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Trance Forum ŧ ŧ Forum  Brazil - BELO HORIZONTE - 1200 MIC´S LIVE P.A(RAJA RAM +GMS) !!! RIKTAM & BANZI, RAJA & JP (DJ
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Started Topics :  115
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Posted : May 23, 2004 22:06
Balde, is simple dude.
make one party for us! Try make it better then this one, i can tell you thatīs impossible but u can try anyway, i will be here to give my review

Neoson/Eternox, sorry to tell you but we had yes lots of real live acts here, not like sun project i agree but we had yes. Also 1200 was a real live act, Banzi and Riktam in the synths, Raja with the vocals, Dudu (guest) in the guitar, etc.
I was expecting much more from this expensive act IMO.

Korohmnel, i know u personally so dont take me wrong or let me bad but your coments here in this forum start to make me sick mate. Like this you will not help our trance scene, you will help to destroy, thats the fucking true. Peace mate come on...

This party was perfect (sound system, amount and quality of girls, decor , structure in general, etc).
I just missed Banzi dj set after Raja Ram , this suppose to happen but didnīt
anyway congrats to Leo, Ota and Cattoni, we need more parties like that in our city, we just need to learn with our mistakes for the next ones.

thatīs all. respect.

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Posted : May 23, 2004 22:17
i wanst able to detect if it was a live act or a set, but i know one think, 1200mics just ROCKED the place, isnt this that matters? in my opinion that was a great party, i had a great time there.I agree that the water and beer was expensive, and for sure brahma didnt made the live flag( i arrived about 1:30 and leaved about 10:00 ), but i dont thik this is relevant..of course that if the guy put it on the flyer it should happen, but...another think that i noticed was that there was too much plays and patys, that arrived about 8:00 just to " take a sun" and show their "worked out" bodys...that doenst bothers me, if they like trance, let them listen....but we must not let the scene and the partys be directed to this people..thats it


Started Topics :  115
Posts :  808
Posted : May 23, 2004 22:28
Parties are for everybody Denel.

no religion
no color
no class
no politics


obs: just the limit of age we need to respect for dont hv any trouble with our laws, police and stuffs. Nobody want problems

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : May 24, 2004 02:11
I had a great time there...with friends an good music but I would like to make some coments about what happened yesterday: The live was strange, I am not a musician but I think that that was not a "real" live like was SUB 6 on Solaris...please correct me if I am wrong. The parking thing was really not nice and the parties here are not improving...just their promoting "courage"in bringing expensive artists...but I think we should enjoy all this parties and let new people know what is all not it the most important in a peacefull movement? Bishop please be more flexible...people don`t need to make parties to make coments...good or bad ones...I think the promoters can improve, of course, and it will only be possible with critics. AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR PIN AND PROJETO 33...THEY MADE BEATIFULL THINGS IN OUR MINDS...
          viva chimoio - manica - mozambique

Started Topics :  3
Posts :  93
Posted : May 24, 2004 02:43

I don't accept your challenge for a simple reason:

I do my job right: I buy my ticket, I invite my friends to go with me, I cheer and applaud all the DJs, I rock my body (till I crack ), I respect all kinds of people and I stay in the parties till the last moment.

The rest man, is up to you guys.

I said it once - accept the critics to get better.

I'll be there next time. I love Trance.

Pin - great set man!
Projeto 33 - that live was a killer!!!


Started Topics :  3
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Posted : May 24, 2004 04:40
Now it is my turn to write my opinion about the party. Well Leo Ziller and Otacilio, the party was great!! But there are some topics that we should tell you guys to improve it for the next events. The parking lot area was ok, but we should be able to go back to our cars to pick up our stuff and to leave our things, remember, it was a really cold night and a hot day. Most of us had to leave our coats at the car. And it was not really nice. The place where the party was held was great. Congratulations!!!! And bar was also ok, the lines where not big and everything was really organized. And a chill out area would also be great!! Well, I hope that you take this advice, and remember, we all are writing those things here to improve the trance scene in our town. CONGRATS!!!!!!!
Dj Locks 33

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  37
Posted : May 24, 2004 04:42
thanks very much chimoio and balde , and all the other people that enjoyed our music . we allways try to do our best . and thanks leo ziller for the opportunity to play. Peace ! :::coming soon:::
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  28
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Posted : May 24, 2004 05:56
Well, for me the party wasss veryyyy goood !! When i arrive Project 33 was playing and like i say to Daniel: WOWOWOWO surprise me, the sound was simply perfect, good work guys !!! Than Riktan and Bansi play a great set ! A lot of rmx !! The live was AMAZIN, but i expected more, sad that Chicago can't came ( not organizer fault ) the live lost a lot because of that, but wass great !! DUDU ( U-MEN ) do a KILLLER JOB in the guitar !!

