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nyc trance and drugs

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 13, 2004 22:13
i like most drugs except for opiates and amphetamines and salvia. I especially relish K, 2CB, and DMT/ayahuasca. None of these are party drugs, they are meant to do in the woods or at your house. I have cheated anyeway and did K at a party, and people make fun of me because to them I look like a retard when in my head I am having a very involved adventure.
click here for more details

some of my best life experiences have been on a lot of drugs and taking them to excess on occasion but this is pretty inconsiderate to both others and myself.
i hate it when others do the same
i hate it when people ask me where they can find something
a majority of the djs who come that I have talked to are also looking for something
i think a balance is important, but i think most posts here reek of elitism. I didn't know or care who was playing what at a party until i hung out for a couple years. There's so much music and so many artists, many of them good, that i didn't have to be choosy. But drugs that made the music better, i,e, lsd was always hard to score. So i devoted more time with getting them and less on cgiving a fuck on who was playing.
As I started to organize events I found that more people came if there were drugs there. Then when the lsd ran out, we were left with the true believers. There is still very little LSD around, and that's the only drug that matters IMHO in this context.
I challenge anyone to do a truly drugless party. It's impossible. People will be tripping on their way in and you won't know until they are humping the tapestries or something. The best thing to do is to watch each other and when someone goes off the deep end, kick their ass a bit and make them understand that it's not OK. Of they persist, ban them. That works for me. I've been really bad in my life but somehow I made it backl to relative mental hygiene again. I think anyone can do it but no, you're not going to stop the druggies from getting high. Gadi, you have let in the most notorious acid casualty at your last event, and you didn't listen to my reasoning. He has gone on to destroy apartments, artwork, etc. Hell, he makies me never wanna do drugs again, maybe you planned that. It takes one to know one. Just be careful.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 13, 2004 23:30
i came from brazil . in brazil people also use drugs in the partyes but all the people involved in partyes such as djs , promoters , artists , they know why they came there . for the music i . never saw so many good djs gathered together for a party and most of them go to somebody elses partyes to dance and also to learn. i think gadis point is: in NY most of the people dont really care if this or that dj is playing or if you ask them they wont know the music or the dj .its not all of them but most of them . i think people should start studying about trance , and specially the MUSIC . for me , music is the most important thing in my life . i always said that the more i know , the more i learn . i am in ny because i believe in the scene , and i think gadi started to make partyes because he believe too , so what i think is , lets go to the partyes and listen to the djs and learn , even if the dj dont play good . and i dont think people need drugs to dance or to achieve a higher state of consiousness . let the dj do that for them instead of the drugs . thats what i think

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Posted : Oct 13, 2004 23:53

On 2004-10-13 21:16, gatsby wrote:
It is very difficult here in Chicago to find outdoor venues, so take advantage of all that wide open space to find yourself an outdoor spot to host a dance festival. There's really no outdoor midwestern dance festival (yet). You are closer than Omnidance, Gaian Mind and Neptunalia to Chicago, so if you found a good outdoor location it would be cool.

Working on it, keep thinking I have one and it keeps getting away hehe. I have done a rave festival in the past and we lost thousands so leary of big blowout events due to that (and this was in '99 with a much bigger scene). I do want to do a small 200 person festival in spring so have been searching for some nice farmers


Otherwise you are in a subcultural low density zone so I would continue to build online community via email lists, blogs and websites, and once you meet someone with the right spirit make sure you get them in the online community.

Also network with other subcultures such as bi/gay/lesbian, entheogenic, pagans, yoga, etc. and electronic dance.


I have not thought about the other subcultures. The rave scene has an excellent midwest online forum for Iowa and surroundings ( I will have to talk more with yoga & pagans. I really want to find someone local who knows ecstatic dance to teach that before a party and go from there. Maybe I should try making a posting here and see if I get any hits

We also have a list for our events and psymbolic is going to be making one at MAGE2 as well. Hopefully we can spark things in the midwest. I am tired of flying to festivals!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 14, 2004 16:17
I have one friend Jai Luster who is trained in facilitating blindfold trance. He is in the Chicago area. Contact me by PM with your email and I will send it on to him.

Thanks for the link. I guess there is more in Iowa than I realized. I have passed the info on to other Chicago resources.

One unrelated question. Is crystal meth still a big problem out there, or is that exaggerated by the media?


IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Oct 14, 2004 16:23
gatsby, please stay ontopic. NYC not Chicago.           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."

