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RA - 9th (Suntrip Records may 2008)


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Posted : May 27, 2008 22:35
A few words about the meanings of this wonderful artwork cover: it’s a clear invitation to the world of Pharaohs. This warm & bright colour suggests us the burning sand of desert, but also RA (or Rê) the Sun God, or the gold. The pyramids let us guess that the tracks are solid, detailed, polished ; as for the hieroglyphs, they take part of a mysterious riddle around this album. 9th is a marvellous travel in the Middle East.

Like the Egyptologists, Cosmogenesis & myself InFecTeD_gOa, will decipher the various tracks which compose this brilliant release.


01 - [1:21] - Intro
A class overture which is keeping us on tenterhooks till the end. A very cinematographic atmosphere punctuated by a disturbing voice and a melody as piping as mysterious. We imagine that we are lost somewhere in the bowels of a pyramid (maybe the one of Kheops), walking in those infinite narrow corridors, lighted up by a torch. A real labyrinth but it matters little, we let ourselves being guided by the music which seems to know where the right way is. We quickly notice that the voices of the intro were present in the opening of To Sirius, plunging us immediately in a mystic experience. That supposes logically a connection or following with their first album. The “wind distorted sound effects” of the first seconds of 9th, which were also part of the To Sirius track’s beginning, are one of the multiple recognizable elements of RA typical sounds & style during a decade.
RATE: 10/10

02 - [7:43] – Octagon
An excellent debut track, immediately linked with this great intro, starts this “Hollywood super production”. At first sight, Octagon sounds light, floating, although the rhythm is rather steady. The main melody is progressing gracefully. His ethnic tonalities seem to find some influences from the nitzhonot genre (non-cheezy melody of course) and remind early tracks of the greek mythic CYAN group, to just mention one example. The sympathetic and uncommon side of this track comes from the fact that, behind this famous threnody which looks repetitive, is dissimulated a developed background, composed by effects, rhythm and ambiences which, on the contrary of the main melody, are moving, changing alternately thanks to amplifications which are constantly increasing. A stunning and hypnotizing achievement!
It’s essentially question of a track using the “grandiose” side (wonderful side) with the help of sounds and entrancing, embellishing effects, referring us to panoramic landscapes of Egypt at the Pharaohs times.
Imagine one moment: pyramids, sphinx, obelisks & temples to stay in front of you, under a stifling sun, unifying you with the people which are articulated & organized around the Nile.
The result: a fantastic excursion.
RATE: 10/10


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Posted : May 27, 2008 22:36
03 – [7:57] – Predator
This tune sounds radically different with the previous one. The atmosphere is, at the same time sombre by the utilization of a deep bassline, and angelic by the presence of melodic cascades. On the other hand, Predator is less axed on the grandiose side, and his melodies are trying to bring the idea of an exotic landscape of Egyptian oasis. We remember this kind of environment, less serious, more joyous, in the tracks Transformation & Beyond The Stars of the Second Phaze album. Technically, RA purpose a tune of which structure is more elaborated by new musical diagrams while it keeps some characteristics of Novatekk sounds (the organic and savant form of the FX for instance). “Predator” name is also known to be a famous VST plugin that RA members hypothetically have experimented for this composition. Track Time Current, originally called "Sytrus", seems to substantiate this trail.
RATE: [8/10]

04 – [8:46] – Other Self
SIMPLY AMAZING! But the use of the adjective “sumptuous” would be there much more appropriated. Other Self offers an intro where the life begins. We still are close to the Pharaohs times where the sunrise comes to stroke the Pyramids of Giza and other titanic sculpture, letting some big marks of shadow. We invite you to close your eyes and to let yourself being transported by the breath of air.
We find again this contradiction expressed by this mixture of punctual & heartbreaking kicks, of animated rhythm and of the nice & soft melody which soften the whole, to make this track more harmonious. We are in the following of Octagon where the sounds, tympo and melodic leads are based on the enlightenment and the beginning. The threnody that takes all his sonorousness during the thread of the music, let behind her a dust of magical notes.
We identify instinctively in the intro the trademark of RA with those awesome majestic atmospheric pads which we used to hear, among others, in tracks Initiated (To Sirius) or Bombed Out (Second Phaze) and which are favourable to a deep transcendental meditation. They reappear, from time to time, to give a new cadence and a new spiritual impulse to the development of the melodies at 5’35’’. Lot of emotions at the end of the track.
RATE: [10/10]