The Estructure was one of the BEST, the same sound system of Cachoeira Alta, the bar area was great, a lot of chairs !! Great Decor by Brahma !

The place was the best too, the parking with security ( I THINK THE PRICE FOR IT WAS VERY HIGH R$10 IS TOO MUCH, but the parking is from the place, no relationchip with Organizers )

That's it, my 2 cents
( )
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  18
Posts :  59
Posted : May 24, 2004 08:40

I donīt use to write in this forum after parties anymore, but Iīll try one more time:

1) Sorry about who wrote that wasnīt a live act but you people understand NOTHING technical about lives or djīs diferences. We had a real live ( I shoud say a trance concert ) and if you couldnīt see that, next time we can put a video wall and a film maker showing everything from the stage. Who said that it was fake " cause the guitar was exacly lika Dire Straits one"!!!!!WOW!! Donīt you know that itīs a simple "solo" for a medium guitar player??? Didnīt you see him playing live?? Didnīt you see Rajaīs flaute and vocal working? And Bansiīs and Riktamīs hands doing every litle noise in the keyboards and synthes??
Itīs party of the culture of this forum now complains even when you donīt know what you are yalking about???

2) Chicago was phorbiten to take his flight from Ibiza with GMS cause he didnīt had a regular "visto". He arrived in BH at 11:00 in the morning and we had 2 options: make the show with him at 12:00 or at the regular time ( 6:00 ) without him. Iīm not happy with this too. Sorry anyway. Thatīs why I donīt agree with paying 100% before playing like happened. SORRY...

3) We canīt let people go to theirs cars cause in BH we have LOTS of people who goes to parties NOT to buy the ticket and JUMP or stay in the door asking " pulseiras " for who is going home and give them.
This is the worse kind of people in trance and nobody in Isratrance talks about this. They fucked up Solares, Skazi and lots of partie organizers.
We are accepting sugestions for this problem...

4) I wish people who writes only bad things think about the good ones too to be fair with the partie.Didnīt you like anything??? The sound system?? Lotīs of foodīs, cold beer, water and cigarets till 14:00 ???The laser show ( first time in Bh that one ) ??? The decor ( Brahma paints only 3 in a year and we had 4 new!!) ???The dj sets ??The parking area ( anybody had his car stolen) ??
Lotīs of bathroons ( anybody saw "fila "during 12 hours)?? Lootīs of caixas ?? The moving heads and stage lights ?? The skywalker??And what about the GIRLS ?????????? NO COMMENTS??
I think some people are taking this too much serious this forum and forgeting to have fun...

I donīt understand BH people of this forum. Weīre are having this year the greatest parties, artists and crews like we never had before. Chemical Crew, Connection, T.M, Psicotrance, Cachoeira Alta and another ones.
I think this forum could be a place to change infos between organizers and public to improve the scene. Itīs an open chanel for this and it works a lot in another cities and countries in Isratrance.
In BH 90% of posts in: A) to complain B) things like - killer one!!!! chaaaamaaa!!!! good vibes !!!! amazing !!!!! blábláblá... And some times you have more posts like this than people in the partie!!! And what about the personal stuffs ....!

I accept real comments and critics about our parties. And sugestions too.

Iīm sure BH will have a real bigger scene soon ( THATīS WHAT WE ARE WORKING FOR ) and them weīll have all kinds of parties like indoors, open airs, maistrens, undergrounds, big, small and medium sizes, full on, progressive, weekends, wednesday and thursdays,in clubs, farms etc etc etc.


excuse me for the blood bad english

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  12
Posts :  178
Posted : May 24, 2004 16:36
leo ziller.. one great sugeston about the problem with the car/ticket.. put the party entrance BEFORE the parking lot.. so the people can walk any time they want to pick anything that they want in the car.. small things make the party great...

trance not equal night club with house/dnb/dance... trance people are use to some freedom at parties.. we are loosing that to become just like everything that we run out ...

peace...           the thing is... nothing is too serious to be taken too serious ehehe
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  55
Posts :  381
Posted : May 24, 2004 16:51
Wow. What a party.