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Posted : Oct 15, 2004 04:18
i don't attend nyc parties for the drugs at all...i might smoke a little something, but for the most part i'm dead sober...and i love it that way. i go to parties for the people and the music...for the feeling of real freedom even for only a few hours...

if you don't like your current situation, i suggest you do something about it...move or whatever... i say this only because you seem to have it in for nyc...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 9, 2004 08:20
I have been thinking about this issue myself. While I think that psychedelic drugs and psychedelic trance go together beautifully, Still, I usually don't do anything at trance parties because I like to go to parties a lot more often than I like to trip. I have come to understand that I dont need to take something every weekend or at every party I go to. Psychedelics are for special occasions and times in my life when I need guidance. That is how I prefer to do it, and I highly reccomend this approach. I feel I have a much better time now. Drugs are not evil, nor necessarily the people who provide them. They are a choice best chosen judicously. We need to both realize that psychedelics are more than party drugs and that our parties are more than just parties.
I actually wrote something about a similar topic and posted on another forum. Here is that post:

I have been thinking that the way that we use substances at
parties does not live up to their potential. Substances are most
rewarding when they are used to help us confront serious
issues, exposing our hearts out so that we can see where and
how they need work, getting to the bottom of the sicknesses that
plague humanity. Its easy to talk in broad terms about healing
humanity, but when it comes down to it on a personal level, it is
hard and often it hurts. That is because healing humanity means
healing ourselves. Seeing our flaws so that we can do
something about them. Healing ourselves involves opening up,
which can mean being vulnerable. Healing is process that often
requires trust, and trust can be even scarier.
Healing can be heavy, and it is not necessarily conducive to a
party atmosphere. Nobody wants to poop a party with all their
issues, and rightly so. It is inconsiderate to burden others with
ones own problems, especially if they are not prepared. For me
though, being forced to deal with my deep seated fears and
anxieties, in all their disconcerting glory is the very soul of
tripping. When I have a bad trip, I see that as my minds way of
telling me that there is some shit I need to deal with and that is
priceless. The point is that Psychedelics are not toys to party
with, they are tools to help us become better people.
And that is why I feel that partying and journeying can be
incompatable. To party, it helps if everone is having a good time,
but as I have come to see it, journeying can to be about more
than having a fun, exciting experience.{Psychedelics are
medicines}They have the potential to be used for making the
world a better place by giving us a unique perspective that can
inspire self-improvement in service of a greater good.
I really feel this scene, but I worry that the energy that drives it is
at risk of going to waste if we don't find a way to channel it into
something other than more parties. Love makes a scene
beautiful, but Love needs work to maintain.
I hope I am doing my part to maintain the love by writing this for
you all.
It is my hope that this post will start some discussion.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 12, 2004 05:17
a solution that needs....

A few SUv's

A bunch of psymaniacs

A set of speakers

And dont forget "cd's"

Runaway to a secluded place... dont even tell urself bout it... once u reach.. dance n trance..

And if u dont find a place like that...
Sorry mates ... come down to India.... and head to Goa .. like we will................

PeaCEE n NjoYYYYY           So drunk i can brarely spell.

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Posted : Nov 12, 2004 09:58
As i see it..surrender pointed out that its disappointing that they come to get messed up.
No doubt.
But i have a question here...
A lot.. a majority i will dare to say, enter for similar reasons in the first place. Agree? disagree?
Globally "trance" (not necessarily psy) has implications...we can't deny that..How many psyheads do u think initiated the experience with the music and then moved to the drug...rather than the other way around?

The issue u raised was thought of with respect to NYC... as per what u say, the issue seems to be a lil worse than i believed, but i wanna point out that on a slightly milder scale this issue pertains to a lot more than NYC... its global.

U raised the awareness... would u care to elaborate on what u propose, or rather what u believe would be a plausible solution to clean up the NYC scene in particular?
          Never hold it in.
IsraTrance Team

Started Topics :  506
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Posted : Nov 12, 2004 16:27
high Analyzer
like everyone im human (yes some doubt that at times, i am not arafela...) i get frustrated and wish to vent to a certain out.
but rather then just venting, youre right i did have a certain point behind all this. its not just pummeling critisism for the sake of insult.
i beleive the only way for progress to be made is through the radical change of the select # of people that i consider are somewhat to fully responsible for the situation being what it is.
most people in nyc already know what i mean and there is no need to go further then that on a public forum. change must come (and it is lately) for the better, otherwise the scene would plummit down to its demise here. i am optimistic as i see new forces at work in nyc, that are about the music and not the drugs, that are about quality in the definition that i agree with, and that care about things deeper then their wallets.           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."

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Posted : Nov 14, 2004 23:56
i just wanted to put in 2 cents.
i have heard many people saying, were would the psy in psytrance be with out the psycadelics?

WAke up, the psycadelic experience is formed at a trance gathering by light, color, sound, and the energy of the people. dont be fooled by the easy distorted way of drugs.

stay focused and remeber the culture behind the scene

keep on trancing
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  77
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Posted : Nov 15, 2004 19:12
yea i dont see why so many people focus so much on drugs and not the music,
natural energy in a crowd is always better, but to each's own

but i feel true trance heads need no substances to explore,

Started Topics :  40
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Posted : Nov 15, 2004 19:56
It may be that the scene in NYC must die in order for it to be reborn as something... closer to what you have in mind.

