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Wizzy Noise - The Timeline Remixes (Candyflip Records 2004) CDM

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2004 18:49
Wizzy Noise – The Timeline Remixes


Format: CDM
Artist: Wizzy Noise
Title: Timeline Remixes
Label: Candyflip Records
Cat. #: CD CF08
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 07’54” Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Vibrasphere Remix)
02. 08’30” Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Neologic Remix)
03. 07’31” Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Wizzy Noise Remix)
04. 08’04” Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Charasmatix Remix)
05. 08’56” Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Blue Planet Corporation Remix)


Candyflip Records is at it again…

Now this is really interesting… First off all, Timeline was one of the less appreciated tracks from Wizzy Noise’ 3rd album Elecktro Theater… Well, in my opinion at least… But this CDM certainly makes up for that… The real remarkable thing about this release is the diversity in both “time” and genre… Ranging from 1996-old school goa style to cutting edge neo-full on… From progressive Scandinavian trance, to dark, distorted German techno-trance… We go almost full scale here, and I really, really like that… Let’s get on with the tracks one by one…

#01: Ahh… From the first second you just know it’s Vibrasphere… Their trademark progressive Scandinavian sound is present through-out this track… Rickard & Robert have found their niche, and damn, I hope they never stray from that, ‘cause this is so damn good! So clear, so crisp, so delicious! Sounds like a cookie, huh? Well, I’ll have a whole plate! And hey, nothing it wrong with your hearing! [You’ll understand once you’ve listened to the track!] This CDM is worth the money for this track alone! Amazing track!

#02: Neologic… More like neurological, ‘cause this could very well affect your nervous system! I’m not the biggest fan of the Israeli neo full-on, but I know a lot of people are… This is however, a definite dance floor burner, and there is nothing wrong with that… Decent track!

#03: Wizzy Noise remixing Wizzy Noise… How awkward! When I first saw the track list, I thought “Where the hell is the original? They could have tossed it in!?” This Wizzy Noise remix does however resemble the original from Elecktro Theater quite a bit… So, it’s kinda like it’s here… Let me just stress though, that this IS a reworked version, it’s been polished up, and the melodies are re-vamped! The nifty little acid part in the middle from the original track is also intact… Nice track!

#04: Charasmatix, the German tekKno-stomper hits us hard with this brutal assault… Not much is left from the original, though it’s not all gone… It’s dark, it’s hard, it’s percussion driven, it’s for those late nights where you just want some serious bass banging! Decent track!

#05: Laaaaadies and gentlemen, let’s take a trip back to 1996! French veterans Blue Planet Corporation delivers an old school melodic walk down memory lane… The magical 303s in this track will send instant shivers down your spine… Pure melodies, pure bliss, pure heaven! Bom Shankar! ;o) Fantastic track!

It’s rare to see so much diversity in a remix CD… This is more like a compilation… And that’s a good thing… Surely, there is something here for almost any taste in electronic music. Not much is left from the original track, but this just goes to show how much talent the different producers have… A very interesting release – I wouldn’t miss it!


Favourites: 1 (!!), 3, 5 (!!)


External links:
Candyflip Records:
Wizzy Noise:
Psyshop: (soundclips available)

[Note: This review was written on the basis of a promo CD sent to me by Candyflip Records – look out for this in the record shops very soon!]

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Igal Magitman
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Posted : Feb 28, 2004 17:27
WIZZY NOISE they are the greates thing that happend to trance.
the have changed the styile a little and i love it so much.
they are my favorite.
tom anteater
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  56
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Posted : Mar 17, 2004 16:05
A pretty comprehensive troop of artists get to remix wizzy noise here. One could fairly argue there is something for everyone from the progressive edge of vibrasphere through the neo Israeli neologic to pretty old school sound from the blue planet corporation. Pick of the bunch for me is probably the charasmatix remix.. this is really nice and deep with some great drum work, also worth mentioning the beautiful 303 melody in the Vibrasphere (!) rework..been a while since I heard one of those I like cd singles anyway, and I certainly like this.           >>love will tear us apart...<<
Alex Candy
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 19, 2004 19:47
Finally released!


IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 19, 2004 20:18
i liked vibrapshere and blue planet corporation remixes, nice one!           Believe your soul !
Alex Candy
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  51
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Posted : Mar 22, 2004 12:21

By the way, the Vibrasphere Remix is the last track that Rickard and Robert made together before splitting up the in a way it is a very special track !!
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  67
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Posted : Mar 22, 2004 18:02
excellent one from candy flip i like all the remixes except how funny the wizzy noise remix. dont know why but maybe just cause the others are really groovie.

Standing out are the vibrasphere and B.P.C nice to see the boys are back!!

