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V/A - Quality Relaxation (Chill Tribe Records 2005) CD

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 16:59
V/A – Quality Relaxation


Artist: Various
Title: Quality Relaxation
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Chill Tribe Records (Norway)
Cat. #: CTRCD01
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 27 June 2005

Track listing:

01. 06’54” Entheogenic – Walk On Air
02. 07’38” Elysium - Fairytale
03. 07’02” Shulman – The Unexpected Visitor (CBL Carbonator Rmx)
04. 09’56” Ishq – En Soph
05. 08’11” Jaïa - Missing
06. 09’15” Cell – Secret Wedding
07. 06’53” PhasePhour – Unpronounced Numbers
08. 09’30” Elysium vs. Space Cat – Dub Connection
09. 06’40” Altitudes – Altitude 1
10. 06’49” Blue Planet Corporation – Wild City


Luxurious chill…

Chill Tribe Records is a newly established label based in Oslo, Norway. It’s the brainchild of the well-known trance/chill reviewer, music-collector and party-organiser PKS (Per Kristian Slagsvold). A guy that does everything to the fullest: He’s got one of the most extensive collections of trance/chill music I’ve ever seen in my life – he’s one a walking, talking review-machine – and he organises parties with bigger and bigger names in Norway… A productive guy for sure! And daaaaaaaamn – what a track list he’s flashing on this debut release! I mean - it’s one living legend after another… From trance pioneers to chillage royalty – does it get much better? I think not, and I’ve been excited about this ever since the tracklist was announced… So let’s get comfy and chill out PKS style…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Entheogenic – Walk On Air
When France-based chill producers Piers Oak-Rhind & Helmut Glavar released their self-entitled debut album in 2002 on 3D Vision Records I fell in love immediately… An album that still holds a very special place in my heart… The second album Spontaneous Illumination was released on C.O.R.N. Recordings in 2003 and the third album is coming soon on Chillcode Records… This track is floating, dubby, ethno-ambient – in the typical Entheogenic style… Subtle beats, floating synths and ethnic chants… And an overall very organic feeling here… All very nicely done…

#02: Elysium – Fairytale
Danish producer Kristian Thinning Andersen is on of the true godfathers of goa trance and tribal chill-out… He’s been in the game forever and has released three albums as Elysium and one as Elysium Project + countless tracks on compilations, etc… He’s also part of the progressive cross-over duo Holm & Andersen… This is peaceful, harmonic downbeat – with rich world music influences… An ethno-tribal fairytale sung in a native tongue… Very soothing and very relaxing…

#03: Shulman – The Unexpected Visitor (CBL Carbonator Rmx)
Yahiv Shulman from Israel is another one of the modern chill heavy-weights… I absolutely adore his two albums: The debut Soundscapes and Modern Tales released on Shaffel in 2002 + In Search of a Meaningful Moment released on his own label Aleph Zero in 2003… Both are modern chill classics – and now Carbon Based Lifeforms from Sweden are remixing one of the gems from the second album…. CBL are Ultimae regulars Daniel Ringström & Johannes Hedberg and they bring us a soothing, melancholy, ambient remix of this track… The flute-lines are particularly nicely done and the first part of the track has a very cool dreamy atmosphere…

#04: Ishq – En Soph
And now we’re really, really, really chilling-out… Matt Hillier from the UK heads the Ishq-collective most famous for the album Orchid released both on Interchill and Daikini Records + countless appearances on chill compilations… This is beatless ambient – complete with running water, singing birds and not a beat in sight… So this is as chilled as it gets and has already sent me to sleep a couple of times… My only gripe here is the odd placement of this track… I would have put it either as the very first track or the very last to ensure an even smoother flow… But don’t get me wrong, this is still a very good dreamy track…

#05: Jaïa – Missing
Yannis Kamarinos is another living trance/chill legend… Based in France, Yannis has been responsible for some of the most important trance/chill releases in our scene… The album Blue Energy has been a fav’e since it was released in 1998 and the new 2005 album Fiction has been getting rave reviews already… The track starts out as a digital ambient but later it evolves into faster downbeat… The harmonic pads in the beginning are nothing less than outstanding in their majestic, orchestral beauty… One of my fav’e tracks here… Essential!