05 – [7:40] - Ultima Energica
It seems we can detect some memories of ELECTRON WAVE project in this track with his metallic consonances, powerful basses & kicks, and this impressive wave of FX as explosive as complex and which are giving a dynamic and percussive rendering to the track. That’s there all the meaning of the track’s name, Ultimate Energy. The Egyptians tunes are superimposed to demonstrate the full Solar Power and Beauty of the son of RA, Pharaoh, if we can give a figurative turn to this track. MFG’s Project Genesis album comes to our mind when we hear some of the aliens FX and sounds of this electrifying tune.
RATE: [8/10]

06 – [8:10] – Time Current
As we said it already, the previous title of this track was Sytrus, at least it previously appeared with this name on the Suntrip Records myspace page. It seems once again that RA choice a well-known VST was to give not only an original but also familiar texture to this piece. The melodic leads are very limpid and clean, the production is crystal clear, the FX very well arranged and harmonically diffused. The ambiance isn’t really Egyptian this time, but rather purposes a heterogenic touch to the album, as track Predator which has to be considered with this same perspective. Some sonorities remind a certain influence from ASTRAL PROJECTION and other “anthem trance” style tracks. A small observation: the name is very evocative, because we get really the feeling to hear the tic-tac of multiple clocks ringing at the same time, thanks to the multiple FX used in the melodic imaginary.
RATE: [10/10]

07 – [8:57] – Spirit Complex
We are coming back to some much more spiritual notes with Spirit Complex, definitely one of the highlights of this album. The heavy pads appearing regularly in the background add a solemn & original atmosphere to the main building of the track. ETHEREAL band often uses to include this great ingredient in their productions, on Stream Of Life (Original Mix) for example. That backs up the idea of a 3D “multilayered” track. The main melodies are a bit repetitive after the second part, although they change texture several times with those kind of “trumpets leads”, the same that we could hear in some MFG tracks of The Prophecy album (at 4’51’’ however the sequence with the leads doesn’t sound so good in my opinion). On the other hand, at the 7th minute, the sequence with the tiny and very fluid melodies is prodigious and, without doubt, unforgettable!
RATE: [10/10]

08 – [9:09] – Transcendent
I think that words are not enough to define this staggering masterpiece which is, most probably, one of the best goa tracks of the decade! I think that everything is expressed in the title: this track or I would say, this big demonstration is definitely “transcendental”. But we don’t content us to put down roots of the trance music, we go through a secret gate of the metaphysic abilities of melody, since this tune gives shivers and touches us by his subliminal feeling. The intro is a very spectacular opening which immediately plunges us in a meditation of an “out of world” essence, an ecstatic moment, difficult to describe with words. It reminds also briefly an old track from RA, Azure Child, which has been released in an old Intastella/Blue Moon E.P. and started like this way.
The melodic effects appearing progressively around the 2nd minute in the background give this vision of depths and resonance. It’s like we are closed in some Egyptian temple surrounded by colossal statues of Gods. The track has lot of superimposed layers if we notice it carefully. At 2’29’’ appear suddenly very subtle melodic leads that ASTRAL PROJECTION used by the past in classic tracks as Power Gen, Solid Electronics, or Maian Dream, and a second “eastern influenced” melody comes on top of them and is growing more and more intensively. The detailed climax in the back stays in the continuity of DIMENSION 5 tracks
of Blue Moon times, as the original version of Transformation released on VA/Psy-Nergy for those who know it.
The main originality lies certainly in this unpredictable transition of tonalities around 5’30” and which sound as a kind of spiritual escape or sensorial vertigo. The finish at 6’44” is really impressive and original at the same time as the melodic leads are slowing down till the last breath. A smashing hit that will stay the coming years in our memory!
RATE: [10/10]

09 – [7:02] – Expand Consciousness
Expand Consciousness is the Nirvana par excellence. That brings us in the era of wisdom with a relax rhythm and oriental scales. Between ambient & morning trance, this music is letting us pensive. The sounds and ambiences increase the spiritual imaginative side of meditation. Time is suspended one moment to stand back and to consider the world around us. To learn about the others, to learn about ourselves in order to grow richer and to be aware of mankind. Start to learn philosophy during the time of a music.
RATE: [10/10]

10 – [8:36] – Light Receiver
One element which made famous one of RA tracks on To Sirius reappears 8 years after in this ambient tune. It’s in fact question of Gregorian choral/chants we could hear on Astral Flight. Light Receiver has an ETHEREAL aspect there. It’s a peaceful source at the end of this essentially dynamic album, but it’s maybe not as exceptional technically as the previous ambient tracks we know from RA. The melodies are pleasant, but a bit redundant. However it remains a nice track which puts very well the finishing touches to this outstanding work. We notice the word “alone” at the end. It’s in contrast with the message which follows next…
RATE: [7/10]

