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this sucks..

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 16, 2003 23:13
About the mp3-thing, I dont think it will destroy the psytrance scene. I think in if you look some years forward the mp3-thing will be seen as a (perhaps major) "downswing" but the scene will start growing again. Instead, pray and try to make sure the psytrance doesn't go commercial, because then it will truly die.           Ut ameris, amabilis esto.

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Posted : Jul 17, 2003 14:45

On 2003-06-16 09:14, helen wrote:
Truthfuly, I dont think that even stopping the MP3 trade will do the trick (in finland). Thirteen has been also the major party organizer in Hki (for big productions, not some uncostly underground forest parties) and apparently they are on a big crossroad whether to continue bringing major artists to Finland. reason? not enough big crowd to justify the price of such production.
For example - the first Halucinogen production attracted around 1500-2000 partygoers. the last one (OTT, Younger Brother and Simon) was a very good one but hasn't even scratched the expence recovery. How long do you think someone can stand to produce such economical flopps (not regarding the quality of the party)?

Unfortunatly, the crowd is not big enough, and add to the fact that on the same day of the Twisted party there were 2 more FREE underground forest parties in the Hki area - well Finnish trance goers, u are simply digging your own cultural grave...and I say this with sorrow, because the finnish crowd is a very groovy crowd indeed!

Hope that the future will bring more enthusiasm, support and success,

I disargree with this one. at least to myself the price has never been the problem with thirteen parties. It's the lineup. I didn't like any of the artist in that certain party so why to pay 25 for it? f.ex. when x-dream was in helsinki i had no problems paying the fee, not even if it was 25 for only x-dream.

I know it's a problem that we can't afford to bring any foreign artist because lack of audience but then we gotta think new ways to approach the problem. I think the main reason is that finnish scene is really fucked up with this "suomisaundi" thing. It's so inbreed thing that it has made people very narrow minded about other stuff. People are saying stuff like "if you wanna see foreign artists, go to european festivals!"
As far as I know Finland is part of the europe so why couldn't we have that "european" influence in here too

also one thing is that finland is quite expensive land to travel into so that might also be reason for small amount of bookend foreign artists
Trance Forum  Forum  Scandinavia - this sucks..
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