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VA - Ritual Dance (Acidance rec.,2003)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 23, 2003 14:44
Good psyDay people....

This is my first review here...and I'm happy that my first review is on this great complictation,
cause I'm a big psylover...

Acidance Records
Release: next week

01 NOTHING SPECIAL - Digital Kiss (143bpm)
02 EARTHLING VS CPU - Uncle Bob (145)
03 FULL COLOR - Numerical Combina (145)
04 DIGITAL TALK - Sans Issue (148)
05 FUNGUS FUNK - Future Is Mine (145)
06 PARASENSE - Vodka FX (145)
07 SHIFT - Sternoptyx (147)
08 PSYCHO TALK - Twisted Face (147)
09 XENOMORPH - Tree Of Death (145)

So, let's begin....

SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL - Perfect track to begin the album!!!! Parasense's synth lines and some
percussion in collabration with Psykovsky's insane!...Absolutely amazing!!!
I dont have enough english words to describe what I'm feel....can I write russian?

3000000hz - WOW.....No words....another great track...GOOD MORNING TO ALL YA!!

FULL COMBINOT - Nice danceble track... I think he'll be perfect on the dancefloor!

SMS FROM PARIS - very psychedelical as ALWAYS....the track make a serious headache to my girlfriend...hehehehe..

FUNGUS IS THE FUTURE - Starts with a nice sample and I loved the percussion work...very dark & psychedelic track...
liked sounds that start on 5:20, that make your brain blow!!

DRINK VODKA AND GO DANCE - here comes my favorite track on this complictation....
a dancefloor KILLER...usually Parasense style...reccomend to hear it on louder than full volume...hehehe

CTRL+ALT+SHIFT - One more danceble (Killa...hhehee) track...this south african dude is enters
the top psychedelic artists

SMS FROM PARIS TO ABARBANEL - PsychoMicro is my favorite artist in psyscene and to hear them along with DT is great twice....
nice psychedeli track

MORPHIUM IN LARGE DOSES - Dark Dark Dark....great way to finish complictation...and no
last-track-ambient here...hahahha

I'm sure that these tracks will rock the parties this summer...Look what a unbelievable
tracklist....I cant relax untill the moment...hehehhe....also nice illustration of the cover....
what I'm suprised from is that all the tracks
are different one than the other...all track has his own I must say good job to the label
for the selection...this CD will be a must in my case for the next parties...hehehhe....

My Favorites: 1,2,4,6,8 and all the others

Thanx and good luck to Sam & Acidance!
          Keep it PSYchedelic!!!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 23, 2003 17:56
loooooks stomper album for me
Acidance ruuuullllleeeezzz....

          Happy Happy,Joy Joy.

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Posted : May 24, 2003 14:21
Ritual Dance.......

Nothing Special: Inspite that the style of this track which has nothing to do with the style acidance wants to promote i will 100% agree with dee-lay that it's the ideal track to start any compilation.

Earthling vs CPU: Can also be found on phonokol's new release compiled by A.P.
i really like this track and i guess most of you will.

Full Color: this is the third track in the same orientation like the previous 2 a bit more melodic,but i guees it would work perfectly on any dancefloor.

Digital talk: Now starts the typical acidance full on style. the frenchies deliver a really monsterous night track, ready to blast your head of it's place.

Fungus Funk: Fungus as i see has become a resident in acidance's release and i can understand why.....

Parasense: i really wish that avangard had tracks like this in it. i dont know what the russians did but they where sure high on vodka.

Shift: There are not a lot of things to say about this guy, the music speaks by itself.

Psycho Talk: This Track is the refference of pure psychedelic Dancefloor mayhem.

Xenomorph: This track as i checked you will be able to find on his new album also, acidance couldnt find better way to close this ritual.

a must buy for all psychoheads
the overall level of production is very good
"mastered by xenomorph"
best tracks: 4,

DJ Pelon(Inpsyde Media)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 26, 2003 01:27
totaly mind blowing this words...
a "must have" for sure....
Inpsyde Media - Trance Mission Worldwide
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  116
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Posted : May 26, 2003 13:20
Hello all readers

I will follow Dee-Lay and Scizoeffective in their point of view about this very nice compilation.
The illustration is indeed quite original even if i am less enthusiastic about the title design.

Here is now what I think about the Music :

°°01 : Here we have a great party launcher. Quite 'light' at the beginning with a lot of tiny soundz exciting the ears. A short African (?) Voice sample suddenly launches the stuff. There are very nice drum rolls with toms. Later, a simple melody (that i don't like so much, i won't lie) fills the track for a while. Excellent monkeys samples catch the thing again for a better moment (imo of course). In the last part nice saxo breaks animate the beat. This is a truely interesting track. I liked it.