11 – [3:10] – “You are not alone”(hidden track)
It’s the icing on the cake, I’ll be tempted to say! This very mystic outro hidden behind Light Receiver, contrasts with the whole content of the album by the presence of a different style of music, looking like a movie scene with poetic and angelic accents, since his resonances of Eden bring a sweet foretaste of paradise. The composition is aerial and floating. It’s like we are surrounded by a fog similar to the cotton. The notes are well spaced out creating a rare sensation of purity and freedom which put the final point of this exceptional album.
And finally, it seems there is a hieroglyphic message hidden behind the vocals: “you are not alone”. This sentence let us imply that we are not alone in our vast Universe, and that some extraterrestrial forms, gods who got advanced technologies or extraordinary powers exist. Without doubt, some similarities with the Stargate movie of Roland Emmerich. This new structure is maybe also the hope of a third album with a different style? Future will say...


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Posted : May 27, 2008 22:36

RA is back and what a COMEBACK!!! 9th is a big breath of oxygen. The tracks radiate the happiness, the coolness, a sensation of well-being without to plunge us in an euphoric state of mind, because the melodies are really soft. I admire the work of those two great artists. With a such album, I tell myself that the Goa music has still some beautiful years to live in the future.

We can’t avoid, on the other hand, for those who heard To Sirius, to do the comparison with 9th, because the similarities are there: oriental, spiritual, transcendental atmosphere, thanks to the using of Egyptians & majestic melodies; vivid colourful visions with the help of a developed background conceived in a 3D mode, to explore even more, every time, the different dimensions & possibilities of the psychedelic sound. And, of course, a top modern production to adapt and combine perfectly all the classic key elements of the goa-trance music in the year 2008.

We can’t resist to notice that To Sirius was maybe more floating, less aggressive at the sound level (for example, the cosmic pads and subtle tiny leads of Astral Flight and Beyond Control), sometimes more diversified and complex at the sequences level (Initiated consisted in a wave of unpredictable fast transitions and spectacular sequences of movements) and sometimes less repetitive (except for Universal Key which was very redundant); while 9th is much more dynamic, overbids on the energy, the power of sound, and purposing structurally a melodic “progressive” evolution of the track, with melodies growing, as one goes along, and with an intelligent approach (Time Current & Predator of course). That let us to think that 9th has been created in such a way that it can be also classified at his time, in 2008, because it includes some of the rhythmic tendencies of the actual trance scene.

9th reached also a superior degree of spirituality and metaphysic in his hypnotizing and enchanting melodies which find their origin in those “deep” ,emotionally talking, backgrounds. The perfect example is Transcendent together with Other Self & Spirit Complex.

At this time where the melody is becoming rare or uncommon on the psychedelic trance markets, or if it appears, it sounds sometimes “artificial” or “overrated” or “forced”, RA are making clearly the difference, offering us a “real” album ; that means mature, serious, authentic musically, while both members are always trying to add a modern personal note to their whole artistic work. An album that it’s impossible to miss if we are fond of spirituality and melodies!!

Jon Cocco
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : May 29, 2008 17:04
RA – 9th
Suntrip Records

Track list

1. Intro .............................. [1:21]
2. Octagon ......................... [7:48]
3. Predator ......................... [7:58]
4. Other Self ...................... [8:54]
5. Ultima Energica .............. [7:41]
6. Time Current .................. [8:13]
7. Spirit Complex ................ [9:04]
8. Transcendent.................. [9:13]
9. Expand Consciousness .... [7:04]
10. Light Receiver .............. [8:20]

RA's 9th is the official follow up to “To Sirius,” an excellent 2001 debut in Goa/Psy-Trance, considered by many to be a classic. And although far from perfect, in my opinion, it really was a wonderful album. In 2007, Goa experienced two magical moments that had not taken place since the golden years of 1996-1999. First, Transwave released a new, albeit “Best Of” album with some of their greatest tracks “never” before released on a main album, or ever, with exception to three songs. Further into 2007, Suntrip Records fully restored, re-mastered, and re-released Dimension 5's super rare and now classic, old school Goa album, Transdimensional. D5's re-release sounded better than ever before, and was finally made available after nearly a decade for all of those who never had the chance to hear back then, before the Goa masterpiece became unavailable to order unless you were willing to shell out a thousand dollars plus, on Ebay or something ridiculous like that. Which brings us to 2008 with a smile.

