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V/A - Sanatonic Audio (Sanaton Records 2006) CD

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2006 00:41
V/A – Sanatonic Audio


Artist: Various
Title: Sanatonic Audio
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Sanaton Audio (Sweden)
Cat. #: SRCD002
Date: 30 March 2006

Track listing:

01. 06’13” Donkey Shot – Ode To Fellow Casualties
02. 07’30” Procs - Frequenters
03. 07’29” Ka-Sol – Just Another Riot
04. 06’42” Zikdrury – Joconta Stories (Rmx)
05. 07’56” Traskel – Unknown Speakers
06. 07’10” Hallucinogenic Horses – The Stable Of Hooves
07. 09’03” Derango – Mellan Mitten
08. 08’01” Zalabim – Jiggsaw Tonic
09. 06’11” Hokus Pokus + The Vicious Spiral – Rusten Svensker
10. 08’11” Jahbo - Hashed



Sanaton Records is a small, independent record label from Sweden. Basically it’s run by the Derango guys and in 2005 they released the debut compilation Boldly Audio – a critically acclaimed, low budget underground CD-R release which is already O.O.P. and thus sought after… For the second release, they upped the ante, and Sanatonic Audio is a properly pressed CD with a tracklist that instantly released gazillions of endorphins into my brain when I saw it… I mean, just look at this collection of freaks, perverts and deviants… I’m guessing we’re in for quite a ride here… Let’s pop it on!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Donkey Shot – Ode To Fellow Casualties
“Errm, have you ever…? […] No thank you, I’ve already eaten!” Donkey Shot is Johan Hellqvist who is also a member of Syzygy who had a track on Boldly Audio. And blimey, this track is pretty damn psychedelic… A gabber’esque bassline is accompanied by some of the most demented melodies I’ve heard in a while… Flaring synth excursions and stabbing acid-lines… Weird, sick and twisted – and as with Finnish stuff, I have a hard time digesting some parts of this tune… It’s very interesting though – and deeply experimental!

#02: Procs - Frequenters
Swedish producer Mikael Stegman has always been somewhat of a favourite of mine. Ever since I heard the first Procs/Peyote People tracks on Scrambled Heads back in 2001 I’ve been a fan of Mikke’s unique, shroomy forest trance... IMO though, his debut album Stuck In The Oven With Me released in late 2005 by Trishula Records wasn’t up to par with those compilation tracks – it was too dark and despite the album’s über-psychedelic edge, it didn’t grab me as much as I’d hoped for… And yeah, this track is very similar to the dark, introvert style of the album… This is nocturnal, pitch black Helloween trance – that seems to be lacking some of the psychedelia that made me fall in love with Procs in the first place… ;o/ Don’t get me wrong, this is Procs after all – with an extremely well-produced track with a bunch of interesting ideas… So it’s still good – it’s just not as amazing as some of his previous work!

#03: Ka-Sol – Just Another Riot
Nowadays Ka-Sol is a solo-project by Christer Lundström who has yet to let me down with his extremely rewarding take on maximal psytrance… His compilation tracks on Apsara (Suntrip Records 2005) and Schlabbaduerst 007 were nothing short of amazing, and I can’t wait for the full album coming very soon on Suntrip… And fuck me, if Lulle hasn’t gone and done it again – with this track he steals the picture completely – this is a GARGANTUAN track… Packed to the rim with deranged synth-escapades, wall-to-wall bass devastation and maximal acid tweakage… 100% party music designed to annoy the hell out of neighbours, pets, friends, lovers, family and other non-trance entities… Full-on? This is full-off! Amazing track!

#04: Zikdrury – Joconta Stories (Rmx)
Zikdrury is Alex Vozikis (Zik/Matutero/Horror Place/Adrenal Glands) & Dennis Patsouros from Greece… The Horror Place track off M.o.E’s Trauma Trance compilation was downright evil and psychopathic… This track here is not *as* gruelling – it’s still pretty damn repulsive though… High-pitched acid-lines in all shapes and forms and some seriously demented melodies that don’t really seem to go anywhere… Sadly! Not a bad track, but especially the first half is too evil for my tastes – luckily it picks up towards the end…

#05: Traskel – Unknown Speakers
“There are many things even the wisest of us don’t know… We have seen illusion and reality begin to overlap…” Marcus Ryman from Ørebro, Sweden also had a track on Boldly Audio – which I sadly haven’t heard… Anyway, this is another no-bullshit, fast-paced, weird-as-fuck psytrance track… Bubbling with joy and the experimentation is much broader than the previous track… This is rich, shroomy forest trance complete with raven cries, fog horns, assorted string-instruments and high-pitched acid mayhem… Not bad at all!