#06: Cell – Secret Wedding
French producer Alexandre Scheffer has really impressed me with his many high-quality compilation tracks… Earlier this year he released his debut album Phonic Peace on Indica Music, but I have yet to fully explore that album… Anyway, this track here is similar to the Jaïa track in the sense that it also evolves from chill to downbeat… Just like you’d expect from Cell… As with many of the other tracks we get some cool ethnic vocals here – also the percussion section is pretty damn suave… Another top choon!

#07: PhasePhour – Unpronounced Numbers
Norwegian producers Eldar Von Essen & John Robert Egeland released their debut album ...Boiing & Zipp on Freetransform Records in 2004… This is melodic chill – with a very cool, distinct synth-line accompanied by breakz and subtle percussion… Actually it’s very simple, but somehow also very intoxicating… Works wonders in my living room. Brilliant track!

#08: Elysium vs. Space Cat – Dub Connection
You might confuse this track with the Liquid Dub Connection track that was released on the 2000 BNE/Yoyo compilation Life Is… But it’s not the same! This track was made simultaneously by Kristian Thinning Andersen and Avi Algranati – and only surfaces now… Finally! What we get here is a deep, dubby, dreamy masterpiece – made with the combined talents of Space Cat and Elysium each bringing their trademark talents into the mix… From the rich, tribal percussion section of Elysium – to the melodic antics of Space Cat… Add a lazy, dubby beat and we’ve got a winner… Beautiful in all it’s simplistic glory! This is a brilliant track!

#09: Altitudes – Altitude 1
The promotional text dubs this track ‘the dream team track’ – and yeah that’s not far from the truth. Whilst the Altitudes name might not sound familiar, I’m sure the producers behind it will: Yannis Kamarinos & Gabriel Masurel… That’s right – Jaïa and Blue Planet Corporation!! I dunno how the hell PKS got these people working together, but it sure is a constellation that I wouldn’t have dared even dreaming about earlier… But it is reality now… Sweet! This here is a highly experimental upbeat tune… The construction is deeply original, and this will turn some heads for sure… A cross-over tune if there ever was one: Breakz, electro, tribal, melodic trance, ethno-dub – and more! I’m digging this a lot, a fine track for sure!

#10: Blue Planet Corporation – Wild City
Wild city indeed! We end this compilation with another track by Frenchman Gabriel Masurel – this time working on his own as Blue Planet Corporation… BPC is another legendary producer with one timeless album, loads and loads of EPs and countless compilation tracks… This track is similar to the Altitudes track in its oddball, crossover appearance… A highly original blend of various styles all keeping within experimental downtempo… DJs with guts will love this track – it can be dropped successfully in the beginning of most sets… So yeah, this compilation ends with a head-turner… Nice!

Yikes! This is without a doubt one of the most impressive track-lists I’ve seen on a label’s debut release… You can really tell that PKS’ many years of musical digging has paid off – he knew exactly where to look and he’s managed to put together one hell of an impressive chill-out compilation… The big names did what they were hired to do – delivered outstanding chill tunes… This quality level here is close to perfection – there isn’t a single bad or mediocre track here, and despite the order of tracks I wouldn’t want this any other way…

Another big fat plus in my cool-book is the very cool cover art + the extensive booklet that holds information on all tracks… That’s the way to do it Chill Tribe! This is already a benchmark compilation and this disc has found its well-deserved place on my CD shelf right besides my Ultimae, Interchill and Aleph Zero CDs… Any fan of soothing, relaxing ambient, chill and downbeat must check this out… Really! I will not hesitate to give this my highest recommendations… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 3(!), 5(!!), 6(!), 7, 8(!), 9, 10


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Chill Tribe Records:
Saiko Sounds:
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 17:04
Indeed a very nice chill compilation!! I enjoy this alot!!
CongratZ PK, seems you hit the spot with this one!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 18:26
great stuff. love the Jaïa tune and Elysium's tracks are both phenomenal.