RA, one of the old, but far from oldest Goa masters has finally released the long awaited follow-up to the classic “To Sirius” album seven years later. I have often wondered what it would be like if numerous Goa masters returned and released a new school Goa album after all these years, but this never seems to happen. Most do not seem to produce music anymore, or they don’t produce Goa. For instance, the once awesome Pleiadians returned with two less members and released a Full On Psy-Trance album in 1997 that merely echoed a shadow of the group’s former self at best. Not even MFG could repeat the compelling and potent Goa vibes from their first three or arguably four classics when they released “Message From God” in 2006. But none of these artists released their works in association with Suntrip Records, the one label that somehow manages to consistently release strong Goa albums in the 21st century. Seven years later, and with 2-3 years in the making, RA returns with something that no Goa artist seems to do anymore, something that seemed too good to be true. RA releases 9th through Suntrip Records. It is a brand new Goa-Trance album with all new and exclusive tracks! But how is it? How does it compare to the debut? Is the heart and soul still there after all these years? And where does it stand relative to other hard to compete against albums that Suntrip Records has released since 2004, including the amazing Corolle debut album by Khetzal? All of these questions and more will be touched upon, as well as a full track-by-track analysis, scores, and more below.

1. Intro is very similar and nostalgic in some ways to the intro on RA’s To Sirius debut album. For example, the memorable deep voice symbolizing RA returns over the ascending tune. It’s only a minute or so long, but musically, the track is very strong. The only thing that could have been “less of” is the voice that makes a philosophical point regarding a souls unconditional choice to come into the next lifetime to attain life experience for its desires, or to be a guide for other soul's development(s), for other people to learn from, like a teacher. The words are well intended, and these words are written in the inside flip. Was saying it in the intro necessary? I suppose it was important regarding the message of this album. The mysterious voice may come across as a bit dorky and unintentionally humorous to some, but the returning character of the mythological God "RA" makes the opening all the more unique and expressive, and in the end the words are spiritually aware information that is simply getting out there to the Universe for people to hear. It's such a short track that I don't mind the voice so much, but it would have been great if the wonderful musical element continued a minute or two longer, without the voice, before making its smooth, connective transition into the next number. B

2. Octagon is the first real song up to bat. The result is a strong, darkly driving nighttime number. It may come across as fairly reminscent to the self-titled Another World track by Astral Projection, but with the strong and distinguishing trademarks, atmosphere, and melodies of RA. The song spends little time building up into a powerful, adrenaline-pumping ride. From 3:36 to 5:02 is a very catchy downtempo interlude that would make the general clubby atmosphere cringe or stand confused by the fact that the general mainstream clubber is unaware of the wonderful non-mainstream characteristics of Goa. Furthermore, this island of peace is a sign that the RA we all remember and love is back, emphasizing individualistic listening pleasure to deepen the ethnic Goa interlude as opposed to pushing a continuous beat throughout. It isn’t long until several melodies arrive. They're catchy, and they lesson the more aggressive tone to a degree, but they compliment the song in the sense it is less repetitive, more evolved with ideas developed through melody structure, soundscapes. The track does however seem to drag a bit towards the end. It lacks zest and fresh ideas in the final third, and travels through already established motions. While nothing spectacular, this number starts off the album with a bang. B

3. Predator is instantly more optimistic and upbeat sounding than the previous power. RA is known for generating beauty in the mysterious light, combined with elements of darkness. This is a track that guides the listener to the light with no exceptions. This is also the first melodic number filled with harmoy and euphoric, melodic bliss. A beautiful combination of melodies arrive and develop around 1:46 and again at 3:16. These are the most beautiful, uplifting melodies that I have heard all year on an artist’s main album to date. I have noticed some people refer to morning Goa melodies in the sunshine style, as this one is, as fluffy, cheesy. People can believe whatever they want to believe in their mind, and I've agreed that some morning Goa is cheesy in its happy melodies at times in the past. And I think some people will be missing out on how wonderful this song really is unless he/she turns off the ego and opens their heart and soul. And even then we can agree to disagree, but for each person who doesn't like a song like this, my intuition tells me that more hearts will be touched. In 2007, Goasia released a super song on the From Other Spaces album called Sunrise, and based on that song, many people know just how amazing, how positive and deeply felt certain morning Goa songs can be. While Goasia’s track was more powerful in its second half, this one doesn’t spend half its running time staying in the "pretty good at best zone" before revealing its beautiful soul. Likewise, this track is developed, clear in its direction, and wonderful at reintroducing just a part of RA’s gorgeous light before leading us into other more animated and aggressive parts of the subconsciousness. This is a great song, both touching and sad, yet uplifting with warm, sensitive melodies throughout. B+

