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Trance Forum  Forum  Balkans - Criminal organizers beating artist and crowd - NOT A JOKE

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Criminal organizers beating artist and crowd - NOT A JOKE

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 20:25
I wanted to start this topic because of the unbelievable things that happen to us last saturday in novi sad, serbia. i went with Adam (Para Halu) and two friends of him to a party in the petrovaradin fortress, where para halu was invited for a dj set by some serbian crew making their second party (and hopefully the veryvery last....) under the name HALLUCINATIONS. actually they invited Adam also a several weeks ago, but failed to send advance money, and lied that they sent it, but later told the truth and cancelled the party. now, a frew weeks later they asked again for Para Halu dj set in their party.. ofcourse they had to send advance money this time also, they said that they dont have enough but Adam was okay with less money and a promise that he will get the rest of it in the party, before he plays his set. that was the deal, that was the last chance given to this not so correct sounding people in serbia, just because PH never played there yet, and for the crowd Adam wanted to make it. IT WAS A VERY BAD CHOICE.

i have never ever seen anything similar then this party before in my life...

we got there, a guy who contacted us and took care of us (but is a good guy, just an unlucky one, who took on to contact the artists instead of the orgs who can not even speak english..) was the interpreter. we found the orgs (one guy, the other one was said to be playing while all this happened) and asked for money but (how come?) they dont want to give it... because of the history of this booking, cause of the promise and last chance and etc Adam said that he wont play till he dont gets his money for it, even if it is less then agreed (there were not that lot of ppl in the place).

first the orgs let us know that he will get the money in the morning, little bit later that he will get it after the party to his bank account, little bit more later they told that he WONT BE ABLE TO LEAVE THE PLACE unless he plays his set (big security guys at the entrance wont let us out, and aaaaanything can happen to us here in serbia), later that he had to GIVE BACK the advance money the orgs send him before, and a little bit more later they told that Adam and we all WILL BE BEATEN if he dont plays his set without money, or if he dont give the money back, or we try to leave.. a little bit later they told that one of the cd players gone wrong, so they do not want Adam to play anymore, so they want us to give them money (!!!) and if we dont have enough, we will go with them to our bankomat with our credit cards, OR WE WILL BE KILLED / BEATEN / BURY ALIVE / ETC.

I could not really believe my own ears when this things were said, we were all shocked. some ppl came to us (only a very less ppl could speak english), we never know who
is who, lot of them told to be 'a friend of the orgs' and want to translate what they saying, or just came to us and without any questions told a several things. I got known that "this is serbia, what did we expect???", "the police wont help us", "serbia is a very dangerous place, especially for a girl", "we are in a big trouble if we dont do what they say"... nice partypeople, huh? the org guy (the only one who said that hi IS an org guy) showed with his fingers that he will cut our necks.

to summarize what things happend after this:
- org guy finally BEATED Adam, they invited ARTIST in his head...
- they BEATED they own CROWD (serbian partypeople who tried to help us when they finally got known what is going on in the party, why we are standing there looking so shocked, and why Adam doesnt play)
- some ppl called the police but the police knew nothing about the party (no permissions ofcourse...) and didnt find it in the fortress area
- artist & friends had to run away with and escape action...

thanks to a few partypeople we managed to get out like in an action movie, with a trick. actually these ppl helped us out, even if they had to be beaten by the orgs and secu guys.......they told to the org guy that they have called the police so he should let us go, than the org guy called the security guys from the entrance to start beating these fellows (HOPE THAT EVERYTHING IS OK WITH THE DUDE..) , and while they were doing this, we could escape through the empty entrance.........

once again: THIS IS NOT A JOKE, this is a true story, although i would never believe this if i wasnt there...
some of you called the bulgarian tchamla-orgs 'criminal organizers' ... NOW you know what "criminal" means. i think that these people not even dont deserve to walk around the psychedelic scene but they dont deserve walking around in any other places than a jail.

this topic is to AWARE
- all international artists to remember the name Hallucinations, and dj Dzoggi and dj Kizza, and never ever accept any invitations of them, or from the same guys under a new project name in novi sad, serbia
- all serbian partypeople NEVER EVER go and buy a ticket to a party organized by this HALLUCINATIONS or dzoggi and kizza, or if you know the guys personally, watch out their new names also...

i dont know how many of you serbian partyppl really know what happend in petrovaradin fortress last saturday, so please somebody translate this story in serbian and write it to all relevant serbian psy forums so that everyone know the truth.

you are the ones who can do something against these kind of criminals in the psychedelic scene: BOYCOTT THEM !!! save the scene from these wannabe-gangsters who have nothing to do with it.


