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6-7/6 10 years of Moksha @ Ganey Huga


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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 16:39
All in all, great event!
Diverse lineup with good steady dance floor during day and night time. the highlights for me: Goblin's set (most of it from the great new album), Bionic Bong at the end was fuckin' unbelievable! Total Eclipse (with the ping pong between new and old school stuff was brilliant! (Free Lemonade! what more can you say?!) and Omka! Man, first time hearing ya and it was damn good! the Cosmosis track was one hack of input! (:
Keep up the good work Moksha!!!
Good luck on the next one (Juno Reactor and Union jack! are kidding me!!! wowww!)

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 17:32
well, this topic has turned out to be one of those "who has the last word" topics
why does'nt eveybody just agree not to disagree with each other?

and to my review:
i had a wonderful time, i really enjoyed spending time with my friends, sitting around the pool and watching all the beautiful good-vibed people that came to party.
didn't feel the police at all, i know they were there but they didn't bother me or any of my friends.
music: i absolutly loved lish's set! very powerfull and right on time, as someone said here. the crowd reacted beautifully to their set, it was lovley to see that.
haltya and total eclips made me jump as well, but the best set for me was atmos with those soothing, soft sounds i really needed to hear after all that non stop boom-boom-shake-the-room music.

points that bothered me:
1. the horrible state of the girl's toilets -come on guys, is it too hard to get someone to clean them once in a while?
2. not enough trash bins
3. the 20 shekel deposit in exchange for a full trash bag is a good idea - but you must consider the fact that people bring lots of camping gear to this kind of party, and that they have to carry it a long distance from the car park and back. it would be nice if you saved us the extra weight on our way out by collecting the bags inside the party, before we had to walk up the hill to our cars with our hands already full at the end of the party.
4. more sprinklers would have been great...

that's all, to sum it all up i want to say that it was my first moksha event, i didn't expect much but it actually turned out to be really fun.
now i'm going to totaly rest untill boom...

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 17:37
for me it was good from all assspectss, nothing to bitch about, full power...
mark f.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 17:38
OK......for me it was so magical event! i had so much fun!! wow! thank you so much all moksha crew for wonderful holiday!!!
about the music:SENSIENT was very interesting...we dont here this kind of music so it was vrey interesting for me...
im so sorry that i cant here ATMOS......i should go to work.....and from good frends that like the seme stile of music that i like told me that SHEMES,KATAMIND was exelelent!!
thank to all MOKSHA for wonderful holyday!           BEAT CULTURE
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 19:39
well, amazing event , fuckin amazing, that is my opinion!

so let's be a bit more specific, got there early as i could. i expected to hear amotz set after some listening to his myspace page i found out he has exelent music but i gues i got there a bit to late since 2 guys was already playing idm style, didnt stay long for this even in made my ears jump and went back to the camping area for a dip-chill-puff-drinking time:)

got back to the dancefloor while younger brother was playing his stuff. what can i say, fo was much more interesting than shpongle, i enjoyed every moment of this one, so thank who ever thought about bringing this act over here.

my next round on the dancefloor was SENSIENT who played very good of course, as a big fan of this artists i gues i expected more from him , so i'm actually counting the minutes for the second round tonight, anyway thanks again:)

peter digital was fantastic, enyojed every second , cheers!

Lish played the best set i heard from them so far, yap, it's wierd, but it's the first time i think this act actually play in the right houres for their music.
wonderfull choice indeed

next was the set of the party!! for me, PSYSEX really suprised me after a very long time i didnt get the chance or will to listen to full-on, i danced my heart out in that set:)

haltya came up next and in the first hour in was very nice, but to wacko for me afterwards, i must say i remember the last time haltya played in israel and it was much better, but again tonight is round 2..

dont remember the order but i came back in the middle of tottal eclipse set and fkew away with those funky sounds from the past.

next and last one to i heard after a long rest was atmos, sorry didnt connect this time, or again, expected so long for this one, and it was not more that a good set. for sure not his best imo.

to summ the musical part up , it was the longest time i ever spent on a dancefloor in a raw, so i gues it says it all!

now for the other things:

sound: perfect! , but maybe it was wise to open the volume right from the early night and not only sometime during peter's set.

venue: the camoping area was very nice and far from the dancefloor, something i think is most nesecery,
(and sorry i.t.k but if someone would bother me while i fell down to sleep after diggin all night and morning before i'm plannig to drive me and my friends home, i would kick his ass back to the dancefloor, but that's just me hey:)

about the bags issue, it's a lovley idea and i sure hope to see this happenes in more parties
maybe one thing thought, we got 5 bags and used only 1 bag to leave our area spotless, so i recomand a bag to a car and not for every person for next time.

