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Trance Forum » » Forum  North America - GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL 2005 - June 23-26 @ Four Quarters, Central PA, USA...

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GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL 2005 - June 23-26 @ Four Quarters, Central PA, USA...

Gaian Mind
Gaian Mind

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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 00:18
Presenting the 4th Annual

“Celebrating the Dance of Life!”

Thursday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 26th
Four Quarters – Central Pennsylvania, USA

Stone Circle Stage (Psy-Trance/Progressive Trance):

JAIA (Digital Structures – France) LIVE!
ANTIX (Iboga Records – New Zealand) LIVE!
DEVIANT SPECIES (Ambivalent Records – London) LIVE!
DJ EDOARDO (Neurobiotic Records/Sonica 2005 - Italy)
ALLEN (Gaian Mind/Metropolis Records – Philadelphia)
GAVIN (Digital Structures/Spectra - Sweden)
KRI (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi – Asheville)
KIFE (OmniTribe – NYC)
KNOB (Alladin Project – Japan)
ALBERTO (Cosmic Traveler –Columbus)
BINARY (Sonic Beating – Boston)

North Crook Stage (Downtempo):

ANDROCELL (Celestial Dragon Recordings – Arizona) LIVE!
BUFFER (M-Labs – Baltimore)
ELEKTRONKIND (Digital Yeti Studios – Baltimore)
BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi – Asheville)
MONO MONO (Soular Records – Philadelphia)
ANDREW LIGHT (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)
EIM (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)
DEET (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)
EITAN (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia/Israel)
EG~BOT (Psy-Planet/Gaian Mind – Trenton)
BOTTOM DWELLERS (Members Camp – Four Quarters)
(Plus more artists TBA…)


Performance Art by THE GREAT QUENTINI (Philadelphia)
Drum and Fire Performance and Workshops
Lectures and Workshops
Psychedelia Film Cinema
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
(Additional information coming soon...)


UV Deco by MIZUE (Japan)

Visual Projections by REALITY ENGINE (NYC)

Additional Art Installations by STEVE-O (GoaBabies - NYC), DIGITAL YETI STUDIOS, and GAIAN MIND

Sound Installation by SONIC BEATING (Boston)


Early-Bird Registration - $75 (until Saturday, May 7th, 2005)
Pre-Registration - $100 (until Saturday, June 18th, 2005)
At the Gate* - $125 (Thursday, June 23rd - Sunday, June 26th)
*Cash or Credit Card only.
Children under 16 admitted FREE with parent or legal guardian.
Optional Meal Plans with the STARVIN' ARTIST CAFE are available.


Credit Card (VISA/MC) payments - contact Four Quarters at 1-(814) 784-3075 or pay online at
Money Orders or Personal Checks - payable to: "Gaian Mind" c/o Four Quarters, 190 Walker Lane, Artemas, PA 17211, USA.

Admission Includes:

Optional Meal Plan provided by STARVIN' ARTIST CAFE*
FREE All-You-Can-Eat "Fractal Feast" (carnivore/vegetarian)
FREE 24-Hour Coffee/Tea Service by COFFEE DRAGONS
Chai and Children's Area by ISHTARBUCK'S CHAI
Merchant Area - Clothing, Jewelry, Crafts, Tattooing, Piercing, Body Painting, etc...
Healing and Massage Area
Morning and Evening Yoga Sessions
Daily Sweat Lodges
Nightly Drum Circles
Riverside Swimming
Spacious Campgrounds
Fire Rings with Unlimited Firewood*
Hot Showers and Clean Toilets
FREE Drinking Water
FREE and Secure Main Parking
*Additional charges apply.


Thursday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 26th, 2005
Gates open on Thursday at noon - Drum Circle at dusk.
Amplified music starts on Friday at 10:00am.
Extended camping is available for an additional fee for early arrivals and late departures.


