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Metalogic - Magnetic Influence (Boshke)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 19, 2005 14:00
Artist: Metalogic

Album: Magnetic Influence

Label: Boshke Beats


Year: 2005

Format: CD


01. Intro
02. Ultraviolet Shock [137 BPM]
03. Turn On [138]
04. Magnetic Influence [136]
05. Time Catcher [136]
06. Secretskipper [138]
07. Broadband [138]
08. Photon Flux [138]
09. Expander [136]
10. Irrational Impulse [138]
11. Mastermind [120]
12. Decadance [138]
13. K.O. [135]

What's this about

“My body cannot hold
The secrets that inside;
My soul is bursting out
To reach beyond the light!
The light, that burns within.
Impossible to breath!
The only thing I want-
Unreachable relief!” – Yulia Bluez

Metalogic is Fred Hatsav from Canada and his debut album has been out for a while now. Sadly it fell under my radar and it wasn't until recently, I had the opportunity to feel the Magnetic Influence in full force. Having stirred clear from most tech-trance albums so far the Boskhe beats tick has started stinging in my ears and my stereo lately, making this is one of their most promising offerings so far this year.

The album is filled with grace in the minimal touches focusing on the subtle changes. The output is fat, inspired and reasonably sundry, with a twilight jubilee of funkiness. You either love it or hate it, but if its tech trance smeared with a metallic undertone you are after, this stuff goes a long way.

The album is filled with grace in the minimal touches focusing on the subtle changes. The output is fat, inspired and reasonably sundry, with a twilight jubilee of funkiness. You either love it or hate it, but if its tech trance smeared with a metallic undertone you are after, this stuff goes a long way.

Per-song break-down

01. Intro
There is not much to chew here from a minute long intro except a filter sweep and fine entrée of good things to come. My favorite track! Haha -just joking…

02. Ultraviolet Shock *
Ultra Violet opens easy breezy with tweaked percussive arrays slipping off the drums as the mysterious pads simmer like the smoke of cigarette. Vocodic-robotic blips appear more as complementary effects, than voices in itself…building on the intricate web of groove. The pace of the track moves on its own well, but you can feel Fred is holding on the energy, using “Violet Shock” as tension builder.

3. Turn On (with Sergey Smaglo) **
Tech-trance with a spice of lounge a-la Thievery Corporation (on the days of Mirror Conspiracy), minus the duple meter, counting congas, snare's and the wobbly, staticky effects. Possible candidate for the night's highlight in some lounge were people are just too cool dance, so they bob their heads for a bit and continue sipping their cocktails. It feels like track taken out of a Saint Germaine Des Press Café compilation. And finding this kind of stuff in tech/trance album is nothing short of revelatory.

4. Magnetic Influence (with Michael Lawrence) **
We swiftly leave the lounge club, entering the full-bodied nigh-time grooves with marching drums the size of a mini cooper. The pads dabbing once again on dusky atmospheres, accompanied by a synth line slipping from some dark corner, with incredibly detuned angles. Serious groove time sweltering with ingenuity and an impressive sample roster, demonstrating minimal can be quite complex when done right.

5. Time Catcher (with Michael Lawrence)
This one sounds like a departure from the previous song, there really isn't much difference except the drums feel a little muffled and you might find a small assortment of differing metallics … and on that note I think I liked the previous one better.

6. Secretskipper *
Skippy comes filled with housy overtones and a caustic disarray of beats. The presto pulsations hooked with a laser-shot sample, drown the voices in reverbs barely hearable. It's not a bad piece, but it does not catch my attention as much as other tracks in here, and the final mastering might have something to do with.

7. Broadband **
It doesn't take long for the kicks to start raising the dust, with a deep in your face quality that's hard to pass unnoticed. The rhythm eventually progresses to industrial surfaces scraping, looped in the background almost like recurrent bass line, orbiting and swirling around in such a complementary hypnotism; is hard to imagine the track without it. The snares climax unrestrained like a drummer on one too many lines, accompanying the pads in between hints of blues and somber eeriness. The great thing about this track has to be funky splashes Fred seems to have cultivated throughout the album, not loosing any of the rough edges around the production.

8. Photon Flux (with Tao Nahn) *
The photon flux is a groove monster comparable only to Godzilla… in the Japanese versions. Shake-your-ass double dare of drummalism with synthetic & organic measures in perfect harmony. There's a complex beat, hints of ambient and stop counting… for what is worth it works.

9. Expander *
Expander is a no-fuzz, no glory piece extending through sea of uneventfulness was it or for the bleeps timidly bubbling like a stale beer. As usual what seems to ooze out of the speakers is a strong rhythm, but this time around a little something is lacking in the minimalism… maybe some sort of melody. Is not necessarily a skipper and it might work well on the floor, but is nothing special.

10. Irrational Impulse (With Tao Nahn & Boris Michailov lyrics Julia Blues)
This chapter has a break beat feel and warm recurrent bass that does not seem to end. For the first time it becomes apparent the inspiring quote I took the trouble of writing up front is actually sung with a vocodic distortion. Don't mind it too much, since the words are barely understandable. I was little surprised to find it is actually a girl singing… anyway…

11. Mastermind **
A wispy analog bass resonates on top of a double compound meter, bringing back strange flashbacks a-la “George of the Jungle” theme song. If you had the misfortune to catch the movie, kindly insert a fork in your skull and pray to god the neurons you killed contained those memories. If you can still see/hear go watch the cartoon, is hilarious… coming back to the track: a cow bell with a heavy delay and violins… yes, violins with faintly Arabic spice peaking and coming back down with so much gut-wrenching emotion, there is no point in comparing this stuff with what you hear in the kebab shack. Class all the way and a good doze of originality.

