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Metalogic - Magnetic Influence (Boshke)

IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Jun 27, 2005 23:31

Magnetic Influence
Boshke Beats

From the above three lines of text – the techno-sounding artist name, the scifi album name, and the ever ard as nails Boshke label, you might think this was all about frenetic Delta-emulation, fast beats and iron filings and masonry-nails-through-the-scrotum. Hah, because you’re wrong. This is way more organic and measured than expected, and it shows that techno elements can be used to slowly manipulate the music rather than just make it something to headbang to. Ultraviolet Shock gets things kicked off with hooks and subtle techno topend loops over a smooth bottomend. It’s a tune whose impact could easily be lost if it was more caustic and jumpy, as must be the temptation… this is one of the main themes of the album. Turn On is a wonderfully nonchalant piece of groove-putty, that makes no fuss about slinking along like a Hawtin of the night, with plenty of funk and some crazy interference washing around in the background. It works like a charm. The title track Magnetic Influence has a wonderful groove to it, starting to get heavier and thunkier, and starting to sound like what you’d expect to come out on Boshke! And this is a dream, it escalates beautifully, it manages to increase the tech-temperature without going through the roof, and the intricacy of sounds and shifts happening all around you is nothing short of dazzling. Time Catcher coasts along very nicely, at its peak it sounds like a slomo Wizzy Noise circa Cyclotron, but with more funk and much more space between the sounds. I could kiss (not really) Metalogic for keeping the BPMs down on this one, it certainly makes for a measured approach and suggests a lot more maturity to this music than you might be expecting. Secretskipper sounds bloody clever to me, a mesh of about four different rhythms and grooves all over each other – the beats don’t fit the midrange lines, the backing doesn’t fit anything else, and there’s a mysterious groove in the middle of it all that… fark, it just works basically. Incredibly well. It peaks into a gorgeous crescendo of noise, bloody bloody bloody amazing. Broadband has a bottomend that’s dirtier than Christina Aguilera doing a snowball with her identical twin sister, and Photon Flux starts to see things really boiling over the edge of the casserole dish, with filters and swoops and some oldskool tinges all flying into the mix to make a really psychedelic piece of ripping technoclatter. Expander has a strange groove, kinda like progressive-trance-having-an-episode, and the glitched-up breaks of Irrational Impulse work well, with quiet lyrics through a dozen vocoders making a nice touch. Irrational Impulse is the last track on the album ‘proper’, and it’s a very nice, meandering piece of breaky chill with immense cinematic sounds morphing around behind prominent and well-produced drums. There’s a couple of bonus tracks thrown in for good measure: Decadance is more in the vein you would expect from both Metalogic and Boshke with metallic noises from all angles, stopstarts in the groove, and a pure techno hook that sucks you into its vortex. KO meanwhile takes a great techno groove and morphs it around very nicely indeed… loving the chord changes, and the way it adds sounds and filters as it progresses makes this one a right little nugget, a good find. Magnetic Influence is an impressive album, and the quality and quantity of the music makes it a very attractive prospect indeed.


1. Intro
2. Ultraviolet shock
3. Turn on
4. Magnetic influence
5. Time catcher
6. Secretskippper
7. Broadband
8. Photon flux
9. Expander
10. Irrational impulse
11. Mastermind
12. Decadance
13. K.O.    
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 28, 2005 00:37
i was not sure about this one from the samples, seems like is decent, good review !

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Posted : Jun 30, 2005 18:49
lot of trax i knew before...anyway i really like them all the time.

it's heavy weight rough technoish monster.

a lot of russian spirit in it's best...

great dancefloor energy for everyone who looks oustanding techtrance music

great job fred!

j           "Soft as possible" - Morton Feldman

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Posted : Jul 4, 2005 14:56
Really excellent album, the only drawback is that some tracks have an awful background noise. Or was that made on purpose?
Alex Boshke
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 4, 2005 16:03
Mr. Psyreviews you are the number 1! excelelnt review!!!Thank you!

As for the awful sound-this sound is the recording of the meatcutting mashine in Toronto's main butchery.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 4, 2005 21:32
KO is the best track IMO from this album..           "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel

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Posted : Jul 7, 2005 18:43
An awesome work of art, filled with new ideas, unique sounds and driving rhythms! Love it!

