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Astrix - Artcore (HOM-Mega Productions)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 1, 2004 22:18
Title : "Artcore" by Astrix
Label : Hommega Productions (Israel)
Date : Oct. 2004

01) Poison - opening track long into starting the amazing kicks with some cool plays and twsiting dark turns and breaks all mixed with hard kick and phat bass then comes more agressive plays before the ending melody which is very special one avi at is best here a dance floor burner working great a real hit machine.
Yup... its have arrived the 2nd and long awaited Avi-Astrix-Shmailov cd.
well as a big fan of avi since his first days in 2001 , i real liked the line of the cd very , typical astrix touches but with more clubby atmosphere and alot more melodic this time , with the famous astrix phat basskick , avi has worked on this cd for 1.5 years and and well heard , ive enjoyed this cd i hope you too :

monotonic with the opening melody again and this is all was a opening for the blasting winning melody in the end of the track , real explosive melody with some spaceic elements real nice stuff.

2) Monster (With Infected Mushroom) -
this track is with infected but its more influcened with the avi touch , hard kick in the start with some duvdev voices again then the track twisting into a real cool groovy with dinamit samples , then comes the infected streches to openes more vocals to give the stage to the ending grooovy melody what a fantastic melody , the best astrix can do , great track.

3) Tweaky - my favorite track from the cd , a real hit machines , dance floors smaher with some more deeper elements but reminds of more older astrix days , duvdev vocals again (he likes doing it eh?) heh , then track has some indian vocals and cool twisting plays then the famous astrix samples from the alien projcets times track going to explosive attack then tracks comes with more vocals to open the ending melody which is insanse this time , avi just losed control here and wanted to smash the dance floors and surely did it , streched the melody all over just brilliant.

4) Techno Windows - the well known track from the coolio single not much to add here , excellent avi track with some fine groove and kicking ass melodies real liked the "what the fuck's going on" sample.

5) Artcore - the main track of the cd starts with some space cat elements which the cat likes to use so much , then comes the kick reminds of some older gms stuff gives the track a monotonic touch with lower bpms now tracks opens slowly and turning grooves all around then some more chilly melodies then gives a relax to the track before the blastinf melodies with the space cat elements agiin , beautiful winning melody at the end going more solid now but still works fines in the dance floors.

6) On fire - the well known track with the guitars sample this versions is kinda diffrent from what we've all heard before , still very hard tracks , gives more skazi style into astrix music more agressive and some cool vocals , then guitars plays with some strange vocals guitras going all around this track , just insane track , a dance floor cracker.

7) Underbeat - this track is tottaly diffrent from the rest of the cd , avi in a progressive trance form with low bpm now tracks opens slowly with some dark elements then the melody start to opens something really special never heard something like this before real explosive stuff works fine with ending prog sets with heavy electric guiats plays just amazing.

8) Sex Style - starting with a groovy long intro with strange plays , then kick comes with a new breaks from astrix but famous bassline , then some cool vocals with nice strech of voice reminds of infected's work , real nice break from avi , then tracks become more

9) Beyond The Senes - the ending track , astrix going ambient\chill out\freestly here with relaxing melodies and shows his tallent here again then some tribe vocals melody opens slowly and going deeper and deepep with the electro drums before the end which avi gave the whole track a new direction which tunrns into a low bpm full on melodic stuff and cool vocals again amazing one

to sum it i really enjoyed this album , be sure to catch him at the dnace floors this winter , have fun.

favorites : Artcore , Monster , Tweaky.


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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 12:56
hmm its could be better album IMO..

trax 1,2,3,4 are dancefloors hits.. and indeed good trax.
5 i didnt like..
fire is lame
underbeat not my fav style of astrix
sex style is very very nice
and the downtemo is boring !

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 14:17
u liked tweaky? IMO it's the the most regular-everyday-fullon track in the album
my favorites are poison, artcore and monster

Fire is so lame
very similar to talamasca's aries.

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 14:33
The best Full-on album released since his last album , Same old astrix; but with a new twist. My fav. Is Sexstyle a truly amazing tune. All the tracks are very good except Fire which is a mediocre.
And I think the chill-out tune is everything but boring.
9.5/10 (it would have received 10/10 but because of the fire track)

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 16:31
half of this album is pure eurodance .....
i used to like astrix music , but i'm done now ......
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 18:18
The album of the year for sure!
what a happy music, i love it!
besides fire and underbeat everything is HIT!
Avi is a fullon Master.

Peace Out!
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 20:06
I think artists like Infected and Astrix should lean more towards the more ambientish style... (Streched, Sex Style).
They can really show their real skills and psychedelic abilities with these tracks and not with Cities of the future or Fire.
guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 20:53
The man who bring us the full-on style hit again !
Astrix second album is really something special !
I think that his second album is better than the first , more intersting ...

1) Poison - Dance floor monster without merci , power & power & power !

2) Monster Remix - Astrix & IM ... what more we can expect for ? atom bomb ! I like the vocals and the effects , this one wll play on every dance floor for sure.

