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Doof Festival

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 14:14
Well we arrived there on friday night the music still was chill .... lots of people where arriving that time....

the party started to us with Mechanix who gave a really nice and night music.... than Max from Etnica came up ... i trully was quite dissepointed from his set! after him Azax rocked everyone there....
the last where PTX & Onyx - tell u the truth i am not a big favor of full on but i really enjoyd their set ....

the people where reallllllly nice- u could really see that the tickets wheren't sold just to anyone that called....

the big shame was that the sound wasnt too good and at morning when the sun was boiling us there was no place to hide from the sun ....
I'd axpect when i pay 210 shekels on the ticket that the team would a little bit think about its audiance .... thants the reason we couldn't stay for the last night.... just could't barry the heat....

in all quality festival ...
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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 16:37
finaly a party in israel that u can call festival!
great weekend and i enjoyed to play with my partner huda g some tribal/progressive to the sunset!

thumbs up for this event going to DOOF!           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 17:48
when ill get back to myself.... ill write all about this AAMMAAZZIINNGG festival

but first... sleep.           just flow baby... just flow...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 18:39
Sound good weekend guys

iam sure i mess a wicked event.

anyway peace doof ppl . .

bom.           Happy Happy,Joy Joy.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 18:51
Yup, it was funnn

Review tomorro
If you took pics from the party send them to:

And I'll put them on

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 19:32
thumbs up to the israeli trance tribe!
much was spoken about the new festival in the north of israel,not to mention the very strict selection that was made when we came to buy the tickets at last (coz we were told that there wont b any seling afterwards)
well u can say allot about what can be improved on the next festival by doof (if there will b any) but i must admit that the location was awsome-the view was unbelivable over the lake...just seat and enjoy nature at its best. its always nice to see (ofcourse) known faces from the east and other festivals 'it makes me feel good.
but the festival had some unforgiven "glitches" (if i may be gentle)
1.a very poor sound system
2.opening full base sound at 6 am (!)
3.working with low volume (?) shade at the dancing area
5.some ppl need to learn how to mix and match b.p.m (sorry but it was so plane to see and to hear)coz thats the minimum i guess.

and above all-if u did such a fine selection how come i have seen half of the "10 most wanted" and their gang near the right speaker???? next time plz be truthfull about the ppl in your party.
again-thumbs up for the nice start
and thank you for the lovely fest!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 20:46
we arrived on friday afternoon to find the isratrance tent arena up and that the isratrance team had finally done what was talked about in years: isratrance shirts. for that, way to go karnaf it was fun to see that.
there were hundreds of tents near trees and the dancing place was on the grass just by the kineret, truly a superb location. i liked seeing that selection did finally do what it was supposed to do and bring a VERY nice crowd and not that many people. it was like a big party with only good people that goes on for three days.
the only problem with people started on the second day or so, when the police started fishing out people whom they found using drugs of any kind. like that people were removed from the party, and other people took their place, maybe people who weren't that welcome (there were quite a few people who snuck in for sure) but these people were hardly felt in my opinion.
it was kinda funy to see people with tents just outside the party location where they could still hear the music.
on that note, let's talk about the music. well, as much as i like the doof parties and as much as i like full-on, the doof full-on is quite differant and the first night didn't really do it to me, as much as i can recall, i think max had me on for a few tracks, and that's about it. maybe i too much
after that day, going into the water was really great and i felt so rejuvinated by it. what also helped was the performance by the peaking goddess project (is that the name?) who had an excellent chill-out performance including bass guitar and a flute, really an amazing set by these three fellas.
second night started kinda off too, but slowly progressed by a dj who played before zirkin and rev (what was his name?) to normal full-on and the crowd just went wild
when standing in the dancing ground we could really see how people came out of nowhere and filled the place in a matter of minutes. zirkin and rev gave an excellent set as well and after them gabi gave an enjoyable one as well, and after that i went to sleep
i would just like to point out to almost al the djs there that they should practice mixing a bit more. i'm not an expert, and if i heard the bad mixing, anyone will.

all in all, a great festival, as it should be, not too crowded, amazing people (oh man, lots of chicks!)
good music (at least on the second day) and a great location.
also, was great of course to meet so many of the blue room freaks. see you all soon
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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 21:32
the party was awesome, the people were really lovely. we came at noon on friday and had such a shanti time before the event.

