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VA - Ritual Dance (Acidance rec.,2003)

Mad Hatter

Started Topics :  9
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Posted : Jun 1, 2003 00:24
this compilation is a killer!!!
great stuff from acidance           .ONE.

Started Topics :  311
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Posted : Jun 2, 2003 00:01
High quality stomping no nonsense full on from Acidance.
This is much better than the Parvati Compilation and even better than their previous compilations.
My Favorites are: 1,4,5!,6,8!
Xenomorph with the last track just ruins the otherwise good compilation, though nothing special here.
7.5/10           Everyone in the world is doing something without me
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  68
Posts :  642
Posted : Jun 2, 2003 20:36
It's about time!!! I say that good naturedly, but Greece's Acidance Records haven't released a comp since 2002's Same Recipe. Not that I'm complaining about the recent focus on artist albums... because if you can count on Acidance for anything it's their dedication to quality twisted sounds.

We're started off with Nothing Special's Digital Kiss. Bizarrely creative, even for Acidance, but the track really didn't do it for me. It's definitely has the funk and pushes toward many different styles, but seems too minimalistic. Too many cooks in the kitchen, maybe? Ritual Dance really kicks into gear with Uncle Bob from Earthling and CPU. This is the meat 'n veggies, boys and girls! Thick as steak bass line, simply covered in mushroom wavy gravy synth work. Which is followed up nicely by the full-on chaos of Numerical Combination. I've never been overly impressed with what I've heard from Full Color, but this track is nniiiiccceee. Definitely changed my perspective on the group, and makes me really look forward to hearing the upcoming full-length (to be released soon on Acidance). Digital Talk, also with a full-length coming soon on Acidance, are up next with Sans Issue. This one chugs along like a freight train, slowly building from sound to sound, tickling your brain. Like all of the band's creations, it hops from bass line to bass line, from funky to rolling. But, at 8:38, it almost seems to get monotonous at times. Future is Mine starts out with a near jungle beat, and then the thick rolling psy bass thunders in. Along with all of the psychotic weirdness. I've been up in the air about Fungus Funk in the past, but this one is definitely solid. Probably the best I've heard from this Russian artist yet. Speaking of Russia, here comes Parasense. For fans of Avangaro, Vodka FX will not disappoint!! Off beat, drunken weirdness just oozes from it. I mean, come on!! They even sample Slayer's South of Heaven in it!! You can't go wrong there. South African favorite Shift next throws Sternoptyx at us. Starts off kind of plain, but once it gets going, hold on. The track brings visions of Dark Soho to play behind my eyes. On the other hand, Psycho Talk bares its Twisted Face to hit you over the head with the full-on bat. There should be a warning label on it that says, "Danger! Thickly layered, driving weirdness contained herein." Trust me. It will tear a dance floor asunder. And to close this beast of a comp out, we have a fresh Xenomorph track captured from the upcoming full-length on Acidance sub-label Gnostic. Deep. Dark. Driving. Yep, definitely Xenomorph. So, on the whole.... I'd give it a thumbs up. If you're a fan of that ultra thick, ultra bassy, ultra sick sound, you're not going to go wrong here. Hear? Huh? What? Did you say something? You'll get caught up in the Ritual Dance.
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Started Topics :  9
Posts :  48
Posted : Jun 11, 2003 04:25
mmmmmmmm - such a tasty compilation. great tracks, compiled very thoughtfully together imo.

very thick and luscious music which i cant wait to hear pumped out on decent system in the bush. love most of the tracks with the others, i just like heaps; but all very high standard and great production.

very cool artwork and a very exciting preview of some forthcoming acidance releases (digital talk, full color and xenomorph).

keep up the superb work - acidance ROCK
bass system

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  63
Posted : Jun 12, 2003 10:00
this cd is fantastic. nice production there,a killer tracks very powerful nice grooves my fav 2,4,5,7


Started Topics :  0
Posts :  10
Posted : Jun 21, 2003 23:19
Very killer choose !!

keep Acid Rock!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  43
Posts :  748
Posted : Nov 18, 2003 23:39
First I have to appologize to acidance records...I'm really sorry for not writing this review sooner, I really love the cd but just couldn't get the free time to write a nice I let a friend do it and he didn't do a good review at all...anywayz I'm gonna say better late then never and post my review of this fantastic here goes

Ever since I discovered the acidance records style I respected it a lot since itís one label that choose to stay as psychedelic as it could. Many trance labels today release stuff that can no longer be called psychedelic, everybody is turning more to the dancefloor with full on, even though I like full on every once in a while you ask yourself why do we really call this music psy trance. Well acidance is one big exception, instead of going this way they decided to become more psychedelic then ever. Ritual Dance is the last compilation they released and it sure as hell is a good one.

1. Nothing Special - Digital Kiss
Well for starters this track is special. The style is a bit of a blend between the acid and trippy effects and a sort of melodic, maybe even clubby sounds. It starts off with lots of short samples, effects and again, you have to listen to this stuff on your headphones. Itís the slowest of all the tracks with 143 bpms which is still a lot, but it doesnít really have a driving atmosphere, itís a perfect track to start a compilation with. Somewhere around the middle some really nice melodies appear, they sound a bit clubby to me, but not cheesy at all. Really a great blend with all the trippy stuff. Then some cool jungle samples pop in, monkeys and stuff like that. But overall this track is so complex with details that I find it difficult to analyze them all, suffice to say this is one fantastic track and just perfect to open a compil with.

