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NoN Psychedelic !!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 15, 2005 04:26
I think all music has bad patches. But what can seem like a bad patch to one can seem like a golden age to another.
But yeah I think psy trance should be music which escapes physical form. That is as soothing as it is overwhelming, mood elevating, enlightening, frightening and spiritual.
I've been into all kinds of music as long as I can remember. Rock, Jazz, Classical, electronic, dronal, opera. Now for a time music bored me, then I found psy trance. It woke up all the passion I had for music all over again. In a time where your parents strut around saying "everything has been done, you can't play me anything that isnt a spinoff of what I was listening to when I was young." psy trance really does strike me as the way forward. The way you can string a series of sounds together which arent really musical in the typical sense of the word and still make them make sense. It's this that I feel opens the mind.
I definately don't think this genre is already spent. I still havent heard what I beleive to be the limits. Granted I've hardly been into psy trance for long in the grand scheme of things, but what I imagine this genre can do definately hasnt been done yet. And when someone does it... It's gonna be pure bliss.


Skazi aint that bad... but the part of me that likes psy trance isnt the part of me that likes skazi.
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Sep 17, 2005 23:03

On 2005-09-15 02:51, Demezriel wrote:
alot of today's full-on psy-trance should actually go under the name of just full-on trance.

And your 100% right. There's a electronic trance evolution happening around. And the next big target for it to be "commerciolized" would be, England of cource. England is big, and what the DJ's spin in England will naturaly have a big influence on the world's trance music scene, or clubbing scene if you prefer. Regular trance like Tiesto, Von Dyke, Stigmata, Cygnos X and so on is out. It's old and not that interesting. The club trance is bigger now. With deep house and more trippy house. This is where Full-On, or psytrance as people prefer to call it steps in. Astrix (Great talent) and his copies will take over a new born commercial scene. Big DJ's like "Flemming 00 Something" are all ready playing Full-On. Because of it's "new creativiness". Full-On impresses people who isnt known to the psytrance scene. They are amazed by it's power, and "coolness". Full-On is not psytrance. Full-On is a more easy listening/dancing music for the crowd. Not for the tripper. So yes. Full-On should be labeled as Full-On and not psytrance. Because it was born from psytrance, but it isnt psytrance, its a product of psytrance.

btw... There are alot of acts creating psychedelic Full-On. Psysex is a shure bet. And there are others. Just gotto locate them.
Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - NoN Psychedelic !!
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