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Trance Forum  Forum  Scandinavia - Electrobeat Event @ Aarhus 11/2-2006
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Electrobeat Event @ Aarhus 11/2-2006

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 20, 2006 08:58

On 2006-02-19 09:40, stephanus wrote:
ok you guys take it easy if you cant take any critasizim about your party ok.....
me i make many of the moesgaard partys in the summe to gether with the rest of the FAMALI so i know was going on i am also producing trance my self under the name red eye jedi and has gone to trance party since 1992 so i man now what is commercial and what is underground i have experienced it ..... krell buddy you are kool for making the party but if you need some help for the next one i man come anana help yuh
if you say psychodelic ona da flyer the party must be a mind fuck so thats all i wanna say please take this ina da positiv way man feel up yuh had made a good party but i man can hae his own oppinion so lest try to make it better here in aarhus p.l.u.r

Arent I just responding calmy to criticism ? I dont feel me getting aggrivated at all I just reacted to the fact that I didnt feel it was fair you were saying we were all about the money... Especially when you dont know that much about us, and what we do. So, that I tried to explain

We wrote "Dark Psytrance" "Progressive Psytrance" "Full On" "Progressive House" "Chillout" "Deep Trance" on the flyer the event had all of those (and some more scattered around the dj sets).
The Main Floor had its focus on Progressive, Dark & Full On Psytrance. Which it delivered.
So, in fact, we didnt write "psychedelic" on the flyer, we just wrote those genres which were being played. The most fucked up sounds being "Jahbo Live" and Nasas Dark Psy DJ set.

We TRY to work with some "underground" ideals - In order to manage costs etc. Most people work for free for instance, not something that you see happening in the commercial world when Kim Larsen, Bamse or Thomas Helmig has a concert

But, as such we never "market" our events as "underground" even though we very well could given the definition of "underground"

However - I think the expression is meaningless, pretentious and worn out. Our aim is just to create visually beautifull events with kick ass music for the users of our website. Also, at the same time to provide us with a presence in the real world, and not just on the net.
Something to remember is also that our plans for future events are not all the same musicly, sometimes we want to focus on the "not so fucked up" side of the music, other times on the "very fucked up side" - Winter Session was inbetween those 2 sides

We dont follow any party ideology by the letter, we make our own.

And Stephanus, Im not mad at you or anything - Im glad you took the time to write some words for us to read, if only more people bothered to do the same Im sure the overall scene would be a lot more interesting.

So thanks very much for taking an interest in it - If we are able to bring all of our plans to life I hope we can also adress your vision of a party with focus on the MORE CRAZY and PSYCHEDELIC music, just as we want to focus on the DEEPER and more GROOVY music as well.

Best Wishes

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Red Eye Jedi

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Posted : Feb 20, 2006 17:54
Trance Forum  Forum  Scandinavia - Electrobeat Event @ Aarhus 11/2-2006
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