FOUR QUARTERS - An InterFaith Sanctuary of EarthReligion, Artemas, Pennsylvania, USA, Gaia



Questions and Concerns can be addressed to or

GAIAN MIND 24-Hour Hotline: 1-(610) 771-0668

FOUR QUARTERS Registration and Rumor Control: 1-(814) 784-3075           GAIAN MIND
Bookings: (727) 815-7695 (office) / (727) 267-0635 (cell) / gaian-mind (Skype)
Gaian Mind
Gaian Mind

Started Topics :  29
Posts :  157
Posted : Apr 16, 2005 00:21
JAIA (Digital Structures – France) LIVE!
The act JAIA is the project of the French producer Yannis Kamarinos, formed in 1995 with Jean-Michel Blanchet and first oriented Psy-Trance and Downtempo. Since 2000 Yannis is working alone under JAIA name, and today JAIA’s music is more orientated to Progressive House and Progressive Trance (and still Downtempo too). JAIA has already released an album “Blue Energy” in 1998 (Cross/EastWest/Nova Tekk), which has been re-released in 2000 on the Japanese label Dakini. JAIA released several 12" singles too, as well as numerous tracks on various label compilations, such as Island, Iboga, Wagram, Milan, Flying Rhino, T.I.P. World, and many others. The new album "Fiction" will be released in May 2005 on Digital Structures. Yannis has collaborated with other producers-DJ’s such as DADO, WIZY NOISE, and SILICON SOUND. He has remixed famous artists like the French singer MYLENE FARMER – including her last two singles "C’est Une Belle Journée" and "Pardonne-Moi" (Polydor/Universal) - with BLUE PLANET CORPORATION, the Moroccan singer TYOUSSI (Fairway/SonyMusic), and the French pop band JPEX (Wagram). JAIA also has been remixed by TOTAL ECLIPSE, MINIL:OGUE, and JIMMY VAN M for example. He is also working with Oneletronic, a company making sound libraries for cinema and TV, collaborating with other artists like JOHN DIGWEED, OLIVER LIEB, NICK WARREN, and SASHA. Since 1997 Yannis has been performing live in Europe, Japan, Israel, Canada, and in the United States. He has played at many big gatherings like Return to the Source in London, Solstice in Japan, and the Samothraki Dance Festival in Greece.

ANTIX (Iboga Records – New Zealand) LIVE!
Based in Auckland New Zealand, Barton and Hayden Strom are the producers behind the project ANTIX. The Strom brother’s dedication to pushing their style in new directions in the ever evolving Progressive Trance genre has made them one of the emerging acts to watch for in their scene. Both Barton and Hayden were introduced to music at a young age listening, to music from their parent’s vast record collections. They quickly became addicted to the hypnotic sounds of Trance in '95 when a friend handed them a tape urging them to check it out. Barton instantly purchased a mixer and started DJ'ing at small parties in the growing Auckland scene. Six months later he had moved to Japan to buy studio equipment and teach himself the art of production, and Hayden later joined him. Together they returned to New Zealand, setting up various studios around Auckland and refining a sound, which really came together once they moved to the West Coast of the North Island and set up Slow Burning Studios in '99. The sound that seemed to evolve was a kind of minimal organic groove influenced by the European sound being played by DJ PHILIPP from Plastik Park and ANTI from Spiral Trax. It wasn't long before a connection was made when Philipp toured Australia and New Zealand in 2000, and ANTIX were signed for their first 12", "Rainstick," on Plastik Park. Over the years the two have managed to put a few of the "big ones" under their belts, playing the U-Site Fusion Festival in Germany, The Boom in Portugal, and The Rainbow Serpent in Australia. And now three years down the line, ANTIX completed their long awaited debut album "Lull" released on the Danish label Iboga Records. The duo are currently touring the globe for the third year, they are only half way to completing this tour, but so far its been a huge success, playing parties in Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Japan, the Voov Festival 2003 in Germany and then in London, where they played alongside other respected kiwi artists for the annual New Zealand music night at club Fabric. And now to continue the tour ANTIX will play in Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Austria and then to finish in France. On top of this they’ve also been involved in Auckland label Manta. The label has just released its second 12" and third compilation "Subduction" featuring a excellent selection of New Zealand and international, Progressive/Psy-Trance which are all available from Cyberculture Records at ( So at last... Here comes the second full length album from ANTIX - "Twin Cost Discovery." Since their first album - "Lull" - released on Iboga Records in June 2003, ANTIX had major success with their very groovy and unique style. They have been playing their live set at a great number of events and have made a very good name for themselves in the scene. Now two years later, Iboga Records is proud to be releasing another well produced album. From start to end the Strom brothers take you on a journey deep into their soundscapes. You can truly tell that ANTIX has spent many hours making this album come true, and once again they surprise with their style, going in a new direction.