#06: Hallucinogenic Horses – The Stable Of Hooves
“My skull is splitting in half…Well, well, well – what have we’ve got here then?” HH is Derango + Emil Wennborn… And yeah, this has Derango written ALL over it… Drenched in acid, synth-experimentation and forest madness, this is easily the most trip friendly tune thus far… Seemingly dark, yet über-trippy forest trance – very rich and very rewarding… The many changes in pace, the horse samples and the scary voice bits all help in adding to the spooky, yet totally mesmerizing atmosphere… Awesome!

#07: Derango – Mellan Mitten
And here’s Derango on their own. Yeah! Swedish studio wizards Jens Eriksson & Ola Eriksson released their stellar debut album TuMuLT on Inpsyde Media in the fall of 2005. This track pretty much picks up where the previous one left off – this is eclectic, immensely trippy psychedelia… Forest trance if there ever was forest trance – rich, versatile and totally groovy! Man, I’ll never get tired of Derango’s style… Rock on guys – this is the shiznitz!

#08: Zalabim – Jiggsaw Tonic
“He found about this ritual that would allow you to live forever…” Zalabim is Kim Bernhammar who until now has released his stuff on … What we get here is gritty, relentless, full throttle night trance – absolutely soaked in acid! It’s a regular tweak-o-rama acid-fest of previously unseen proportions… I’m telling you; this would make Phyx run up a tree! Beastly good!

#09: Hokus Pokus + The Vicious Spiral – Rusten Svensker
“Ind i skogen allihopa!” Hokus Pokus is the moniker of Danish producers Anders Eskildsen & Christian Kaas Andersen (aka Dronebixie) – and they really impressed me with their debut track on the Pavarti compilation Psy Stories. On this track they are joined by none other than Brian Møller who AFAIK hasn’t released anything since his track on the 2004 Gi’iwa compilation Schizm… The track title is Danish and translates into ‘rusty Swede’ and the track also has funny Swedish samples... The music is subtle psychedelia – it’s not as hard-core as some of the previous trax, but believe me – the trip-factor is easily as high. Driving, bubbling oddball psytrance… Very nice and very energetic!

#10: Jahbo – Hashed
Røllike Jahbo from Denmark is one of the most respected and most productive producers in the Århus-scene… He has released plenty of compilation tracks both under his Jahbo alias, but also as a member of bunch of collaborations – including the infamous Meteloids… He has seldom let me down with his innovative, well-constructed take on hypertrance – and this track is no exception… As its predecessor, this track is less dark than some of the previous tracks – and relies more on studio trickery and shaman pharmaceuticals than bassline… The lengthy Saw II sample seems well-placed and overall I like this track a lot… It’s as mature as it is trip-friendly! What a sweet way to end a truly remarkable compilation.

Yes sir! This is the best forest trance compilation since Pavarti’s Psy Stories released in 2005. On this remarkable piece of plastic we get a very fine collection of shroomy, deeply psychedelic forest trance choons… It’s dark too, but not dark in the somewhat ‘predictable’ darkpsy way – this is much more versatile and eventually rewarding… A couple of the first tracks didn’t really rub me the right way, but they are easily outweighed by the rest of the tracks here – they are ALL stand-outs! Something that’s getting increasingly rare with psytrance nowadays… The cover art is extremely simple and doesn’t even sport the name of the compilation, but with it’s forest-like appearance, it totally fits the music…

This release is limited to 400 copies and it can only be ordered directly from Sanaton’s website – and believe me, it’s totally worth a purchase! It’s an essential buy for fans of trip-friendly, Swedish forest-trance like Stoneage, Schlabbaduest and so on – and to fans of rich, diverse psychedelia in general… Go get it now – it *will* sell out soon… Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3(!!), 5, 6(!), 7(!), 8, 9, 10


External links:
Sanaton Records:
Discogs:           On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion...

