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Trance Forum » » Forum  Trance - ..ILLEGAL PARTIES? what the fukk? bad education music?? what the hekk ? set ur freedom!... READ !!!

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..ILLEGAL PARTIES? what the fukk? bad education music?? what the hekk ? set ur freedom!... READ !!!


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Posted : Aug 3, 2004 13:42
I have talked with few guys from other countries.

...this is so stupid, how people may kill your freedom so easily and you don't pay attention to this !!!

...this is the climax rudeness !!! ...people can't enjoy the music they like ?!
who decide what music is good and what is bad ?! have to do something with your groovement rules in your countries !!! can't stand like this and do nothing !!!
i feel pity on you, the people who do nothing for their freedom to hear and dance to music they like. ...this is f3ucking stupid to prevent this from the human being !!!

...i can't explain what i feel about it, this is so devilish to decied for other people what to listen/dance/enjoy specially while trance is the most established peace music in dance parties !

why the heck don't you do something for one of the best things that make you so happy in this world ?
how can you ignore this and just hide your parties ? something together !!!

ps - long as you don't hurt anyone, this is so silly not to fight on something that make you happy in this world, since there are not much things that make you enjoy so much !!!

Nomolos(Zenon Rec.)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 3, 2004 14:24
Mr Shiva....
the day drugs wont be part of the scene it would be much easier to take action....if u will inform the authorities about our gatherings and they would come around to check and see that nothing is worng just a bunch of people having a good time,and taking it easy what your saying may be possible(oh yeah u allso need premition to have events in open air spots...ambulance,security etc.)BUT we both know how much iligal activity takes place at every event so....lets keep it hush hush and FUCK THE POLICE!
what one can do is protest against banning our rights of choosing what we inhale...."cancer" or "spirit" etc.

          "....or is it???"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 3, 2004 14:29
There just was a (very small) demonstration in Zürich (Switzerland) to show everyone that we exist and that we are treated badly by the government. (It's nearly impossible to make a legal and non-commercial party...)

Pics @
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Aug 3, 2004 14:54
We try and get permits as much as we can, but this isn't always possible, or easy. so much is regulated in our (belgian) society.

-A lot of cities have mandatory closing hours (3am sometimes!!!) so organising a party there is hardly possible.

-there are sound pollution regulations (80db max - the sound of a medium landmower) and for instance on sundays you're not even allowed to mow your lawn technically (should anyone complain about the noise they have to stop).

-security is obligatory, insurance, paying taxes (on what is sold and the work of the people that sell it, dj's income is taxed, all equipment etc etc)

I wish it was easy to go 100% legal, but in our country this has been found quite hard. expenses of organising a party multiply and entrance prices rise skyhigh instantly. personally i also think a lot of partyfreaks couldn't afford going to parties if they where all organised 100% legal.

you can try and come up for your rights, but so can the other 95% of the population of your country we are a minority after all..

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psionic nomad
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Aug 3, 2004 15:14
as long as the things which come along with the music is the accessories which makes you *fly* which cant really be legalised....not in all parts of the world.
**sound pollution** do you beat that!!!....
its easier said than have open parties with such *turbo jet sound* how do you expect it to be legalised......
as mentioned above in the post....we are a **mere minority** of the popultion......
with so many *peddlars* in the parties..........
imagine what it will be if its will be cops n one side n peddlars on one side of you on the dance floor....that sounds like a complete chaos.........

peace n trance
Tsabeat/Sattel Battle

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Posted : Aug 3, 2004 19:07
its not illigal parties its illigal lysergyic 

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Posted : Aug 3, 2004 19:39

On 2004-08-03 13:42, Shiva_(S)_Sanskrit wrote:
specially while trance is the most established peace music in dance parties

You can't be serious. Where do you come from?

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Posted : Aug 4, 2004 04:02
Shiva, I think it's better psytrance parties stay illegal since it is good money for the organizers

Though somehow I agree with you because this is bad stigma for the trance culture.

i said fuck the rules ;-)
have fun

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Posted : Aug 4, 2004 04:42
The brazilian government is quite cool on that. You can do parties on most places.
There are 2 states in which ya can't have open-air parties, tho.
Unfortunatelly I live in one of them.

We do not only try to hide our good parties from the police... We do it from the wrong people, too.

It's a kind of fashion here, nowadays. Prejudice and aggressive behave are not welcomed on our gatherings.

There was once a law here, that prohibitted secret societies from existing.

But they can't stop that, ya know. They're secret.

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Posted : Aug 5, 2004 15:20
Duuude, it's just the way it rolls (you know.. wheels in motion!).... standing up for your right to believe in, intstead of worrying about the gover'mental' side of things...
Its totally your choice to take this on board with you, and it's not a 'silly' subject, but trust me, its making you a head case.. full of nothing.. stick to what you believe in, ignorance is bliss when it comes to gover'mental' issues, or any of that sort.. whatever!!

