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V/A Sonica (Neurobiotic 2005)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 12, 2005 13:32
The Sonica Electronic Music Festival in Italy is going to be one of the major psytrance gatherings in Europe this summer. It is organised by the Neurobiotic crew, which is one of the leading full on labels out there. It is the first ever electronic music festival in Italy! Now they are out with a new compilation to promote the festival. On this compilation you will find some of the artists that will perform on the festival.

Sonica (Neurobiotic Records) 2005 (NBRCD016)

1. Psysex – Tiger Balm
2. Nick – Manic Miner
3. Wrecked Machines – Bandbox
4. Pixel – Technology, Spirit & Mind
5. Joti Sidhu – Distorted Reality
6. Wizzy Noise – Leslie Dusty Blue
7. Sub6 – Bozow
8. Silicon Sound Feat. DJ Psychotrop – Departure
9. Tikal – Tequila

As you see on the track list, there are some really big psytrance artists coming to this festival. First out is Psysex (Udi Sternberg & Yoni Oshrat), a well experienced duo from Israel. They give us a groovy, quite psychedelic, trippy, full on track. Massive and stumping drift that should fit well in the night. Track 2 is a surprise by a new name called Nick (Nick Ladiado). This is actually the guy behind Panick. One of my favourite tracks on this compilation. Totally massive, rolling bassline and pure night time vibes through the track. The melody here sounds pretty cool and evil too. Nice one. Track 3 is a new track by Wrecked Machines (Gabriel Serrasqueiro) from Brazil, who is doing really well these days. His second album (Second Thought) was released on Spun and Solstice earlier this year. I like a lot of Wrecked Machines tracks, but I think he has gone a little bit more clubby lately. But, here we get a pretty good track. Drifting with some nice, trippy, floating soundscapes. Quite atmospheric and very groovy. Another one of my favourite tracks on this compilation. Nice! Track 4 is by an Israeli artist called Pixel (Eli Biton), who released his debut album (Reality Strikes Back) on Hommega Productions in the end of 2004. Massive full on going a typical Israeli direction, but not as clubby as it often can be.

Track 5 is by another veteran in the psytrance scene, Joti Sidhu, also known as Psychaos. He released an album on Neurobiotic Records (Punktuator) earlier this year. Full on with some rough edges, but not much surprises here. Some more variation could have been nice. Track 6 is by Wizzy Noise (Micky Noise & Uriel) from Greece, who plays live everywhere around the world these days. Here we get full on with a lot of energy. Intense melodies and quite a lot of variation. Also very interesting to hear that they add something new for a change to the full on sound. These guys sure knows how to make fun on the dance floor. Track 7 is by Sub6 (Ohad & Golan Aharoni) who was on every full on dj’s playlist last year because of their debut album (Who Needs Love Songs) on Hommega Productions and Vision Quest. They do their full on a bit different too. Totally massive, with some tiny psychedelic sounds mixed into a heavy bassline. Also a melody that works its way out of the madness. Track 8 is another favourite track on this compilation. This is a new track by Silicon Sound (Johannes Regnier) from France, here in a collaboration with a guy called Psychotrop (Franck Maurin). Here we get the typical Silicon Sound way of doing trippy, atmospheric morning trance. Nice and melodic, but not too fluffy. Nice track! The last track on this compilation is a track by another French duo, Tikal (Vincent & Manuel Bernal). They have just released their second album (Carnaval) on Neurobiotic Records, and here we get a track from the album. Happy, light summer vibes with a little bit of Brazilian carnaval touch.

This compilation should be a really good promotion for their festival! One of the better full on compilations I have heard this summer. I like especially the tracks by Nick, Wrecked Machines and Silicon Sound Vs. Psychotrop. This CD made me look even more forward to Sonica. See you there!

More reviews at:           CHILL TRIBE
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 12, 2005 19:27
nice review pks

thanx for the comment on the silicon sound track, great that you like it           Psychotrop(Neurobiotic Rec)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 13, 2005 22:35
Looks good and hopefully we will get to hear every single track at the fest!! woohoo!!! Will bring back awesome memories that are sure to take place!! Bring the noise!           :: Life can be as bitter as dragon tears
But whether dragon tears are bitter or sweet
depends entirely on how each man perceives the taste ::

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Posted : Jul 14, 2005 15:20
killer compilation by neurobiotics. Was it compiled by Edo??

I really liked this one.. 4sure worth buying.. the only track that doesnt really fit this compil imo is the tikal, which is chessy and poor.... Releasing one album after another from this guys is taking the neurobiotic level down imho.

my favorites tracks are nick, psysex, pixel n wrecked machines. Silicon sound is always good but imo all the tracks releasing latetly are almost the same =/ i hope his album doesnt go like this.

but the nick track is a bomb, psychedelic and powerfull i loved it, also the psysex one

Liked the Joti track as well, wizzy noise doesnt fit with my style but i like their own unique style.