4. Other Self is very energetic and aggressive compared to the previous number. It’s great how the previous track built up to this energy as opposed to throwing the listener straight into the higher octane numbers without much of a path to prepare, arouse and stimulate the conscious, subconscious mind. An interesting intro is developing during the first minute. The melody work arrives in bands, one after another. A second, catchy melody plays off an initial flavor including the likes of strong supporting sounds. A moody atmosphere is present around 3:30. And from around 4:48 takes place the most incredible and intensely driving and danceable Goa melody combination on the album so far. It’s addictive sounding, and repeats again before the whole track shifts into an island of breathing space, without the beat, to regroup its energy, thus returning with fresh and unpredictable direction and insight. But that driving climax was both impressive and rush-inducing and I wish it returned with more layers and aggressive emphasis. It doesn’t. But the song leads us into a sensual aura of mystery, accompanied by ambient notes, new infectious melody leads, supporting sounds, warm and delectable atmosphere, and more. Such elements make the second wing on the kingdom just as pleasurable, more floating and developed, but not as intense. Overall, the build up and climax on this track is excellent during the first half. The second half doesn’t lose its motion; it evolves into something different, mysterious, and catchy. This is the best dance song on the album so far. It's great! A-

5. Ultima Energica takes the torch from the previous fireball. The intro is not too lengthy and very well done. Just one of the many great things about RA is the artists' ability to create intriguing intros that lead the listener into world created. The track shares an attractive characteristic to Octagon in that it also has a strong undercurrent rhythm. Although I prefer the faster melody work from 1:05 to 3:15. At around 3:16, a very Indian influenced and gentle melody takes place until 4:34. I like the idea. It gives the song more substance. However it doesn't get my heart racing like the previous number. The song sounds masterfully crafted, but a bit tame. That is, until an unexpected, vivid, and almost angry or fierce, albeit seriously cool and welcome sound arrives at around 4:55 followed by an interested, echoed voice sample. The aggressive melody was a smart choice to mix into the song. I was less engaged until the gritty texture occurred, and the brief voice sample compliments. Actually, the more aggressive sounds compliment the softer melodies. It presents an almost ironic battle between light and dark relative to the melody work. In the end, the darkness seems to win, but not entirely, as spiritual development essentially flows from one number into the next body and mind. Overall, this is a good, possibly great dance number, and I found the previous one more infectious. B+

6. Time Current is a super, new school, up-tempo Goa number. It may also be an indirect follow up to the super and now classic track ROM from the debut. This track may bring back some wonderful memories of ROM. For starters, it includes skipping voice samples, although so short lived, you may forget they ever existed while being distracted by the engaging music. Also similar to ROM is a very strong build up, and the greatest climax I have heard on the album so far. The fourth track had a strong build up into a driving climactic rhythm, and this one seems to get better and better with multiple listens. This is an excellent Goa song with a degree of club friendliness. Fortunately, the song is powerful and not too clubby, or many Goa fans may have had a problem with it. It’s more Full On Goa/Psy-Trance, with a fairly present, although definite club trance edge at times, but the Goa exceeds and over powers any sense of this number ever thinking of falling into the club trance genre. Push that thought away because it thankfully never happens. In other words, this is probably the most mainstream club/dance friendly song on the album, but it isn’t a mainstream club trance song per say. Famous artist: Man With No Name once combined Goa with club trance with a song called Vavoom! Many people have fond memories of that song, and Time Current can be placed up there with Vavoom! But it has an even less club trance connect, a positive thing for Goa fans. I see this song edging out the other numbers on the album due to its strong, infectiously climactic wave, and its focus to stay on the hook to keep us dancing. This climax advantage is something Other Self did not achieve in its second half, and both should be appreciated for their successful differences. A weakness here is that it is so capitalized on being dance friendly that it lacks developing intellect, being thought provoking in comparison to another wonderful element of RA's soul. However this is a well earned song, just the way it is. It’s smart in execution and direction. It knows where it's going and does a great job getting there. Consider this number, or this part of the self, so to speak, the more fun rocket that lacks spiritual awareness, but it's a fun part of a beautiful spirit. This is one of the best Psy-Trance songs of the year. It's Full On, new school Goa, and one that will really lift people off their feet and make dancing grounds nuts in a positive way. A-