the biggest issue of this festival is EXPECTATIONS
and by that i mean the festival in achzive beach was simply a better rave than this one. and after this kind of rave, it's very rare and unique to find such an amazing vibe like was there with so many people around
if you think about that, achziv rave was not less legal or commercial, or anything made better than the festival in ganey huga, just a better party

anyway. personally i had one of the better parties i remember.
thanks moksha for this effort, u did it again!
looking forward to the next one
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saturday night. The 14/03/09
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 19:47

The 1st Dj who was playing put some realy interesting chillout music that fittd the early festival time.

thanks alot (: it was me who was playing the chill tunes..
like many other ppl i do think there was place for chill music in the chill area.. 
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 19:49
Well I'm very sorry to see that yet again this thread has gone to bad sides...
I will give my own personal opinion regarding some stuff said here which have disturbed me in particular but in the bottom line, ANY production that lasts a decade in Israel is worth ALL of our respect and big thumbs up for Moksha crew - Sagiv, Huda, Eyal, Omka and all the rest, eventhough most of them are not the original crew it is extremely appreciated!

Now about the old and new users, and new and old trancers, I have to say, like anything in life once you are in some kind of culture you get to have a bit more understanding, more experience and most important, you understand how things really work! I think many of the new trancers here like myself a few years ago (and still new compared to people who went to parties from the 90s) have abslutly no idea what it takes to make such a project/party, believe me there are other ways to make quick money and if the production people would wanna make easy and fast money - making Trance parties is really not the way. So ya sometimes the responses from older users/trancers might seem harsh but this is because some of them know what it takes to make these events, and know how it used to be in the past... Moreover, some people here are deeply involved with this scene, it's a way of life for them, they live it during the week and not only on occasional weekends when it's holidays, therefore it is only natural for these people to take the things people write here more harsh since they are surrounded and part of the Trance culture with all their hearts which i much more than I can say for many people here.
it doesn't make anybody's opinion better but again if you were to go to a treck in India for example wouldn't you rather hear advices from a person who did it a many times for the past 15 years or a person who did it once? If you want to start taking Yoga lessons wouldn't you prefer to hear it from somebody that has practiced for many years and went across the world for seminars than a person who went for a class or two in Israel? I'm sorry but experience and being an artists or deeply involved in the Trance scene makes you see things behind the scene and not only the few hours that you spend in the party, therefore I personally appreciate those criticism much more because they come from past experience. Moreover people who have been traveling across the world too have seen a much more diverse ways of Trance parties thus have a much wider view about the options and ways a party can be conducted. EVERY festival I went to abroad gave garbage bags for people for 5 euros which is 20 shekels and people are used to clean their own mess, I truly don't find this aspect only the productions responsibility especially from people who are flagging the PLUR slogan, respect comes to the nature that you are using and I really don't see what is the big problem in picking up your garbage, when I saw this on the flyer than I was so happy that finally we are starting to have a proper party that makes the Israeli crowd be aware of their doings, and ya I agree that after attending to many parties and festivals abroad the Israeli crowd is with out a doubt the most dirty not caring about the nature people I have ever seen. True I think that the garbage cans inside the dance floor should have been emptied more often but still, if you see that it is full you can still pile it up around the polls! and thus create a big bundle around them and not just throw it everywhere, if you go to festivals abroad people would actually go many meters sometimes kilometers! just to throw it properly in a garbage can or not around the dancing people!

About the commercialism, I think that Moksha as one of the mos if not the most veteran production in Israel has realized through the years that to make such a huge party in Israel without it being closed you have to corporate with the police, I mean if this event would get closed you would complain that you spent loads of money for nothing. I think this way, although it is not the ideal way of a Trance party is one of the only way for big parties to happen. So ya you cant be free with everything like small parties but I think whoever went to big parties here (again experience...) knows that you have to be discrete. I think this is part of being here in this scene for many years, you understand that you cant have it all. We still live in Israel and not in Europe or Australia, therefore to keep this scene alive and with massive artists like Moksha always brings means corporating with the authorities.

