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MidiMiliz - "Non Standards"


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Posted : May 8, 2005 01:59

The newest Gravity Plus release.

The dynamic duo Arne and Wayan is hiting the scene back with their new MEGA album.
Out now and distibuted in Japan by Wakyo (www,
In Europe and the rest of the world im not sure exactly when but it should come out in the next few days by danceconnected (

track listing..

MidiMiliz - "Non Standards"

1. "Dos Canones"
2. "10.000 Watts"
3. "Trace Function"
4. "The Invisible Witness"
5. "Feet In The Air"
6. "Treble Rebel"
7. "Speaker Sneaker"
8. "Nick Jacholson"
9. "Supersymmetry"
10. "Psychomachine" (punked remix)
11. "Exclusions" (Japan exclusive)

I really dont know what to say.
My first suprise came when i heard the guys perform this album live. I freaked! Also the 1000 people on the dancefloor in Athens. They just nuked as away~!
When they copie this to me i tried it on diferent crouds, diferent countries and i can tell you for sure it ROCKS! It is so good!
It seems that these two have now found the character ,the style , the sound better than ever before.Now they have ended up in something unique.
Ofcourse it is familiar to their previus sound also but this time so much more advanced.
Obviusly influenced by these electro days they make the basslines less hard but groovier more inteligent, dynamic!
Percussions are also smart as always. Kick are all round and fatter than ever. The genius comes also on the rifs and main themes and melodies. This time there is trully magic there. The way they choose the harmony and timing will plesantly suprise and please you.
I dont really wonna stick to a track per track review since as all good albums i see them as a hole story, a fairytail to us.
If i must i would have to say that my favourites tracks are: 2, 4 ,10 and number 7 the "Speaker Sneaker " wich i consider the Dance anthem of this summer.
This is music YOU MUST HAVE!
I will also wonna add the the production will make you wonder if you bought new speakers for your house and in the club ...hehe check it out!
The master is made in a place that artists like "Prodigy" make it, it cost probably more than some labels hole budjet for one release and trust me it is worth it!
Im sure people will talk about this release for a long time.I would like ti thank Arne and Wayan for bring this gift to my ears and Brain.

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Posted : May 8, 2005 08:10
I don't think so.
I really like Antistat and Blastfood.
I like a littlebit less Stereopark.
I nearly hate 'we interface' & 'non standards'.
No groovy at all to me. can't move my body with that sound. Too much distortion color. Too much old techno sound. I think this is a true step in the past for this project. Maybe they don't have somenthing to say any more...I like some synthsound and some pad.
I absolute don't think they found their style, maybe they lost it.
Please don't say: when radio was released it was unexpected so then it changed the psytranceworld. this album will not change anything, like we interface or IM new style.
Everybody can go wrong included xdream, IM, and spiraMiliz. 3 or more album is so much, and find something to say is more difficult to express the same audioattitude, isn't it?
this is only my opinion, an opinion made by a man who really love antistat, blastfood, irritant & sendinsendback.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 8, 2005 13:02
sounds like frustrated techtrance fans
i thoghut to my self when x dream we interface came out where is the techtrance but then i said hey its not tech trance bus its still good music
but i can also understand you if you compre irritent to we interface yes irritent i like better becuse techtrance is my favorite style and come on comprering Im to x dream give me a brake
about MidiMiliz new albom didnt heard it yet i guess its very electro influence
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 9, 2005 12:44
i totally disagree with dennis and nolightatend.

i think this album is the bomb.

just to give a little of my own bias:

i am not a big tech-trance fan and am more of a house-head, and i haven't REALLY liked any night music to come out of the trance scene since the glory days of Flying Rhino, except for Passages, and now Non-Standards. and i thought the new x-dream was so bad that i threw it away after one listen. but i LOVE this release. it's night music, but not as fast as most spastic nightime trance or tech-trance.

for me, this is the only psychdelic night-time trance music i've heard in years.

the production, sound, arrangements, and basslines are much more complex than in Passages, which I thought was a brilliant album. previous midimiliz tracks had a dry mechanical feel, but these tracks are much more organic and less loop-based.

my two favorites are sneaker speaker and supersymmetry (this sounds almost like nathan fake!), which i think are brilliant. nothing else in the tech-trance or full-on scene comes close to these two tracks. i also love the squishy, distorted, highly colored basslines on all the tracks. these basslines postively growl and twist and morph through every track.

the one area in which the album is not as good as passages is in the overall flow. passages felt like a single journey--lighting the spliff, flowing into deep space, and slowing coming down. the flow is a little more broken on this one. also the inclusion of two bonus tracks (the japanese release has an extra track) disrupts the album for me. supersymmetry is such a beautiful final track, that it should be the end. "exclusions" sounds more like a standard compilation track, and it doesn't fit the album at all. (i guess it was a wakyo promo thing for japan since the market here is so big.) but this is not a real problem. i can just burn the cd without the bonus tracks:)

the production also sounds great to me! listening on Mackie 824's, and the bass sounds perfect. not overwhelming at all. (BTW, the NS10's are some of the worst speakers ever made. i can't imagine listening to music on those things.)

so all in all, one of the top releases of this year.

