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SuomiSaundi albums...

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 2, 2008 16:10
Lets make this thread a collective of Suomi saundi albums/VA's/EP's etc. To begin with, here is a brief wikipedia definition of suomi saundi :

Suomisaundi (sometimes called suomistyge, suomisoundi, or spugedelic trance) is a style of freeform psychedelic trance, originating from Finland. Suomisaundi literally means "Finnish sound" in Finnish slang. The term "spugedelic" is comically derived from "psychedelic" and spuge, meaning "an alcoholic" or generally a bum in Helsinki slang.

Some names in this genre :

Calamar Audio
Crazy Ducks
Flying Scorpions
Eraser vs Yöjalka
Huopatossu Mononen
Lemon Slide
Mullet Mohawk
Omituisten Otusten Kerho
Pavel Svimba
Pentti Slayer
Poly 61
Shiwa 2000
Tea Chairs
Texas Faggott

Squaremeat - Astronomical Coffee Break

Luomuhappo: Pog-o-Matic Pogomen 3000000

Puoskari - The Audio Hustler

VA Faerie Dragon - Squeech

Tea Chairz: Tea Chairs (3CD)

Salakavala - Spectral Invaders

VA - Musica Discordia

VA - Not my Cup of Tea

VA Private Message

VA No Possible Soundz

Mandalavandalz - Chapora Nightlife

Eraser vs Yojalka: Lords of the Liverdance

Puoskari - Open The Forest

VA - Lab Extensions

Compilation: No Tone Unstirred

Salakavala: Fractal Fishing

Hippie Killer Productions - Shiwa 2000

Haltya: Forest Flavour

Antiscarp Recordings - Speaker Grease

To be continued...

(Courtesy :

"suomisaundi" (Suomisaundi, also known as "Finland- Sound", "Finland- style" or "spugedelicheskiy trans-" (spugedelic trance) - this flow in the free psychedelic trance (freeform psy-trance), the taking beginning in Finland. Name "suomisaundi" in the transfer from Finnish SLANG literally indicates "Finnish sounding". The word of "spugedelika" (spugedelic) - these are pun, derivative of the word of "psikhodelika": in the Finnish jargon word "spuge" (spuge) indicates the "dipsomaniac" or, wider, "bomzh, khanyga". Term "spugedelika", most probably, it was for the first time used by Finnish musician on the name To khuopatossu Of mononen (Huopatossu Mononen), that work in the style of "suomisaundi". Perhaps, the word of "suomisaundi" most frequently is used for the designation of Finnish psychedelic trance; on the chat room of portal Soulseek there is a popular division, which bears this name.

"Finland trans- in the style" is let out not only in Finland, but also in Australia and New Zealand, where and Finnish, and avtraliyskiy psi- trans- they have their steady audience. True, only themselves Finns call their style of "suomisaundi", while abroad this direction in the music usually name "free psi- trance" (freeform psy-trance) or somehow even in this spirit.

Finland- style does not know limitations and far from so "it is strict" on the form as bulk of contemporary psi- trance in the genre full- it (full- it). The main distinguishing feature of suomisaunda is the absence of any stylistic canons or rules, with exception of base it is indicative trance, such as rhythmical figure 4/4 ("four- it -the-floor"). Compositions in this style as a rule are very melodious and can contain many adoptions from the early goa- trance and the 3sid- trance, just as fankovye gitarnye or organ magnifiers, and also sonic effects in the style of video games 1980- X it is annual.

Besides this in the compositions of suomisaundi can be used whimsical semply and effects, sly cbivki impact, vocal semply in the Finnish or English. Often in music itself or in the names of compositions unique humor is present or, it is faster, samoironiya. Some even call the composers of Finland- style anarchists or "pankami in the world of trance", since the compositions of suomisaundi are separated against the background of more than "meynstrimovogo" European and Israeli psi- trance and they appear more progressive.

Somebody criticizes suomisaundi for the insufficient acoustic fidelity: spugedelicheskiye tracks frequently cannot brag by the same clean Sound as the works of Central European transerov. The apologists of Finnish style in response to these reproaches declare, that the compositions of suomisaundi as a rule more "are organic", than the majority of the tracks of popular psi- trance. This approach can be partly explained by that circumstance that in the south of Finland are very extended the forest open- eras, on which during the entire night it plays almost exclusively suomisaundi.

Finnish esid -, goa and by psi- trans- is let out in Finland since the beginning of the 90th, from the first years of the formation of esid-/goa-transovoy culture. In the genre of suomisaundi work many Finnish musicians; however, one of the most prominent founders of style it is possible to name project Texas Faggott. Their similar debyutnyy album, which left in 1999 on Australian leyble Psy-Harmonics, is considered one of the relics of early Finland- Sound, characterized more * by strange * sounding. Popularity Texas Faggott in the Finnish transovom association grew with the output of their second album "Petoman'.s Peflett" in 2001.

Is especially actively with the advance of Finnish psi- trance deals participant Texas Faggott Tim tik (Tim Thick). In 2000 he created vebsayt Thixx'.n'.Dixx, which contained accessible for the free running off mp3 of practically all existing projects in the Finnish psi- trance, including the tracks of the associations of Tim himself. In the process of functioning the site substantially grew (on it they laid out themselves in size mp3 the entire albums of different representatives of Finland- style) and acquired such popularity, that it were honored reference in the musical program on the Finnish national television.