Started Topics :  2
Posts :  141
Posted : Jul 1, 2005 19:31

Very nice chill compilation, all tracks are quality, not one bad track on this comp.

Love the new Entheogenic track, beautiful vibe, gorgeous melodies, great psybreaks, brilliant journey!
Elysium track creates a relaxing mood all around, nice chill atmosphere some very nice percussion.
Nice flutes and built up on the Shulman remix, very dreamy, very spacey.
Celestial atmosphere from Ishq, perfect to take off, would have probably been better to put this one at the end.
Jaia is very spacey and dreamy track, beautiful pads.
Cell track starts out quite and peaceful, then gains gratually more and more beat, nicely done.
PhasePhour starts out with a simple synth line and nice atmospheres, followed by a great built up.
Elysium Vs. Space Cat yes I agree this is a great deep dubby classic. Lovely voice and great beats and bass.
Altitudes track is more upbeat and experimental, one of the more twisted on the album.
Blue Planet Corporation with a great upbeat track and one of my favourits on the album very original and well executed.

Favourites: All tracks are great in their own way.

Outstanding: 1, 8, 10


Started Topics :  1
Posts :  44
Posted : Jul 2, 2005 07:52
Great compilaation indeed!!

the first track is really nice , also the CBL rmx to Shulman is a nice floating one...
Elisium and Space Cat bring us nice duby and smooth song

But my absolute favourites are the two last tracks:

Atitudes made a really great tune great feelings really good party chill out, lovely song ...keep them coming

as for the Blue Planet Corporation music it has nice elements, great flow,

nice goin Chill Tribe

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  116
Posted : Jul 5, 2005 01:25
Nice compilation, very enjoyable.

Favourites: 1, 3, 5, 8, 10


Started Topics :  35
Posts :  991
Posted : Jul 5, 2005 14:53
Ok, here's my review originally posted in swedish at

From our beautiful country neighbour Norway comes the debut release from Chill Tribe Records, a label dedicated to chillout music and who's run by the diligent reviewer, DJ and promoter Per Kristian Slagsvold (a.k.a. PKS). The debut release comes with a 8 page booklet who carries an outstanding design directed by Marmelade, and all this together with ten musical deliveries from well-established wide geographical spreaded artists. Worth to mention is the swedish representation on track three, where Daniel and Johannes from the Gothenburg-based project Carbon Based Lifeforms remixes one of the best tracks in my opinion from the second album by Shulman, In Search Of A Meaningful Moment (Aleph Zero, 2003).

The release looks very interesting by judging the paper, so why wait any longer? Let's take a deep dive and see what's hiding on the disc.

01 – Entheogenic – Walk On Air (06:54)
The compilation boots with a swingy and melodical track who's a product by the co-operational work of Piers Oak-Rhind and Helmut Glavar. Piers is originally from the UK and Helmut is from Austria, but they both resides these days in the southern countryside of France. Walk On Air is a moody journey who gives and marks a good start on the CD, and there's a bunch of beautiful elements well woven into this package. All though I do not connect too well with the voices in the track, but lucky me - they are not harming the journey itself.

02 – Elysium - Fairytale (07:38)
It's time for more mystical atmospheres and the amount of melodies gets stripped a bit when it is time for Kristian Thinning Andersen to try to charm the ears of the listener. Kristian is originally from Denmark, but resides nowdays in Malmö. The tempo is a bit pitched down during these seven and a half minute, and I think I do sense some eastern vibrations here from time to time from this track. A decent trip worthy to be enjoyed in the sweet warmth of the summer.