12. Decadence *
First of all, my copy starts this track after the first minute of silence for some reason (o.O) … so, this a bonus (if you got the first print) of minimadelic industrial, in a sized doze of techno with an intro of claps and a synthadelic delays, bubbling and cursing at time in ripples. Nice…

13. K.O (With Michael Lawrence)
Just to be sure the previous 12 tracks didn't do the job properly, they placed this one last. The beat is nearly syncopated and so fuckin nitty, gritty, you wouldn't think about touching it with a 12 foot pole. There's a rather simplistic line in there with minimal interaction on those synths, but as usual the harsh, original rhythms stand out.

* Favourites

All and all
I'll be damned, I had not been this happy with tech trance since Moonflower decided to release Electroscopic. Nearly every other song ringed a bell. Just to get it clear, this is music for the legs and not a head-trip, in the peaks it is mindless stomping at its best and slowed down it shows a good hybrid of different influences. The house/lounge experiments work and overall I'm quite happy I got this one. I am not completely satisfied with the mastering all the way though, I am not sure if there it is just too much scrapping metal at one point or it's just me. Don't really comment on the artwork that much unless it stands out personally, and receiving a carton box was a little perplexing at first. Disregarding the fact it is a stylish recycled-cardboard looking box, the artwork is great! Very original like half of tunes in this cd…

for samples, etc > 
musique à la carte in mp3 & wav.
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Posted : Oct 19, 2005 17:22
Artist: Metalogic

Album: Magnetic Influence (CD)




Year: 2005

frederik hatsav aka Metalogic is well know with his releases on boshke, Horns and hoofs,coldgroove and the dark side of trance with eleven tracks(2 are bonus i belive) of imaginatively dark, spacey tech- trance sonic vibes.

i got it long time ago and it took me long time to review it...i can say that i was crazy once on tech trance and in this days it come more hard for me to like it..but in this one there is some track that i like more and some that i like less plus some that i don't like but ofcorse that it is a matter of taste

1.Intro-i like the intro---dark atmosphere in it..fx-nice opening but i was happy if it was a little longer.

2.Ultraviolet shock---nice prc on the start of this track.dark atmosphere in it..kind of pads.some minimal lead take the track forward-not too much change in it.

3.Turn on---this track open with pads.flow to some atmosphere that moves with nice bass line and low kick.there is nice prc on this track but it is too minimal for me--kind of proge mix with tech.

4.Magnetic influence---again-dark opening.we can listen to the influence that catch frederik in his music.i like the beat in this one.sample and fx all around...nice prc also.there is crazy fx that get in the 4.31 minute...a tech track in his best.

5.Time catcher---a loop with heavy feel on the start...that make the track little distorted because the background of it(i think),and it move to tech style...

6.Secretskippper---techno!that what i hear in this one...kind of vocoder fx.i like the reverse in this 4/4 beat one--full with sound effect and i sure that it will be really heavy for the ones that not like tech sound...this one is pure techno with dark atmosphere in it.sample and heavy beat-one of my favorite here.

7.Broadband---cool base line and tech bass drum.another tech one...fx and atmosphere.distorted hi...pads get in the end like a soundtrack in the jungle

8.Photon flux---this one start with a kind...i like when the prc get in.the break from 3.15 till 4.10 is a clubby one and it give this one proge touch.

9.Expander---sample with stretch.the beat get in it will make you is more trance this one?or tech?i feel that it is a mix of both in proge with the prc loop.kind of minimal one but nice

10.Irrational impulse---i can describe this track in one thing that i think--this one could be the intro for the album break beat tech style with fx and synth.

11.Mastermind---nice loop fx.atmospheric track...there is eastern lead in it.kind od dark chill for me...

12.Decadance---for some reason this track start only 1 minute after in my cd-strange.dark tech with a lot of psychedelic influence.prc and reverse atmosphere.

13.K.O.---the finish of this album is with minimal style that sound as a track on vynil.dark style as well..

so i think that this one is 6/10 for the more proge lovers-but if you are in the tech scene this one is a nice album with some cool track in it...remind me a little old school style ...
all my best and good luck to boshke with it.

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Posted : Oct 19, 2005 22:26
I had the chance to see a Metalogic DJ set about a month or so back and all I can say is "wow". He blew the doors off of everybody at the party. Really hoping they get a chance to see Metalogic play live in Toronto at some point. Anybody heard anything?

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Posted : Nov 2, 2005 14:32
Great artist Fred - we send you Hello from Russia. Hope to see ya soon))
Good work and great tracks. Don't stop - RULLEZZ forever.

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Posted : Nov 4, 2005 20:47
I had this album for some time now...
all I could say is that this album is a must
to have for every techtrance listener!
thanks Alex!.............

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2006 18:21
After few more listenings thes album became in my opinion from good to one of the best tech albums ever. Crispy sound and cool like a breeze pads. Woo ha
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 17, 2006 02:12
im seeing him in NYC on Friday i absolutely cannot wait!           ein chadash tachat hashemesh. there is nothing new under the sun. --kohelet.

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Posted : Feb 18, 2006 09:21
rocking music!!

"Magnetic Influence" and "Time Catcher" are some of my most favorite tunes on this album!

cant wait to see him play live here in a month with Tony Rohr and Alex Tolstey... yess! cinematic techno squad is coming to town
Justin Chaos
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 18, 2006 22:45
Freddy boy!!!
Fat, metalic album.
BTW most of this album sounds very analogic, something I appreciate.
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