Beginning from 2000 interest in the Finnish trance in entire peace noticeably it grew, and many Finnish associations they were noted by appearances abroad. Nevertheless, beyond the limits of Finland suomisaundi most frequently as before it is received as exotic wonder. The most significant associations of the worshippers of Finland- style exist in Russia and Japan. Japanese leybl of '-.Dimension Soundz is practically wholly dedicated to the release of music in the style of suomisaundi.

Strictly in Finland there is two most noticeable leybla, that publish suomisaundi - Exogenic Records and Freakdance Records. However, many of the Finnish transovykh musicians generally never were written nor were published, and their works were accessible only in the form mp3, lined in the Internet. Site Thixx'.n'.Dixx because of those arisen for a while back of problems with the hosting also of the overexpenditure of traffic at present functions exclusively as the link- catalog on the projects of Finland -saundi, publishing references to the personal pages of executors, placed on mp3- portal - to komm'yuniti the Finnish independent musicians. One additional popular resource for running off mp3 of music in the style of suomisaundi - site Antiscarp, which contain the members of the Finnish psi-transovogo association Salakavala.

Space Boogie Productions -
Sonic Dragon Records (Faerie Dragon, Celestial Dragon) -
Antiscarp Recordings -
Freakdance Records -
6 dimension SOUNDZ -
Surreal Audio -
Exogenic Records -
Thirteen Productions -
Hippie Killer Productions -
Elixiria -
Giiwa Production -
Demon Tea Recordings -

          Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe
Sugandhim Pushti - vardhanam|
Urva - rukamiva Bandhanan
Mrytor - muksheeya ma - amritaat||

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Posted : Jan 2, 2008 17:23
troll scientists=useless science
astroschnautzer=the debut
audio hertz=killer hertz
outolintu=odd man out
sienis=from a nutter perspectiv

Inactive User

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Posted : Jan 3, 2008 07:37

that lemon slide album !! .. woooow

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Posted : Jan 3, 2008 10:54
Sattel Battle - Sounds Cool

V/A Snap, Crackle , Drop
Rattamahata with fluoro-stick

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Posted : Jan 3, 2008 11:15
Aavepyora/Taika Kim- Goddess Guerrilla (2006)
elektro fluoro punx (2005)
Aarnimaa (2003)
Otokkmanifesti (2002)
Apinavuoren jouluyo (2001)
Apinakuvasto (2001)
Tiibetin siivekkaat! Salagroove. (2000)
Ia Ia (2000)
Summamutikka: Umpimahka (2002)
Summamutikka: Taii Kayka (2000)

VA-Bizarroworld (2007) free release.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 3, 2008 11:23

On 2008-01-03 07:37, mk47 wrote:
yoga is for posers

if you meditate like that it sure is!           "no one ever sweats on a plug-in" -moby
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 3, 2008 22:39
does anyone have any info on Ukkanoa ,Kuukernakkel and dataphile???...already used the search but didn't find anything...

i'm really into this music....
but i live in belgium and rarely see these artists@parties and almost never get a chance to dance to the funky sound

          Ain-Soph (Trancebum Productions / Freakdance Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 4, 2008 12:48

On 2008-01-03 22:39, razzz_ wrote:

dataphile is a friend of mine who has co-written some of the haltya tunes.
he's also the infamous master bates doing
the vocals on my album. nowerdays he uses
a new alias omar ilo and his music style
might be described as uplifting psychedelic drum'n'bass or something like that. here's the myspace link:


          "no one ever sweats on a plug-in" -moby
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 00:45
just love it!!
don´t know much about suomi psy, but i do know its completely non-conventional , original, deep-psy sound....hi-quality and very easy to recognize...
i became a modest fan, ever since i heard my first Texas Faggot track....definetelly caught my attention!!
then came Pelinpala, Sienis, Giiwa,Salakavala, Loopus in Fabula...... (dont think Loopus is finnish but it does sound suomi to me!!)

don´t know why, but i allways associate suomi sound with mushrooms.....the low kicks....heavy bass...and wacky synths...great combination

curious is the fact that in Portugal, where we have many parties and a variety of sounds, i never heard of a party with a suomi artist...or even a local dj playing suomi psy....why is that?



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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 11:07
thats right boom 2008 organizers pleese get some suami in our party..

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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 11:08
lets wake up.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 14:48

On 2008-01-06 00:45, JamesBong wrote:
in Portugal, where we have many parties and a variety of sounds, i never heard of a party with a suomi artist

if i have my facts straight then tf played at boom festival some years ago...           "no one ever sweats on a plug-in" -moby

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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 20:45


That's the old shiznizzle and dis is da new shkabizzle.

Props to ma man Overlintu Outoflow for setting the record straight so check the space and watch dis case, black.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 21:30
On 2008-01-06 14:48, Outolintu wrote:

if i have my facts straight then tf played at boom festival some years ago...

yep...u´r right....i checked the website, it was boom 2000. i was there but missed it..or dont remember 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 8, 2008 19:37
Could someone perhaps point out some suomi from the list or from anywhere for that matter that is very free flowing and ... just plain old out of the blue I guess. I hear that it's the freeform end of trance but I'm yet to hear anything that's completely off the formula.

Would be nice
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