DEVIANT SPECIES (Ambivalent Records – London) LIVE!
DEVIANT SPECIES are the England based electronic duo who are currently touring Japan consisting of Santos De Castro and Paul Wright. Consistently releasing their unique take on the London Techno sound for the past five years, they are now preparing to release their third album, "In the Hands of the Randomiser," later this year on Ambivalent Records. From the Warlock Studios comes the long-awaited album by DEVIANT SPECIES. No need for introductions, once more you will be treated to nine quality-consistent cuts of dark and minimal psychedelia for the blackest hours of the night. In this third album installment by DEVIANT SPECIES the band is now only made up of Santos De Castro with collaborations with ex-DEVIANT SPECIES member Paul Konrad Wright (now of N.R.S. fame) and ground-breaking producer Ady Connor from SCORB. The atmosphere prevailing here is hard, with tinges of Industrial and Ambient intros and outros that cross-over giving the album a continuous flow. It all kicks off with "Voice of Thard," a chugging and spatial number that builds up to a ripping chorus. "Pincushion Man" continues with galloping intensity where "...Thard" left off moving relentlessly to a climatic final before "Shellless" ebbs in soothingly with an overture of peerless Gothic beauty. The tight pulse is quickly restored leading to a frantic groove that allows you to breathe with its interspersed waves of noise. On a slightly softer tip "Thermal Boundaries" follows with an infectious beat that gradually gathers momentum to trancing-out effect. In a similar rolling yet relaxed vein enters "The Retinal Circus," which has been doing the bootleg rounds in an earlier unfinished version titled "The Abyss." To follow, "In the Hands of the Randomiser" is the first collaboration between DEVIANT SPECIES and SCORB, a powerful track that starts with an Industrial soundscape and steamrolls forward into a roaring pay-off. For the darkest hour "A Night to Dismember" brings the proceedings to total mayhem before the forces of light emerge. "Portal to Balojax" is a 3-minute-plus unwinding ambient piece and serves as a prologue to "The Entrapment of John Dory," the only morning track in the album and the second DEVIANT SPECIES vs. SCORB outing, a delicate cut destined to be a classic.
          GAIAN MIND
Bookings: (727) 815-7695 (office) / (727) 267-0635 (cell) / gaian-mind (Skype)
Gaian Mind
Gaian Mind

Started Topics :  29
Posts :  157
Posted : Apr 16, 2005 00:21
DJ EDOARDO (Neurobiotic Records/Sonica 2005 - Italy)
EDOARDO is the main man behind Neurobiotic Records. He started DJing 10 years ago playing Techno at parties in Rome. After three years, he went to his first Trance party and decided to move in that direction, so, he started playing Psy-Trance, the first one in Rome. Being one of the top DJ's around today, he played gigs all over Europe (Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Russia, Holland, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria), Brazil, United States, Mexico, Argentina, India, and Japan. From small parties to huge festivals like Samothraki Dance Festival, Voov Experience, Full Moon Festival, Shiva Moon, Solaris, Universo Paralello, he is constantly touring the world spreading the Neurobiotic virus. His style is a mix of futuristic Psy-Trance with House, Progressive, and electronic breaks and beats. Giving great importance to the mixing, he creates a flowing liquid psychedelic soundscape. In 2004, he created Indica Music, Chillout/Downtempo label together with DJ JOSKO and he's currently busy in the preparation of Sonica 2005, the first electronic music festival in Italy.

