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V/A Area 51 Vol.2 (PBR 008 CD)

Planet B.E.N.

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Posted : Mar 1, 2006 12:07
HI there! new release,....

V/A - AREA 51 volume002
Second part of our compilation series AREA 51 is coming with
nine exclusive PsyProgressive treats. Ranging from hypnotic and
pushing to irrestibly light and dreamy Trance tunes - with some catchy, kicking ProgDisco candy on top. All tracks dance floor proved! AREA 51 volume002, like the first part, was compiled by DJ PLANET B.E.N. und DJ MAGICAL.
Featuring: JX & Hamilin, Gaudium vs. Visua, Bitcrusher (FM Rmx), Day Din, Blackout, Rinkadink (Neelix Rmx), Salaris, Kularis und Bitcrusher.

Cat. No.: PBR008CD / Release Date: April 2006

First track, by Mexicans JX & HAMILIN is called “Tha Groova” and tells it pretty much in its name: building up gently, it grooves hymnally towards the morning sky. You know Hamilin aka Hugo from his other project Xibalbá.
Grooving and floating we go on to “From here to there”, the two GAUDIUM guys from Sweden and VISUA aka Rodrigo Raggi from Mexico luxuriate in hypnotic easyness – just shut your eyes and lift off with them ...
Magical and Fabio aka FM played their remix to “Really Sick” quite a while now in their DJ sets, delivering the decent acidhouse hysteria of BITCRUSHER’s original with all its James Brownish ooh-yeahs and 80ies sound on a real crispy beat, that pushes everybody to the dance floor. Finally, they release the remix, which like the original is already legendary in Germany – and now share it with all of you out there!
DAY DIN from Hamburg/Germany contributes his share to fill the floor. But “Your Love” attracts the crowd in a very different way, loved not only by the ladies. Easily a dreamy groove gets into you – ... and as soon as the vocal sample starts, everybody on the floor will smile. Really beautiful. I’m in love with you ...
Crunchy Prog beat meets hypnotic sounds in BLACKOUT’s “Crystal Machine”. The two young producers from Israel develop an enticing melody out of their soundscapes, let it crawl into your ears slowly al the while dragging you deeper and deeper into their “Crystal Machine” ...
Talking about cutting edge catchy ProgDisco candy – you have to check the NEELIX tune! His “Disco Decay” remix will catch you immediately and implant RINKADINK’s vocoder vocals deep in your mind. Feel his bass, you will obey! Rocks the crowd in the morning as well as in the night.
Than it gets funky, “Hipster’s Tube” by SALARIS is psychedelic and kicking Progressive Trance at its best. Very nice news from Sangeet and Mullekular, two Hamburg based Trance activists from two generations, just in case you missed their wonderful live gig at VooV-Experience’s 2005 Alternative Floor.
Followed up by Mulle’s solo project KULARIS pushing the crowd with his phat Progressive “Citysoundz”. This city heaves irresistible percussion and easy acid sounds. Music that simply makes you move.
One more time we get back to ProgDisco – in “Horny Freak” the two BITCRUSHERs again combine the sounds of euphoric vibes from the old days with the means of very functional Off-Beat-Prog. Man, this is massive – please note how much fun you can have with just one simple vocal sample ... Catchy as hell, you’ll sing it all day long!

DJ MAGICAL is well known in Germany, being a very active part of the scene especially in the North for ages, not only on stage, but behind the scenes as well. He is A&R at PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS, being in charge of Progressive Trance.

AREA 51 is named after a successful trance event Magical is enchanting the vivid Hamburg psy scene with once a year. Next AREA 51 party will be some nice open air gathering on Saturday, August 19, 2006 in Northern Germany – stay tuned for further details ...

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2006 12:15
BoooooooM!!!! Great Compilation
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2006 12:19
Contact me :

Started Topics :  418
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Posted : Mar 1, 2006 12:31
Rinkadink - Disco Decay!?. Wasn't that a remix of Meller - Fatboy?

Best of luck with the release by the way, most interesting for me must be Gaudium vs. Visua           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  41
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Posted : Mar 1, 2006 13:37
Good luck with this one Ben and Magical! I only know the tune with Gaudium/Visua... rolling morningtrance at its best...           ------------~~---------~~--------------
Ace Ventura

Started Topics :  21
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Posted : Mar 1, 2006 14:56
Ja ja best of luck to Benjamin und Norbert!!!

A few good ones in here for sure,the remix to rinkadink(if thats indeed the right name) is massive, and the gaudium Vs visua is sweet too.
Gotta check out the rest...

Anyways good luck to all involved!
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  53
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Posted : Mar 1, 2006 16:44
Another good compilation comming out from our german based laboratories

Good luck with this relese Ben and a big hugh for u!!

Bye, Paulo.

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  339
Posted : Mar 1, 2006 17:42
Hey Ben,

This one looks pretty nice, Gaudium vs. Visua massive tune, amazing hypnotic piece like a mental train for your mind keeping in the groovy sound, looking to forward to hear the rest of the compilation best luck mate, can´t wait

A&R Mandala Records (Under Construction)
V/A - "Energy" Coming Soon
Planet B.E.N.

Started Topics :  37
Posts :  323
Posted : Mar 1, 2006 23:09
hi there!,
thanks for the kind words .... we hope that you will like it! there are some really hot tunes on that compilation....

And indeed the gaudium vs visua track is a massive tune like all others on that cd...

all the best to you out there!           WWWPLANET-BEN.NET

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  25
Posted : Mar 2, 2006 10:10
This seems to be one of the best eleases in ´06 so far!

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  6
Posted : Mar 2, 2006 20:18
cool rod i cant wait to hear gaudium vs visua , can imagine a killer track with gaudium`s job
Brain Hacked
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  111
Posts :  442
Posted : Mar 2, 2006 20:32
Wooooow is great to see mexicans rocking inernational dancefloors, visua is sure getting the recognition he deservesm i know he has worked hard for it. Make them dance rod!!!
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  69
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Posted : Mar 3, 2006 17:59
I'm looking forward to new gaudium tune. Good luck with this compilation.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  14
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Posted : Mar 3, 2006 21:51
and visua again in other compilation huahua Rock it!!! good luck ma fren
Aximy records

Started Topics :  6
Posts :  26
Posted : Mar 5, 2006 00:12
heeeey groovy compilation BEN!! and very nice tracks from mexican artists jejejje this is the mexican attack jojojo all the best and congratulations .

Coming Soon!!! Irreversible Part 2 with the best Mexican Trance by Aximy Rec auuuu!!:)
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