7. Spirit Complex is a strong new and old school sounding Goa fusion. It's a solid return to more emotive story telling too. This story compliments the previous number because while that was more about high octane energy, sensation over depth, this is less charged and intense. It has an elegant, catchy introduction, and a smart, classy build up. The number is more contemplative, thoughtful in sound design than the previous rocket too. It’s not dependent on climax and in that sense it makes the previous number even more appreciated, the album is less tiresome and more unique because of the strong song variety. The first several times I heard this song, I found it decent at best, almost uninteresting and repetitive. But the amazing thing about RA’s music is that the general, mature listener continues noticing details and catchy elements the more energy he/she invests with a RA album. It’s really perspective changing because an environment or mindset can bring out a totally different outlook on how a song is perceived. Over multiple listens I enjoy the melody work more and more. I especially love the elegant part from 2:13 or especially 2:25 to 3:30. The song may come across as a bit dry in the middle, from 3:53 to 4:23, but the music returns after the interlude just as catchy as ever, and brings the song to higher ground by adding some beautiful melodies, fresh sounds and development in the final third. The melody work echoes D5, especially during the opening, the first, and the final third in that the melodies are very attractive, juicy. They are like little golden treasures, mixed into a very thoughtful piece. This is a solid, traveling song that is not quick to impress due to having no climax or strong build up. It’s a carefully constructed blend of both old and new school Goa, a song that will likely grow on the listener in a very positive way. The old school edge makes it one of the more special sounding tracks on the album. B+

8. Transcendent is a wake up call to spiritual awareness, but the mid-tempo music tells the story after the well placed opening voice sample. The altered, echoed voice sample around 1:40 is compelling, and one of the coolest little voice samples I have heard in new school Goa album as to how it sounds with the music. It is amazing how effective and gripping one little detail can be. The psychedelic sample repeats only several times, but I soak up every second like a sponge. I actually think this voice concept, or something similar was on the debut. If so, it’s very cool that this artists crossed over and modernized such classic elements from the debut to this follow up. Also wonderful is the interlude just over the halfway point of the song. It’s magical, mystical, and one of the best interludes ever produced by RA. This artist made a smart choice by not overdoing any voice samples on this album as I felt took place on track eight in the first album. This is a far more mature and infectious song. Also established here is that Time Current was the last of the high-octane number's to focus on climax. This is a good thing because RA is very powerful when it comes to less climactic, less up-tempo numbers as well. There is a repeating two-note sound that takes place throughout much of the song in the background. It is very noticeable, described as a deep, lower pitched melody, and this is the icing on the cake, especially in the second half. It brings the consciousness deep into Egypt, the pyramids, the soul, and the overall essence of RA. Do not be fooled by RA’s traveling, generally less climactic, mid and downtempo numbers. I remember a track on the debut self-titled track called To Sirius that is one of the most gripping and unique sounding mid-tempo tracks out there. RA's mid-tempo style has the potential to be very trance inducing, and having a number such as this creates a wonderful flavor and a rare approach to Goa in the 21st century. Songs are often so fast and up-tempo now days as if to grab the attention of the nearest person with A.D.D. But this vehicle is filled with interesting details, secrets within layers of liquid pyramid walls and feeling. I recommend trying not to focus on one particular sound too much, and letting the music flow over the body and mind. That’s how people meditate successfully; they calm and detach their minds from all thoughts, desires, and this number may be great to meditate on. I'm not sure yet, but it's very powerful for being a traveling light. Transcendent is one of my favorite songs on the album, and of the year. It's superb. A

9. Expand Consciousness is an excellent, foreign mid-tempo number that bring together many excellent, non climactic RA elements as it comes closer to enlightenment. Both this and the previous track reflect the unconditional, deep, and more spiritual essence of RA. These final several songs are actually some of the most elegantly driving number's on the album. The song is very traveling, ethnic in sound, motivating, contemplative, mysterious, and more. I love the mid-tempo speed; it’s wonderful after the album provided us with more intense and climactic artwork. I can really appreciate these more traveling, intellectual numbers. This feels like a great follow up to the self titled To Sirius track from the debut, with a heavy emphasis on ethnic melody work, heart and soul. It's very elegant and engaging, and another top song of the year, especially in the mid-tempo category. A-

