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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Various Artists - Neo::Caine (Neurobiotic, January 2006)
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Various Artists - Neo::Caine (Neurobiotic, January 2006)

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Feb 5, 2006 07:19
Congratulations edoardo, you managed to release the best compilation so far this year.

The Silicon Sound rmx is the best remix I've heard for more than a year... The original was an average tune, Silicon Sound added a lot of atmosphere, a whole new universe of colors and, on top of this, top notch production.

I think it's fair to say this compilation has a "progressive touch", meaning it's not the usual power full on released these days, but it's still full on, God damn well enginnered full on.

Ahhh, and another important issue: thank you for the 10 tracks (and no fillers) instead of the usual 9 tracks (and a lot of fillers) I get in most releases: this shows Neurobiotics' respect towards the music and the fans.
Respect!           .
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Posted : Feb 5, 2006 23:44
Bravo edoardo with this compilation you ve brought the summer feeling into the middle of a boring winter
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 8, 2006 15:07
Hey, I just listened to this (AGAIN!!! Just can't stop!!!) and it occurs to me that the Allaby track is screaming out for a full Etnoscope remix... it's begging for that full tribal percussion treatment! Now that WOULD sound good!!!

Then again I'm biased since I like my sets to sound very tribal!           If you point your cart North,
when you want to go South,
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 9, 2006 20:53
This is my favorite release so far this
year! Great track selection!!           Luke/Dj Malachi
Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2006 18:14

On 2006-02-09 20:53, malachi wrote:
This is my favorite release so far this
year! Great track selection!!

If you think this was good, which it DEFINITELY IS, go check out the TRON album...LUSH!!!!!           If you point your cart North,
when you want to go South,
How will you find The Way?
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 11, 2006 12:33
1. Tristan and prometheus - supernature

the opening track is called supernature .. i have already have an idea of prometheus's wizardry .. sweet tribadelic bassline running throughout the track with prometheus spinning those sweet sweet webs of joy . there's a very uplifting feeling too . but why only 6:43 ?? could have gone on for longer !

2. Allaby - aurorae

i'm immediately drawn to the nice laidback groove that falls in place around 1:45 . this is like protoculture meets silicon sound . nice flow and very nice synth work towards the end .

3. Zen mechanics - new propulsion technology

A very fat nice chugging along greets me and soon enough real crazy morning mayhem energy explods from the speakers . i'm sorry for these comparisons but this does remind me of protoculture a lil bit . very deep fx good synth work and a fat full onish bassline tossed up in proogy sauce .. what say you ????

4. Jaia - electricity

it hasnt even crossed the one minute mark and i have a really good feeling about this already . This is x- dreamish . i dig the lazy grooves .there are soothing female vocals in an interface of sketchy synth lines .. This track has such a warm feel to it .By the end of it i feel like im floating three feet above the ground . Absolutely brilliant !!!

5. Pixel and wrecked machines - R.P.N.G.C ( Silicon sound remix)

Now we're talking .. havent heard the original but silicon sound has done magic here .. This is one of those tracks ill be listening too more often . Perfect for waking up to !!

6. Wrecked machines and Pixel - tea time

We just heard the remix to their track and now they are here with quite a good track .. i really dig both these artists and both have different styles .. but this track brings forth both this two greats in laid back waters .. low frequencies cant be heard but felt . Will work very well on the dancefloor tooo . awesome track !!

7. Orion - Welcome to reality remix

this is the first time i'm listening to orion and i'm wondering if he's a new artist . The highlight of this track is great syth work . Reminds me a little of sensient with a great proggy and techy at the same time .. delayed fx and deep grooves are a major . another fiesty track !

8. Polaris - 25

Polaris is another one of my favourite artists . Most of his tracks are tight punchy crisp and this one fits into the category really well !! very good sampling in the middle too . This one is a potential dancefloor winner . . great number altogether ! Keep those belting tunes coming polaris .

