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V/A - Samurai [Yabai Records] 2007


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Posted : May 3, 2007 16:24
one of the best this year , totally my style very nice job yabai

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 8, 2007 22:13
booooooooooooom! amaizing album, havnet heared such good tunes in 1 album for a long time!!! mind blowing album           Peace & Love!

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Posted : May 26, 2007 18:41
Awesome...thanks for the killer review Squirm. So much thought and heart you put into it . And thanks to all the friends/listeners/dj's/artists that tuned in as well . True killers here, but my personal favorite has to be Abomination-paradive. Just beautifuly words. Big BooM to all!

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 26, 2007 18:58
nice compilation my best tune its the Abomination
phatmatix and frozen ghost also i like a lot

10/10 Yabai 

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VA - Endangered Species
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 16, 2008 14:00
Title: Samurai
Artist: Various
Label: Yabai Records
Release: April, 2007

Track Listing:

01. Digital Talk & Outer Signal – No Rules (8:41)
02. Abomination – Paradive (7:21)
03. Pychotic Micro – No Going Back (6:40)
04. B-55 & Frozen Ghost- Disengage (6:55)
05. Earworm – Activation (7:38)
06. Toxic – Crossing Swords (6:40)
07. Phatmatix - Samurai (8:52)
08. Frozen Ghost – Giggly Twig (7:02)
09. Technodrome – Liquid Night (8:00)

I was hunting for this one when it first came out, but it was out of stock for the longest time. It wasn’t until this summer that I was able to get it from Psyshop. To say my expectations of this compilation are high is like saying the Bush administration is devious and misleading. With all the stars on this disc, it’s like looking up at the constellations. Yabai has put out the first Frozen Ghost album and the brilliant Phatmatix disc, so they obviously know quality. I’m going to do this review backwards from the last track to the first. Why? Because I’m psychotic. And schizophrenic. Did I mention I also have ADHD? Let’s get to it!

Technodrome – Liquid Night- I really liked the Ninja Turtle album, it was pure power. With this track, the bass line drives as various sounds pop in and out of earshot. There is one sound (orchestra hit) that is repeated ad nauseum and gets old fast. By the 4’20 mark (hehe) we have lots of leads and rising sounds. When the break comes, a new (or the first) melody becomes apparent and then joins with more leads to create a power packed intense ride. Pretty good track to end er, I mean begin.

Frozen Ghost – Giggly Twig- FG has their new album Edible Technique coming out (Barry really likes to eat I guess) so let’s see what he brings. With a deep bass line and some screams I think I know what I’m in for. Lots of atonal sounds put together in a groovy way is how I would describe this. The bass is thumping, and the leads defy you to keep your head still when this rages onward. Great track!

Phatmatix – Samurai- Stephane’s album Sorcery for me was an instant classic with super powerful beats and dark melodies. Another ripping bass line, and some alien voices give me the creeps as he picks up where he left off. The sounds are crystal clear and there is never a dull moment as my mental groove continues. This is not going to help my psychoses. The cool thing here is that with every change in tempo or melody, it’s seamless. Hey, is that guy looking at me? Excuse me, I need to get a screwdriver, Major League Baseball is spying on me and I need to get the tracking device out of my skull. You know don’t you? Loud noises!

Toxic – Crossing Swords- Crossing swords. Samurai. I get it. Another deep bass line and ominous synths dominate this track. I like the break with its electro and glitch leanings. I don’t know what the sample said, but who cares he wasn’t talking to me. Was he? He was wasn’t he? Now I look stupid. This track thunders on and is a good banger!

Earworm – Activation- “All personnel prepare for activation!” I don’t know who this is, but I think this is his only release. All I can think of is that Star Trek Movie when that little creature is put I his helmet by Khan. Khan!!!! This one doesn’t get going until 2 minutes or so but that’s ok. I like my meat to marinate. There are several space samples and a good dose of acid to keep it moving. I liked it, not too complex but tasty!

B-55 & Frozen Ghost- Disengage- B-55 are a Japanese duo and how can you call your comp Samurai without the Japanese? They join with Barry here as a bouncing bass line rumbles underneath a glassy pad. That distinctive FG sound is front and center, amid some samples from a bad movie. They work here though, as his forte I suppose is pure power. I have been washing my hands for 40 minutes and I just…cannot…get the funk off. Very good track!

Pychotic Micro – No Going Back- “All I know is it feels like my skull is splitting in half.” Preaching to the choir brother. I was disappointed in their last album. Well, except for the cover art. That was cool. I found the bass line in this one kinda weak, and they used the same lead sound all over their album. The final synth riff gets on my nerves with it’s repetition. Not a bad track, but it doesn’t stand up to the others on this disc.

Abomination – Paradive- “What have you learned in nine hours? Ok. I think it’s a keyhole virus. A keyhole virus? Yeah. A virus targeted at a specific DNA sequence. So it’s targeted at one person? People…I think. A race, even a species.” As I’ve said before, I loves me some Abomination. The sample sets the stage as the bass line does its superman thing. The leads are sticky at first, then metallic to drive home the point. I like the string, sort of otherworldly. I would’ve liked some more variation, but with the great sample and heavy beat, still a very good track.

Digital Talk & Outer Signal – No Rules- Last track on this disc, and that’s good, because I need some Ketamin. And Lithium. Some Clonazepam would be nice. I am looking forward to the return of Digital Talk and here we go. We have a start and stop beginning with the sounds being pristine above the churning bass line. A low lead growls from the depths as it is filtered nicely. Groove factor high. The tempo changes time and flows smartly into another melody. Superb!

Summary: This is a recommendation of the highest order. Awesome compilation. If you like power, frenetic leads, melodies and a dark feel to your music, then get your ass to the internet and order it. All the tracks sound great, and it was worth the wait. I’m going to get three more copies. One for Mr. Mcpicklebutter, life hasn’t been the same since his involuntary commitment. One for Dr. Honeynipple, although since she surgically removed her ears, I don’t know how she can hear it. Maybe the vibrations. And lastly my good friend Smokynutz. I think I will send him his though. He likes to bite. A lot. 9/10

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