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VA.: Wider Horizons ~~ Liquid Sound Design

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2004 23:22
Nada ::: Manakhana (Youth Remix)
my favourite on the cd so far
          i live for this moment here...

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Posted : Mar 9, 2004 03:05
VA - Wider Horizons

This is my first long review so bear with me!

The CD starts off with an Ott remix of Tripswitch's 'Silver'. It begins with a moody piano, you know, the kind that lets you know a jamming beat is going to come in and catapult the track into the upper atmosphere. Soon enough we get some faint'n'funky electro percussion. Works perfectly with the groovy and supremely Ott-like bassline that will soon join in. Rest of the percussion follows the charming electro feel. All kinds of psychadelic effects are done with the percussion, really keeps the track alive. Around 2:30 a very relaxing and fantastically alive melody of sorts comes in. Perfect. Balances so nicely with the punctual percussion and driving bass. I could write several more paragraphs, but it would all be praise and likely bore the hell out of you. So bottom line, this track is superb. My favorite on the disc. Does anyone get a tune grooving like Ott?

Track 2 is an Abakus remix of Drum Druid's 'Last Summer Dub'. Right off the bat I'm interested, around the time when I read the word 'dub' in the title. Starts off funky, doesn't dissapoint. Percussion is of the sort that is relatively simple, but undeniably well-done. Works perfectly with the bassline to keep this track moving forward. All sorts of subtle synth approaches and withdraws give great substance to the track. Vocal sample is perfectly integrated, subtle but defined. This is the kind of track that lies on that sublime border between chillout, dub and dance. Great remix overall.

Youth's remix of Nada's 'Manakhana' begins with a sample and rather abrupt beat. Totally Youth bassline comes in, I love it. Various melodic utterances can be heard behind the percussive veil. I love that snappy snare. Around 1:41 a hypnotic groove makes this track really shine. It is really quite funky. There really isn't enough funk in music these days, this track just goes to show how a little funk can go a long way. Again the sample, it acts as a nice little break before the beat comes back with a vengeance. A little later is a fantastic pitch shifty section that keeps the track on that psychadelic edge we love so dearly. The track begins to come to a close, and quite nicely I might add. At this rate I'm wondering if the rest of the tracks on this CD are going to keep on par with the first three.

I'll preface this by saying that "Tiger Moon" was my least favorite track on Youth in Dub. I just didn't really dig it, didn't like the samples or anything. That being said: Vatos Locos remix starts off with a fluttery theme. Next pads and then a rythme come into the picture. The bassline is quick to come, and when it does.. be prepared. It is deep and heavy. Behind it you can hear a guitar do its thing and the fluttery effects from the beginning. Short break before the track gets into full swing. There is a quick offbeat ragga-like chord that balances out the heavy bass. Around 3:00 is where this track starts to get to me. You have the Indian melodies on top of a superb acoustic guitar riff, works nicely. All the breaks are intelligently done, makes the beat seem more intense every time. In fact, the whole track just has an intelligent air about it. I much prefer this remix to the original. I hope to be seeing more from Vatos Locos in the future.

Kumba Mela Experiment's Elephant Trax, remixed by Vibrasphere goes into the 5 slot. Keeps the vibe that the first four tracks layed the foundation for alive. A little funky, very rythmic and filled with the whole spectrum of synth blurps and chirps. The bass is quite low on this one, and I like it! The chilled out vocal utterances just work perfectly here. The break is where the sub shines, followed by more echo driven spoken samples. When the beat comes back in, the dub vibes are stronger than ever. It is relatively short lived, but rewarding! Another break sets up for the reintroduction of the original sample and an additional melody that again takes the track in a different direction. This track really morphs and changes before your very ears. Engaging and relaxed at the same time.

Track 6 is a Tripswitch remix of Ott's 'Escape from Tulse Hell'. Interesting idea having the two swap remixes. Judging by the way both tracks turned out, a collaboration between the two would undoubtadly produce some great stuff. It begins differently than I would have expected, and that is a good thing. It is slow at first, but once a little piano riff comes in things really begin to get under way. The piano sounds great and acts as a really fantastic leadway into that familiar melody from the original. The two work perfectly together. At 2:15 we get the upbeat dub tastiness that I really enjoyed from the original. It is slower now, and just as effective. Now we are really in the swirling world of Ott, with a remix flair that really makes the piece shine. The bassline fits perfectly. It is the warm, juicy type bassline that makes you start moving in your seat. It is a really interesting dynamic listening to this track and the first back-to-back, you can get a great feel for both artists styles both independantly and working together in a type of synergy. I'm a certified Ott junkie and Tripswitch really remixed this track in a fresh and inspiring way.

The last track on Wider Horizons is an Abakus remix of Nada's 'Earthgarden'. It comes off of track 6 in a splendid way. Starts rather mellow, with low pads and humble vocals. Then the bassline joins the fray. The percussion in conjunction with the bassline serve as a base for various piano and vocal melodies that give this track depth and feeling. This track has a vibe that is so relaxed and friendly that it is perfect to end the compilation with. Both of Abakus's remixes are well done throughout.

All in all, this compilation is fantastic. Similar but not identical styles, fresh ideas and great tunes. 10/10... It's been in my CD player since I got it.


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Posted : Mar 13, 2004 10:24

Nice one.


Justin Chaos
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 15, 2004 14:23
Thank you Ott.
Respect man,your remix of Silver it`s just too much.           My fake plants died, because I did not pretend to water them.
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