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IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  50
Posts :  536
Posted : Mar 25, 2004 11:48
omg i love this single! I just got it today. Its so groovy! Especially 3 and 4. Very lovely Remix by Wizzy Noise, dance floor smasher material. I really like this concept, reworking a great track to an even greater track in a single from the same artist who made the track. And all the tracks arent just 6 minutes long but pass 7. I hope to see more of these singles or if not, remixes by Wizzy's own track. Very happy with my copy Candyflip Records! job
Alex Candy
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  51
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Posted : Mar 26, 2004 13:43
With this single Candyflip presents 5 remixes of the Wizzy Noise Track "TimeLine" released on their last album. In style all versions fit together successfully and each one overwhelms with finest melodical trance sound; one softer and more relaxed, other ones with more power and pushing bassline. Whereever you are, whatever time it is, whether on the dancefloor or at home; this homogenous mixture is prepared for every situation. And the best remix gratifyingly was made the Blue Planet Corporation. Get it!

M. Scherer (PlasticAgeMusic Reviews, DE)
Arie Molecular

Started Topics :  34
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Posted : Mar 26, 2004 14:16
another amazing release from the Candyflip rec. crew

Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Vibrasphere Remix) :
very nice and smooth entry to the cd. nice long pads that i really like. a great progressive tune, nice deep sounds and the deep house sounds. remids me the last vibrasphere album with the wizzines inside.
also i like at the last part the ts404 alike sound that remids me of a great time we had several years ago. this cranchy part and the uplifting entry at the last part. perfect remix. the only downside is that is too resimbles the last album .

Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Neologic Remix) :
starts off with dark crancy sounds that tipical for neo logic. lot more psychedelic then the 1st remix. great bassline roles really smooth. also the pad line is like too. very groovy and jumpy remix. you can hear the combination of the fullonish style of safi and the groovines from micha. very nice remix.

Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Wizzy Noise Remix) :

wizzy remix, is the great. it has the technoish and flangerized loops in the background and the clear sounds of the percs and snairs that give big atmosphere to the remix. also th eroling basslines that are tipical for wizzy style and the dark low cutted pads, awsome.
the track get to a place that i little losing it but it comes back to the end with melodies in the basslines.

Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Charasmatix Remix) :

my favirite remix. starts off with this amazing padd and saw bassline that make it the most agressive track. altho the sound quality is the least good of them all. thisjumpy sounds at the start make a great atmosphere. good percution loops with droping snairs, nice. nice power chords in the middle that makes more power and progressivness. very nice hihat work. although nothing special happened in the niddle of the track that make u go wild but thats what nice in progressive tracks.

Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Blue Planet Corporation Remix) :

nice start with nice line that turnes from side to side, i didnt like the bassline at all. too monotone, but steady. very progressive but not too agressive to my taste. i like the playing in the hihats and the arpegiator line at the middle part and also the usage of the the middle gret stoppy with a long atmospheric pad that soften the track. all in all a dicent track, great for lounge party - progressive set.

all in all , high quality release. a must in any dj collection.


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Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Mar 30, 2004 12:45
i need to listen to all of it...
sound great to me(from samples)...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 30, 2004 20:18
Wizzy Noise – The Timeline Remixes

Artist: Wizzy Noise
Title: Timeline Remixes (CDCF08)
Label: Candyflip Records
Year: 2004

Track list:

01) Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Vibrasphere Remix)
02) Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Neologic Remix)
03) Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Wizzy Noise Remix)
04) Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Charasmatix Remix)
05) Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Blue Planet Corporation Remix)

Duo Wizzy Noise from Greece is without any doubt one of the most active subjects of the scene – as a proof we can mention not only plenty of singles on various compilations but also two full-value albums (Elektro Theater a Stereo Electric) released quite quickly in a row. From the first mentioned one, „Electro Theater“, label Candyflip Records has chosen „The Timeline“ track and offered it for remixing to four different projects:

1) Vibrasphere remix

After the very first seconds of the track you already know even without booklet who is behind this remix. One of the best progressive psytrance projects is presenting us probably the last track before its definitive split up. Also this time it is a smooth, dreamy song flowing in a typical dub-proggy-trance rhytm. Wonderful work as usual, hope Rickard will be able to continue with Vibrasphere project at least as good as they did it together…

2) Neologic remix

Real neo full-on killer from the common project of Micha Yossef (Echotek) and Mishel Bitton (Safi Connection) from Israel. It is a very groovy one with a great rolling bassline, working very well on the dancefloor. Stay tuned for their debut album that should be released soon on Candyflip Records…

3) Wizzy Noise remix

This single CD does not includes original version but on the 3rd place there is a remix of Wizzy Noise itself. Unfortunatelly it is too similar to the original and doen not bring many new elements – it is not bad track at all but I would prefer to be much more innovative here.

4) Charasmatix remix

I did not heard about this German project for a quite a long time and this was a very nice surprise for me – it is the darkest track here with quite monotonous basement, good percusion loops and very raw feeling. Well done!