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Posted : Apr 6, 2006 08:38
Hmm.. I listened through the compilation yesterday evening and judging by my first impression, I'd say "Boldly Audio" is a lot better to me, I'm afraid. The kick seems to be off-center in Traskel's track (perhaps a theme due to its title..) and also in Zalabim's track, which quite annoyed me during the listening session, at least the latter mentioned above. I double-checked it with Procs to make sure my study-torn brain wasn't percieving wrong signals, so either both of us are or...

I like the tracks from Procs, Ka-SoL (eagerly waiting for the album for so many years and soon it's about to happen.. this track reminded me at times about 'earth' from the legendary docklands 2 compilation.. al dente!), Traskel (despite what I mentioned above, the track's still probably the best track I've heard up to this date from Traskel and there's quite a few elements which I really enjoy here) and the Danes shaping Hokus Pokus + The Vicious Spiral - another piece of candy for the ear.

           Aural transmissions from the deep forests of Sweden - 'Patterns II EP' by Silent Horror out now!
Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2006 10:58
I listened through the compilation yesterday evening and judging by my first impression, I'd say "Boldly Audio" is a lot better to me, I'm afraid.

agreed. my point also.           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.

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Posted : Apr 6, 2006 13:05
Thnx for yet another excellent
review from DeathPosture.


IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 7, 2006 00:45
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 7, 2006 12:40

This cd is a fucking gem. Bursting at the seams with shroomy psychedelia...

After a debut va like boldly audio, you set the mark pretty hats off to the sanaton crew for this track selection, you guys have outdown yourselves again.

Inactive User

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Posted : Apr 7, 2006 22:42

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Posted : Apr 8, 2006 15:47
Best release in 2006, so far. As simple as that!
No bad tracks!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 8, 2006 17:44
Sanaton Records
Sanaton Records

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 13:38
Thank you all for the feedback and thank you Death Posture for the review! clear out some things from the review:

Sanaton Records is not just Derango. Basically we are a bunch of friends doing different things to make this label running.

And about Hallucinogenic Horses: Basically the same thing as with Sanaton, a collective of friends. Although it´s hard to get time for it when we all live in different parts of Sweden.

/The SanaTones           S a n a t o n R e c o r d s (c)

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 14:23
Congrats Sanaton Records, this is a masterpiece and together with D.M.T. so far the best cd of this year
all tracks very good and some still stand out. hallucinogenic horses track is my favorite, a fuckin psychadelic bomb, i think its the best track ever made...
there is a but: i think it has less soul than boldly audio, or perhaps this one needs to grow in me but at the moment i think it cannot fully reach boldly audio
so let's say 9/10
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 16:50
Hokus Pokus + The Vicious Spiral – Rusten Svensker
the best track !!! from all this comp
we want more vicioussssss !!! boom !

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Posted : Apr 12, 2006 16:36
This CD kick ass!
It is one of the greatest psytrance compilations of all time (for me anyways)
No bad tracks, Ka-Sol didn't work very well for me, but I guess I just have to give it some time. The Procs track wasn't as great as Aghast from Boldly Audio, but I guess I have to try this for some time aswell. Besides those, I guess all others are favourites
psychedelic pineapples
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 12, 2006 21:02
Donkey Shot – Ode To Fellow Casualties -as if the trolls in the forest were rocking to an alien dj playing from the clouds thru the wind..shhhhhhhhhhhhuaaaaaaa
Procs - Frequenters-yes we got the signal,soon we shall here thunder and lightning and it might just rain-dont be surprised to see peacocks do the shiva
Ka-Sol – Just Another Riot -yes the winds are blowing hard as the dust rise up swirling above towards the sky as dragons circle the corners of the earth
Zikdrury – Joconta Stories (Rmx-yeh!!! thats what i am talking about straight to the point....DIMENSIONS<><><><>
Traskel – Unknown Speakers -'welcome to the tales of the black crow.
Hallucinogenic Horses – The Stable Of Hooves-are visions of the future...????...i hope..and i could live with this feeling for the rest of my life
Derango – Mellan Mitten -i have transformed and i am what i hear
Hokus Pokus + The Vicious Spiral – Rusten Svensker -blockbuster...

pure soul food....enjoy!!

sashe atriohm

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Posted : Apr 14, 2006 03:00
There are no words only smiles :-):-)
This compilation will be one of the best for this year!!!
My favorites:
Donkey shot
Hallucinogenic horses
Hokus Pokus+Vicius spiral
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