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Posted : May 9, 2005 14:58
oh come on people...
snap out of it !
for once lets not talk about trance/techno /electro or any tag names. Lets talk about music and art. I think this is what the guys had in mind .
I see in this release that they were not afraid to experiment, they didnt follow the usuall recepie end go full on just to have more booking + money (which is something i cant say for most people)
Ok i can understand that some older midimiliz fans want like this album. But i bet there are allot more people that never before were into this band and now are atracted to their music.
If you want to make music for only the trance scene do it. But G+ crew is for not only about that.
Probably this review didnt belong to this forum since it is anything but psuchedelic. I just posted it here cause like me this people come originally from this scence and i know part of it is still interested on what they are doing.
Trust me , the dynamic duo will move forward in life. They have a vision, ideas, methods.
Call it what you want .
I call it briliant music. Creative art.  

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Posted : May 9, 2005 15:36
Just want to talk more about music and my personal taste:
-I don't like odd harmonic pulse basses, the only exception is SPIRALKINDER Wide screen (Chronika Chapter 1)
in this album this kind of bass is overused, to me a good track with this bass sound is enough for a good album.
-I miss groove like Black Box & Soopercharge: mechanical techno!

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Posted : May 9, 2005 15:43
-In this album all tracks have the same kick sound, unfortunately I don't like it. Antistat was full of different bass sound and kick sound.
-All tracks are made on the same groove trik, againg unfortunately I don't like this groove.
-melody sounds are good but doesn't grow-up at all, to me.

this is my onest opinion. I hope to have soon a new antistat like release by one of my best techno tracnce act.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 9, 2005 17:00
after the first few listens, I liked it. I saw them live also in the past weeks and it was pretty crazy I'm gonna give it more of a listen and then comment more detail.           `Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end` Mandelbrot
Alex Boshke
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 9, 2005 17:03
It’s Not a Standard music! The album's title is Non Standards that means that its new, different and unusual album then everything MidiMiliz ever released before.

I can also easily understand people whom still seeking and waiting for the old distorted psy techno from Arne and Wayan, since they are created this music style more then 6 years ago and still together with Marcus are considered as unbeatable in this genre of psytrance, so its all matter of taste and how each individual grew up since those distorted times .

This album is another experimental try and if I look back in 2002 when we released Passages, the feedback was actually the same, there were people who completely disliked this album, but later they changed their minds, saying that it influenced them to look on music differently, inspired them and simply became a soundtrack for their daily life.

With Non Standards I can predict a kind of same story, since from the first listening it will catch only "well trained" ears of djs, producers and advanced global partygoers and later effect and infect all the rest. The point here is that after you listen to it more and more it will grow on you and you will keep on discovering things through this music. It is what MidiMiliz’s music is about.

All of those tracks I’ve been playing in countless number of parties in last 2 years and all of them working great on the dancefloor, when you playing it out on good sound system in the right time and the right place.
Highlights for the psyfloor are:The Invisible Witness, 10,000 Watt, Nick Jachelson and the Psychomachine Punked Remix.
Electrotechno floor: Feed in The Air, Trace Function, Exclusions, Supersymmetry, and Speaker Sneaker.
Personal favorites: 10,000 Watt, Treble Rebel, 2 Canones and Feet In The Air.

And yes much less loops and much more synths here!I will not go into basslines and kicks thing ……I will just say that the difference it makes is another prove that Arne and Wayan staying true to their souls by showing here maximum of their creativity and keeping to explore different music fields by staying true to their own thing and especially inside of both psytrance and techno scenes!(btw: that is much harder then to belong to one tribe of blocked standard repetitive copycats.

Great album! Buy or Die!
Dot Kite
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 9, 2005 18:57
Dear all,

"Treble Rebel"...this track is insanely great! Great in every single detail!

I will express my personal opinion about this album after I will listen to it several times....

first impression....NonStandard music...for sure!

Best regards

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posts :  275
Posted : May 9, 2005 21:55
nolightatend, the fact that i live in japan has nothing to do with what music i like. what a silly thing to say.

i like psychedelic music--beginning and end of story. for me people making psychedelic music for the dance floor these days include minilogue+midimiliz from the trance scene, and people like mathew jonson and nathan fake from the epxerimental house+techno scenes. i would like this music if i lived in japan or the south pole.

i judge music with a simple test. i smoke some good weed and listen alone on nice monitor speakers.

in this test, the first few tracks are floor-smashers, but starting from track 5, "feet in the air", all the way to the final track, track 9, the music takes a huge turn towards the psychedelic. "feet in the air" softens your head with this twisted vocal, like a forgotten children's nursery rhyme that you never wanted to remember or forget. then the utterly sublime "trebel rebel" starts to reach out from the speakers and grab you with its tentacles and make you move in strange ways. what the hell genre of music is this? whatever you call it, this broken track is much more interesting to dance to than that old mechanical robot sound. this music sounds INTELLIGENT and ALIVE, and is perhaps better than anything they've done before. then "speaker sneaker" takes you to quiet depths where things start to move in slow motion. just as your brain starts to compute in half-time, the tracks sneaks in on you at double-time. the sensation is like someone waiting just for you nod off, and right at the moment your eyelids go heavy, they give you a kick to keep on going. awoken with a startle, you're ready for the beast that is "jack nicholson" to pummel you senseless into the ground.

but none of this prepares you for "supersymmetry". psychedelic music is music that sounds like a statement of somebody's artistic stance, a summation of abstract ideas into abstract forms: art, in other words. "supersymmetry" talks to me, saying this is what we believe today, and this is how we feel about it.

arne and wayan, for me at least, are two of the only guys in this strange scene of ours who have kept their integrity over a span of many years+albums, who continue to make personal, serious, and challenging music, and who have gotten better with each and every release. who else can you say this of?

if you have an open mind and like serious beats+abstract synths, this album deserves your attention.

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