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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2006 12:58
I cannot beleive it got to this man! Incredible i can't fuckin beleive what is happening here! It's a disgrace to human nature for police to do such a thing what the f....! I say the time will come when we will have to fight for our rights again\!

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Raoul V
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2006 13:20
Something that might interest u people...

In 1999 paradiso in india planned their big new years festival in goa...

The police didnt want it to happen, even after permissions were granted the police were told to crack down, and so they did using polution as a cause of worry...

Two days before the festival started the cops entered paradiso, breaking down decoration etc, and basically being proper wankers.... of course there was objection from people there, the cops felt the people were 'challenging their authority'.... Girls, were hit first, when the guys came to protect the girls they were hit and thrown into a truck and taken away... a few girls were injured, i saw the fucking scars...

Point of this - no matter where u live, people use the law unlawfully against u, police being the perfect example....
And this is in GOA, where rave parties and events that sponsor tourism are the reason these cops have the job in the first place....

Trance people and ravers are always gonna be looked down at by the police force, even if as individuals we are lawyers, doctors whatever...

K - OS

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Posts :  192
Posted : Mar 28, 2006 14:43
Czech police or politicians should rather care about those people they have dealing with children and humans......but as we've seen it's much more important for them to beat up peaceful "ravers" .......In the EU not the real criminals are the public enemys No.1,no we are!!!

And everyone can see what's the EU good for.....for organiced crime,human dealers,some kind of economy crimes but not for small peaceful independent scenes cause they can't use this for anything so they try destroing it.....what's else to say welcome to EU have fun and hurt this fuckin' system as often as fast and as hard as you can!!!

~*Try to find a higher level*~

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  79
Posted : Mar 29, 2006 04:49
I agree, for starters I refuse to vote, because I cant support a system that I dont believe in (im talking about democracy yes).... know what? I support K-OS, be peacefull but for every time they strike, please do strike 10 times harder, if we are a psychedelic comunity with a little sense of history, hear what lennon once told us: let it be, make your self a working class hero, strike from within, yes becoming a "suit" playing mind games and planting seeds in the stones of our own minds, and then theirs, destroys the system more than anything.

that does not mean stand up and speak up, that what politicians do and they are rotten, because pollitics are games of favours and from there you will ever be in debt of favour to others and when you enter the game its over.

start from below, arguing with reason and unreasonbly with the very same people that you talk to everyday, relatives, friends, classmates, working collegues, your clients or students, your teachers, your neighbours, everyone you already know personally, those are the people that are fed up with this and have no ideas and solutions,no matter how long they discuss the issues in their lunch breaks, everything you can say, will start their thinking engines that are now full of worries about paychecks beacause everything is falling apart all over the world, act with words, not violence.. the word will spread, if you speak convinced of what you're speaking. if they put an argument you bring other, be the kind of logistic animal that lawyers are, give the last word until he drops it and get tired.
Even if you think you didnt won, you already did, even if he tells you madly to f**k yourself, you already won by getting everyone around you that is earing the conversation, to think, and by that they will provoque other brainstorms with people they know and so on and so on. and then you'll "see the wheels go round and round"

anarchy is peace, people are only affraid of it because they know their reactions to certain things and events when they happen without warning, and so they think that the person right beside them would do the same, and this vicious circle of thinking about the violence others can generate instead of the qualitys they have to offer, does not bring thrust beetween us.
like i've read in someone's signature "look down on me and you see someone you despise, look up on me you'll see god, look right at me and you'll see yourself"... the key is acceptance, accept everything and disagree with anyone,

once my father teached me homicide is a crime, 15 years later i ask myself if I really believe in that, and REALLY, I DONT, because if i did, i had to believe that virus like cancer or hiv, would deserve a fair trial in a proper court of law, so should we for killing everyday other beings to feed ourselfs(dont give me the vegetarian crap, its tasty but the filosofy its not buyable) after all we are all leaving creatures, virus animals, or plants, so if we don trial none of the above why should we trial a psychopat that we "belive" being out of his mind.

if I believe it or am I stupid? I defenitly am, even the oldest people that reached 120-130 years can think they know nothing, why would I think diferent at 20, but I did mean and beliveved it!
has this question have ever been presented to you in this way? its impossible for me to know
do I got a point? possibly...
did I shock at least 70% of whoever's gonna read this paragraph? definitly!! real fast, real hard. inverting the perspective in the moral values...
I' ve tried this question with inteligent people I know (some that even use drugs, everytime they do psychedelics try to get the most awnsers for their lifes and believes, and have been doing it for some years). the first reaction? allmost allways quiet, maybe a laugh, or looking at me like a curious person looks to a mental patient and asking if I'm stupid...
after a while they begin to compreend the logic even if it goes against everything they belive, because deep down in most human minds, a person is a person, other things are other things. but when they realise that I used an argument heard for years in favor of vegeterianism without supporting it my self, and mixed it with the idea "if you're going to a doctor, for anything else that a bone you fractured yourself, or a head ache or anhother intern problem of your body, then you are a virus murder" that when its strikes most because even with no relation and not nowing why the've heard it all before in the abortion question, it HIT's ALL because one side is against of killing life, the other half is against consider embrios as life. and so all the engines are up and running.
either way with time and telling those "barbarities" to others and brainstorming about them they will accept it even for small moments and small fragments of the idea. and the thing is talking stuff like if it was a cliché subject to a mondane day.

I've being doing this kind of thing with many diferent topics for a while now, and you wouldn't believe the results: very promising.maybe it will only show a solid result in 1000 years. i dont care about time, if die tomorrow will I cry? of course, it f*cking hurts, but I still feel like whenever I go, I've got and will have all the time in the world

this has been working working for me this "mind guerrila" and have successfully broke some prejudice amongst people that i talk to everyday.
maybe this will work for you, maybe another thing will work you can come up with your own way of shocking and to start brainstorms.

the time is ours to redefine it and to redefine whats around us.we are our past our present and future, we're all and nothing at all.

like eskimo played "so if we think it we can create it.... and the instruments will do the rest"

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