I heard it three more times before I listened to the entire CD. I think that sums it up, because it's the ultimate test for good music, but I'll fill in a few more lines anyway.
It simply takes the PEAK momentum of the Colours album and EXPANDS it to seven minutes. On Colours, that's when the vocoded voice says "The Stars Behind us, The Starts Before Us...". That, plus the sound of Dino and Son Kite combined, makes a real treat. The ultimate Full On Progressive track, you could say.

Aztech is very nice, but I think it's pretty standard, especially after Dino. Something like Let Us Be, pitched down with a lot of dub sounds over it. Not very exciting, but not bad at all.

Shiloh is the perfect ending, so playfully emotional that it almost makes me CRY. The track I should hear before I go to sleep every night. How does they do that?

Maybe it's because I didn't listen to new music for a lot of time, but the thing that this CD made me feel the most is... ALIVE.

The flight to heaven leaves in 5...4...3...2...1.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 10, 2005 15:15
The Vibrasphere remix is massive!
Deff my top tune right now!
tom anteater
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 10, 2005 18:33
this is a very nice little remix package. extremely impressed that again the son kite boys do their best to get a diverse range of remixers on board. This means there is highly likely to be something to everyones taste here. The luke chable mix is very nice indeed, but the standout track has to be the reworking from shiloh, an absolute beauty that i am going to enjoy playing and listening to for a while.           >>love will tear us apart...<<

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Posted : Jan 10, 2005 22:00
luke chable rmx rocks !!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 11, 2005 16:09
The shilox rmx is one of the most beautiful progressive house/progressive trance tracks ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could imagine hearing this come out of sasha's airdrawndagger album--it's that good.

For me this is the best track from the entire colors project--album and the two remix cd's. I just hope dj's from outside the scene get their hands on this one and it doesn't get lost because it's not being released by a big progressive house label. This track has the potential to be a HUGE crossover smash.

Luke Chable is nice but he could have done much better. Not nearly twisted enough for me.

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Posted : Jan 11, 2005 18:21
I´m with russ....

the shilo mix for me belongs to the best tracks in the whole colource conzept !!!

Such a wonderfull, timeless and emotional peace of music .... just great

peace to all
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jan 11, 2005 22:36
im with you guys ! shiloh showed how emotional and musicaly dance music can be..           Believe your soul !
Solar Fields
Solar Fields

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Posted : Jan 11, 2005 23:18
I agree with the people here. A great cd, nothing more to write here, all has been said i think.

Amasing quality remixes.
aztech remix of let us be my favvo right now Great work there Tobias Lilja.
Another great relese in the colours concept
( ( ( ( ((( O ))) ) ) ) ) )
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