Techno-wizard KENJI WILLIAMS is world-renowned for his cutting-edge improvisational compositions blending electronic beats, classical violin, and mind-bending visuals. From the first ever "Illusion" EP release reaching a global audience of nearly 100,000 in collaboration with JOHN DIGWEED's Bedrock label, to Ambient releases with top labels such as Flying Rhino and Interchill, to the latest full length Tech-House, Tech-Trance album "Faces of Epiphany," the network of recognition is growing. Combining unique skills in film and music, KENJI WILLIAMS has earned international film awards from the CSC to Sundance, and has been featured in the press such as XLR8R, Jwave, Tokyo FM, and Director of three films to date, "Moment Utopia," "Vision Quest 2002," and the latest project "WORLDSPIRIT," collaborating with world-renowned spiritual artist, ALEX GREY, KENJI WILLIAMS is establishing himself as a forward thinking audio visual artist of the soul.

ANDROCELL (Celestial Dragon Recordings – Arizona) LIVE!
When awareness rendezvous with emotion, here is where one finds the heart of ANDROCELL. Tyler "Quasga" Smith (formerly of PRABHAMANDALA) created ANDROCELL as an aural habitat for all cognizant beings who experience the emotional palette of chilled, psychedelic wonder that awaits inside his music. The debut album, "Emotivision," reveals the first Downtempo offerings from the ANDROCELL studio. Nine Dub-enriched, sonic, soul stories for the universal traveler, these melodic tales tell of beautiful scenes and moody dreams. Featuring visionary album cover art in digipak design plus a bonus 8-page gallery booklet of select digital works all created by Quasga. Along with digital mastering by leading Psybient artist, YANIV SHULMAN, this album belongs in every serious chillers collection.
          GAIAN MIND
Bookings: (727) 815-7695 (office) / (727) 267-0635 (cell) / gaian-mind (Skype)
IsraTrance Junior Member
Dai aka Amatti

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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 00:34
wow....what a gorgueous lineups.
I wish I could be there. Best wishes for this party.

          Tell me what you listen, and I'll tell you what you are.

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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 02:40
last year was incredible...definatly will not miss this year
lineup looks hot, can't wait :0))))))))))))))))))))))           We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love... and then we return home.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 16:42
awesome line up, nice mix up of music, this summers going to be a lot of fun - cant wait to hear some of antix new tracks           
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 23:39
F%^#IN A!           Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.

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Posted : Apr 19, 2005 22:31

On 2005-04-16 23:39, furthur wrote:
F%^#IN A!

wow! im soo there...
mono mono

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Posted : Apr 20, 2005 00:06
Every year i've gone, every year i've been blown away by the talent that the Gaian Mind crew brings in. Something for everyone.

Everyone say hi to "Orrin the Ogre" when you come thru the front gate and receive a special gift.

heh heh heh.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 20, 2005 00:24
Honestly, even without knowing or caring who is playing, I'd go to this festival just for the amazing vibe and the beauty of the place itself. One of the most spiritually charged places I've ever been to. All kinds of strange and cool things happened to me there - that forest reminds me of the forest in Princess Mononoke.

's just another party..
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 20, 2005 08:51
nice line up
best of luck for this festival
will try and be there
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 20, 2005 10:54

Jaia & Deviant Species....

I'm there!

Love the lineup ... very non-confirmative perfecto!

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Apr 20, 2005 14:56
hehehe i am allready there too
cant wait
so how many days left ????????           na kopcu Kosciuszki za sterami Komandor.OrZech..
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 23, 2005 01:23
@gaian mind
check ur mail box
i sent u a pm.
babla           ......I'm not lost, i'm just looking for the ppl who drove me here.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  34
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Posted : Apr 23, 2005 02:12
any chance we will have an bus or van this year?
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