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Swiss Psytrance scene

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 12, 2005 15:39
Hey Guys
Well i think that there is still another problem with the seperation of our party scenes.
If u book a dj than his groupies are important as him...and if u book Jackomo in Geneva he will bring about 30 peoples to there..but if u book him in Zuerich more than 100 will apear just 4 make a calculation! If ur the organizer what do u do?
I know psy scene = no commercial!!!
But organise a party and try to get back just the money which u invest...before u get commercial it's a heavy work!
Congratulation to all Psy Artists and Producers, Organizers and Helping Hands!
YOU created this scene!!!
I had a Dj-Set once @ a party in St.Crois 4 Biolive (What about Robert from Biolive? Is he still on this planet? May u know Gaspard?) It was really nice but no crowd...anyway will be great to play once more in french or italian speekin part..Psychedelic Events 4 ever!!! NO MATTER OF LANGUAGE

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Posted : Dec 13, 2005 20:43
Hi Terranostra !

of course rub is still on this planet... at least he try to be we're now working on our next event, TimeGate.

you know.. the party in Ste-Croix were you played, was our second (or third event).... we didn't really know what we were doing... we have lost lot of money... but not our pleasure to make parties we have also learned a lot with this party in Ste-Croix....

wow.. more than 3 years have passed... time flys

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 14, 2005 13:37
Hy there,

i want to say yout that we are started a Web-Project which is made for the whole ppl in switzerland (and the rest of the world). There are 4 languages (french, italian, german and english). If you come from the italian part of siwtzerland you get an own section on this Webpage, there are news about the italian part, events and a lot of more. Also an "Artist Profile" for national and international LiveActs + Djs will be there.

Really really great i think is the "loop section" where registered users can share a lot of loops, presets and whatever. Also the update problem from the other swiss-goa webpage will be deleted because you must register and post your partys by yourself. also you can change/edit this posted partys! Forum, chat and a lot of more features are in process.

the name of this project: Swisspsy
and the url:
-> we are still working on this really great project. Its not finished now! The working team is going over this f***ing "Röstigrabe" we are working together, cause we are goooood TOGETHER, my first message is posted, hy @all...

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 25, 2006 21:31
Hope to hear more news soon about this project:)

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Posted : Feb 26, 2006 20:08

I still think the biggest problem is not being able to do festivals with non stop music for 3 or howevermany days !

But then we can still do illegal parties and not get to hear half the artists because the party gets stopped...

Or do parties in clubs and fit into the "norms mould" and go to bed before a beautiful sunrise.

As native american said: "you live in boxes, you drive around in boxes, you work in boxes, you dance in boxes and even when you die you get put into a box"!
Or something along those lines it was...

I do a lot of things in boxes too but i do like dancing under the stars and the sunshine at any time of day or night without useless laws to stop music at whatever time !

I did hear recently that in the Zürich area you can have non stop music, can anyone confirm this ? But then again it has to be in a box if i'm not mistaken... 
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