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Para Halu - The World Of Peace (Parvati Records 2005) CD

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 7, 2005 19:30

oh wow, I am really digging this album.....

I love the way we are taken on a ride through slippery mesmerizing molecules of derangement, each track bolting your brain into various caverns of shining darkness. Stand out tracks so far are, 3 for pure mechanical weirdness and grit; 4 funks the flip out of your slippers, amazing slippery, silvery sounds gushing across the groove; 5 because I just love that lazy melancholic atmosphere, all the sounds slowly bounce there way back to you as your ears ripen in delight...; 7 for another switch back up the mountain of the para normal, six thousand kaleidoscopes swirl around immense gorges of dimentia . . . . truly awesome stuff . .

Believe the unbelievable.....

.BUY THIS ALBUM .            - - It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice... - -
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Jul 7, 2005 20:16
Thx everybody for the feedback. And first of all to
Para Halu boys for their amazing inspiration.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 8, 2005 00:34
nice album... it's still basically the same dark trance formula used over and over and over again but Para Halu have the good idea of bringing in some very interesting dark atmospheres that seem to "hover" throughout the whole track. Kindof like what The Delta would sound if they released an album in 2005 IMO

They also bring in some downtempo tunes: The World of Peace (I didn't think dark trance artists were capable of making downtempo stuff

Fave tracks: 3(!!), 5 (!), 8

As you probably already know I'm not a big dark trance lover but this one is quite good IMO. 7/10           “I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.”

Charles M. Schulz

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Posted : Jul 14, 2005 13:23
Here is my review, originally posted in swedish at

The danish label Parvai Records is back and this time with a Hungarian spicy powerhouse whom we've earlier had the pleasure to get to know through its presence on several compilations. We are of course speaking of Para Halu, a duo consisting of Adam Hohmann and Andras Fekete. Finally their long-awaited debut album has seen the lights of the record market! For anyone who's earlier missed Para Halu or do not know'em we can tell that we're speaking about darker soundpictures with true spirit of Parvati with a lot of twists, bleeps, sweeps and chaosorganized environments in the most trippy sense.

Let The Peace Control You…

01 – First Track (Tempo Anpassen) (07:30)
“Listen and repeat… Come with me… I can take you anywhere you want…I promise to have you back before you wake!”. The album welcomes the listener with a kind of minimal track and if wouldn't be for the nightish dark environments and the fantasywarped panplays there wouldn't be too much left to enjoy. The track is a bit playful and experimental in a cosy way, and the track does not open the CD in any full-on-speed-let's-bang-on-without-mercy style but we get a smooth start on the disc - just like I want it to be.

02 –The Invisible Hunter (In The Jungle) (10:12)
The second ingredience of the album invites the listener to a mystic journey who contains a whole lot of surprises. In the warmth of the summer, this track can easily transform into a marathon march for the ears due to the high amount of details here, and there's a lot of tricks being played on the listener's brightly-coloured eardrum. My favorite part of this track is not just a common climax, but it is a superb passage in the middle of the track. The duo has really succeeded the mission to make this track into a story, and my conclusion is that this is a digital ten minutes long dancesession in funky jungle environments who are well adapted for alerted ears.

03 – Siren’s Fiction (Jesus In The Black Mass) (07:43)
“Nothing will destroy our circle! Ride the snake!”. It does get a bit harder when the third track sounds, and the journey goes through peculiar dark soundscapes. Pure forestmusic is the subject of speech here, and anyone who likes training sessions at the dancefloor of the heavy kind and may at the same time recieve a unique massage - both physically and mentally - yeah that person has most likely found itself a superb friend here. Bring pills to treat nausea because it is time for subtile trippy melodies!

04 – Creatures Of The IGY (Feat. King Jr.) (06:35)
The fourth track continues the IGY theme whom we got to know on the compilation True Reality (ALKCD001) from Alkaloid Productions who were released in august last year. You are offered first class pieces of candy in the shape of funky dancefloor sessions, brightly-coloured analog heroes and alerted atmospherical surprises. Peter Takacs (a.k.a. King Jr.) are also featured on this track, and if you feel that funk is a keyword who means a lot to you when the subject is darker soundscapes, you should definitely check out this track.

05 – The World of Peace (After Awakening) (06:34)
Four musical punches in the tummy later our senses gets a massage by a downbeat track who presents itself at track five. The track's journey passes on through a bit melancholy atmospheres in a floaty ambientstyle, and it all develops later on into a more experimental chill journey in a trippy style - but still it keeps and continues the floaty vibe. This is a really good track who does not ruin the total flow on the CD, and this track makes an excellent and brave element on the album. Thumbs up!

06 – Domination (Through Controlled Minds) (09:18)
Fasten your seatbelt and push the green button - track six turns on and the mood returns back to the kind we are used to hear Para Halu deliver. It's hard, monotonous and groovy and the whole cake is top decorated with with a rich dose of trippy elements. Anyone who'd like to claim that dark psytrance released these days is just a hard fundamental with random tweaks on top might feel that he or she gets one's opinion (blunty prejudice?) confirmed when hearing this - but the rest of us who's really into dark psytrance, yeah we'll be happy and screaming and we'll definitely shake our knees to this trippy tango.