°°02 : This fast and textured track is enlighted by a complex bassline. a real one. Melodies are not always my cup of tea but the tiny twisted sounds besides are efficient. The rythmics are very well worked and I like the third minute a lot. There's an exciting delayed sound. Then unfortunately a little (yeah only a little) bit too much sounds are superposed. Big Break after that... People will cry ! The re-launch is perfect and the music grows up once again 'til another full textured passage.
Scizoeffective said it right I think : many people will like this one !!

°°03 : French stuff here but quite german influenced i think
There's a vocal intro and then begins a pleasant beat, not very aggressive and with a 'light' S.U.N. Project influence (watch out the guitar sound). The work on the bassline is just great !! Just like I loove them on a dancefloOr. The third minute, with spoken words, is highly groOvy and irie maker. Nice Break around the fourth minute which sets an old-schoOl influenced passage. A very sympatic track in the right condition for a positive floor response.

°°04 : The faster track of the comp is pretty well introduced by a 'worrying' atmosphere. Interesting rythmics construction and evolution. Here it's not so much about melodies. The french freaks want the crowd to nod it's head. Just before the fourth minute, a short vocal sample telling something like "aaah this looks like science-fiction" breaks the stuff and launches a passage with a lot of distorded sounds 'til the fifth minutes where the atmosphere changes a bit. Nice floor burner break later and the ending is very twisted.
Pretty interesting one for full on lovers.

°° 05 : Mouhouhwhahahaha..... what a nice vocal introduction for this VIOLENT track. DoOmish bassline and crazy turner hi-hats combined with a lot of tiny twisted sounds. Some are dark and aggressive while some lighter sharped ones seem to tease them. it's pretty good ! The work on the rythmics is just impressive and the break before the third minute is perfect. Then it goes on with the same efficient recipe. Atmosphere becomes a bit different in the fifth minute were it turns definitively dark with a great snare.
One of my favourite of the comp. Maad !

°° 06 : Voices dealing with Past and Future open this track. Excellent kick with a maad bassline. What a Sound ! The stuff gets phatter slowly but surely in a pretty nice ambiance. Definitively a floOrFiller. Then end of the second minute sees the birth of a dark twisted melody combined nice nice vocals. Cool small break and groOvy moment just after. Aggressive spinning sound makes the Dancer go crazy. Then Parasense has mercy on him and proposes a 'lighter' moment but always so danceable. The last part is just great.
Very exciting track !

°° 07 : A short kind of epic movie soundtrack intro and the stuff suddenly bursts. The bassline is PERFECT and the rythmics very efficient. Big Break in the third minute with a new bass structure always so asskickin' . There comes an exciting wave that will blast stoned heads. It is then replaced by twisted sounds before a blank. A growing spinning dark sound sets up a formidable passage. This one is so great. I like it !

°° 08 : Out of time 'Jungle influenced' rythmics and a very twisted atmosphere for this track. Pretty nice full of fx vocal sample in the second minute that launches a full textured long moment. At the fourth minute a dark wave gets the dancer ready for a less 'dense' second part but always very psychedelic... imo more efficient. The groOve has more 'place' to fulfil itself. I am more fond of this second part. The whole track remains a great one, no doubt, and full-on freak will appreciate a lot, no doubt.

°° 09 : The conclusion of the Comp begins in a cold and windy atmosphere suddenly broken by a stomasch pressuring bassline. Pretty good ! The kick is immediately accompanied by a strange trancey sound. Excellent full-of-fx spoken words enlight the totally danceable and just crazy rythmics. Then a dark spinning wave becoming more noisy after a while will make some freaks walk on the hands. Mark plays a lot with his beat and the hihats are just perfect and exciting. The fifth minute, 'lighter' in a way is filled with a strange atmosphere, before a sharped melody appears.... preparing a terrrrrific conclusion. Very textured with a guitar sound added and always these good hihats.
Excellent track imo. Perfect conclusion.

That's it ! well to sum up you this comp is pretty interesting and like my predecessors said a must buy for full-on freaks. Good Job Acidance, and thanx a lot to Sam for his sympaty.
Wish them the best for this release. This very nice one.

Hope my review wasn't too boring...
Cheers all readers.

"Get your dose of BoOgie !"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 26, 2003 16:40
Isn't the track 2 in this compilation called:
"Earthling vs Biodegradable - Bob's reading" or am I just loosing it and seeing things?
          Opus Iridium
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  116
Posts :  2565
Posted : May 26, 2003 17:02

Asuhra : Samy Guediche is working on this track and is part of Biodegradable indeed. The title "Uncle Bob" is correct.
Don't know where u picked that other one......