The line up was one of the most impressive ones and the most diverse. Again if some of the people here would know the expenses of bringing artists I'm sure they would talk differently. These are top class artists and you can barely see them on big festivals abroad, I also appreciate the open minded agenda Moksha have always had in bringing such a wide choice that everyone can be happy with, I think because the Israeli scene is normally used to one genre or two max it is hard for many people to enjoy or try to enjoy music they dont know. I however enjoyed the most:

1. Haltya - One of the most talented artists in this scene, he has 4 different projects (Pelinpla/Highpersonicwhomen/Headphonics/Haltya) and his set blew me away with the range of deranged directions he went. Unlike most Finnish artists Tommi has always kept a high quality of sound and his new album Book of Nature is one of the best and interesting albums I have heard in years!

2. Prometheus - Wow what a great set! I must confess that in the beginning I felt the set was a bit incoherent but later on it became a retro and innovative set which was perfect for that time of the day!

3. Sensient - THE best night set I have heard in a long time, this definitely shows that you don't need fast BPM for a proper night music, deep, intense but a bit going up and down, nevertheless brilliant!

The stuff that bothered me in the party:
- the camera with the huge metal hand was a bit too intrusive for me, I understand the need to document this magnificent event but some people on certain stuff may find this bothering, and since the sound was the best up front I didn't want to move behind....

- The sprinklers didn't work so well during the day time and it was very hard to dance underneath the shade since it created a greenhouse effect and with the dust around it made me choke.

All in all I thank Moksha for A SUPERB event, may we manage to celebrate another 10 years!
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"HAFIROT" 106fm (TLV) wednesday's @ 13:00
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 22:16
Thank's to Moksha Production,it wa snice party
lot of friends,water and music.
Liked Sensient very much ,great set by Peter Didjital,missed Lish so dont know how they was,was chilling till Atmos,and he was amazing,make lot of people smile
and at the end,enjoyed of half of Ziv set,nice 1 man.           Dance is - As a matter of fact, socially admissible public analogue of the sexual act :)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 22:53
Hello good ppl,

Thanks to all of you who came & celebrated with us our 10 years of "Moksha-project".
We put a lot of love and hard in this event, to create something that you will remember with a smile forever.
It was very hard to make this event but in the end we think it was a successful one in general looking.
We read your comments about this event, good & bad, and as always we know how to accept it when it comes from good & healthy thinking.
We made this psychedelic event for you.
Unfortunately, we can't make event that fits perfectly to each one of you, but make sure that we try.
We can recognize two major things that bothered you:
1. The deposit of 20 Nis for plastic bag that returned to each one of you who returned it with some garbage inside and also to some of you that was "over smart" & returned it empty.
For the last 10 years, we put garbage cans in the party and also hand out plastic bags to the ppl BUT IT DIDNT HELP!!!
All the good ppl that love & appreciate the nature help to clean the area of the party but the majority just walk away, and when they are asked to participate in the cleaning, they give us a smile or some stupid answer like "I'm too stoned..." "The organizers are the responsible for this garbage", etc...
We hire a cleaning company at our events and still always we find ourselves and our closest friends cleaning and sometimes it takes two days after the party is over!!! All of this because we believe that we should respect the nature that we love so much and bring back the party area as clean as we get it!!!
We got this idea from festivals all over the world. This way every person who takes action and collect his garbage will get his money back! This kind of people doesn't need to pay for cleaning service!!!
But all of those who live like parasites and don't want to clean their garbage need to pay for this service!!! 20 Nis go to this action.
As we mentioned before, some "smart" people returned their plastic bag empty and asked their money backíKbecause it was our first time in most cases we returned the money back.
For all those people who "didn't understand the idea", at our next events empty plastic bag will not be acceptable.
In the bottom line, we saw that the majority of people returned their plastic bag with some garbage inside, so thanks to all of the people that took responsibility for their garbage.
All in all, we can say it was a positive idea that came from a good will & we hope that other production will adopt it.
One smart comment that we read was about the long distance to the plastic bag point.
Next time we promise to make it closer to the party area (thanks to all of you who lighted our eyes)

The second thing was the police issue,
We publish in all channels that this party is legal and authorized.
The police do their work as they know how, the dog thing was bothering but hey, we live in Israel, not in Europe (despite some of us think we do). It would be nice not to have their presence, but we didníŽt invite them to celebrate with us, it's the law.

How & what happened in other productions is not the discussion, every production has its own system.
All we can say is please be smart!

We are active members in this psychedelic world because we love music, nature & people.
We love to produce events that make people Smile and dance.
We want to produce events which will give you some fresh and new experiences in the psychedelic world.

We want to thank all of our friends & to our professional crew who became one big Moksha-family.
And of course to all of you who came in this last 10 year to one of our events or more than that, and gave your smiles and good vibes on it.

