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Well how did XPO go??


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Posted : Aug 21, 2002 00:22
as it turnes out staying here was the better choice .
sorry to hear all that effort time and money didnt compete the expectations )-:

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Posted : Aug 21, 2002 18:49
sorry, guys, in my eyes, the gestival was nothing more than a rip off!

borris sent out a newsletter before the festival, saying, that we can still get presale tickests at alien bar the weekend before the festival. so i met him there and he said "come back tomeorrow", but next day (sunday) he didnt show up and people working at alien told us, that we have to buy full price tickets at trhe gate.
well, since we didnt have the money, we decided to come later, that was on thursday. we still had to pay 60 euros per person - expensiv even for germans - in germany nobody would pay more than 30 euros for an extended weekend...

there was no shuttle for us from the station, so we had to organize a private taxi for 10 euros (same on our way away from the festival: no free shuttle, just bulgarian taxi drivers who demanded 20 euros to the next train station!!!)

oh yes, andrejcid, the deko was weak indeed! i saw people still working on deko stuff on saturday! (festival ended on sunday noon!)

music stopped on all areas on friday noon and continued not before friday night! that was not a festival, but a very expensive camp ground!

kiddies area? mystique? label exhibitions?

the shops were F***ING expensive! 3 euros for a bottle of beer! 1 euro for a slice of water melon! (usual price is 15 cents for a kilogram in bg!) germany is cheaper! all shops done by people from israel - why didnt you let some bulgarian people sell their stuff!

talking about "not enough people showed up"... well maybe its because nobody knew aboutr it! a bit more promotion wouldnt be the worst idea!
i spent the weekend before xpo in sofia and saw just ONE damned poster! party people i met in sofia did know nothing about the festival!

and f***ing too much security in uniform, but nobody, who felt responsible for anytrhing!

oh yesss, the location was lovely indeed! if anyone wants to organize a festival in bulgaria, go to lake pchelina! but borris & friends: take some lessons!

(by the way: why was it inhabited to take a swim???)

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Posted : Aug 24, 2002 15:26
the prices were high indeed... 4 euro for a shakshuka...

100$ for a tola... but a good one


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Posted : Aug 28, 2002 23:15
huh huh huh~~~~~!
i dont feel good now.. about telling this story.,.
yuli maybe it wasnt your bottle ha>??
"DDDD pls forgive me....
and clox yes.. u know ..
uh i came back home today from samothraki.. and everybody (almost ) who were on xpo were on the island too.. we had a great time there.. and nobody had been sorry about xpo.. this event connected a lot of ppl... so i am very happy that xpo existed...
 - the portal -

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Posted : Aug 29, 2002 11:10

any photos from xpo, huh?

or there wasn't any thing to take photo?
i don't think so...

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Posted : Aug 30, 2002 21:53
some Xpo fotos are available on
and also some on

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Posted : Sep 1, 2002 01:23
i tell you why there wasn´t bulgarians selling food and other stuff on the festival ... becouse they asked for 300$ for 3x3 meters area on the festival


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Posted : Sep 1, 2002 22:12
mm... bozzo (goofik) .. i think that it was a lot of food and stalls... and the price wasnt so high..
on the samothraki fest stall area price was 800 $../
its a big difference .. ")
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 3, 2002 22:31

On 2002-08-24 15:26, GuyShanti wrote:
the prices were high indeed... 4 euro for a shakshuka...

u r right but the shakshuka and the "happy soup" were heavenly nice meals
can somebody give me the recipe for shaksuka?           Why u little !!!

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Posted : Sep 5, 2002 19:15
here we go off topic again but its for a worthy cause - the shakshuka must spread!

friy some sliced tomatos, pepers and onions, then add garlick and black pepper and add tomato sauce. let it cook for 5 minutes and then break a couple of eggs in.
cook for 5 minutes more and eat . dont forget the salt

Chaka Laka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 5, 2002 23:12
ok , few more tips from me ... take the shell off the tomatos in boiled water , then smash while u fry it with onions , peppers and any other substance u decide to add ... avoid adding tomato sauce (!!) , better put more tomatos ... and break eggs carefully , don't mumble them ... solt ofcourse ... and u will get smth close to rinat's shakshuka           Dance is my Trance
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