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Astrix - Artcore (HOM-Mega Productions)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 21, 2004 19:54
The only interesting tracks from Astrix's "Artcore" are the last 3, specially Underbeat > Amazing track!!!

Its a good album, but with the usual formula...
Thats why i liked the last 3 tracks so much...

Maybe its a good sign for the 3rd album.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 22, 2004 15:20
over all a disappointement from avi......
hes capable of much better
only tracks i like from this album are
Tweaky & Techno Window
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Silent Scream
Silent Scream

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Posted : Nov 22, 2004 16:55
I can truly say I was suprised from this album...I expected a full childish album whos sounds like he finished it in one day.
but insted..i belive i got much more mature album than most of the music i hear today.

first track Poisen is the best for me in this album...starts with cool pads and getting into buisness right fx and groovy bassline and feeling..great sounds and superb structure...a really mature track with no chldish parts...i like evry single part of it, a good astrix melody in the end...and its of the best structures i heard.

second track which called Monster with Infected Mushroom
is no dissapointmen..these guys created a dancefloor monster with killer leads and leg breaking breaks.
i really like the part where the bassline changes and things start to get groovy and complicated...i salute Avi for the great vocal he made by himself, and as always like a formula a good astrix melody with more feelings now...I LIKE IT!

Third track is Tweaky, didnt like it so much...nice groove..sounds too much like "Chaos" the old hit from astrix, i like the vocals in the background...and its a stormer on the dancefloor..but i think he can do mushc better as he alredy showd us in the begining of the album.

fourth track is Techno Windows which was alredy released on the "Coolio" single, super dancefloor stuff, i cant say anything bad on this track, it has great structure as always, good sound production, and nice guitars who takes the power of this track into the highest levels,but still ,he had betters.

fifth track is Artcore, the title track of the album.
here I felt inlove wuickly in the midi gate pad right on the begining, than the usual astrix bassline which is the only bad thing i can say about this one, killer fx storming leads and going straight to the legs, nice melody fades in and the groove gets into buisness, than this track is turning to a masterpiece, the track goes down with a filter and than a new bassline gets with amazing fx and stuff its super groovy ill die on the floor with this one, than the pads gets in and we get the best break of the album. killer atmosphere with the pads and the vocals fading in and out i think im cryinggg, but than a bit dissapointing melody, I expected so a Chaos look alike melody and insted im getting a usual full on melody, damn u avi

sixth track, On Fire, this track is actually a remake to his tune "Fire", it gets into buisness quicly and turning into the most dancefloor track of the album with killer loops and bassline...didnt liked thr guitars though, heard too many like these alredy.

seventh track, Underbeat, from this part of the album we are gowing down with the BPM.
kind of a progressive tune which i like cause i began to get bored from full on, nice beats and leads, but it sounds too empty and im getting bored of it very quickly, i like the ending sounds original than crazy angry leadpad gets in is superb!

8th track, Sex Style.
For sure one of my favorites, still a Full-on progressive tune i think...I cry right away with that amazing melody on the begining ,nice bassline smashing percussions and a break,,,the kick+bass fades in and than a new bassline much better one with the best lead of the album i cant stop playing with my mouth and than that super emotional melody!
in the end we get again a typical astrix melody which is not always a bad thing, I like this tune a lot hope Ill hear more from this style by Astrix.

Last track, Beyond the senses.
IM INLOVE with astrix ambient style i can dance to it and i cant stop moving my head when i listen to that..pumping beats and ultra killer mouth vocals and the percussions ....ahh the percussions...AMAZING
than these leads who takes the bassline up and down I LIKE IT!

than a break and a beuitiful original melody, taking us back to these cool vocals..a master work for sure, i didnt like the BPM goes higher in the end but still its a great tune, keep doing that style plz!!

so in overall is a very good album, the best I heard in a while..
I give it
cause of Tweaky and the formulatic melodies and basslines.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 27, 2004 20:10
still this cd is smashing my mind
each time i hear it...
every track a masterpiece

          Life is too short for lousy music!

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Posted : Dec 4, 2004 00:55
This has to be one of the best cd's I've bought and listened to this year.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 23:09
Pretty good actually. Not a world smashing release, but nice on the ears and some good uplifting endings to some of the tracks. Hope Astrix keeps it up this way. Worthy of being added to your collection if you like this kinds of full-on melodic style.           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]

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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 23:23
About underbeat: no one knew this track?
I have this track since the beginning of this year, it was part of a compilation i downloaded from the internet. But no one seems to knew it until know, and i find it kindda strange that Astrix would put an old track in this album without a remix. I can´t find the name of the compilation i download, nor can i find any info about a compilation with Underbeat. It seems that its the first time this track is released.
Possibly i downloaded something with some stolen mp3s...

Anyway, it's a great track, my favorite from him. Don't know about this album cause i ain't got it.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 7, 2004 23:50
amigo, this track wasn't released previously. you did get a stolen track.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 8, 2004 02:04
This is my favorit work by Astrix,, sound quality is excellent and music seems a bit more grown up.           no sig

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Posted : Dec 8, 2004 04:39
I been listening to this cd in my car for last 3 or 4 weeks , still not tired of it. production is top notch and many catchy melodies and cool build ups. Favorite tracks:
1(poison), 2 (with infected M), 3 (tweeky), 6 (don't love the guitars so much but awesome beat) 8 (sex style - good atmospherics sounds and climactic buildup).

good job!
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