03 – Shulman – The Unexpected Visitor (CBL Carbonator Remix) (07:02)
Here comes one of the tracks who really captured my attention when I first got to hear about this release. Yaniv Shulman from Israel, one of my absolute favorite artists when it comes to first class psychedelic chillout and with two albums released and one forthcoming, do let himself get remixed here by the Gothenburg duo with a royal acidinspired sound, Carbon Based Lifeforms. The result turns out to be a floaty and dreamy psychedelic journey in a joging tempo who's definitely worth to consider as an 'passed' grade A remix from making it out of a such wonderful original. Mystic twists, playful pans and atmospherical soundscapes spiced up with happy melodies waits for your ear to just dive into here and digest.

04 – Ishq – En Soph (09:56)
In the middle of all sweeps and bleeps comes Matt Hillier with a floaty ambient journey who carries an english signature. I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised that being this far on the total journey - I'm already brought face to face with a pure ambient journey and this after previously being served three tracks with some funk and rhythm. Anyhow, the listener gets to meet pads of patience, purling water and a dose of birds. I may sometimes have a bit too little to spare for pure ambient trips, but this track does have actuall a quite cosy character and it grows onto the lsitener after a few sessions in the soundsystem.

05 – Jaïa - Missing (08:11)
We've reached the mid of the disc, and psychedelic excursions are served with Yannis Kamarinos as the master behind the gear. This is absolutely one of my favorite tracks on the CD! The track is a very dreamy one and at times it does feel a bit like music suited for movies being exposed at the cinema. These eight minutes are extremely magnificient, filled with melodies, atmospherical and deep-going sounds and despite that the trip is a bit of the more ambient character there's a lot of sweet sounds to interprate and percept every here and there in this track. Warning! Gold nuggets here!

06 – Cell – Secret Wedding (09:15)
It's time to climb the mountain called climax, and we climb it together with Alexandre Scheffer from France. After a quite long intro the track power up's, and it greatly increases the tempo. A sort of very groovy progressive trance is offered with a lot of atmosphere and it is a fresh wind for sure! We're closing in a bit during the last two minutes and pitchin' down tempowise, and the track devleops once again to become more sophisticated grand chillout filled with a bit eastern styled and mystic elements.

07 – PhasePhour – Unpronounced Numbers (06:53)
Norway does find its own representation on this disc as well, and this in the shape of Eldar Von Essen's and John Robert Egeland's musical co-operation. PhasePhour, who has one album released and a couple of releases in shapes of 12"'s and presence on compilations, does enrich us a lot here with their superb skills of production. The track is a bit experimental and it differs greatly from the more softened side of PhasePhour we had the pleasure to experience on their debut album ...Boing & Zipp (Freetransform, 2004). Many beautiful melodies streams out from the speakers, and this project never stops surprising me. If chilled joggy beats and deeep atmospheres works as a g-spot for you, you should definitely check out this track.

08 – Elysium vs. Space Cat – Dub Connection (09:30)
On track eight Denmark unites with Israel through a co-operation between Kristian (Elysium) and Avi Algranati (Space Cat). Kristian did spend some time in Israel and then he met Avi, and the result came out to be two chillout tracks. One of the tracks got released on the israeli label BNE and this track is the other trip they made. During these minutes we get the pleasure to experience dubby ingrediences, soft melodies and mystic drumgames. Playful and beautiful, just like it is supposed to be.

09 – Altitudes – Altitude 1 (06:40)
Altitudes is a project between Yannis Kamarinos (Jaïa) and Gabriel Masurel (Blue Planet Corporation), both having France as their homebase. This is the first track who gets released of this collaboration, and we're tempted with playful beats and magnificient soundscapes. It does feel like everything and nothing at the same time, incredibly wide and incredibly deep. This track contains a bunch of elements who should make any ear to score doubleflips and soften the brain activity a bit. Relaxation and joy is the keywords of track nine.