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Posted : Jul 8, 2005 23:58
Opps, have posted in a wrong section before...
Just wanted to drop a few lines, as I am listening to the much-appreciated-by-many- finally-released new album…I am not a musician, but have been around music for major part of my life, so I am sorry if my terminology is not professional. LOL
Intro – Welcoming, but warning to look out melody is magically draws attention of the listener, as an oasis in a dessert for a long time water seeker…
Ultraviolet shock – And here you asked for it – you get it. Oasis is right in front, but it is not really what one had expected, surprises are one of many good sides of this album. Close your eyes and feel – shock is all yours.
Turn on – after thirst is gone – look for fun, pardon me rhyming… Here comes trouble, sweet and heavy ever so slightly, music is asking you to dive in and follow the Siren (female or male – LOL.) that is calling your name and luring you in…
Magnetic Influence – and you are in! Watch out, cause now everything around is moving , including yourself, colors splashing, sparks are flying and it gets faster, racing your heart and when you think – “it’s a peak” – music goes higher and you have no choice as to follow, cause now you’re curious… curiosity killed the cat.
Time catcher –Ohhh… This one is Grande… feels like swimming in vortex, only upwards and no time to catch breath, not a moment wasted, not a sound out of place…
Secretskipper – Magic factory, dreams production line, unsaid desires, unspoken truth, hidden from the surface thoughts, all can be found in this peace that is taking you no other place but Imagination land. Just let the music lead you.
Broadband – Enough flying, come down, underground. Primary, pounding energy, somewhat confusing you to the point that one is getting lost in music, making you want more, just more…
Photon flux – And up again, light, weightless and …. Happy, feeling that speed, all systems go – and unleash the power within! Cause now the Universe is yours.
Expander – Universe was not enough, feel the open space that this track has to offer – if you let yourself, you can be Free!
Irrational impulse – You can try hiding, but the truth will set you free; beginning offers just that – the turmoil of the inside that slowly surface and shouts out at the end.
Mastermind – Again a combination of light and dark, far and close, deep and obvious; just let your body do the job. A great finish line….
Or so you thought, but there is more and worthy of waiting a few seconds.

Decadance – just on time to spin you up again... Gently- pushy taking you for a tour of whatever you can imagine; can you?
K.O – up, up and away, journey has just begun. Finishing track that is soooo good simply because it “keeps the door open” for more to come. Like saying – “I’ll be back”.
And I definitely hope so…


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Posted : Jul 19, 2005 08:15
Metalogic, there is a lot that can be derived from a name. To say this album is pounding like crazy would be the understatement of the year. It gets going early and it really doesn't let up all that often.

1. Intro
2. Ultraviolet Shock
3. Turn On
4. Magnetic Influence
5. The Catcher
6. Secretskipper
7. Broadband
8. Photon Flux
9. Expander
10. Irrational Impulse
11. Mastermind
12. Decadance
13. K.O.

The intro is pretty much what you would expect an intro to be... short and sweet with a big bass sound to let you know that there is going to be some attention paid to the low end in the tracks to come.

The intro ends with a "sonic cloud" which dovetails nicely into "Ultraviolet Shock" which seems to emerge from this cloud and begin to set the sonic landscape for the album.

Not an absolutely pounding track, Ultraviolet tends to focus more on the groove than blowing your doors off. Luckily for anyone who wants their doors blown off there is plenty of this fare to be had later on.... but we'll of course get to that.

Ultraviolet is one of the more hypnotic numbers on the album and really does a good job of pulling the listener in so they will be mentally ready to engage the entire album.

Following up Ultraviolet is another groovy number "Turn On'. Textured atmospheres layered over a fat low end groove with some well placed "off time" percussions make the mix feel huge. I feel this would make a great track for any party as it is hard to "categorize" this track as belonging to any particular genre.

Sidebar: That is one of the hallmarks of Boshke Beats. Sure it's known as a techno-trance label but I have found in their releases an attention to producing quality music irrespective of genre's. I have also read a number of interiew's from Alex T. and he mentions this fact quite often. Keep it up Boshke!

Back to Business: The title track follows up the "groove section" and at first you may think it's going to be another slow and groovy track. But it's not!