Congratulations to everybody involved.

Thanks a lot Chimoio and Balde for your kind words !

About the live ... Fake live ??? NO WAY. Let me just explicit somethings : This is an eletronic live act, not a rock and roll show. So when the microphone felt down there were no noise, it was because the man responsable for the mix (Riktam) and what a mix, kept the microphone volume down since no one was speaking on it. The live happen in this way : Riktam(the guy in your top left view) organize all the sounds together (the mix), he controls volumes and effects intensity ... Bansi make live synth lines in your upright vision (which volumes are controlled by riktam) and in the downcenter there is Raja playing flute and speaking and singing ... Sometimes raja played the flute and no sound came out of the speakers. Why ? Because its 140 bpm music, and its not easy to simply start to play an organic instrument together with it @ the right time. So Raja start to play and only when he fits the music ok, Riktam opens it @ the main mixer ! The same thing for the vocal and the guittar. And sometimes the guys made mistakes, small ones, that caracterize the live act. As an example, Raja lost the voice sample of the Mesaline introdution (Cīmon down lets all take ...) so he spoke it, kind of singing it in the middle of the track. Fantastic !! Live presentation ! The best one Ive seen in my life. It a complete show ... The guys plays lots of their music (almost everytrack), mixed them together, played remixes ... Live flute, live synths, live guitar, little live percussion (controlled by Riktam as well). Simply fantastic.

The structure were great. I loved the laser show, really nice during the night. The bar prices were the usual ones, that we see every party/festival, no lines, good security, nice sight. Well, what a pro work.

I know that there are so many discussion involving the 1200 mics live, so I will show one thing, there is a topic here in the forum, titled :

gms on isratrance now 10,000 euro reward

Bansi and Riktam offered 10000 euro for the guy the prove that any live from 1200mics was fake. Nice one, han !? I pay 10.000 more after this weekend. I myself saw 8 channels plugged in their MOTU soundcard.

They finish the topic saying "p.s. we do music for you " ...

Think about it.

Boom to the party !! Hope to see it at least every year !! And I almost forget ... Project 33, you guys rocked it hard !! Keep going my friends ! 

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  109
Posted : May 24, 2004 17:21
Well, I guess after having seen Sub6's live act, nothing can ever be compared to that....

Maybe Son Kite one day, hopefully....           *** PLUR ***
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  28
Posts :  495
Posted : May 24, 2004 18:34
Good words Leo and Pin !! Respect !!

And Rastapsi, the problem in put the door entrance before parking in that place is because the WALL that separeted the STREET and the PARKING are very small, easy to jump :/

( )
paulo gio

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  80
Posted : May 24, 2004 20:32
Well, Ziller.... This is Belo Horizonte, mate.... Unfortunately, we chose to do parties in the worst Capital in Brazil..... The place where the "moda" will be always around, and people who want to put u down wil be always acting.... There will be always those JUMPERS, who love to get in for free....
I'm sure those guys from 1200 mics. would never play a fake live for the price they asked.... 10000 dollars is a lot of money! But many people here dont know anything about trance.... and worse, they criticize our parties, because they are damn KIDS! Yes, Kids! The trance lovers in Europe have the age over 24, 25! And the parties..... uh-oh! The best parties I've been... The people here in BH should learn a bit from the paulistas, who got the best scene here in Brazil.... Serious people, working for the scene...... I'm sure, if this thing continuous, no GRINGO will come to BH anymore, because they always leave with people throwing stones at them..... That's sooo wrong!
Leo, respect! Keep it up!
Mister M o X9

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  5
Posted : May 24, 2004 20:45
So, why are you here? Go to São Paulo, man.... I payed the ticket in your party and what happens? Lose my money, and because of these money (from the pockets of fools who buys it like me) the gringos will come for sure .... make a party like that in São Paulo! You will see.... by the way, i have 27 years old and i have a job to pay my costs in parties, and it gives me all reason to complain when i feel injuried....
Trance Forum ŧ ŧ Forum  Brazil - BELO HORIZONTE - 1200 MIC´S LIVE P.A(RAJA RAM +GMS) !!! RIKTAM & BANZI, RAJA & JP (DJ
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