5) Blue Planet Corporation remix

One of the old stars of classic goa trance strikes back! Old school sound with some 303s takes you to the middle of 90´s – and it is definitely a very good trip, B.P.C. surprised everybody, how nice to see that this project still has a lot to say also at the beginning of the 21st century when there is a nearly flood of new fresh artists and substyles on the scene.

I do not want to finish the review by judging which track is the best and the worst one – there is a wide range of different styles on the CD and this is exactly what I am looking for while listening to these „Remixes CD singles“, so popular in these days. In my humble opinion this is a high quality release full of intelligent music suitable for both listeners and progressive djs.

Dj Slater (Tribal Vision /

Started Topics :  144
Posts :  1728
Posted : Mar 31, 2004 05:02


1.Wizzy Noise-Timeline(VIBRASPHERE Remix)
2.Wizzy Noise-Timeline(NEOLOGIC Remix)
3.Wizzy Noise-Timeline(WIZZY NOISE Remix)
4.Wizzy Noise-Timeline(CHARASMATIX Remix)
5.Wizzy Noise-Timeline(BLUE PLANET CORPORATION Remix)

This c.d is a great Remixes to a the "time line" track of Wizzy Noise from "Elecktro Theater" album.
we have 5 great & well known artist that present us different version and mix of styles to this great track.

1.Vibrasphere-from all know them with their great progressive line,give us a happy version with acid vibe(to my taste)that can fit to each morning is also the last track(as i know)that this guys make as Vibrasphere were still together,that make this one "haft to have":-]

2.NeoLogic-after listening to their great new album there is no surprise in their great psy-tribal version to this track.mix of full on with a touch of progressive.this one will give you to "run" and buy the new Neo logic album:-]

3.Wizzy Noise-what i can say?they know what they are doing!they took their track and Bomb it UP!it just become better(and it was good before)and harder...

4.Charasmatix-my favorite here.this german guys know how to make psy-techno.they took the original and gave it their own touch and there is no way that you can miss that.the best here-give you a wonder how their new album will be sound:-]

5.Blue Planet Corporation-in france and out from his country he is well known.gave the version his great morning touch and gave "life" to the past of psy in his way-melody one with a beautiful vibe.

so what to say?this c.d is another great production from candyflip---it is a mix of great artist and a good deal to buy...
order it as fast as you can
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Started Topics :  9
Posts :  78
Posted : Apr 2, 2004 15:19
So.Timeline remixes.I also like this track from the wizzy noise "elektro theater" album.
Ilike the variety of the remixes in different styles.
1.vibrasphere remix.I like that style because it is groovy,melodic and i can listen to it anytime of the day.Very clear production.Another perspective of a hard-trance track.Very good track
2.Neologic remix is a cluby mix with fat basslines empty lines(echotek dark style)mix.Good track.
3.Wizzy noise coooked up their track and give us another version. In my opinion better than the original.Imust admit that they have a lot of fantasyand inspiration in their minds.
4.Charasmatix remix which is my favored one is techno trance track suitable for night sets. Hard kicks fat basslines and drums that don't stop.Very very good track.
5.Blue planet corporation remix is made for the new guys to learn and the old to remember.Also good production,old school trance style suitable for a morning set on a sunny beach party.

Another quality release from candy boys.
Alex Candy
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2004 13:03
First out is two of the masters in the progressive scene, Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster (Vibrasphere) from Sweden with their version of this track. Definitely one of my favourite groups when it comes to progressive trance. They give us as usual a really floating progressive trance track with beautiful melodies perfect for the morning.

Track 2 is a remix done by Neo Logic (Micha Yossef and Mishel Bitton) who has released an album on Candyflip Records this year. They give us a more full on Israely style version of this track. Very melodic and massive.

Track 3 is a remix done by Wizzy Noise (Micky Noise and Uriel) themselves. They give us a really pumping version. Groovy, heavy bass line, rolling with some tribal drums above. Drifting full on with a bit darker vibe than the versions done by Vibrasphere and Neo Logic.

Then we get a remix done by Charasmatix (Martin Schoenauer and Karl Rademacher). They are also into the progressive side of trance, and give us a rolling, pretty dark progressive track. Very stumping all the way through.

At last we surprisingly get a remix done by one of my favourite artists, Blue Planet Corporation (Gabriel Masurel) from France. We haven’t heard much trance from him since his album Blue Planet on Flying Rhino Records in 1999, but here we finally get some deep stuff from him again. This track is totally deep all the way through. Rolling, really pushing beats and a totally deep floating vibe. A beautiful trancey voyage. In my opinion the best remix of this track.

This CD single is really good! Here you get progressive trance, full on trance and something between. A track with Blue Planet Corporation involved made me really happy too. Recommended!

PKS (TraceNet, NO)
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