3) Tweaky - Very good track by Astrix ! I can't here this track and sit on the same time

4) Techno Widows - Another dance floor hit , this tune work so good on the dance floor that every party I go to , I hear it ! "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE ? "

5) Artcore - The best track of the album for me ! style Astrix - Space Cat with a lot emotion ! very special atmosphere , pumping bass line and Astrix powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! what a exellnt track !

6) On Fire - So much ppl talk about this one , I think that Astrix remake for this track is good. I always love to hear this one on the dance floor , ppl get crazy when they hear this 1.

7) Underbeat - Little diffrent tune by Astrix , it is porg-full on with up in the middle. One of my favorites Astrix track ever !

8) Sex Style - The best melodi I hear on the last few years ! very special one !

9) Beyond The Senes - Astrix down the BPM and he do it perfect. Amazing vocals with slow base line !

All in all , I think this album is worth buying and must to be on every case of full on DJ.

9 \ 10

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 21:40
Not the worst full on album this year, but to be honest I was hoping for more from Astrix. The two year old “Eye To Eye” album is still one of my favourite full on releases, and “Artcore” simply didn’t touch me nearly as much.

I even hate two of the tracks: “Monster” for its Infected-style vocals, and the horrible “On Fire” – Astrix’ attempt to follow the Chemical Crew style with stressful guitar-samples. Uff, I simply don’t get why this style is so popular.

It isn’t all bad though – “Underbeat” was a very pleasant surprise with its much more laid back feel. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it progressive, but on this album it’s the closest Astrix has come to my favourites from him, the always beautiful “Valirus” and “Crystal Sequence”.

“Sex style” also had a really nice mellow Infected Mushroom-like melody (from the "Classical Mushroom" days), which I really liked, and well … some of the tracks had some good points, but overall I was quite disappointed.

My feeling after this album is that Astrix unfortunately is to focused on making dance floor killlahs nowadays. What a shame, I think he has so much more to offer.

6,5/10          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 23:52
Poison monster Sex-style is AWSOME!!

Underbeat last lead is a really killer one, great idee!!

really melodic and atmospheric album!! BoomB!!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 3, 2004 02:45
This is a very special CD for sure!

I hv listened it a couple of times, but to make a proper review i'll listen it one more time and rate the tracks

Here we go...

1.Poison - Very good track in my opinion, lots of power in it. The final melody... my god!!! Beautiful!!! 9/10

2.Monster Rmx - Its notorial the presence of Infected in this track because of the samples used in it. To be honest i dont like very much the voices. But the end is not bad 8/10

3.Tweaky -Its good, but i think it could be better arranged. of the sound reminds of Chaos, dont know why... maybe its the bass 7,5/10

4.Techno Windows - This is another excelent track, as are most of the tracks of this great album:) 9/10

5.Artcore - For me this is the best track of the album, great ideas from the begining to the end, the part when the tracks gets more chilly its very well done, everything fits perfectly, and the final melody is one of the best melodies i ever heard in my life!!! Perfect track!!! 9,5/10

6.On Fire - Dont like guitar tracks... 6/10

7.Underbeat - A more relaxing track, but with a great layer near the end, very spooky track, i liked it 8/10

8.Sex Style - Oh my god!!! What a great begining, its a melody with a lot of feelings in it, the name of the track says it all:) But... I dont like the end, the bass variations are too housy for my taste, but still a good track 8/10

9.Beyond The Senses - Finaly the chill out track of the album. I must say its an excelent track. Love the voices, very well managed:) And the pitch increast in the end... Very good track 9/10

Almost all the tracks are good, and i cant say there is really bad one.

Very well done Mr. Avi, you done it again, keep up the good work as you always did until now:)

" The universe is the centre of all our thoughts"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 3, 2004 03:18
yeap good album.
this one is for full on lovers and who ever didn't like this one ,doesn't like full on.
for me Poison is great, Arrcore also great ful on trak. shortly for full on lovers great cd with great music to hear and trance to it.
keep on raving.

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Posted : Oct 3, 2004 04:47

On 2004-10-03 03:18, kakha wrote:
yeap good album.
this one is for full on lovers and who ever didn't like this one ,doesn't like full on.
for me Poison is great, Arrcore also great ful on trak. shortly for full on lovers great cd with great music to hear and trance to it.
keep on raving.

fully agree!!!!!!

this album kick asses

track 1 poisen is perfectly product
track 2 is a reall monster
t 3 hmmmmm i think this is copy past from another track
t 4 very cool vocal!!!
track 5 amazing in the middle with the special voice!!!
track 6 headache i hate that guitar track
tr 7 killllllllla !!! the sirens are great !
8 i din't like this sex stuff
9 great bpm changing! way to go!

all in all astrix did great job imo !
i love it!

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 3, 2004 19:36
I think this album is great.

-Posion is just damn amazing. That intro is just, wow!
-Monster sounds like the infected track something else.

I give this album a 9.0/10.0. The album's production quality is just out of this world, and avi's new style is much more interesting than his previous work.

I may consider buying this one in the future.
Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 4, 2004 13:34
One of the best albums this year. Avi rocks it again. It is very different from the first one Eye To Eye but it is great as that was.           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.
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