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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Samadhi family reunion ! asheville, nc
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Samadhi family reunion ! asheville, nc


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Posted : Oct 18, 2004 18:35
On 2004-10-18 16:28, Eklypz wrote:

On 2004-10-18 14:12, fuzzikitten wrote:
Brought my friend to this little get together - her first goa party.

That is so beautiful Alex. Made my day just reading it!

XO & Light,

]Also nice to hear for me.
Alex I am glad you found the spirit for your friend up on the mountain in pure form.
You are fairly new to trance yet you find it easier than most old timers to push the essence of the trance dance experience. keep up the good work.

bom shanka

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Posted : Oct 18, 2004 19:12
OMG, this is such a beautiful story! Sometime I'd like to go to a party where there IS a huge spaceship on the dancefloor just so I can have that wonderful wide-eyed feeling again!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 18, 2004 19:23
It was my two friends' first psy party as well. One of them put it best by saying "If you get within 30 feet of the party, you're gone. The music and lights just transport you out of your head." That's definitely how I felt the whole weekend--out of my head.

The party was so much fun! Incredibly positive vibes seemed to just ooze out of that little clearing in the woods. Great sets by all, but for me the two real standouts of the weekend were Blue Spectral Monkey's set Saturday and whoever went on after him on Saturday. What was he using to make those voice samples sound so wacky??? Every track they played took me in deeper than the previous one. Great party.




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Posted : Oct 18, 2004 21:08
I'm glad to help keep the positive vibes of last weekend going (and glad others are enjoying them).

My friend, Lindsay, posted a journal entry of her reflections on last weekend. I found it to capture an essence that I have yet to convey well in words and thought, with her permission, that I would repost it here as a way to say... 'thank you' to everyone who came together to make the energy so positive and pure. It starts with our entire journey down to Asheville (from the dreary clouds of DC to the mist wafting over the road at Deerfields when we arrived at 2am). The end is my favorite, touching upon something that I've wanted to share with others and yet knew that pictures, nor my words, could ever communicate.

I apologize for the length!

(Shane - sorry you couldn't make it! I was looking forward to stomping with you, alas alas! I will have to look forward to the next time. Until then I'm setting up to do lots of painting and music writing this winter - there's next summer to prepare for! )

***t o u c h
By: lindsay (

bruised bastions to what comes
pregnant with promise and night
birthing waters that loose the skin
moving bodies beyond the land
the land of masks
tracing fingers over earth
in a motion of curves and light
a path of becoming

sighing into oblivion
clouds part and give way
to the jet face of open sky
sharp white fires push
push against dusk's children: wake
wake unto this night

the curves of her body open
burnished with the haunting glow
of her breathless autumn
it is the earth we burrow into
seeking that darkest valley
where she protects
her precious mysteries

do you hear them?
do you hear her children?
her waters flow, laughing and weeping
laughing and weeping all at once
until, there...
right there...
the still pool of her glassy eye
stares back at the quartz-set tendrils
of the spiral of Us
and the wet of her wise gaze
is drawn Up
in naked sheets
of shivering mist

take my hand
twin spirits drawing toward the
heavy Throb of her heart, the
heady Rush of her
inward outward Pulsing
pulling toward

through the tunnel of
staring shadows
and amber fairy lights
trusting each step to be
received by the mattered whim
of infinite space

drawing toward the
beating Core
where her children
there her children...
do you hear them?

just past here
bathing in
breathing in
saffron and violet auras
we dance the rhythm
come with me
we dance
step this way
we dance the Way
do you feel the pull?
we dance the Rhythm
of the infinite All-Soul
answering the Surge
that moves through the
One that is Every
take this Light and
the throbbing Ecstasy
moving through
the All and
push it into
pull it out of
the earth and
the One and
move your soul
to the Rhythm
of the Mystery

smiling and
laughing and
crying and
you are
no longer
who you are
but you
are Everyone
here and
we are all
the Same
One Being

stand witness to
the Dance
become this

is where


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 19, 2004 00:34
Thanks to you all who came out and had a blast at the reunion!
Its was truly an amazing time full of friends and love.

a short review:
Got there at noon on fri. with a couple of friends to help me set up.
People started rolling in about 5pm and the music kicked on at about 9pm.
Fri. night was a great stomp session, with B. S. Monkey and me starting off.
Lou rawls (paramnesia) went on at midnight and got us all up and going.
Moksa from ATL played a killer set, then Pyite continued the madness.
Kameleon and Labyrinth from SC played some of their own tunes and
did a great job with dramatic break downs. Tempest from nashville
came on and played for the left over tweakers. I came on around 9 am
and brought it down to the proggy sounds. Took a break and a nap.
while MSG and Monkey played around with the sound. Up from my nap
its 9pm and Myrkabah from winston salem NC started the night off right.
Alex (the bastard) came on and did an excellent job of the techno psy bang.
Babar followed bring the pace back up. then JJ took the controls and did a great job
of playing the right music at the right time. then old Monkey came on and played his best set ever
with out even trying! Brainlizzard brought up the demons or should i say satan and made it seem a little warmer. I brought in the morning with some of my favorite new tracks. Dragon
kept it banging right along with what my ears enjoyed. Psyonic continued after
and we were all still going! What time is 10:30 in the morning all right ! then it
turned in to JJ Sean and Brook and me playing tag. Sat, night was a killer!!!!!!!
Man I wish we could do this every weekend!!           Kri
Mastering and Mixing Service:

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Posted : Oct 19, 2004 02:52
This intimate gathering in the woods was complete chaos and shamanistic madness. It was great to see not only our family, but new faces as well. Everyone was in complete sync and totally on the same vibe, which is rare at a trance party, in my opinion, but this magical grove in the woods had some heavy voodoo and everyone was locked in and along for the journey. The fire pit was like a giant cauldron bubbling and crackling and we were the tribe dancing around its fury. Everyone was in warrior mode and it was on!! The forest gnomes and fairies were out and the ancestors were called in and the woods were pulsating. Blue Spectral Monkey's set was a complete mind twisting experience the tweaked my head and realigned, only to be dismantled by Brainlizard's dark and raw samples and powerful, but subtle music that brought out the primal instinct in us all. Everyone was on their feet, stomping in complete oblivion, no sitting down, everyone was of one soul. The unity and telepathic nature of this party blew me away, it has been what I think is missing in a lot of trance parties, it was truly a psychedelic experience. All the usual cast of characters were there and as I looked around at all my friends I thought, damn what a bunch of fucking freaks and god how much I love them and what good work we are doing for people and the planet. The night broke its way into the morning light with Kri playing a hypnotic set that spoke to my soul in only a way that his music can. As I lay listening, I was transported into a realm of mystery and awe for this beautiful landscape that we call home and coming to the revelation that trance is fucking it, its the missing link! Thanks to all the dancers and the music channelers who made this weekend an enlightening experience and thanks to Kri for seducing me to into trance and into his heart.

(Kri's wife)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 19, 2004 03:26
thanks to the whole touch family. That is an amazing spot! tucked nice and neatly in the forest, all Asheville parties need to be in the woods! great people, great vibes, and a rocking sound system-exactly what I expected. Very happy to be a part of something so pure and genuine. Sorry you couldnt make it Shane hope to see you next time, Thanks again Kri

Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Samadhi family reunion ! asheville, nc
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