07 – Demon’s Mother (With Fancy Hair) (07:08)
“Welcome to the virtual command environment. I am the artificial intelligence that will be assisting you”. This rack grows quickly onto me and becomes one of my favorite tracks on this CD, and it definitely turns the head inside-out on any brave psychonaut. Subtile rowdy leads plays on your nerves while deeper atmospheres let's the braincells experience more brightly-coloured things than just regular gray everday. Full on madness from the beginning to the end with heavy melodies of the aggressive kind and if that was just not enough I can happily ensure you that the trip factor is far above 100. I'd definitely run around in circles screaming of madness if I would hear this track on the dancefloor. Yeha!

08 – Animachine (This Is The Girl) (07:42)
“The Union Aerospace Corporation is the largest corporate entity in existence. [..]”. Braincreasing trance is on during influence of track eight, and it is dark forestmusic who are welling out of the speakers. Twists and sweeps in psychedelic environments are subjects who are treated well during these nearly eight minutes of full madness, and this is as good as it can possibly get. First Demon's Mother and now this track - it really makes me as a listener feel super spoilt.

09 – Let The Peace Control (Your Body) (07:33)
“Let the peace control your body…”. This track is most likely the track that I just seem to be incapable to connect to. It feels tedious and it lacks charm enough to seduce me and it makes me wonder where it is heading, what the track wants to achieve. A vocal sampling repeats itself and I'm not surprised nor impressed by juding this compared to what we've previously experienced on the CD. I percieve this as a catch of the bottom, and despite a funky groove it is can't cover up to make this ship reach harbour.

10 – Made On Planet Earth (Last Cosmonaut) (08:52)
Para Halu's debut album ends up with a swinging journey through aggressive environments. There's a lot of space here for trippy atmospherical excursions, and anyone who has packed her or his picnic basket full with psychedelic tones from the influence of this track does not need to fear returning back to planet earth for a good while. Humorous breaks, subtile driving leads who drills holes on the mind and superb elements of surprise are just a few examples of the bunch of ingrediences we get to experience on this trip. Wow!

This delivery requiers a few sessions in my stereo to make me feel that I have fully digested and absorbed all the stuff that this CD can give me. The CD lands on a record market who are today lacking deliveries of high quality and with keeeping that in mind this CD feels like an original disc that should be enjoyed from the very first track to the very last. This is a story we get to experience, and I can happily announce that this story works brilliant to experience both at home and also at the dancefloor. Here you got a spicy package with consideration and ten tracks are at your service to manipulate your senses!

Parvati has recovered from what in my humble opinion was a less good complete work with Psychedelically Yours 3. Ladies and gentlemen, Parvati is back!

More information

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Posted : Jul 14, 2005 20:10
thank u very much for the reviews and for the nice words.......
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 18, 2005 21:54
track number 7 is amazing. i keep hearing it more and more, that sub bass really makes it for me. the track is not as loud as the rest of the cd or as many other cds, but the quality and storyline of this track is something unusual.

congratulation para-halu, for me one of the best album this year and a good revelation from what i knew from u guys

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Posted : Aug 21, 2005 11:13
This album sure did take time to grow on me, but when it did, I just couldn't live without it!
It's a journey that I can't describe with words.
Thank you Para Halu for makin' one of the perhaps best psytrance albums
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 8, 2005 21:57
Well I've had this album for a few months now, listened to it once before, really liked the downtempo track....put it aside and forgot about it. Picked it up and put it on this morning and it hasn't left my cd player yet. Final Verdict- highly addictive.           ~gOa ist nicht nur musik sondern auch eine lebenseinstellung~

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Posted : Oct 3, 2005 22:10

Great Review Deathposture as always damn you dive right into the music man

I had this album for a while now and it's the kind of music that I like it when I leave it to grow on me before I can actualy comment .... good music is never chewed well with just a one time listen...

Here we have a Parahalu Split album kind of like the New Testiment and the Old Testiment
the first part of the album takes us through the new experiments that has taking Parahalu to a new dimensions so weather we like it or we don't we can never stop an artist from exploring them....
Not much keen on the firts track intro sample repeat goes on for too long for my tastes ...
on the whole great work on part A of the album which again the parahalu elemnts are there if you listen pantiently ... nice ending to eat with a chill track too...

Then we get to the second part of the album were it all has reminded us of the usual Parahalu sound which also we all feel confortable with but then again cause we heard them so much (thats why we should not be affraid of something new)

A good start with track 6 and follows till the end of the album I quite enjoyed the trip sure will keep on

well Done both Parahalu and Parvati


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Posted : Oct 4, 2005 06:20
A fantastic album that deserves every bit of respect and praise that its getting here, and everywhere else. A real journey with plenty of surprises.

As Kemic-al has said, a sort of two part arrangement. A ballsy move. Works a treat though.

Cheers to Para Halu for doin' ya' own thang.


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Posted : Oct 4, 2005 19:37
A true masterpiece. Parahalu with it's unique style really kicks it all.

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Posted : Oct 4, 2005 20:34
eh.. it's nice. i listen to it for one day or two.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 4, 2005 21:01
can't get enough of Creatures Of The IGY (Feat. King Jr.) please give us more of this 
musique à la carte in mp3 & wav.
Reviews, interviews, downloads, articles.

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Posted : Oct 5, 2005 15:53
hardcore cd ... not meant for fluff heads ... eahc track is rich and powerfull ... my favs = all the trax


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Posted : Oct 6, 2005 19:34
Im realy impressed with this album , its realy made to open some new doors to another dimensions!
Its definetly something diferent from other dark albums . So flowless and smooth and strong at the same time! I love how its starts slowly and bulding up towards the end and chillout in the middele just amazing! At the end its getting realy crazy!
I realy like almost all the tracks! The art work is also amazing and original!
Thanx Para Halu and Parvati !!!
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