On the dawning of the day, when these dumb ass screw around F@#$heads "rocking the world" try to insert a chip into "my" hand/body as a device to keep track of every living being that inhabits the world.... and.... uh...
IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!! (to me anyway) The sun will still Set and the moon will stil Rise!! Power to the people who put 'me' as in 'you' as "ME" as in 'I'.. in people ...So DON"T EVER forget about "you" (the 'POWER' source!!) ..trance and dance will live on brother.. wether "they" like it or not!
so.. be smart about taking action, invest in substance illegality, just to proove a point in, fucking up the government, because WE can! It's the only way that they can't rule our world, ..unless these substances are somehow coming from them and outcome going back to them.. then you go to natural psychedelica.. much better! (..depending on your state of mind, either way.. and trust ur instincts!!) i could blaaaaaab about this for hours but its too mind dwellingly consuming...

So.. peace and hugs to you...

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Posted : Aug 5, 2004 16:07
awwww man... this is sooo comun in all countries... serious topic!

Here in mex day by day things about "raves" open air parties are getting really really BAD; at the lasts parties i came out... well.. in one of them the car where i was, was attacked by the police, they just started to shoot and to break and to kick to all people came to party, too many people came out of this police stupidity really really affected, and just cause this fucking bastards named "Police " the people charged to bring us security ....(ha!)

The production of parties .. get wasted or loose money or sometimes they just prefer cancell the party cause the impediments are more, just cause "u want to do a rave" and then as producer u ask to urself: if i do this.., am i waisting my time?, money ,i risk myself and others on producction go to jail and seem we narcotrafic people ..., i risk all people that would came to get attacked ?... is really a good idea get involved with this trance world??

then... people here i think dont have any culture about this, just few pople that came to party have this on mind... the rest of party; argg... they just follow a fashion, one drug or any else but no music .... !
so people out of this, dont have any! or some! idea about what we talking about... they just see the news papers and that said:: "Young people go to the middle of nowhere... in the middle of the wood, far of the city, all night dancing as crazy , with strange and hard electronic music that is played in a main audio with non stop for 24 hours (or more), fully of drugs .... fully of madness.... bla bla bla "" can u imagin it??
here seems we are people that just run and hide going away of the city to get really stoned, to ear this music and cause this is just FashioN stuff ....
i dont like this view.. is so sad!!.. a pity! im sure here still exist many people who really luv this ,.... but anyway; we still not more as the other people that dont have any culture about this music or this life style... matter this... how can we do things "right"? do things better for this music, lifestyle, movement..... ?
cause, a fact is that we really NEED! IT!
if we wanna enjoy a good party again...

Just have good intentions and good ideas.. to be real....... is not eNough!
SO what to do?!


IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Aug 5, 2004 16:47
In mexico you still have nature left to run to... in belgium finding any piece of land with no houses in a 1km radius is nearly impossible (very serious problem)...

police violance as mentioned above is something we never ever encounter in western europe (except maybe some incidents in northern france not to long ago, i assume they had to resize their parties back to a smaller more underground scale too)  :: Brand new website for sharing your psytracks with the world. Get a free 250Mb Artist profile, Blog and events calender! :: Upload your psychedelic art and partypictures to our gallery!

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Posted : Aug 5, 2004 18:21
The government dont give a shhiit about us they dont get enything out of it....
if they were to be involed it whould all turn even more comercial than what some people are making it already ......
I find it a real shame that even thow lots of people belive in trance culture and another way to go about life we are still not able to work it out even between Ourselves........
There is only one way... Compleat Union of the speces but are we ready???
Also yes the Drugs dont help the Scean
at all...only to expand your minds
I see alot of trance orginizations going legal asking the govement for permits to make there partys so they dont get canceled and nobody loses money or dosent get to play
...but it takes alot of the whole meaning of trance culture away which in my eyes has someting to do with........ Freedom

          You have not gone far away, they have gone far away and they have been going on and on for millions of years. The distance between the real man and the man that exists in the world has become almost unbridgeable. They are so far away from their own realit
Inactive User

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Posted : Aug 9, 2004 11:31
Don't mess Democracy with Anarchy , making drugs is anarchy because it forbiden by most coutries and rest have death exiccution (like arab countries and many others India ????).

If freaks won't take drugs as part of the freedom so underground trance , goverment will not care about.

Drugs not make you free but addicted and closed in cell .

Trance is goood music that i hope will be someday without this connection to drugs , because every style of music is connected to drugs but not like psy trance for sure .
Trance Forum » » Forum  Trance - ..ILLEGAL PARTIES? what the fukk? bad education music?? what the hekk ? set ur freedom!... READ !!!

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