2. Earthling vs CPU - Uncle Bob
Now this is moving more in the full on direction, but a trippy one. Itís a 145bpm track of course and the style is a lot like most 3d vision stuff. It really doesnít have a intro, it just starts right ahead and drives like crazy. Itís kind of boring at some parts but after the break near the middle it just keeps going upwards, adding more and more layers of distortions, scratches and it starts to fade from left to right channel. Then the main theme pops in and it rules. What I really love about is the short breaks. It drives and drives, then a microsecond break comes in, the beat also breaks, and it starts even faster. Pure adrenalin this track, I open my mouth every time I hear it, if I heard it at a party Iíd surely scream a bit It just doesnít get more aggressive then this. Love it!

3. Full Color - Numerical Combina
This track isnít as fast as the previous one even though it has the same bpm count. I loved this project ever since I heard the sliders track from the same recipe compilation. This one is similar in style, it has a really nice background filled with samples that sound like some screaming under water but of course, trippy. Also there is a strong dominant acid theme which drives this track. Around the middle there is a break and a voice sample comes in, itís a typical scientist babble stuff but it blends in nicely, hey, itís better then any matrix sample for sure. The melody kicks in again and it sounds a bit retro since another part of it reveals itself near the end. But overall a nice track. I liked the sliders track more though.

4. Digital Talk - Sans Issue
If Iím not mistaken this is a project from the droidlock guy, anyways it sure fits the style, really dark and scary. The beat is a bit softer then in the other tracks and it also takes a while before things get interesting. Lots of detailed scratches and short samples appear in the background, until these really nice breakbeat like drums start, followed closely by the high hats. Then it breaks down and there is a nice loop made from some really trippy sounds that I canít describe. It starts to drive a bit more after that but it still remains a lot slower than other tracks.There is no real dominant melody, theme or sample here, it just keeps getting more and more complex with tons of samples, I guess this is one track that really is psychedelic and nothing more, maybe a bit boring but I think this is still going in the right direction. Iíd rather choose this complex and psychedelic style then your everyday pumped up bassline and high hats with a catchy melody full on. So like I said, it stays really trippy the entire time and I really canít analyze all the sounds here. Nice track for sure.

5. Fungus Funk - Future is mine
Now here is funny project, it starts off with a really funny sample of some villain guy saying the title of the track, after that the typical fungus funk bassline and beat kick in, they always sound a bit dumb to me but I guess all the other stuff in the track saves it. Lots of distortions kick in, and I mean lots, the track is just so filled with these sounds but I still donít like the basic elements in this track. The beat is just a bit too dumb to me, Itís hard to explain this but itís one of those that sound like someone is beating a nail into wood with a really big hammer. However this track is anything but boring. I just didnít find it that special. I think these guys need to work a bit more on their style. Great track for someone who can stand this beat, I canít.

6. Parasense - Vodka FX
Well this is the Russian style, it has a longer intro but the production quality in this one is a lot better. After a while of short samples a guitar kicks in, I donít like it, but then some funny fart like samples kick in as well as acid sounds. It sounds really diverse and dynamic, nicely driving forward. In the middle there is a really great voice sample and the track starts off again, this time there are some great high hats and the acid sounds really start to fry. Too bad my head hurts now, otherwise Iíd find this great. Another nice track.

7. Shift - Sternoptyx
I think this guy is from South Africa, which of course means a trippy full on style. It starts with lots of percussions and simple high hats. The bpm count is a bit faster and it takes a while before the track gets interesting. It keeps driving with nice trippy bleeps but the percussions always have a more dominant role which is kinda frustrating. The samples are great but they donít get the attention needed. Somewhere around the middle there is a break and a sample starts to fade left and right but it goes back to the same structure with the exception of a really dark melody, perfect for a night time set. After a minute it starts to really get trippy, more and more layers of trippy sounds appear and the track really gets much better. There is another break but it starts off again in the same style. A solid track, nothing really special. Iíve heard better tracks from shift.

8. Psycho Talk - Twisted Face
This starts off really trippy, again with samples fading from left to right all the time but keeping the same fast bpm count. This is one really trippy and scary track. Especially if youíre listening to it on your headphones. Like the Digital Talk track this one has no real catchy melody, theme or sample. Itís just very trippy and complex. But almost every single sample here keeps fading from left to right which is fantastic. Somewhere after the middle there is a break and a melody comes in which is a bit catchy. Itís your everyday break like all full on tracks have but the track doesnít go that way, it just becomes more layered again and surprises you. Normally you would expect this melody to just continue along with the beat but it disappears. Again, like the Digital Talk track, this is one trippy and psychedelic track with no catchy stuff. Excellent!

9. Xenomorph - Tree Of Death
Canít say Iím really a fan of Xenomorph, I just donít like electric guitars in trance. This track has a bit longer intro with the sound of a blowing wind. The track develops slowly with lots of trippy sounds but nothing really that original. After a while a distorted theme appears and I find it a bit annoying. Now a retro melody appears and again, itís not something I find really interesting, but Iíll give the guy credit, he sure can make a dark track. Itís just not something I would dance to or listen to at home. After the middle it gets a bit more psychedelic but it still keeps a very simple structure. The production quality is ok and all the track elements blend in nicely but I still think this is one of the weakest tracks here.

In the end I have to say that it was difficult reviewing this while sitting down, since it really is a music to dance to. I prefer this style over neo full any day. Itís not formulated, simple and repetitive and itís perfect for a night time set out in the open. Itís extreme all the way so I would advise everyone not to listen to it at home. Itís just perfect dancefloor material for any DJ. Way to go acidance!          DJ Dovla | Interchill Records, Flow Records
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  27
Posts :  869
Posted : Nov 22, 2003 02:27
This CD is killer. All tracks are good
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  21
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Posted : Nov 23, 2003 21:41
Well that cd follows its style....

not my line but for sometimes its nice to hear a killer music!!!

love the Xenomorph track!!!

all the tracks where chosen well!!!!

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