10 – Blue Planet Corporation – Wild City (06:49)
The compilation ends with a french signature in the shape of previously mentioned Gabriel Masurel. The listener is allowed to view spcied up soundpictures of hapiness who are igniting moodrockets all over. It all grows to become a serene finish of this compilation, and those warm melodies and elements are definitely of rare quality.

It's easy to observe and to conclude that PKS has ears to sense quality, and this is an incredibly impressive debut release from this norwegian label who has Oslo has its homebase. The music is not just only first class, it's all being delivered together with the previously mentioned eight-paged booklet - now that is something I really find as a huge positive detail who just have to be mentioned! If there's anything who deserves a soft-booty comment, it might be the development of the tracklist on the CD, but despite that the total journey might turn out a bit clumsy here and there the music is always of top notch quality.

Thumbs up for PKS' work and for Chill Tribe Records first vibration on the record market! I'm already looking forward for the forthcoming releases!

More information

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Posted : Jul 8, 2005 16:16

Good compilation
Some great stuff and some ok tracks on this compilation. All in all pretty good.

Favorites: 1(!), 3, 8, 10(!)

Mat N
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 11, 2005 17:48
great compilation! as some already said, there's not a single bad track here, they're all good. my favorites are 1, 4 and 5 (!!). good job PK
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 12, 2005 18:00
Quality Relaxation quickly reached the top of my favourites recent records after a few hearings, it is solid, declining from beatless ambient to uptempo structures, and for a first shot we have here obviously a strike.. After the nice reviews we have here already I’ll try not to repeat all what have been said already.. Let’s start with the cover artwork : Scobbah described it as outstanding… Hmm yes, outstanding is maybe a little bit strong, but it is surely far above the average that we have nowadays, it is coherent in its structure (layout) and introduce a nice allegory : the improbable meeting of the sacred beetle and the ice floe.. (maybe I’m wrong but I doubt there are many beetles in Norway). The beetle also used to symbolize immortality to the Egyptians (associated with the god Khepri) which suits well with the timeless aspect of chill out music that is much more obvious than with dance music.

I will also salute PKS for the 8 pages booklet.. Oh no, we’re not mean on our money in Norway, and it’s great to be able to read the bios of the artists. Even if they’re quite summed up, they’re for sure much more appealing than any available on the web, as the paper remains quite noble in my mind.. It’s always so exciting to read the booklet just after having torn the blister and thrown the Cd in the player for the first time.

Now about the music :

