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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Jaïa – Fiction (MPDQX/Digital Structures, June 2005)
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Jaïa – Fiction (MPDQX/Digital Structures, June 2005)

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  27
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Posted : Aug 11, 2005 18:58
one word - PERFECTION ... thanx for this awsome release ... Unique, 100% clear production, great ideas ... and many many more in just hour and almost 20 minutes, i want more ...


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Posted : Aug 11, 2005 19:27

perfect story from beginning to the end... fairytale!           http://www.PROSPER-MUSIC.COM

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Posted : Aug 15, 2005 16:48


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Posted : Aug 17, 2005 06:06
uauu!! I almost never post by this album is so good that I have to write something about it.... this piece of music is eclectic, very fine, good taste, almost magic, groovy at the same time,...
what can I say.. it surprised me.... C0NGRATULATIONS Jaia for this gift... PLUR

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Posted : Aug 18, 2005 16:37
A masterpiece, orchestral, grand, but sooo gooooood.
Roman Brisker

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  157
Posted : Aug 19, 2005 00:21
Great albom...
One of my favorites this year!!!
Keep the good work.
 - Comming soon...

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  224
Posted : Aug 27, 2005 02:18
Only just heard this a bit late but amazing album. Didnt think i'd like the opera vocals but it really works.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  15
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Posted : Aug 27, 2005 14:15
nice progressive indeed, jaia comes back after being gone for a long time and knows how to strike...

this is an absolute intillgent, slight melodic progressive album...

great for homelistening
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  301
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Posted : Aug 30, 2005 16:23
for that kind of concept album I have been waiting for along time. The best album of 2005 so far!!!

          -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  301
Posts :  3605
Posted : Sep 1, 2005 22:38
This is not another album. This is THE album of the Year! I know that 2005 isn't over yet but I hardly think that someone will release something better than this. I'm talking about JAIA - fiction. For along time I've been waiting for something special like this. Fiction is unbelievable, an experience that I love to go over and over and every time it gets better and better. The album activates my imagination like no other album, I am mad about this passages ,this gates gives fiction a special atmosphere. The tracks are full with emotions, High production, and perfect quality.
Fiction is one of a kind album a torch of prog trance that makes me want to scream and cry in the same time.
thank u Yannis for creating this masterpiece.

b.t.w: this in not a review and not a promotion.

          -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  13
Posts :  222
Posted : Sep 11, 2005 00:27
No doubt this will be a classic years from now.
Work of a genius. A trip - a journy through downtowns, islands, jungles, oceans, and parties.
This is the album of the year, perhaps even the album of the new millenium so far (I can't really think of something better since 2000).
This is a musical creation that goes far beyond usual trance music. I can't even imagine listening to these tracks individually, exept maybe track no.12.
the gates, the diversity, the atmospheres....
Thank you Jaïa for this album. I just can't get enough of it.
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

Started Topics :  239
Posts :  3486
Posted : Oct 25, 2005 02:34
i´ve got my copy now and im not much of and proggresive listener but i really enjoying this one.. really nice atmospheres, beatyfull melodies and structures.. can tell for sure he put alot of work in this album.. nice with the gates that makes the album like a nice story from beginning to end..

really groovy production and phat sound combined with hes own uniqe style.. way to go yannis!! and digital structure. Also Really nice work on the artwork the style of the painting really fits the atmosphere of the music
All my best for u!

bOm..           For Contact & Bookings:
New Album Out: Wizack Twizack - IV (Ovnimoon Records 2011)
[TDC] Isvara

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  41
Posted : Oct 25, 2005 09:43
I just got my copy also....;-)
All I can say is this album is totaly reflects his personality.... Very proffesinal and high quality production.

P.S. Yannis (What is this ....?)

Boom shankar.... Sergey
          make art, not religions...
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  21
Posts :  194
Posted : Jan 3, 2006 19:39
emmm.. what can i say about this masterpeice album?! another maniac french artist with briliant of the best best best best album of this year..ive realy enjoyed ...masterpeice work by Yannis..a masterpiece..
i like all track ...also gate's track are realy goood ...and other tracks are more than great
my fav : ALL (!!!!!)

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  206
Posted : Feb 2, 2006 18:48
the Jaia album its amazing, a good movie...
the best artist for 2005 for sure!
Bravo John

also guys check Dousk - D.I.Y another greek monster

(for progressive and not only listeners)
for my opinion i speak for the best Greek producer @ moment...

Greece its UP & big in Progressive scene...

/// Thats All Folks \\\
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