the location was really nice, except that it wasn't in actual nature of course. so it became kinda tight with the tents - i completely understand anyone who had a rough time because they didn't manage to catch a place in the shade. the police were pigs as always, esp. one moshe elmaliach from katzrin police station. what a prick. taking people at random really to the station because he found a bong under some tent, so he picked out 8 (!!) people out of a group that were in that area at the time (disgusting!).

azax syndrome gave one of the best sets i've heard.

in all a quality festival, even with the police i really enjoyed it. but i ain't going to legal parties no more. i'd rather witness the occasional cop in manali sending a minor blow to some tourist than keep my head down throughout the party AND spend an evening in a police station.

-psy           i love it when the sun comes up
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 21:46
Hi people!

Finally a Trance Festival, and furthermore... by DOOF.
I'd like to point out that I really enjoyed all three days I was there.
Also, I'd like to point something important on behalf of Katom, the sound system was powerful enough (3 sets Turbosound!), infact - the sound was lowered a bit 'cause of settlements whom complained...
The sound was OK...!
If you only knew how much we tried to maintain the volume as high as we could...
I must add that Doof made any effort to keep the sound from getting out by putting high "wall" and barrels etc....
We are not alone in this country you know... - next time in the desert ??? ;-)
I believe that all the comments here will be considered by Doof for their next (?) Festival!

Anyway - thumbs up up up for DOOF! You've really made it happen! Congratulations!
Sleep tight!

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  21
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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 21:51
Yep.... that Moshe Elmaliach - WHAT A PIG!!!!
That guy is one hell-of-a-skunk!!! the BASTARD!
He came to me and without getting any approval or consent - he reached for my pockets... of course I gave him my opinion on his behaviour... that pig!!!
I hope you'll be reading this PIG!!
Freaking' bastard !

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 22:51
Finaly after too long (5 years?) we had ourselves an event worthy of the word festival in our little Holy Land. How was it? Well, now that I'm back home, rested and thought about it, I can say that it was a great event. Even though we (and me in particular) have done some mega bitching (kitoorim) during the festy – it was a very good party. Well done Doof ppl for having the balls and energy to make this event and keep it running smoothly all the way to the end.
We got there at Friday around 2200, found the Isratrance crew camp, settled down, chilled a bit and started Doofing around.

Dugit beach on the Kineret (the sea of Galilee) is a nice hippy stretch of beach with nice camping areas and grass all the way to the water – is a perfect place for an event such as this. Nice view, shaded areas, spacy and very chilled.

Just about perfect. Entrance was quick and fuss free, camping areas were full of shade, plenty of space for everyone, toilets and bathrooms a plenty and always kept clean etc. On arrival we were given a printed sheet of paper with the lineup, the order of which was kept accurate to the minute. Well done.

About 1500 very very nice people, no arsim, no kids, no one who came there by mistake (and I'm not talking about the maapilarsim – the arsim with the boat…)

Very pleasant – a bit chilly at night, a bit hot in the day.

None that I saw. Non that I missed. But I'm not that big on deco – in nature parties I think that its best to leave the decorating for nature itself rather that have it covered by longies.

3 Turbo sound systems should be enough for a 1500 ppl party and they were but the dancefloor was on a negative slope , with the dj on a small hill which caused the bass to be at ear height and the highs to disappear. The solution was either to step way back and enjoy clear but slightly low volume sound or be in the centre of the floor and be deafened. I chose the first option most of the time.

Day 1
This was a sad day to be a cat. The number of cats that were tortured, massacred, mutilated, dismembered, disassembled, scorched, sawed, put in blenders and centrifuge machines, kicked and battered, bruised, burned, hammered or electrocuted was uncountable. I mean the most popular sound on the dancefloor on the first day was MIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH………
The reasons for this varied and I think that the best explanation was that a poor, defenseless cat got stuck in the speaker and was electrocuted repeatedly. Lets say that its true. Cats have 9 lives so I'll keep track.