Drugs are, for many, a crucial part of the psychedelic experience. But also, for many, drugs are the *only* part. I do not know why this is, only that from my personal experience there is a degree of... 'discomfort' in embracing anything that requires faith/trust - and trance is no exception. Cynicism is on the rise in this culture, in part as a defense against an excess of marketing, and so I think the issue of faith is a growing epidemic. Drugs are easy - you eat them and you see God (or something like that, I say this tongue-in-cheek). Learning to see God every day, without the drugs, now that is not an easy thing to do - especially in this culture that demands proof for belief. Drugs offer a commitment-free way of indulging this need for connection, at least until we burnout on the experiences and are left with empty trips that are more striking for their emptiness than for their fulfillment.

I've sensed a concern in the older goaheads - the ones that have been around the scene for years - a concern that people are missing the point of the trance experience and getting distracted by the drugs and missing the message.

What is your message?

Is it loud enough to hear?

In order to be heard it must change and grow as it's listeners change and grow, otherwise we *will* tune it out. It's got to be new and fresh, something we do not yet have the labels for, forcing us to see it with clear eyes/minds.

You obviously care for the scene in NYC so I ask you a question: what does the scene mean to you? What does it mean to get together under blacklights and dance to crazy-sounding music surrounded by mind-twisting artwork?

What is the point of all of this?

The time grows near that we will need a clear message, a beacon, something more than a spiritual movement under the guise of a party.

What will it be?

Answer me this and I think you will be a step closer to finding what you are looking for.

Well, what we're both looking for.

peace be with you,

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 23, 2004 19:51
Good questions, Alex/Fuzzikitten. I'll give you the answers that come to my mind.

>>>What is your message?
I have more than one message, and what my message is depends on the moment. But my main messages are:
1) Trance music and dancing are a good way to achieve altered states of consciousness, increase personal happiness, and bond with similarly inclined individuals
2) Psychedelic drugs do have legitimate uses other than partying. They are not interchangable with alcohol, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine or other recreational drugs. Psychedelics should be used with serious intentions, such as expanded self awareness, increased sensitivity to the needs and wants of other memebers of the community, creative inspiration, and divine revelation. Psychedelics are good for showing us the importance, specialness and divine nature of all beings and all things, and leaving us with a deepened appreciation. Psy-trance, with its music, its decor, and its vibe celebrates these aspects of the psychedelic experience with I treasure so much.
3) As psychedelics have spread throughout the world since the discovery of LSD in 1943, a global psychedelic culture has begun to emerge. I feel that my identification with that culture is stronger than my identification with any other group. I am a psychedlicist before I am an American, a White Person, a Student, a Progressive, or any other category that I am a member of. Psychedlic users can be thought of as a nation without borders or a location in space. WE ARE AN US and the non psychedelically enlightened members of society are a THEM.

>>>>Is it loud enough to hear?
I dunno, do you hear?

>>> what does the scene mean to you?
The scene is home for me. From the moment I first heard psy trance (LSD by hallucinogen) and stepped into a trance party, I know that this was home for me, that there is no other place which I belong more than the trance scene. I knew that It what was what I had been searching for all my life.
>>>>What does it mean to get together under blacklights and dance to crazy-sounding music surrounded by mind-twisting artwork? <<<<<<
It is means that we are an US because we love this music, this art, and therefore we have come together. It means that we are not the THEM out there getting drunk and fighting, and playing stupid capitalist power games, visiting the meat market on a friday night were everyone and everything is for sale, be it overtly or covertly. We reject the mainstream society and have our own thing, which frankly, is way better than the depravity the mainstream has to offer us.

>>>What is the point of all of this?
When I walk through the streets of my country, the USA, and walk through the cafeteria of my university, I see many, many starving people. They may be well fed and have plenty of money, but from their eyes I see that they are starving. I see so many blank, hollow eyes, black holes craving the substance of life which is not bread or water, but spirit. At trance parties, I do not see these starving people. Therefore, the trance scene must be providing people with some kind of nourishment that is not about food or drink or money.

The time grows near that we will need a clear message, a beacon, something more than a spiritual movement under the guise of a party.

What will it be?
I fear that if we call it a spiritual movement and shed the party disguise that it will cease to be spiritual. part of the beuty of our scene is that the spirit is so intensly present that its presence need not be directly stated. If it were, I fear that would kill it, make it staid and unflexible and ritualistic like church. On the other hand, it might take it to the next level. It is something we should continue to discuss.

Peace out all
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