We hope to continue and surprise in the next event.

Be prepared

Peace & love.


Optimistic Suicide
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 23:17
My friend the fact that you replied to all of the people here is nice of you..
The fact you explained all about the plastik bags says that it really bothers you..
I don't think that what people here are saying says allot about this event..
There was 4000+ people in this event; then in simple math even if 200 people will comment here its still a very very small percentage!
As for the crowed - I think after event so big you should take few days befor you comment not after everything you inhale, drank and ect...
Don't forget that all the anger that you write down here actually offend some people who gave thier best for you..
The fact that you think that big events bring big money you are WRONG!!!
I got the chance to see how hard is it to produce big events.. and the more you invest then less money to your pocket...
So the worse thing to say about this kind of event that they are for money..
If it was for money then why would they invest so much money with only covering??
Can bring only one artist from over seas bad sounds not a legal spot and so and so..
So befor you comment about this people don't forget that no one forced you to come.
They put almost every kind of trance that everyone will come will be happy for 2 hours of music atleast..
Do what ever you want just speak with respect..!

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 23:56

On 2008-06-09 19:39, huga_generation wrote:
venue: the camoping area was very nice and far from the dancefloor, something i think is most nesecery,
(and sorry i.t.k but if someone would bother me while i fell down to sleep after diggin all night and morning before i'm plannig to drive me and my friends home, i would kick his ass back to the dancefloor, but that's just me hey:)

Now that's the spirit !!!


          I were automatic and as hollow as the "o" in god...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 10, 2008 05:04
hey i.t.k cya next near the left speaker:)

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saturday night. The 14/03/09
psych -out
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 10, 2008 06:53
great event nice ppl good old freiend .those who knowes me!!: water all around nice girl and musik , thats what we need .
thanks huda hoping come visit you agein in yr next one .

some one knows whats happanen with the T.F.N
event ?
d.j k-pax

Started Topics :  57
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Posted : Jun 10, 2008 09:06
after chechikg the flyer again, im affraid i didnt saw any "keep it underground" or any other indication that this 10 years b-day celebration wont be a massive mini-fest, so if somone miss understood its his own problem.
anyway about the music.. in a line up build from prog/minimal/full on and fin trance cant satissfy no one comletely.. some will enjoy the night and go home when helya played or the opposite ... and some just to drunk/hi/stooned to notice which sounds are coming out of the speakers.

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Posted : Jun 10, 2008 09:56

On 2008-06-08 15:16, Oran wrote:

On 2008-06-08 13:43, akprophet wrote:
psylady37 - every word engraved in stone.
Quality and making money do not go together

i realy like to hear what do you consider quality cause in my book theres nothing more "quality" than artists like sensient shpongle and until you book thosae to your ultra hush hush nature boom shankar only cool ppl hat party maybe its better to S**U..

And with all those plur talking from whoever it is you quote there, i guess it is realy plur to register a new account to isratrance just to throw shit around...

It's understandable to bitch about this dj that sucked or that the sound was a bit low but to say it was a money party?like you didnt knew the price before you got there?or did you realy think there will be no police there?did you think they will risk everything just so you could feel good with yourself?cause if the answer is yes then you are the joke here..

but dont ever stop cause they survived all that shit for 10 years now only to get stronger and become the best production as of today PERIOD.

Yes íV these are quality artists, no doubt about it. However íV quality for me is the whole package, not only the artists, and that means sound, vibes, location etc'.
"i guess it is realy plur to register a new account to isratrance just to throw shit around... " íV what does that has to do with anything?? You abuse your privileges to view my account details to criticize me íV I don't think thatíŽs the way to lead a healthy discussion, so íV you are the one who throws shit around man, I am just saying what I think.
Knowing the price before coming to the party does not cover up the fact that it WAS a money party. Did you ever go to a party without knowing the price?
And no íV I did not really think that we'll enjoy the blues absence. But I also didn't think that I will have to witness horrible scenes with the police participating, undercover cops walking around tents and so on..

Your style is exactly the kind of disgusting style I doníŽt want to come in contact with. Exactly the kind of bad and aggressive vibe I would like to avoid coming in contact with in parties.

It sounds like there is a lot of grudge, resentment and loathing dwell inside you. Maybe my friend you are going to the wrong parties? Anyway I'll make sure to invite you when I make my "ultra hush hush nature boom shankar only cool ppl hat party" íV maybe you will become more relaxed and friendlyíK â║

          Thoughts create reality
Think well
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