Everything was fine in the beginning, the first DJ started with some nice chillout, slowly evolved to some nice progressive but then Mechanix started playing. His full on is not interesting, not complicated or sophisticated, psychedelic but not emotional and quite boring to be honest. He is responsible for 1 cat life lost.
After him came some DJ named Paul that was horrendous – he played psychedelic full on which was not interesting, nor sophisticated and was horribly mixed. He played one track that blew me away but that was it. He is responsible for at least 2 cat lives.
After him came the much anticipated DJ Max from Etnica which I've never heard b4 and what a disappointment that was. He played psychedelic full on (what else?) with a few Etnica numbers in between, which was not very interesting and was very badly mixed. 1 more cat life gone.
Then came Azax Syndrome who played some murder trance at 8 in the morning, not sophisticated nor interesting, full of kick buildups, sudden death breaks and scorching leads and managed to pretty much clear the dancefloor – at 10 in the morning there were maybe 300 ppl dancing instead off 700 as there should have been. At least his mixes were ok. 2 more cat lives gone.
The closing act were Onyx who gave a nice but uneventful morning set, and managed to give the poor cat a much earned rest.

Day 2
The music started at 4 in the afternoon with Zombi & Huda G playing some chill and slowly evolving to progressive.
They were abruptly cut short and were replaced by a a few guys doing rap…. I must say that the first pair called Jamus were rather good but the dude that blabbered next was horrible and funny in a very sad way.
They were replaced by some guys with a complicated name from Holland who gave a very lovely live set with flute and guitar on top of some nice beats and they were a real treat.
The proper trancing started at 24.00 sharp with DJ UV on the dex. He played some psychedelic full on, which was not too interesting, a bit too fast (145 bpm at 24.30? where's the rush?) and a few too many Psychotic Micro style trax. 1 more cat life gone.
After him can Zirkin with a short live set which was ok, dark and powerfull but not very interesting.
After that came Entropy with another short live set which consisted of scratchy psychedelic full on but not too interesting. 1 more cat life gone in the process.
At this time I dosed off. I woke up at 7.30 to hear the last tunes from Zirkin's dj set which was nice, powerfull and quite well mixed. I understood that his set was very good.
After him came DJ Gabi. Who whould belive that Gabi who is known for his dark and powerfull night sets will be crowned "fluffy dj of the festival"? he gave a very good morning full on set, groovy and happy and managed to raise many smiles on the dancefloor.
After him came DJ Split who played a more conventional full on set but was cut short by the police.
Shahar Isratrance closed the party with some nice dubby chillout but he too was cut short by the cops when he tried to be a wizeguy and play some straight beats.

It seems our poor cat has managed to escape with 1 remaining live from the party.
Final score Doof 8 – Cat 1.

Other highlights were the chilly water – very refreshing.
The killer freezbee sessions (sorry to everyone who got hit).
The cops who never stopped harassing ppl.
The orange Isratrance shirts (Karnaf - u r the man)
And finaly - Yossi Chiwawa's fight with the maapilarsim (if this was filmed it would have made an amazing comedy number).

And now a question: was it really worth bringing all these lovely ppl to this lovely location in such lovely weather just to make them suffer from such horrendous music? 90% of the ppl I talked to (I'm not exaggerating and I talked to a lot of ppl) suffered from the music. Many did not go dancing at all. That’s a waste of a party if you ask me. But hey – every party orgeniser is entitled to choose his own musical direction for the event, Doof are deffinatly consistent in their musical taste so I hope they had a good time and enjoyed the tunes that were played. Luckily for me DJ Gabi saved the party and left me with a good feeling about the event.

I'll finish by saying kol hakavod, big respect, well done and big thumbs up to the Dood ppl (and especially Shahar Zirkin) for the organizing of this very nice event.


Aerospace – Re Entry EP on

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 23:46
verry nice one!!!

the location was great,

was need more volume in the dance floor i think.

mechanix gave verry nice music,also max and regev.

alot of police ofcorse:))

good festival with good music!

thx to doof guys on verry nice work!!!

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Posted : Apr 11, 2004 23:51




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Posted : Apr 12, 2004 00:33
Here is a band that surely knows how to deal with critisizm ( AND DOES IT LOUDLY ).

Guy I hope yer cat is fat and doing nothing too much hectic at the mo.

Sure that the fest was a success, haven't been there - stopped giving respects for a while now

All well
          A man with a "master plan" is often a woman
Black Machine

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Posted : Apr 12, 2004 00:36
Great festival.
too much full on!!!
but what we can do i am still in Israel.
well hope to hear some more Techtrance over here... keep it up.
cheers.           Oscuro(Mechanical-Dragon.rec)
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