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who was the frist dj in goa and where is he now ?

dj X.P.
XP Voodoo
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Posted : Jun 24, 2005 19:40
Yep.Yonas and Ollie for sure
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2005 13:59
yeah i heard that part also witht the trancekids taking over

anyway i am still looking of a contact to laurent
also on my search i found someone with original old school tapes from goa he has a nice collection on dat and tapes

lets see perhaps we will release one of them
just need to get the licenses and so on

ok stay tuned and please let me know when you remember something from these days
Nomolos(Zenon Rec.)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2005 21:10
very good thread! cant add much from my experiance but indeed a good question....
Cheers.           "....or is it???"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 26, 2005 02:34
Yeah, killer thread man, good for the kids to get some Goa History classes.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2005 05:12
very nice thread man. very informative 3 pages.
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dj X.P.
XP Voodoo
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Posted : Jun 28, 2005 16:27
Laurant already not inside trance for last 10 years,at least.Last years -what he made ,staying in Goa-was giving a lessons of guitar playing.
Times are changing
Cardinals Cartel
Black Machine

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Posted : Jun 28, 2005 16:59
Very nice legend story of this 3 peoples but i truly think that in the beginig of the goa trance was many many more then just them , there is a Psy partys 20 years all over india and napal evry day and all the day (and nights) i cant belive that only 3 ppls was manag' all that or even start with , Maybe They Are The Knowns . and what about Ubar Tmar , Elysium , Electric Univers , The Muses Rapt , Sibiliant , Z to A Did you forgot them all ?

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Posted : Jun 28, 2005 18:23

On 2005-06-28 16:59, Cardinals Carttel wrote:
Very nice legend story of this 3 peoples but i truly think that in the beginig of the goa trance was many many more then just them , there is a Psy partys 20 years all over india and napal evry day and all the day (and nights) i cant belive that only 3 ppls was manag' all that or even start with , Maybe They Are The Knowns . and what about Ubar Tmar , Elysium , Electric Univers , The Muses Rapt , Sibiliant , Z to A Did you forgot them all ?

They were never part of the goa scene, though some of them were pioneers of the Goa sound.
Inactive User

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Posted : Jun 28, 2005 18:46

On 2005-05-27 14:47, Zombi wrote:
one of very firsts was sven vath and now he is owner of one of the best ibiza clubs - cocoon.

Sven Väth went to Goa around 1991-1992 and after released a mixed CD named "back from Goa 92". So yes he was indeed a early traveller to Goa but not the first - far from. I do believe that Laurent was if not the first (and who know who came first anyways) then one of the first to kick off the goa wave.

Ps. Elysium was never physical part of Goa and the music was never made with Goa as a influence/inspiration.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 26, 2005 08:57
so for Guy Shebag from israel?
He is one of the first dj in goa around 1990.....

this dj was one of my best dj set listened in Quebec Canada in 1995....dat mixes, but very spiritual vibes and very good selection of tracks....

Rickam /

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Posted : Aug 26, 2005 15:04
even i have heard thhat GIL FABIEN AND LAURENT wer some of the early ones but to tell u my friend the fact abt how this music came into existance into goa is shown in a documentry called THE LAST HIPPIE STANDING
chk this doucu out u will come to know abt the music
Rui Ferreira
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 26, 2005 15:30
i don't know who was the first dj spinning records in goa, but eard that the first records where from Kraftwerk, Clock dva, Front 242, and some obscure german industrial techno...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 29, 2005 17:06
here is a "small" extract from a paper :


Psytrance (also known as Goa Trance) has roots stretching back to the 1961, when the Portugese colony of Goa was forcibly annexed by India. Soon afterwards, hippies and various other people from Europe and North America seeking spirituality of various sorts headed there on vacations, especially for elaborate winter rituals on the beaches, combining Christmas rituals of the Portugese Catholic heritage with Hindu ceremonies. Because of the nature of the festivals, the music tended to last very late, with sunrise being the focal point of the event. The expatriates started having their own parties on the beaches, year-round, playing music of various sorts over the decades. At first it was mainly psychedelic rock of various sorts, but by the early '80s, electronic body music and German industrial music were being introduced. By the early 1990s, a local genre had developed, and the scene had become even more international, involving many Japanese and Israelis, in addition to the Europeans, Australians, and Americans that had been there before.15

Because of the heat and humidity, djs in Goa tended to use cassette tapes instead of vinyl records. As a result, beatmatching was very hard, and many of the oldest djs working in the genre don't bother trying at all (for instance, Goa Gil, who brought the music to northern California, whom I saw on Halloween last year). To ease this situation, psytrance developed a tradition of having relatively long atmospheric portions in each track, which allow one to easily mix two tracks of different tempos without having them clash. By the early 1990s, DAT tapes became common, but it is only recently that CD mixers with tempo controls have become available, and the music has already been shaped by this formative environment.16

The genre's origins in India (especially among spirituality tourists) explain much of the decorations and imagery associated with the music, as well as some of the scales that are quite popular. However, the sounds themselves probably owe more to the association of the music with hallucinogens of various sorts. While mainstream trance music is often associated with the drug ecstasy, psytrance is more associated with hallucinogens. (The “psy” in “psytrance” is normally said to stand for “psychedelic”, though it is also associated with the words “psychoactive”, “psychotropic”, “psychic” and anything else connected with the mind or brain.17) It's never clear what percentage of the fans are under the influence of some substance or another at the parties, though people who dance well past dawn may be taking advantage of something or other to keep them going. The effects of the drugs may be one reason why this genre of music focuses so much more on timbre and non-pitched sound than on melody, harmony, or rhythm, as most other music does. The basic tempo is significantly faster than most mainstream trance music, and this has been attributed to the fact that constant sixteenth notes at a tempo of 145 bpm gives a rhythm almost identical to that of the naturally occurring alpha waves in the brain.18