Starting slowly and building through a combination of layered enviro again well chosen breakbeats this track simply explodes midway through. Sometimes when you listen to a track it just seems to make all the right moves... this is one of those tracks.

It makes a good choice for the album title too since the album takes a different, more upbeat direction at this point.

Time Catcher is my favorite track on the album. I have a preference for pounding beats accompanied by the 2-4 snare and a synth melody tucked in there but not cheesy. To me Time Catcher is a techno-trance pounder that fits this bill to a t.

There is some really nice musical elements in this track which I find can sometimes get forgotten when producing high energy music for fear of sounding "soft".

This track elicits an emotional response from the listener and I feel it's due to the energy of beats the "calling to me" horn sound and the sweeping melodic synth.

If you come across a more massive pounding than "Secretskipper" please email me how I can get my hands on it. The track opens hard, builds, gets harder and then pretty much doesn't quit until the end.

No it's not boring and repetitive loops. The enviro is tucked away nicely in the background to create all the "movement" the track needs to keep from sounding boring. Some nice filter play on this track showcases Metalogic's background as a DJ.

"Broadband" is a butcher shop. While I suggest the pounding peeks with the previous track this one does not dissapoint in the pounding department at all. Secretskipper and Broadband may be a little too hard for the trance scene but the techno people should really love them.

"Photon Flux" is still high energy but not near the levels of Bdbd or Sktr.

"Expander" opens with an eerie key sequence and some "distorted" vocals. Immediately I turn the lights in my room ON.

The bass "appears" out of the background and then all of a sudden you are riding this groovy rollercoaster. You aren't as scared as you were at the beginning of the track but danger could be around any corner... then **boom** just that great "lock the socket" groovy pounding that everybody loves. Some nice musical interludes and electronic "bongo" style breakbeats appear near the middle of the track and then it's back on the groovy rollercoaster for another taste. Metalogic has a nack of creating tracks where the listener doesn't really feel "let down", or left waiting for something to happen. Full steam ahead.

"Irrational Impulse" is the most interesting track for me on the album. The bass and kick in this track have strange sequences. I hesitate to brand the track electro but it is not a straight 4-4 track but somehow it pounds like that at times.

There are some "processed" vocals here that have had an analogue buzz->vocoder treatment I think. They work nicely and are not overused or cheesy in any way. I didn't want this track to end and when it did I put it on again immediately. It's in my car everyday right now.

"Mastermind" is an aptly named "dreamy" off the wall kind of track. Really groovy, really dreamy. When the processed violins and synth melodies come in you can really feel an emotional tug as deep as you are willing to let it get inside you. There are a lot of sounds to reflect on in this track that stick with you well after you have finished listening to it.

I found this is a track that I have been coming back to for "one track" listens when I don't have time to listen to the entire album. I F*(&( 'in love it.


"Decadance" - Oh yes. Not BS stuffed at the end. Thanks Metalogic.

"KO" - Mama said knock you out!

Keep progressing Metalogic, you are making Canada proud.

When can we expect to see Metalogic around?

Does anybody have a list bookings, I gotta see this action live.



Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Jul 31, 2005 02:14
Great album , i missed this oldschool techno trance power so much and i really like this futuristic progressive combination.
Its rare to have new ideas with same power like years before, amazing work.
There is space between everything on it and its also rare this days, its so psychedelic and crazy i cant really deiscribe in words. Really enjoyed this album and really waiting for more from Metalogic to come.
Boshke Beats please bring us some more!
Willy Wonka
Inactive User

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Posted : Jul 31, 2005 21:31
Strange! Good thinking material for home listening or "freak dancing". I've expected something different from Canadian duo, more chill oriented thou this is fine release!...!

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Posted : Aug 1, 2005 14:00
i expected this hard psychedleic techtrance from them, but was very surprised to discover progressive elements in it, but its just made it even better and more interesting, but i agree its for freak dancing and " thinking"
oNe eYE

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Posted : Oct 18, 2005 17:59
Excellent album, especially first half, liquid acid was dropping from my stereo everytime, want to see Metalogic live!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 18, 2005 19:04
Good album           -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 19, 2005 00:59
i personally did not like it too much
possibly, it is too complex and i need more listens but i have had for several months and it has not hooked me except for a few isolated moments.
live is amazing though           Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.
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