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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 20:36
oh my!!!!!! what the hell is going on people!!!?? if this actually happened :'( then it's very sad for the trance scene, especially in Serbia .... damn it ! before going somewhere inform yourself properly

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 21:13
So sad things           [b]osobuko/b]

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 22:31
we're all shocked and angry...đ
i'm sorry

please don't mark us all under that shity phrase CRAZY SERBS

You don't have any rights to call other artsists to boycote us...


because few *ss*oles made mess...

think 'bout it!
our scene is 11 (eleven) years old and kickin'!!!!

gr33tZ to all

Rade Arsenovic


Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 22:38
sue, sorry to hear that.

I still don't beleive what actually happened there. I wasn't at the party, but a lot of my friends went there. So sad to hear such things can happen today.

I hope those people from so called Hallucinations organisation won't ever try to make a party again, because they obviously lack some of fundamental behaviour and organisational skills.

Greetings for hungarian crew.

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 22:54
I am very angry because this happened in my own town and sorry to hear all this.I was not on the party but i can asure u that this incident does not image our whole scene because there are still people that do some hard work in hard conditions to keep it running.
Anyway i`m ashamed that this happened in our country and specialy in my town.In my own name for what is worth i`m sorry.

Big gr33t from Psyserbia and me. 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 22:58

On 2006-09-18 22:31, Goachild wrote:

You don't have any rights to call other artsists to boycote us...

no no, dont get me wrong
i never told anybody to boykott the whole country..
only these "organisers" calling themselves hallucinations crew. 

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 23:32
I was present @ that unpleasant happening, but fortunately I haven't seen most of those things that happened.
It was the first, and we hope the last time that something like that happened in Serbia.
One swallow is not spring, so don't get inpresion about Serbian trance scene based on this "party". Hallucinations "org." appeared few months ago and I dont know who those people are, but with one party thay managed to ruin whole picture about Serbia that has been built for 10 years.
+ Novi Sad is not the best place for trance party, obviosly (from those 100 people who were at the "party", maybe 15 were trance people, the rest... o-O)
But we were all naive and went to the party no matter all those suspicios things with canceling Penta and Para Halu, and then again booking...and then it happned what happned, I think that it couldn't be worse.
It is for lecture for us (very expencive for the guests), to check whose party it is before we go.
Here are the links of several our forums at which all strangers can inform about trance parties in Serbia, before they come.

I suppose that Adam will never come to Serbia again (I wouldn't if I were in his shoes), but if a miracle happenes, and he changes his mind, let him check first whose booking he accepts (that is for all, not only for Adam)
We are still in shock and I don't know what to say except that I'm sorry for what happened...            I got my ass kicked to greener pastures.Hopelessly wired as I might be.My chair was pulled out from underneath as I sat down to the free falling, fast moving new me.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 23:42
i will copy my post from General Discussions/trance/
sad,really sad... this kind of scandal is only possible in serbia...about hallucinations org.they don`t exist anymore,they forum is closed etc...i just hope that adam will come to serbia again and make a great party for all people who came at the fortress only because music and nothing else.peace
Dark Elf

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Posted : Sep 19, 2006 00:23


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Posted : Sep 19, 2006 02:35
i'm so sorry to hear this... i hope the people who "organised" it will be caught and sent where they belong... it's a real mess... i'm sure that the rest of your scene is rather good, and the thing like this one is very bad for the international collaborations.... Don't let this accident overwhelm the situation... be strong... I hope that Para Halu crew is ok...

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Posted : Sep 19, 2006 02:47
Wow, I`m so sorry that you guys had such a terrible expirience here. It must have been an awfull feeling! Just to inform you that every Serbian psy trance forum slash and harshly critisize such a behaviour.

People... Everything is about music and friendship, WTF were they doing?? :-(

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Posted : Sep 19, 2006 10:16
I'm sorry but i have to say that after several parties that i attended in the region this summer almost everyone without exeption had a phisical demonstration of violence unfortunately this is the reality of things and criticisam afterwards is not helping, something has to be done with mongrels such as this, my symphaties to Adam more caution next time and lets PSY ON!!!


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Posted : Sep 19, 2006 14:25
Big Shame and incredible fucking bad story!!
very sad
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