10. Light Receiver is one of the most beautiful, magical, and emotive downtempo closing tracks I have ever heard. Imagine RA’s interpretation of Heaven and Earth combined, an attraction from what once made New Age act Enigma so wonderful, but RA's song is not New Age per say; the occasionally appearing male choir idea seems inspired from few of the more beautiful ethereal songs I have heard in various genres. I’ll leave the rest of this number alone, except to mention that there’s a part from 2:20 to 3:00 that is one of the most novel and refreshing moments I have ever heard. I love the melody work on this song. And this number blows away the closing track from the debut. It's only weakness is that it gets noticeably less capturing somewhere towards the end, as if the artists ran out of innovative ideas, thus resorting to less fresh character development. But this is a small quibble in relation to the success of the whole. Receiver is a beautiful number that is sure to win many plays throughout life to those who also recognize how soulful and catchy it really is. I don't need to mention production because all tracks are well produced and mastered on this album. And stay tuned for a little something in the end that doesn’t correlate with the tracks running time on the back cover. A- / A

In conclusion, RA’s 9th is far better than the 4:00 samples had me believe. This is a beautiful album. Is it a masterpiece? I don't know. I only consider six or seven albums ever released in Goa to be solid, rare A masterpieces, and this is just my very subjective mind. I compare things and give examples until I am blue in the face sometimes, just to help people become more aware of what I feel is true. The truth is that I feel that many people who love Goa are going to really enjoy this album. RA’s tracks are generally more traveling than they are quick to shove a big, bright wave in the listeners face, and that is one of the reasons why I think many people will appreciate 9th more over time. This is generally a more contemplative, mature style in Goa. RA thankfully included some really super Full On up-tempo GOA numbers as well. I love that the artists never sold out and stayed true to the awesome mid/down-tempo gems. Furthermore, 9th feels very connected to To Sirius, the exceptionally well-done, slightly more organic sounding, but still electronic, Goa debut in that 9th follows up some very wonderful elements that made the debut so special. On the downside, I clearly found the debut more mystical and magical sounding on the first three songs, after the intro. On the plus side, 9th is mystical and magical, especially in the last three tracks. Moreover, there are some classic elements here that have literally been brought over from the debut. From the unique, low pitched voice of RA and the beautiful melody stream in the opening, to various sounds on the super animated, climactic, and attractive Time Current, to the mysterious and atmospheric, mid-tempo Expand Consciousness. Even the moody, emotive male choir from Astral Flight in the debut has crossed over to some degree on the gorgeously floating Light Receiver, and I'll leave other small details for you all to find or notice when you least expect.

Is 2008's 9th better than 2001's To Sirius? I don’t know. On the debut, I found ROM an extremely infectious up-tempo number. Here there are two excellent, super climactic ones in RA's accomplished building-up-to-something-special-or-great style. On the debut, I fell in love with tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9, but it took years. ROM is one of my top favorite RA tracks of all time, and the self titled, mid-tempo To Sirius track on the debut is nearly matched and/or topped on this album's final last three tracks. The last song is on another level of greatness when compared to the less memorable closing on the debut. Furthermore, the artists were very tactful with where and when to incorporate voice samples on this album. I felt that the voice samples were overdone on Paradox, the eighth track from the debut. Such overuse put a dent in an otherwise solid gem, for me at least. I don't like being too distracted by repeating voices in trance inducing music. Fortunately, RA's 9th can be very trance inducing, and it does not overuse voice samples ever. People will see these aware choices acknowledged in the follow up, and I feel strong that overtime, many listener's will really appreciate this album that RA/Suntrip Records have released. It may be just under Khetzel’s magical Corolle album in terms of where it stands on the greatest Eastern-Indian influenced new school Goa album's list. Some may like 9th more. Either way, it will be interesting to see how RA’s 9th continues to be perceived, both now and over the coming years, and yes, even ten years from now. But for now, any old and new school Goa lover would be passing up a potentially wonderful opportunity by not listening to this strong and rare comeback by RA, the magician(s) behind Dimension 5. RA's 9th is the best Goa/Psy-Trance album by a main artist in 2008 to date. And I think some people are expecting to be blown away the first several minutes or they're quick to compare nostalgic feelings from the debut with something that cannot be nostalgic when it just released! If you’re looking for all flash and no heart and soul, this is not the album for you. It doesn’t shoot cannons off as soon as you press play. And if that was the case, RA would have less heart and soul because "quick to impress" is not the essence of RA. Yet the album manages to have some excellent Goa/Psy dance numbers that are likely to impress right away, just as ROM did on 2001's To Sirius.

