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ZMA Records-Connected (Compiled by Dj Oli of M.O.S and Hinz & Kunz)


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Posted : May 21, 2003 02:29
hey detox..
no need to explain ur opinion.
i just want to spot more light on this track in this thread.
Solid Snake

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Posted : Jun 6, 2003 11:34
1. Oxyd vs Dj Oli - Doctor Disco
2. Spectral Skunk - Convolution
3. The Higher Human Form - Assymetric Duty Ratio
4. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Connected
5. Morja - Plextrom
6. Nerve - White Sand
7. Oxyd - Twisted Kingdom
8. Hinz & Kunz - Shiatsu Express
9. Sterotype - Searching

First of all.. My expectations are VERY high when it comes to do a follow up on volume 1... volume 1 blew me away and left me broke half dead and horny...

1.We kick off with a slow percussive warm up track by Rodrigo Carreira And oliver Tietz... Kinnda overall track... nothing special yet a good one if u know what i mean...

2.We move on to the skunk mr Roberto Pampoch Neto, starts out slow here too... Twisted atmosphere and hard kicking beats... Now this i like... twisted yet proggressive yet full-onish... Good one.

3.New project for me... dont know about u guys but from what i hear these guys have a future... a real stomping floorburner... from their names George Exharos & Yiannis Alexandropoulos i think we can assume the greek background Realy intresting track i must say... A little bit more towards full-on but still proggressive feelings... a warm track.

4.Christian Bruckhaus and n.d.m (mos) is here...
Rocking the floor with this mayhem of hi-fi aggressiveness... In some weird way it reminds me of Son Kite - hi-fi stomp session which is not a bad thing of course... good one

5.We move along as the cd spins...
Morja 1/3 of Trioptimum aka Tino Christiansen from Germany is here... brings a bit of humore into this cd with the track plextrom... i have no idea how to define this but im sure it works great on the floor with tarzan screaming in the background

6.main or sideprohect of mos dunno
Kinnda goaish track.. Dont know what it is doing on this compilation... the track is ok but not on this compilation...

7. Nothing special here... the usual... nothing more to add..

8. Technotrance feelings along with tribalistic atmospheres... a fine soundscape... me likes

9. Goa again....

well herc... this is not what i expected... i would like too see more compilations from u and not from people who still thinks GOA has a place on ZMA cus it never has as far as i know... no im about to put session nr1 in the cd and float away...

Arie Molecular

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Posted : Jun 9, 2003 14:12
Compilation - 'Conected' session vol.2 : compiled by DJ Oli (MOS)

I just got the CD.
I put it into the CD player and i really proud of ZMA rec. for again a very quality product.
Good music with good new talents along with good older artists :

1. Oxyd vs. DJ Oli - Doctor Disco (W&P by Rodrigo Carreira and Olicer Tietz 7:42)
A great groovy and funky track to start off this compilation. a clubby touch to the trance side. cool rythm with a great kick power. exellent sound quality that make the fx work to be more hearable and influancing. the main feeler for this track is coming from a pad that makes the track packed with sounds and atmospheric.

2. Spectral Skunk - Convolution (W&P by Roberto Pampoch Neto 8:13)
Nice digging track with a very nice execution of those crunchy sounds. the track becoming more a fealer after the pad is coming. making it a good forward track.

3. The Higher Human Form - Assymetric Duty Ratio (W&P by George Exhardos & Yiannis Alexandropoulos 8:22)
Very nice and groovy track. i really like the pads workat the start of the track, it makes a good filler. the track progresses slowly forward along with good loops work thats that coming out good and clear.later on the tracks sound fx makes the track more psychedelic . good break at the middle with good dark pads. all in all good progressive track.

4. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Storm - Connected (W&P by Christian Bruckhaus & N.D.M 9:36)
Great start, power with progressivnes.good bassline workmakes the track very fatty. i like the "Conected"sample that appearing along the track. crazy fx making the track very psychedelic and wet with sounds. the track wont let you down untill the end.

5. Morja - Plextrom (W&P by Tino Christiansen 8:00)
Very dark begining with dark pads and sound fx. a good track with nice freestyle combinations. i like the trumpet that comes as a little break and the Tarzan sample at the middle. very interesting track for those who's looking for a new style like a combination of tech-trance with clubby touches and a good freestyle pasrts.

6. Nerve - White Sand (W&P by Christian Bruckhaus and N.D.M)
The track starts with good woman vocals and a good pads. followed by a great entry with superb loop work.and exellent fx work that complete this track, nice sample a the middle of the track make a good fealer. the track got good percoution work and its taking himself progressivly till the end building himself. great spanish guitar sound at the end make it very atmospheric yet energetic.

7. Oxyd - Twisted Kingdom (W&P by Rodrigo Carreira 6:17)
Sweaping begining, take you slowly with those nice sound fx. the first break implies of what is coming after the break.nice chords at the end makes it powerfull tune. the percoution and pad that been added makes the track more airy fealing. last break gives a good streching experiance and the track continue with more power towards the end. proggy and clubby track. i would wormly recomend to play this track at a beach or pool party.

8. Hinz und Kunz - Shiatsu Express (W&P by Mischa Lapaczynski & Oliver Tietz 7:45)
Nice tune. srarts off with good rythm and percoution work. very good fx work at the begining make it apocaliptic atmosphere.
great break with superb african drums at the middle taking you will the finish.