9. Tikal - Experience

starts off with an ultra sweet jelly pounding bassline . i havent heard much of tikals music lately . This is laden with ecstatic moments of synth bliss . Most of the previos tracks have been on the slower groovier side .. this one's a belter by the time it hits 4:05 .. This is dancefloor destroyer imo . i dont mind the eminem samples as the go with the mood of the track prety well. Perfect for cueing up a bliss or spectra next up .

10. Altom - Viper

And who other then altom to wind things up . i really enjoyed their fisrt album ..the second was a slight departure from their previous works . But nonetheless altom has come up with a stonker this time round again ! A great uplifting melodies is the hallmark of altom's music and this one is done in superb fashion . altom's synth speaks volumes and this one is the most danceable track in the album .

Favourite tracks - 2 , 3! , 4!!! , 5 , 8! , 9!! , 10!!!!

Since the time i read about this album in the promotional section , i was really expecting a good morning compilation and this fits the bill just fine. Neubiotic has done an extremely wonderful job . Best wishes to edorado for forthcoming releases.           missing plug-in
Sound Surgeon
Crater / Mish-kah

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Posted : Feb 12, 2006 12:09
the track list looks really good, Edoardo@Neurobiotic made great job as he always does.
personally i loved Allaby's track the best! simply amazing morning tune
Jaia & Silicon's were one of my favorites too

bom Neurobiotic!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 12, 2006 18:57
Compiled by......Dj Edoardo..very good choice
about the favorites:
1)Tristan and prometheus - supernature
7)Orion - Welcome To Reality (Remix)
2)Allaby - Aurorae........ciao
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 7, 2006 13:07
Yo guys
thanx for the great reviews.
Just a quick note to let you know that Neo::Caine is also available on vinyl. Printed by Kairoo Records in Belgium and distributed by Arabesque, there is a sampler of it containing 2 tracks, Allaby - Aurorare and WM + Pixel - R.P.N.G.C. (Silicon Sound rmx).
This should satisfy some vinyl junkies


          Edoardo @ Neurobiotic Records
14-year old e-tard
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Mar 7, 2006 13:38
Supernature is a fuck!ng belter!! Its tunes like that one that made me fall in love with this music in the first place. Great opening to the compi that makes you think that you are in for a nice ride. Aurorae follows up, not as good, but keeps the nice atmosphere going. Then you go on to a bit of a let down with New Propulsion Technology. Soon things warm up once more, in a different vibe, as Electricity gets your hopes up again.
Unfortounately all of the following tracks are extremely dissapointing. The nice deep driving vibe is long lost and the uber-obvious, easily digestive synths, take over to make this CD sound like another israeli-melodic-full-on-same 'ol-same 'ol.

Any chance of getting Tristan's and Prometheus' tune instead of Silicon Sound's on the other side of Allaby? Or maybe do a double pack sampler with Electricity?
That would be super cool!

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Posted : Mar 7, 2006 16:32
Good ultra Comp

Good Work Neurobiotic
Dj Edoardo..very good choice
Boommm           ========= DemonizZ and DuoPhonix =========
Michael/Genetic Spin
Genetic Spin

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Posted : Jun 17, 2006 17:18
Better late than newer just bought this cd and have heard it like a million times now.

Some tracks are not what I would call bad tracks but a little like Ronaldo in the World Cup, I mean producers I think can do much better.

However to the good point, there are some tracks on it that are pure class A tracks. I would like to mention 3. First of all the Jaia and Silicon Sound tracks suit eachother very well in style and show the future of full on morning sound... pure 10/10 tracks...amazing!

Also Zen Mechanics really reaches out to me. The style doesn't really suit the other tracks but none the less it's still a real killer, it sort of have that The Beatles touch, nothing special to point out but when you put it together it just sounds amazing. In orther words it sounds like it have really for Zen to make which sort of makes you at ease and comfortable at letting yourself go into the sounds without the fear of suddently getting hit by an awfull sample or isratheme.

All in all I'm happy for the cd and it's worth my money...thanx for that

Michael =)
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Various Artists - Neo::Caine (Neurobiotic, January 2006)
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