Last but not least, I see how some people may feel that the overall album has a bit of a different feel from the older school sound of the much loved debut, but expecting this to sound exactly as the debut did seven years previous to this release is setting up unrealistic expectations. The follow up somehow manages to incorporate the older, classic sound into new school Goa. The result is a stronger production with all new RA tracks in the old and new school Goa spirit. The artists did a wonderful job with this album while developing their passion, soul, the spirit of how they perceive RA, or how RA is channeled through them, even if some tracks are not as mystical sounding as others. Not every track on the debut was a peach either! I know because I heard it several times around hearing 9th and writing this review. And to be blunt, not every track on this album is superb, but nine out of ten tracks; not including the introduction, is no less than good. For instance, Transcendent is more powerful than most people will know based on the first several listens. It's provocative, very reflective, introverted, artistic, and complex, with fire and passion. Same with both numbers that follow. And the ending three tracks top the famous debut's final three numbers in terms of greatness. Actually, the last three tracks on 9th are like an extension of beauty and excellence right into the heart of the sun. Getting there is a lot of fun, positive, spiritual, and well worth the price of admission for a nearly 80 minute ride that you'll likely want to hear soon after the little bonus secret I just revealed.. fades away...

Favorite tracks – 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


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Posted : Jun 2, 2008 20:23
RA – 9th
Suntrip Records

1. Intro
2. Octagon
3. Predator
4. Other Self
5. Ultima Energica
6. Time Current
7. Spirit Complex
8. Transcendent
9. Expand Consciousness
10. Light Receiver

Suntrip is known for selecting its releases carefully and amaze the dancefloors.

This time again, no compromise on quality. Christer Borge Lunde set some of the Goa Trance genre milestones, as part of the famous group Dimension5, or in more personal projects (RA, Electron Wave). With his team-mate Lars W. Lind, they offer us an enlightening story, a subtle dreamy adventure across eastern melodic ambiences. This album was 2 years in the making and artists were let as much time as needed for an exhilarating release, which explains this Suncd07 is out after Suncd10.

Right before the summer, a colorful release, contrasting with galore mainstream-unsurprising releases all around. Here is the chance to rediscover the pleasures of real melodic psytrance with modern production.


We all know RA from sideprojects mentioned above and still thank him for making one of the last melodic goatrance albums back in 2001 when psychedelic trance was becoming mainstream instead of goatrance and full melodic waves faded away for many years. With this new release called the 9th, RA proves again to release a concept in a time period that we haven't seen for a long time. Although many suntrip releases and other new skool releases have been keeping the goatrance spirit alive this album is different compared to other new skool projects. Better or less is not the case. Different; because it has no modern influences at all. As far as the amazing mastering this album contains this could be perfectly released in 1997 and classified as an top notch goatrance album. The most exciting part of it, that from all "fresh goatrance" releases we heard this one is pure morning trance... The typical one layer trance (home listening experience of course) like california sunshine, dimension 5, future prophecy etc... is what you get. RA uses it's unique sound but doesn’t exaggerate it or explode it... This is very subtle, wave to wave, spiral to spiral pattern. The baseline is goatrance 1998, the kick not that doff like most < 1997 releases but provides us a motivated baseline. It has been done before, of course it is, it's 100% goatrance, considering it's morning trance the level of psychedelic is lower compared to what we are used to these days. But that is just what morning trance is all about. Euphorically moments with a crystal clear sounds that remind you of the sun. You have too search the variations is small corners and directions. RA uses it's main sound all the time, I wouldn't want it to be the other way, otherwise it wouldn't be morning trance as we know it from the past. If you like the sound RA is presenting and you have no fear of travelling back in time this release will satisfy you. Repeating myself RA's newest release isn't overloaded so a second listen will follow very fast. But you have to give it some time. Listening to it once not being in the right mood can cause the effect you will experience it @ boring because the unique atmosphere won't caress your ears...
well enough said, it has been reviewed many times I notice, great job btw, if you don't like it after 5 times listen it's not you're style... but I'm sure many goatrance fans will appreciate this release each time / listen just like I did.


trancy, euphoria, subtle, motivating, floating and well produced...

grtz k


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Posted : Jun 3, 2008 09:19
great album!
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Posted : Mar 12, 2009 02:46
Just came across this masterpiece!! Thank God for Suntrip.. Highly recommended to all Goa lovers..
melodic trance doesnt have to be cheesy at all..this is proof of that:)
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Posted : Mar 28, 2009 01:58
This is outstanding music for those of you who don't have it
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Posted : Mar 28, 2009 20:33
I think is the kind of album that finds the lister instead of the opposite there's magic in this music.
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Posted : Apr 15, 2009 09:05
classical fresh pieces of Goa Trance. very hipnotic.           "Noscete Ipsum"
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