Ciao           .
"Get your dose of BoOgie !"
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  21
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Posted : May 26, 2003 17:17
He picked it from Acidance site's top....there's many names...but who cares the names? we cares about music!           Keep it PSYchedelic!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  25
Posts :  269
Posted : May 27, 2003 02:28
Yes,It's on Acidance site,go check the V.A.           Opus Iridium
Space Monkey

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  37
Posted : May 29, 2003 01:15
Great albumn great review. NO OTHER WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT....................

BOOM................           Entertainment is changing, interwining with gangsters. In the land of psychotic killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum................................BOOM SHANKAR!!!!

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  42
Posted : May 29, 2003 09:09
Yes it's a brainteasing release from Acidance .
My personal favorites are Shift & Xenomorph (Can't wait for his new album)
Nothing Special , good for opening yes but nothing more
Earthling vs CPU that's setting the tone for the cd.
Digital Talk is WOW , blows you away
Fungus Funk another one that many will use in sets
Full Color isn't to my liking
Parasense , could be better
Psycho Talk as usual , mindbending

Overall strong release mmmm France is sure doing the right thing I'd give it 8/10           "Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming, those who find beautiful meanings in ugly things are the cultivated..."
Le Lotus Bleu
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  114
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Posted : May 30, 2003 19:04
Lots of French & Russian are composing this tracklist: Full Color, Digital Talk (2 formerly member of Droisect) & Psycho Talk (Side project of Digital Talk) for the french connection & Nothing Special (new side project of Parasesnse), Fungus Funk and Parasense for The Russian one.

What a nice name ‘ Nothing Special’, i was thinking discovering the traklist of the cd. The track is funny as much as the decision of the denomination of the band. The building of the track reminds me a bit of Sub 6 : a short dubby intro that evolves to more psychedelic tones but there’s differences with Sub 6, it’s more raving (especially with the saxo) and pumping without forgetting to keep nice fluffy harmonies. I wish this new side project of Parasense to make some others stuffs this way.

Next one is typically from the Gms style for me, so for sure the fans will enjoy it & those who usually don’t care will go on like this. Personnally, i think it’s an effective production despite there’s nothing new inside : same sounds, same tones, same fx & construction that have been already heard many times before.

Full Color delivering Numerical Combina amazes me much more. Here, the compilation points towards his dark side up to the end & i must admitt there’s a nice progression into the darkness with the order of the tracklist.
We get darker here, despite melody still present, metallicly oriented with dry electric guitar riffs. The appearence about 4:00 of more enlightned twisted souds offers a nice combination with the previous atmosphere.

A step forward into the darkness & btw into minimalism is what we get with Digital Talk, a very interesting rythmic work. Some samples puts the track into more psychedelism after a small break with sample « Ah on dirait de la science-fiction », ideal for plenty powder,effectiveness during night-peak-time.

Fungus Funk enters an extreme area, Future Is Mine break the doorstep of listenable for me, too hard minimal not my taste.

Then we go down into a bit more soft music, but Vodka Fx is as deep & dark as previous one, i would say an average track, maybe due to an excess of Vodka who knows ? I recommend Parasense to try Rhum next time maybe they’ll encounter best results…

Shift with Sternoptyx signs one of the great moment of Ritual Dance, night dark full on at his best with a very powerfull feeling. I particularly appreciate when the bass gets frying around 5:20, each time it has the same effect on me : i’m suddenly hungry.

As it’s a side project of Digital Talk, it’s normally sounding close, nevertheless the global content is more boisterous in a nightfullon way, very mettalic tones.

From the beginning, you directly enter into cold-gothic atmosphere with some wind samples which makes your flesh creep . Big electric guitar riffs comes confering lots of energy to Tree Of Death but also nice melody synthlines here, all the melodic elements get confused in an apocalyptic final output.

Highlights by order of preference :1,7,9
Other nice moments by oder: 4,3,8

Mark :7,5/10
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  43
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Posted : May 30, 2003 20:05
The new acidance compilation is wonderfull !!
You have the choice for the review so i don't do it again but anyway all tracks are kiiiillleeerr !!!
You're going to hear it this summer in all good party !!
This is your ticket for the paradise !!

Gilad Refael
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 30, 2003 20:32

06 PARASENSE - Vodka FX (145)

havn't heard the album, but that's a pretty cool name           REHAB is for quitters
Dj Shed

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  84
Posted : May 31, 2003 08:32
another gem after Parvati.
this compilation is worth $12 or so.
stop copying and buy original ppl

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