As DeathPosture wrote it, the comp opens on a typical entheogenized track (T01), which means high standart for the people who like the style. However, as it is a foretaste of their third album, soon on Chillcode, I can’t help regretting a little bit the lack of new experimentations in their work. Of course the remixed songs will give it a new flavour.. Then Elysium (T02) comes next with, like it’s been said already, a superposition of ethnic elements, soft percussions and a smooth singing voice, delivering some very peaceful vibrations. There is maybe an aspect of somehow “classic” ambient but the way it is made reaches a perfection that will seduce many ears. PKS then included in the compilation (T03) a remix that had certainly been expected a lot after its announcement.. Two of the most appreciated projects nowadays are gathered here for what I won’t hesitate to call a wonderful piece of music.. Carbon Based Lifeforms placed a slow 4:4 structure that will bring some tears to the people who used to be in love with Asura’s first album.. They way they introduce the beat after a long ethereal opening, with the help of the flute, followed by the rise of a kind of soft but very present bassline is superb. The hihats/snare combination is awesome, and the overall ambience holds a plurality of imposing and light aspects. Great track. Now the fourth track (T04), written by Ishq who is my opinion one of the very few electronic musicians able to create soporific but not boring ambient, comes like a pit-stop on the compilation. I will confess that En Soph has been several times lethal when I was listening to the CD in my bed.. Pity for the second part of the compilation, but Ishq was the companion of the Sand Man hehehe, and I reached the land of the dreams with him.. Nevermind ! Let’s wake up with Jaïa for a morning full of sweetness.. (T05). Alongside with his successful album, we get here with pleasure a chilled track that suits perfectly with background movies like Deep Blue.. After a while there is a rising raw sound that marks the coming of rhythmic elements.. Not a proper beat structure but just kick drum and a snare hit that punctuates the numerous orchestral elements that follow each other to bring, like DeathPosture underlined it a majestic feeling. Cell follows with another great track (T06) like he only his able to create.. There is a lot of suspense during the long opening, with a constant overall rise balanced by the eastern chant, until the beat starts running in a 4:4 structure.. The percussions have a very particular grain and sustain the melodic part in a quite “natural” way.. Now PhaseFour track (T07) is the one I didn’t enjoy that much on this compilation. I have to agree with the other reviewers : production is irreproachable, all the rhythmic work is perfectly mastered but the melodic part is just not my cup of tea, matter of taste.. No doubt the trancy-lovers won’t agree with me.. After that, we have Elysium again, together with Space Cat (T08) for a collaboration that happened long ago already, but it is a real pleasure to hear the little brother of the superb Liquid Dub Connection, a track that heavily contributed to the quality of Life Is.. the first compilation of the BNE serie, which still remains the best one in my opinion.. Dub Connection use approximatively the same elements, with the superb bass guitar line, Elysium’s “trademarked” percussions and Space Cat’s background.. Now now now.. we reach slowly the end of the compilation.. And I would like to salute PKS for it hehe.. These two last tracks are something absolutely stunning in my opinion.. Altitudes (T09), the great combo managed to go beyond a simple “showcase” track, and suggest us something really fresh and exciting.. DeathPosture underlined perfectly the crossover aspect of the track, with carefully selected sound and elements integrated in an heavy build-up with kind of refrains.. Upper moments following some more quiet and so on.. Big big up for this tune, bravo. The ending one reaches the same top rank in my heart.. (T10) Blue Planet Corporation suggests us an elektroïsh Trip-Hop beat punctuated with super percussions, and discreetly acid sounds together with early-techno FXed spoken words.. All this brings to this track a sublime flavour, and Gabriel managed to build up the track in a great way.. Wooo Wild City I wanna move to you !

That’s it.. Again, I think PKS could hardly have done better with this first compilation, and for sure Chill Tribe Records is already in the “to be watched over” labels category.. Long Life to it, and best luck for the future to PKS and the crew, and you keep such a dynamic you cant be wrong.

Highly recommended compilation.

Thanks for reading me !
"Get your dose of BoOgie !"
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 12, 2005 18:27
Great comp. Listened a couple times and it sounds fantastic. Nice booklet also! Best track so far:

Track #10 - Blue Planet Corporation - "Wild City"

oh la la! Wooooooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  42
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Posted : Jul 12, 2005 22:08
this is an extremely good release. i havnt said that about a chill album in a long time. when i get the cd, i'll post a full review.
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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 13, 2005 00:09
gr 8 comp but ishq track. it can make a fish fall a sleep.
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IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  116
Posts :  2565
Posted : Jul 22, 2005 11:54
After a few more listenings.. I just want to insist on how good the Altitudes track is..

Actually the rhythmic structure is strongly influcenced by raggamuffin... It's huge !

"Get your dose of BoOgie !"
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  61
Posts :  749
Posted : Jul 22, 2005 17:22
Solid release,with mostly high-quality tracks, but not perfection. For instance, that ishq track really needs to go at the end. And the Cell and Jaia tracks are good, but not the true gem, 10/10 quality I have heard from these very talented artists before.

Track I'm REALLY enjoying recently:

Unexpected Visitor (Carbon Based Lifeforms remix). WOW! Beautiful stuff.
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