Now a question about the sub6 track which is a BOMB but wtf are those sounds like windows error spams they put?? I cant REALLY believe its for real such a great track ruined by clueless windows error spam sound?? the sound wasnt even necessary the synths behind were doing great job. I hope this sound is in cause of the mp3 i downloaded i will buy this album anyway cause its the best this year imo hard to get 6 very good tracks out of 10 releasing nowdays.

remember its all about opinion i just didnt find a more proper manner to say how i liked it and how i didnt like it.



IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 14, 2005 16:06
Good review for an even better compilation!
Great job Neurobiotic!           "I went to Goa and all i got was this lousy superiority complex."
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 15, 2005 18:36

On 2005-07-14 15:20, Vyenn wrote:
the only track that doesnt really fit this compil imo is the tikal, which is chessy and poor.... Releasing one album after another from this guys is taking the neurobiotic level down imho.

Album is usually followed by another. In Tikal's case Carnaval is the second one and was released about a year and a half after the second one. Now if you ask me they're the backbone of Neurobiotic. Funny how opinions can differ so much, eh? About the compilation. I haven't had the proper time to listen to it yet. So more words will follow as the time is right
          "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 20, 2005 01:49
thanx for the beautiful words...
Yes Sonica was compiled by me and I think is Neuro's best compilation until now...
Anyway, see you at Sonica!


          Edoardo @ Neurobiotic Records

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Posted : Jul 20, 2005 18:34
rocking compilation!!!
Psysex and Silicon Sound feat Psychotrop stand out for me....

Vyenn: You mentioned an album from Silicon Sound coming out? ohhhh how im dying for this one...any information on release dates?? shold be pumping, groovy and psychedelic..just the way i like it

Zen Mechanics

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Posted : Jul 20, 2005 22:06
The best comp from Neurobiotic sofar IMO...Smash hits from the highest order faves are from Nick, Pixel and Wrecked Machines. Keep up the good job Don Eduardo and Sonica will rock for sure!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 20, 2005 23:40
nice Comp!

SUB6           -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 20, 2005 23:58
psysex track ROX           ..."Be yourself, let your conscience guide you...
Follow your heart, not the people around you"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 21, 2005 15:52
Groove Controllers also had some gems, but this one has more!
PsySex track is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., crystal clear acid in your face, ultraprofessional work again!
The Nick track sounds to me like earlier Audialize tracks, but with better production.
Then the tracks till Sub6 are quite nice for me, but Bozow is some good suff again from them. Slow pumpy, bit housey very good track.
Johannes with Psychotrop made a pretty decent Silicon track, good one.
The Tikal track is just too cheesy for me, but it seems many people like it.

keep on Neurobiotic and meet soon in Italy           Procyon Records
frenzyinducing psychedelic electronica
Beyond -
Polyester Corespun

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Posted : Jul 21, 2005 19:55
You could say it's the anticipation of the festival that surrounds me with enthusiastic feelings and I've liked this compilation from the first hearing, but then it's been blasting my speakers for many days now and I guess it's more than just that
And though it's common and a normal thing to sort out a couple or more trax from V/As and call them your favourites, this time I think we get a nice impression of the compilation as a whole.
Even the Tikal track that, as danger quoted before me `is just too cheesy for me, but it seems many people like it`, is actually meant to make your ears relaxed and, why not, to draw a smile on your face !

Thumbs up to Neurobiotics for this release...aahh you Sonica makers, seems you're the stars of the summer



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Posted: Jul 27, 2005
pixel go make more tracks with people and stop making music by youre self
in the full moon u killed my trip and the l.s.d stoped working
i hope this is not permament damege
do u know what l.s.d is ???

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Posted : Jul 31, 2005 01:52
Good compilation indeed, but not at all surprising with such an impressive lineup of artists.

Best track for me is Silicon Sounds collaboration with DJ Psychotrop – especially the intro. Sub6, Wizzy Noise, Pixel, Psysex and (Pa)Nick (cant wait for the new album) also provide some seriously delicious pounding music, and last but not least I think Wrecked Machines needs mentioning. After the very in-your-face Spun influenced melodies on his 2nd album, I think it’s great to hear that he’s still into making music with more subtle melodies.

Thumbs up to Neurobiotic for another high quality release – even though there where a few tracks I didn’t enjoy that much, I wouldn’t at all call them fillers, and overall this is one of the best full on purchases I’ve made this year.          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
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