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I´m afraid!!


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Posted : Feb 9, 2005 22:48
As virtual as this forum may be, the discussions in it are very authentic.

There fore the images played by all of the participants of the threads in this forum are as real to me as they can be in real life.

Actually your last post in here shows u can talk and express yourself, so why wont u do it more?

About your little brother - if he enjoys the music he listens, I am very happy for him, but me and many other ppl around ( at least here in Israel ) find that commercialization of the scene makes us enjoy parties less ( yeah Elitism u can call it that way if u want ) so there are many many substitute events of which youngsters don't really know, and usually the music in those wont be satisfiying for them as it is not commercial enough. Those events look for quality and not quantity and that is cool with me.

My only point in whole this was that the XIS guy shouldn't worry cuz there are plenty of substitutes to the commercialization of the scene and it looks better and better every singly moment           A man with a "master plan" is often a woman
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 9, 2005 23:04
commercialism kills music because the record labels take over the musician's inspiration, and the main intent of the artist becomes $$$ and not the music itself. So the production quality goes up, and music quality goes down. After a couple of years of popularity, everything ends up sounding the same because it's what sells, the kiddies get bored, and the genre self-destructs or has to reinvent itself.

anyone remember punk? how about grunge? or just look what happened to drum'n'bass after it got huge a few years ago.

so yes, it's good to have a real underground antidote to the poison of commercialization.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2005 02:00
All I know is I find it amusing when a lot of people cringe at parties when something a bit out of the ordinary gets played (as rare as that is).
In general, I agree, fuck elitism.
However, in the case of parties, I would take a small outdoor event barely known by anyone with a small psy-family attending over a huge festival any day. In reality though, I take both, but that is just my hypocritical side. hehe

P.S. Go Exogenic.           Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2005 18:30
I totaly agree with you DiMiTry, you took the word outta my mouth.

But now, what if the scene gets very comercial and well be having plenty of youngsters running around on Parties/Festivals. Now... it isnt a very big secret that "some" peolpe who goes to Trance parties/festivals also do drugs. I mean if you go to a 5 day long nonstop festival there is a slightly chance that you might take some drugs. Now... what Im trying to get at is, if it gets very comercial wouldnt that also increse the drug use along the youngsters, I mean if you are 14/15 years old and go to a 5 day long Trance festival and you are surrounded by drugs there is a "small" chance that you also will take something.
Im not saying that Trance festivals are the only festivals where its easy to find drugs, but I think that its easier to find harder drugs at Trance parties/festivals.

At the end well have the whole world consisting of Ecstasy poppin Trance people.
Like a dream come true. Muuahahahaha

          I never sleep cuz sleep is da cousin of Death
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2005 19:00
i see nothing wrong that people take drugs, no matter what anyone says, drugs have been used in trance parties since the very beggining, and as far as i can see, its part of it, and it has always been.

the only bad thing about comercialism, is that the croud has changed. Elitism ???? maybe... or maybe not. some years ago you would go to a trance party where almost everyone was doing drugs with a smile in their faces, in full harmony today you go, you have the same amount of people doing drugs, half of them wear hats, and make weird faces, and the last thing you feel is harmony. is this elitism?? i guess not...

comercialmism changed trance croud forever. its not commin back... and i see people here saying fuck elitism, and i kind of understand them, or maybe not. if i would go to a trance party today for the first time, it would be my first and last time for sure...

and i agree with yuli when saying that commercialization of the scene makes us enjoy parties less, although i kind of understand that some people answer to this with a "fuck elitism" ... lol

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Posted : Feb 10, 2005 23:49
So where is the problem?            Signature
Dainty Doll
June Rashava

Started Topics :  49
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Posted : Feb 11, 2005 01:51
Yawn Yawn..

This is a discussion every day in every topic. Get over it, nothing we can do really.
Take it easy, enjoy what you got, cos one day you will be looking back thinking, Hmm shit it's even worse now.

I can agree to a surten point but you are not a little boy from thailand, getting send out to the middle of a 5km deep black lake, at 4 in the morning, diving for pearls with a stone around you'r ankel, to sell so you can get money to give food to you'r 8 younger brothers and sisters.
We have our have our music and our life, BE HAPPY! 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 11, 2005 03:00
Drugs is bad!!!
Bad is also sauna in swedish!!
Or actually bastu!!

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Posted : Feb 11, 2005 14:07
be alone, rather than in bad party.
if you dont like the flow, dont go!

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Posted : Feb 13, 2005 04:33

On 2005-02-08 16:02, XIS wrote:
Im so scared right now.
Ive been thinking about this alot lately.
Im afraid that Trance (Psy) will become to big.

LOL, dude chill out. There's more to worry bout in life than trance becoming popular or not. Visiting parties since 91 I always found someone saying "OMFG - where are we heading". But actually I dont give a damn; as long as there are parties where ppl are gathering together and have somthing like a common sense I'm kinda fine.
EYB makes a valid point here "fuck elitism". I like it when those "punks" or "normal" folks (not dressing like typical fraggles) also enjoy the parties and the music. The more versatile people are the better it is when those different characters come together to celebrate something they share. I maybe an old fart now but I also started as a younggun 15 years ago when you probably were a 14 year old kiddie listening to Madonna, Guns and Roses or whatever.
I'm glad there's no age restriction and you can see folks aged 15 to Methusalem at parties.
So if you need something to be really concerned of why not worrying about justice bills, drug hysteria or fellows getting nonpolitical by ignoring new world orders, pollution, crisis in middle east going on for ages, wars, warfare operations by our global police big brother, the disregard or neglect of human rights even in democratic countries, measurement of biometric data in your ID, microchips in product packaging to get ur profile, Neo-Nazi bootboys prowling the streets etc.
To be honest, it scares me more to find ppl whining about the wrong shade of the sunset or that the illuminating mushroom picture on the last party wasn't fancy enuff than worrying about and acting against the real threads in life.
To me this lifestyle is a clear "NO" to all the bolloks in the world.
!Ce M@n
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  30
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Posted : Feb 13, 2005 06:22
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  11
Posts :  66
Posted : Feb 13, 2005 14:47
Im not scared anymore. Ive been cured.
Now... I just dont give a FUCK!!           I never sleep cuz sleep is da cousin of Death

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Feb 15, 2005 07:48
i think one thing you have to realize is that in the states, most peoples minds are too inferior to grasp psy. im serious...for the most part america doesnt get it. yes there are pockets all over the place, and it has some scene, but going as far as to say that psy is gonna turn into Nelly or P. Diddy is just madness!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  42
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Posted : Feb 15, 2005 09:06
psy is gonna turn into Nelly or P. Diddy is just madness!

Maybe if more Americans ate acid on a regular basis it would be a concern....

Started Topics :  111
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Posted : Feb 15, 2005 13:40
Even then there is a personal taste of music and lot of other psychedelic music avaible and could be produced. I think in this case psychedelic rock, hiphop and ambient would be the mainstream            Signature
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