Psytrance played an important role in the development of trance music of all sorts around the world. Trance first emerged in the early 1990s, as a dark sound coming from German and Belgian producers. This almost broke through to the mainstream, but it was only when producers like Sven Väth and Paul Oakenfold started adopting the sound that had developed in Goa that it started to take off. However, Goa trance and psytrance were pushed aside (as was the original darker German trance) by brighter “progressive trance”, which has been perhaps the most popular form of electronic music in the United States since the late 1990s.19 Since the mid-1990s, the music has continued to develop, now largely in places like Israel, Europe, Japan, and the United States, and thus it is now often referred to as “psytrance” rather than “Goa trance”.20

Despite playing this important role in the development of electronic music, particularly that played at “raves” across the United States, psytrance is relatively unknown outside of its fans. At the same time, it is a very international style of music, with important artists coming from all corners of the globe. (In the four tracks I analyzed, Deedrah is a Ukrainian-Italian man, brought up in France, and working in Ibiza, Spain; Infected Mushroom is a pair of Israeli men who also have independent projects; Hallucinogen and Sheyba are British. While at these parties just in Northern California, I have met people from Spain, Russia, Israel, and the Netherlands.) This makes the fans feel like part of an exclusive community, which at the same time transcends national boundaries.

Thus, although psytrance has already once “emerged” and “disappeared”, it is still a thriving genre in locations around the world. Perhaps at some point in the future it will have more direct influence on other popular musics. But as long as it remains tied to its particular style of parties, it is unlikely that it will catch on among large audiences.

full paper u can find @

          ill push u over the edge, and will be smiling when u cant take anymore, at that point ill push a little harder till u experience true psychdelica
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 29, 2005 17:34

On 2005-06-07 14:25, olowanpi wrote:
ok some more news
seems janux knows what he is talking about
as far as i got the infos DR.Bobby was
from Kalifornia and was the Owner or a Doctor of a Psychiatric Clinic where they also made lsd therapies

also not to forget in this regard Acid Eric with his infamous
Golden Earring (Lsd25)
and allways a few drops to share

so janux if you know more i am allways interrested

Yes Doctor Bobby is from California... he has a son who is DJ as well... but not psy... more ibiza style...
and yes, Laurent was one of the first proper DJs in Goa... before Gil. He was playing electronica and other trippy music before psytrance was ever created... and kept playing into the psy era...
My dad actually used to play during the early tape-deck / prof. walkman days... played at a few parties with Gil... but my dad was not such a serious dj and didnt really play for more than a few parties over maybe 2 years... some of the guys from Juno reactor were also some of the early DJs in goa... this was before Juno Reactor got created... there is also another guy... Paoli... he still plays here and there... i heard him last about 3 years ago in a party outside amsterdam in a artist/squat community called Ruigoord... the people from Ruigoord are known as the Dutch Baloon Company and were amongst the first people to throw parties in goa... some of their parties were more theatrical... with funky, trippy, funny plays performed on a large stage that they used to build every year near the beach in Baga. Those were the days of Richard Green... undoubtedly the most crazy British guys to have ever been in Goa. Once he came to a party dressed as an Arab Sheik... three days later he was still marching up and down the beach, providing amazing entertainment for everyone... at that time almost everyone in Goa knew each other... us kids at the time could run around all day where ever we wanted... no hassles, no danger, "just come home when the sun touches the water" my mom used to tell me... these days thats when jump on my enfield and ride into the night... with my music... played at Hilltop last season at a party with Riktam (gms), Domino (the first female dj from Goa), and Mike Maguire from Juno Reactor... Goa goes on.


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Posted : Sep 7, 2005 03:37

On 2005-05-11 09:35, Giuseppe wrote:
yes, the story of Laurent is true: he was the first and "only" dj in goa that time. parties then did not have a line-up: Laurent would play for many hours and before the party ppl with music was goin his house to give him the music. Other guys playing in the very start, were Fabien who still come to Goa and still plays sometime and another guy, Disco Freddy.
This was the very start, and after came Gil and after again Theo who now runs Discovalley Records.

I agree 100% with Giuseppe!!!!
But before teo be a dj it was also friend of teo and laurent ,,Kostas Om from Greece,the owner of Space om,psychedelic store in Athens,,,,
I heard also,,,,that laurent was the head that time in goa and after Raja Ram he visit goa place and he made the first label with goa music,,,Like this borned T.I.P.recs ..After ,this music came comercial,,,and all the scene!!!!
I'm wrong???
Guiseppe,,,i think u are close to their age ))))) and u know them better than me,,,,so,u can inform us ))
boom shankar!!

ps1.. i agree also with xp...yesss olie from space tribe..with his brother micky!!!!
i think was the first freaks in goa!!!!

ps2.. sven vath also at 90's yeaaa was in oa and he made that time the track "Goa accident" ( he broken his hand,like me last year ))))
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