9. Stereotype - Searching (W&P by Christian Bruckhaus & N.D.M 6:29)
Exellent track to finish this compilation. the new sound (imho) in the trance scene. superb fx work one of the best execution i have ever heard. reminds me of love parade 99' (Israel)'s sound , with a great progressivnesand fealing. at the middle of the track its becomingvery psychedelic and full of acidness sounds that breaking often with the fealing of the pads and melodies that takes you till the end of this compilation.

Summery : Very good production from the Ololiqui studio and wonderfull cover, nice and simple.
all in all high quality release from ZMA rec. keep up the good work

my favorites : 1(!) , 3 , 4 , 6(!) , 7 , 8 , 9(!)
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Posted : Jun 9, 2003 17:11
Once again ZMA release a high quality compilation in the "Session" serie. It's not as good as "A Step Beyond", but there are some gems from both established and new artists on the scene.

My favorites are:

#3 The Higher Human Form - Assymetric Duty Ratio. Excellent full on'ish track with nice progress throughout the track. Nice uplifting stuff around the middle of the track.

#4 Mittelstandskinder Ohne Storm - Connected. Extremely powerfull track to rock every dancefloor.

#9 Stereotype - Searching. As mentioned before this is a very nice track to close this compilation. Beautiful dreamy atmosphere for the morning hours.

Overall it's a very good compilation, where I personally can't find a single bad track. And with a wide range of styles from full on to minimal, you're guaranteed to find something you like.

My verdict: 7/10

Keep up the good work ZMA           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
Mammoth Hunter

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Posted : Jun 9, 2003 19:16
I'm with Anders on this one. A Step Beyond was a lot more appealing to me than this compilation. But I guess a lot of people like it, so we can say there's been something for everyone in the ZMA catalogue recently!

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2003 19:39
And more releases to follow for sure.

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Posted : Jun 9, 2003 21:52
WOW....what a release....Zma is heading to be my favourite label lately..such amazing compilations..
I love most of the tracks here, specially Oxyd ones that shows a reallly original sound of prog housyy trance....and its so brazilian indeed....wait for more from Oxyd at Aeon rec. soon!
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 10, 2003 12:00
Finally it arrived to Krembo (for u Yossi)
Very good compilation, dark, pumping.
Except for the tarzan track which is a bit boring and the first track which is a bit to “pop” style.
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 17, 2003 11:04
I LOVE this compilation!!!

This is my favorite ZMA release. I liked the 1st sessions, but I think this one is much better. The whole cd has a "big dj set at big party" heart, covering a wide range of styles.

1. Oxyd vs. DJ Oli - Doctor Disco

Killer tech-house. The groove says it all: "It's FAT!" One of the best on the cd. (Nothing "pop" about this one at all.)

2. Spectral Skunk - Convolution

Nice dark roller. Good for outdoor party in the deep night.

3. The Higher Human Form - Assymetric Duty Ratio

Another dark roller. Also great for the night at an outdoor party.

4. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Storm - Connected

Fucking BOMB of a track!!

5. Morja - Plextrom

Very minimal, hypnotic techy number. Not many ideas here, and silly Tarzan sample is totally out of place.

6. Nerve - White Sand

Love this track! It's like progressive oldskool, or neo-goa.The MOS boys back with their 1st album BUG did for me one of the peaks of the goa sound. Now they are throwing a bit of the old sounds in there for a great nostalic feeling. Only problem is train sample is unnecessary.

7. Oxyd - Twisted Kingdom

Didn't catch my attention...

8. Hinz und Kunz - Shiatsu Express

Dark, serious, tribal hypnosis. Excellent track!! I was very surprised by this one. The other Hinz and kunz track i heard (manta compilation) was too dry, but this is a killer. Now very looking forward to the new album.

9. Stereotype - Searching

More goa retro nostalgic vibes. This one sounds like the MOS doing an old ManMadeMan update. Great for maniac dancing the way we used to do it.

OVERALL: 9/10. I love this comp for its big heart and feel. Some of the tracks (the ones not by MOS) are not produced to perfection like on the proggy labels, but they all have something to offer. I am a proggy head who's grown a bit tired of the proggy sound but who detests the full-on tired sounds of many parties. This cd for me is a breath of fresh air. Highlights are track #1 (great edgy groove!), #4 (great drive!), #6 (great retro nostalgic vibe!), and #8 (great tribal atmosphere!). Nice work Oli. Looking forward to hear your set at the Labyrinth. Hope to hear you hit us with some of these tracks...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 21, 2003 23:46
stylish release,im an old MOS fan anyhow...
some really groovy tunes here, some very dissapointing, but in a whole comparing to the continues repetetive other releases i heard lately, this one is deserves attention!
Neogen / Overlap

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Posted : Jun 23, 2003 10:43
Have'just git this realy good CD!
Realy liked tracks 2,4,5.
And the best Track for me is Nerve!!!!Realy deep sound!!!
DJ Pelon(Inpsyde Media)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2003 20:05
a fine release !!
I think that Arie Molecular already wrote it down beautifully, so I won't do it again...
my personal favorites here are :
Spectral Skunk - Convolution
The Higher Human Form - Assymetric Duty Ratio
Mittelstandskinder Ohne Storm - Connected
Morja - Plextrom
Nerve - White Sand
well, the whole thing is good I guess... great release from ZMA !! keep it up !!!
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